Bear Grylls Reviews Survival Movies | Vanity Fair


  1. Shahel Khan

    Shahel Khan시간 전

    9:12 someone laughed in the background

  2. XMorbidKiX

    XMorbidKiX시간 전

    *Being trapped in a herd of zombies* Bear Grylls: Yeah, I've been in this situation before. This is quite realistic actually.

  3. Braydo Pain Train

    Braydo Pain Train시간 전

    he should start with how realistic his show was. not very.

  4. Josh The Emoticon

    Josh The Emoticon시간 전

    No one: *Ben Shapiro* 4:29

  5. Fresh Dried

    Fresh Dried시간 전

  6. SamTacos

    SamTacos시간 전

    Watching Predator Bear Grylls:"That was a backbreaking experiene, but I'd been through worse situations."

  7. Ian Harper

    Ian Harper시간 전

    Sometimes it seems like Bear Grylls is doing an impersonation of Bear Grylls

  8. New and Reformed

    New and Reformed시간 전

    James Charles touched you like to undo. Bear Grylls: Yeah I've been in that situation before

  9. amazon

    amazon시간 전

    I miss Bear Grylls haha

  10. Blackstein

    Blackstein시간 전

    If bear grylls was jack in titanic, jack and rose would have been playing with their babies in jungle right now

  11. trash

    trash2 시간 전

    when I was younger I thought bear grylls was his real name

  12. Tanaka Chiriga

    Tanaka Chiriga2 시간 전

    Thanos snaps his Finger: Bear: I've actually been there before, before I wasnt.

  13. nelsonta00

    nelsonta002 시간 전

    Bear Grylls, the good old days when he's off surviving and finding a lone desolate hotel with central AC system and buffet. Those gruesome days.

  14. SamuraiUjio

    SamuraiUjio2 시간 전

    What watch is he wearing ?

  15. Maeguk

    Maeguk2 시간 전

    Movie: 127 hours, dude cuts off his arm Bear: yeah I remember this happening to me, but I chose to cut the boulder in half Bear actually starts to get the same status as Chuck Norris

  16. packlesswolf1

    packlesswolf12 시간 전

    I like Bear Grylls more than Les

  17. Robert Lienthang

    Robert Lienthang2 시간 전

    Awwww I miss him

  18. Max Albring

    Max Albring2 시간 전


  19. bri bri

    bri bri2 시간 전

    10/10 would smash

  20. Wolfsbane Media

    Wolfsbane Media2 시간 전

    Is there anything this man hasn't done.?

  21. Enoch Root

    Enoch Root2 시간 전

    Bear Grylls is a major faker...Ray Mears is the real thing

  22. Mr. Grenade

    Mr. Grenade2 시간 전

    "In this scene he rips a horse and sleeps in it *This brings back good memories* "

  23. Melee

    Melee2 시간 전

    Even Bear Grylls hasn't seen bird box hmmm....

  24. Jonathan Casares

    Jonathan Casares2 시간 전

    They did him so dirty on the thumbnail

  25. JayBmOfficial

    JayBmOfficial2 시간 전

    extremely boring ...

  26. Stevegnz

    Stevegnz2 시간 전

    Bear Grylls - I watched Jesus being born Bear Grylls - I watched Jesus being born first

  27. Nguyễn Minh Đức

    Nguyễn Minh Đức2 시간 전

    Someone: *die* Bear Grylls: I've been in that situation quite a lot

  28. Nestor Nieves

    Nestor Nieves2 시간 전

    How do you not include First Blood in this list? It's literally THE movie about survival in the wild. Epic Fail. 🙄

  29. Paul Milne

    Paul Milne2 시간 전

    It was a fresh water crocodile thats why she was filling her water bottle

  30. Carly Holder

    Carly Holder2 시간 전

    I just drank alot of water and now my stomach hurts; first thing I see is man sleeping in horse. I swear to god if I throw up I'm blaming it on the movie

  31. Cristopher Alexander

    Cristopher Alexander2 시간 전

    Forgot this guy even existed. He is the lengend

  32. Jim's Designer

    Jim's Designer2 시간 전

    A clip from127 Hours would be nice!

  33. Rudi Munk

    Rudi Munk2 시간 전

    Bear Grylls < Survivor Man

  34. keanu eraso

    keanu eraso2 시간 전

    Bear still dope regardless

  35. anne hocque

    anne hocque2 시간 전

    Whatever good story you think you have... bear grylls can top it

  36. :Y Frank

    :Y Frank2 시간 전

    he should have had weapons training to become the perfect soldier, it was said that he did train with the SAS in unarmed combat only....

  37. Not Bot

    Not Bot2 시간 전

    How to get loads of likes... (Some crazy situation) Bear Grylls: Oh yea, I’ve been in that situation before.

  38. Amy Rowe

    Amy Rowe2 시간 전

    Bear needs to do Hot Ones with Sean Evans...

  39. Cruizee 87

    Cruizee 872 시간 전

    Bear Grylls is the real Capt. Price🤣

  40. Fake account

    Fake account2 시간 전

    Protip The best thing to make fire with is a friction bow and some coconut husk fibers



    Gryllz: *brings back memories* Me: Have i lived my life yet?

  42. Dan Myers

    Dan Myers2 시간 전

    Me: watches bear grylls review survival scenes for the second time after googling if he really did the things he said he did. Me again: I’ve been in this situation before quite recently.

  43. usui usui

    usui usui2 시간 전

    dude, you're a LEGEND. man vs wild was my freakin childhood. thanks. edit: i remember the camel ep

  44. Mr. Stark

    Mr. Stark2 시간 전

    👏next movie 👏

  45. No Name

    No Name2 시간 전

    A fake guy, reviewing a fake movie. Perfect.

  46. Jeremy sym

    Jeremy sym2 시간 전

    Who else loves bear grills

  47. Ethan Beauty

    Ethan Beauty2 시간 전

    Didn’t he fake his show like didn’t after they filmed they would go stay at a hotel and eat nice food and film the next morning

  48. Andrew Maina

    Andrew Maina2 시간 전

    surprised that he didn't challenge the idea that the lass could avoid being dragged off into the water pretty quickly by a crocodile that big

  49. The Cooper Tech Kid

    The Cooper Tech Kid2 시간 전

    Sure you slept over night in the stomach of a camel 😒

  50. Baby Bitch

    Baby Bitch2 시간 전

    Do y'all remember in science class watching Bear Grylls? Or was my schools just too lazy

  51. Aryan Dev

    Aryan Dev2 시간 전

    This guy has experienced almost everything in life

  52. Nathan Felsch

    Nathan Felsch2 시간 전

    It’s also been proven you can’t hear someone talking in free fall, the wind resistance is to loud. Facts, Sorry Utah

  53. Jxssx Wxlch

    Jxssx Wxlch2 시간 전

    Bear grills is stoned don’t try to change my mind

  54. Rupert Adams

    Rupert Adams2 시간 전

    Bear "have a story for everything" grylls

  55. Kris Garcia

    Kris Garcia2 시간 전

    I died when Michael appeared

  56. John Mitchell

    John Mitchell2 시간 전

    I dont believe a word this guy says.

  57. stephen schneider

    stephen schneider2 시간 전

    Says the guy who was faking scenes.

  58. Batmanisawesomesoami

    Batmanisawesomesoami2 시간 전

    Bear u awesome

  59. Young Metro

    Young Metro2 시간 전

    C4 detonates on dust2 Bear Grylls: I've been in that situation before.

  60. Imran Ayub

    Imran Ayub2 시간 전

    Luke taking shelter in the Tauntaun Bear: "yeah I've been in that situation before , it's not so bad... Once u get past the smell and acid"

  61. Chris A

    Chris A2 시간 전

    Scene: Jesus dying on the cross and being resurrected in “Passion of the Christ” Bear: Been there before. It’s hard to get the resurrection after exactly three days just right, but yeah, it’s realistic.

  62. Breaking C

    Breaking C2 시간 전

    I love you Bear Grylls!

  63. Eli Smith

    Eli Smith2 시간 전

    Why aren’t you drinking your pee

  64. Serena Cooper-Nolan

    Serena Cooper-Nolan2 시간 전

    next up: murderer reviews Friday the 13th

  65. That Channel

    That Channel2 시간 전

    He is really the best guy for this? I mean considering his shows are fake and all.

  66. Eagle Eye

    Eagle Eye2 시간 전

    *Watches Thanos killed half of humanity* Bear Grylls: Yeah I have been in that situation before


    DEMMAN TV2 시간 전

    bear grylls' been through every situation that you can think of

  68. TSM_ Rex

    TSM_ Rex2 시간 전

    i have grown up watching this dude and i haven’t seen him in forever that’s why i clicked on this video as soon as i saw it bear i love you man

  69. 12345away

    12345away2 시간 전

    He should have ended the video with... IMPROVISE.ADAPT.OVERCOME

  70. prasath raj

    prasath raj2 시간 전

    Real life HERO''''

  71. kanashami

    kanashami2 시간 전

    *𝗕𝗲𝗮𝗿 𝗚𝗿𝘆𝗹𝗹𝘀 𝗱𝗿𝗼𝗽𝘀 𝗺𝗶𝘅𝘁𝗮𝗽𝗲* 2:09

  72. Im Tyfyh

    Im Tyfyh2 시간 전

    I like his british accent!

  73. Hornet Gaming

    Hornet Gaming2 시간 전

    If only '127 Hours' was in the list

  74. LJH Keyboard

    LJH Keyboard2 시간 전

    형, 피부가 좋아졌어... 맛있는거 많이 먹었지?

  75. Guido Laremi

    Guido Laremi2 시간 전


  76. LFP Gaming

    LFP Gaming2 시간 전

    Bear Grylls sleeps in hotels when the cameras are turned off... what's so tough about that?

  77. Wahaab_ mX

    Wahaab_ mX2 시간 전

    Love it💙

  78. TheBradWaters

    TheBradWaters2 시간 전

    Bear grylls is a joke it’s been exposed that he did his show next to civilization with all the right camera angles

  79. Yung Drop

    Yung Drop2 시간 전

    Wait i thought this mofoo dead?!

  80. Raoul Duke

    Raoul Duke2 시간 전

    *it puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again* Bear Grylls: yeah I've actually been In this situation plenty of times.

  81. ThatCatfulCat

    ThatCatfulCat2 시간 전

    Chef Robert Irvin once claimed to have cooked for the Queen to get his show and was exposed as a fraud afterwards and no one cared because he was actually good at what he does. Bear Grylls is the survival show version of Irvine.

  82. Aaron Sanislo

    Aaron Sanislo2 시간 전

    Interviewing a phony about phony movies. Nice.

  83. _Akira _

    _Akira _2 시간 전

    This comment section is so dope 😂

  84. Yoshi Muroi

    Yoshi Muroi2 시간 전

    The reason why you couldn't get the knife in the crock is cos you didn't have a knife, while Mr Dundee here has a knife.

  85. dustin_long18

    dustin_long182 시간 전

    Just imagine if he missed and destroyed Drew Breeses hand

  86. 0neCrazyCracker

    0neCrazyCracker2 시간 전

    The lack of urine drinking is disappointing.

  87. Melki Hassa

    Melki Hassa2 시간 전

    0neCrazyCracker That’s the non realistic part of it.

  88. Vanilla Chungus

    Vanilla Chungus2 시간 전

    ._. We forgot about les Stroud it seems...

  89. Lawn King

    Lawn King2 시간 전

    Ok we got it people quit posting the same comment.

  90. dave theconqueror

    dave theconqueror2 시간 전

    I thought bear grylls was gonna say in the dundeed clip that the accuracy of the crock biting down was inaccurate for which the crock would actually spin first in a death roll instead of holding still like in the movie

  91. Ronaldo 7

    Ronaldo 72 시간 전

    Me and my dad use to watch him all the time every day every night

  92. Half Starlight

    Half Starlight2 시간 전


  93. Huyen Ly

    Huyen Ly2 시간 전

    ...his life is UNREALISTIC!

  94. B737FLY

    B737FLY2 시간 전

    Wouldn't he be better at talking about hotel rooms?

  95. Micro CNC

    Micro CNC2 시간 전

    How do your survive at the four seasons? Do they let you start your fires in the lobby?

  96. Concert Guy

    Concert Guy2 시간 전

    wait how is the office not realistic?

  97. Rossam

    Rossam2 시간 전

    This guy would tell crazy stories at parties

  98. Benjamin LaVallie

    Benjamin LaVallie2 시간 전

    hebrews chapter 13 verse 8 jesus christ the same yesterday and to day and for ever

  99. George Jo James

    George Jo James2 시간 전

    Why does BEAR GRYLLS the more he ages he is more likely to have a facelook like MR. BEAN ( rowan atkinson) and am not even kidding he does seriously look like him at least in the beginning

  100. Black Wolf

    Black Wolf2 시간 전

    Who else is watching this while drinking their own pee?

  101. Nayam Amarshe

    Nayam Amarshe2 시간 전

    Michael actually survived the wild