Becky Lynch fires back at Sasha Banks: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019


  1. Tamusi Spears

    Tamusi Spears개월 전

    “Double double E”

  2. Sinead Gillard

    Sinead Gillard개월 전

    Becky your from Ireland and my background is Irish and I wish I had the moves and your voice

  3. Kal Gaming

    Kal Gaming3 개월 전

    Not being rude or anything but I kinda wish Ronda Rousey would be back instead of Sasha banks there both good fighters but I kinda prefer Ronda

  4. Lionel Suggs

    Lionel Suggs4 개월 전

    Sasha Banks is the greatest woman on the roster to never be great. K.O!

  5. Deshawn Core

    Deshawn Core4 개월 전


  6. Yassmina Zaheraldine

    Yassmina Zaheraldine4 개월 전

    I hate becky

  7. Christopher Santana

    Christopher Santana5 개월 전

    Becky Lynch is the greatest women's champion ever.

  8. Christopher Santana

    Christopher Santana5 개월 전

    Becky Lynch: The most interesting woman in the WWE. KEEP IT GOING MY FRIEND.

  9. Tamminaina Mahesh

    Tamminaina Mahesh5 개월 전

    Why you help natayala ha Sasha directly can't beat u know u go middle so he beats what are you talking..... U never beat boss that u keep it in our mind

  10. Christopher Santana

    Christopher Santana5 개월 전

    Becky Lynch just a grand slam homerun with this message.

  11. Prashant Rai

    Prashant Rai5 개월 전

    come on becky you can do it

  12. Christopher Santana

    Christopher Santana5 개월 전

    Becky Lynch for President.

  13. Christopher Santana

    Christopher Santana5 개월 전

    Becky Lynch will make Sasha Banks tap out like Michael Flatly.

  14. Lana Wilson

    Lana Wilson5 개월 전

    Becky and her cringe promos

  15. Christopher Santana

    Christopher Santana5 개월 전

    Becky Lynch is the Clint Eastwood of women's wrestling.

  16. Christopher Santana

    Christopher Santana5 개월 전

    Becky Lynch has the best promos I have ever seen in my life.

  17. Christopher Santana

    Christopher Santana5 개월 전

    So go ahead Sasha Banks, make my day.

  18. Christopher Santana

    Christopher Santana5 개월 전

    Becky Lynch is the Clint Eastwood of women's wrestling.

  19. Scott Rae

    Scott Rae5 개월 전

    The MAN is on a promo roll!

  20. Xjx_sal_ 95

    Xjx_sal_ 955 개월 전

    Ronda Rousey plz come back

  21. Victor Rebollar

    Victor Rebollar5 개월 전

    I think it’s going to be Sasha vs Becky vs Natalya just like Becky vs Ronda vs Charlotte that’s how I think it will be who agrees? I still root for Becky win or loose 😍

  22. James Cole

    James Cole5 개월 전

    Sasha is a better in ring, better on the mic and although this has nothing do with anything but she is also way better looking, than the MAN which is what Lynch looks like a rugged old man. and Sasha is just good looking and talented. if Lynch had any pull with the company she would ask for Tessa Blanchard to come in. but wait why would she do that? yet another performer in the ring that is more talented and better looking than the tired old man. sorry I lost my mind. Lynch would never want someone as overly talented as TESSA BLANCHARD in the WWE. she is already slipping why push her luck.

  23. Lawei Sten

    Lawei Sten5 개월 전

    I hate sasha banks

  24. Khan Salman

    Khan Salman5 개월 전

    I am Salman Becky Lynch is very best in WWE

  25. inutero10

    inutero105 개월 전

    I just want sasha and becky to make out

  26. Asaju Nnamani

    Asaju Nnamani5 개월 전

    Somebody finally got it put the horse women out in front!!!!

  27. Dany9823

    Dany98235 개월 전

    Sasha colored her hair... that’s why she’s hot, Bechy.

  28. Tim Jones

    Tim Jones5 개월 전

    Becky can really cut a promo

  29. Alvi Fadhollah

    Alvi Fadhollah5 개월 전

    Their match is gonna be good, that's for sure. One thing we need is, and I really wish, WWE want to pulled the trigger with Sasha being a real heel like she was in NXT, and let Becky unleashed her "The Man" aura like she was in feud with Charlotte. Keep her away from Seth for a while, or maybe forever in WWE storyline and let them doing their story for each other

  30. Joy

    Joy5 개월 전

    Now that Sasha Banks has turned heel, WWE will make it so she will win the Raw Women's Championship, and actually hold it for a time. I love Becky Lynch and want her to keep the title, but Sasha will also look good with the title too!

  31. Trang Aiko

    Trang Aiko5 개월 전

    Giá như tui học giỏi english thì k phải tra google mỏi tay :(

  32. D Cabral

    D Cabral5 개월 전

    Yeah, Becky Lynch is absolutely great at her promos. On point!

  33. Berkan Aygün

    Berkan Aygün5 개월 전

    The boss

  34. nerma sabdani

    nerma sabdani5 개월 전

    💖💖💖👍I'm always becky for the win🙏

  35. Sensei Lion

    Sensei Lion5 개월 전

    Haven't watched WWE in a year...SASHA MY GIRL IS BACK????

  36. Pop Pop

    Pop Pop5 개월 전

    I encountered a cricket wireless advertisement that has Sasha banks as I was watching this video

  37. Billie Glidewell

    Billie Glidewell5 개월 전

    Please same old mean nasty hate spewing Becky. Have you ever tried to be nice.? So tired of your hate filled promos. Grow up

  38. MooMoo_Playz

    MooMoo_Playz5 개월 전

    I hated when Sasha hit Natalya with the chair... I LOVE BECKYYYY

  39. legit mancol

    legit mancol5 개월 전

    becky is fired out

  40. Eleni Zgn

    Eleni Zgn5 개월 전

    Becky is the BEST😍👏🤗💖💖♥️♥️♥️💝💝💝

  41. carlton matlock

    carlton matlock5 개월 전

    I wanna see Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks for the Championship Book It Wwe Officials

  42. DV

    DV5 개월 전

    Sasha > Becky

  43. Farah Phagu

    Farah Phagu5 개월 전

    Seth rollins : She's heated up , what can calm her down? Hmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Oh an engagement will calm her

  44. James Williams

    James Williams5 개월 전

    Just wait till Bayley finds out what happened. She is gonna be very mad

  45. Daisy Counts

    Daisy Counts5 개월 전


  46. Amiah Williams

    Amiah Williams5 개월 전

    Congratulations on your engagement😁🥳❤️

  47. Ken Hernandez

    Ken Hernandez5 개월 전

    Becky gives the best promos.

  48. Mattie White

    Mattie White5 개월 전

    Shut up Becky

  49. Kevin Mcbroom

    Kevin Mcbroom5 개월 전

    Becky Rollins........

  50. MadRoberts22 MovieGuy

    MadRoberts22 MovieGuy5 개월 전

    The man gimmick is just old she's not a man first of all and second this The Man gimmick lost all it's momentum once she lost the smackdown woman's title

  51. Keth Phayim

    Keth Phayim5 개월 전

    I love Becky Lynch

  52. Keth Phayim

    Keth Phayim5 개월 전

    Becky Lynch saovadara 💖💕💕💘💛💗💝💞

  53. Jake Rocks

    Jake Rocks5 개월 전

    Wow I’m Impressed with Becky Lynch She’s actually making sense i gotta give Becky credit !

  54. Kra Liçe

    Kra Liçe5 개월 전


  55. MR E

    MR E5 개월 전

    This felt like a Bret hart Great old school promo slightly amped loved it

  56. The Slay Twins

    The Slay Twins5 개월 전


  57. Erykah Chanel

    Erykah Chanel5 개월 전

    Loveee it

  58. Benny Gonzalez

    Benny Gonzalez5 개월 전

    Good promo

  59. Mumue Kahimunu

    Mumue Kahimunu5 개월 전

    Damn 🔥🔥🔥 that gave me goosebumps...

  60. vivian phan

    vivian phan5 개월 전

    I love Becky so much

  61. Keisha Lahens

    Keisha Lahens5 개월 전

    Same her and Rollins are engaged ahhhh I love them