[BANGTAN BOMB] '풍경' Special LIVE - BTS (방탄소년단)


  1. Micasa Chan

    Micasa Chan13 분 전

    I was melted in Tae's deep beautiful voice 😭💜

  2. Sidra Altayeb

    Sidra Altayeb시간 전

    0:57 Taehyung sings beautifully, but then we have jungkook who turns the song into an opera lol

  3. kpop fm

    kpop fm시간 전

    i want to make you mine

  4. kpop fm

    kpop fm시간 전

    sweet voice kim taehyung saranghaee

  5. An Nguyễn

    An Nguyễn3 시간 전

    I love BTS

  6. An Nguyễn

    An Nguyễn3 시간 전

    I love you BTS

  7. Tasnim Tanjir

    Tasnim Tanjir3 시간 전

    Wow taehyung 's voice is like a Angel I love u Kim taehyung For the test of my life

  8. Cheesecake Ice Cream

    Cheesecake Ice Cream3 시간 전

    방탄소년단 뷔🥺💚

  9. jinny

    jinny3 시간 전


  10. Inari san

    Inari san4 시간 전

    I wish if this Video was Longer! 😭 I repeated a hundred times😭 IT'S BLESSING TO EARS AND EYES

  11. williane Army

    williane Army5 시간 전

    Meu Deus jungkook tá muito lindo assim como os outros meninos 😸😻

  12. Burner Grande

    Burner Grande6 시간 전

    Ummm yes we stan



    I love you bts :)

  14. Janice Urbano

    Janice Urbano6 시간 전


  15. zhtmahtm

    zhtmahtm6 시간 전


  16. Dora Sosa

    Dora Sosa7 시간 전

    Que Hermoso toca

  17. Joker Free Fire

    Joker Free Fire7 시간 전

    Do you love BTS❤❤ Yes=like No=go away😬

  18. Kook Jung

    Kook Jung8 시간 전

    ❤❤❤❤👏🏾hay quá

  19. Adela Tarqui

    Adela Tarqui8 시간 전


  20. Cameron Garcia

    Cameron Garcia8 시간 전

    I love you v

  21. sweet taetae

    sweet taetae10 시간 전

    aún sigo esperando una sub unidad taekook, loco. ¿cómo es posible que no se den cuenta de lo maravilloso que suenan sus voces juntas? es como si los ángeles cantaran.

  22. suchy ati

    suchy ati11 시간 전

    my man voice 💜💜💖💖💖 kimtaehyung voice . jungkook voice too

  23. Ana Julia Rodriguez Benavides

    Ana Julia Rodriguez Benavides12 시간 전

    Me muero que voz de v ese disco me mata el es un ángel lo adoro baby

  24. Min Yoongi

    Min Yoongi12 시간 전


  25. Mejoleno D

    Mejoleno D13 시간 전

    Taehyung is so lovely 😳

  26. jikook's pancake

    jikook's pancake13 시간 전

    jk and jms voices go really well together and is stated by professional singers. the "we don't talk anymore" cover jk did with jm is beautiful and if ya'll haven't listened, I recommend it!

  27. jikook's pancake

    jikook's pancake13 시간 전

    jikook singing to each other 😍

  28. luz Valeria Villanueva

    luz Valeria Villanueva13 시간 전

    Does anyone knows how is playing the piano ? (Sorry for my bad inglish)

  29. Judith Ortega

    Judith Ortega13 시간 전

    TAE voice is so beautiful TAE my chocolate :3

  30. Judith Ortega

    Judith Ortega13 시간 전

    Tae voice is so beautiful TAE my chocolate :3

  31. Jess Lujan

    Jess Lujan14 시간 전

    There voices I'm junshook like if u agree

  32. Divya Chhetri

    Divya Chhetri14 시간 전

    Omg I loved ittt 😍😍

  33. human error

    human error15 시간 전

    OH MY GOD. That's it that's my comment, OH MY GOD

  34. Sujita Maharjan

    Sujita Maharjan15 시간 전

    Wow taetae voice is so heart touching

  35. Syikin xxi

    Syikin xxi16 시간 전

    okey who's voice is dat who speak english behind the camera? anyone ? lmao HAHA

  36. HwaYoung‹3 btsarmy

    HwaYoung‹3 btsarmy16 시간 전

    No oh ohhhhhhhh IM SOBBING TAETAE

  37. Samasuddoha Khan

    Samasuddoha Khan17 시간 전

    Is not it too close to see Taehyung.😳But I really love you Bts and Army. I purple you all!!💜💜

  38. Arai Raimzhanova

    Arai Raimzhanova17 시간 전

    Кто играет на пианино??😱 эт волшебно

  39. Zani Kim

    Zani Kim18 시간 전

    My kookie being himself

  40. Huna Lee Kim

    Huna Lee Kim18 시간 전

    Taehyung oppa× seokjin oppa it is beautiful

  41. Chrij Leg3nd

    Chrij Leg3nd18 시간 전

    Bhoooo shisss


    BTS CRACK18 시간 전

    0:27 is it brawl stars 😧😂😭😭😭💜💜💜

  43. 서동희

    서동희18 시간 전

    아 잉 좋아~

  44. Gina Marie Bechayda

    Gina Marie Bechayda18 시간 전


  45. moeyday

    moeyday19 시간 전

    Is this a real song/ does anyone know the name? If not it needs to be 😭😭

  46. Sun Lee

    Sun Lee10 시간 전

    "Scenery" by V , he wrote the Lyric, composing , producing and album jacket photo and sing a song .

  47. Taehyung Marivic

    Taehyung Marivic20 시간 전

    When taehyung said, I want to make you mine, i really felt that:

  48. ERIKA 2001

    ERIKA 200120 시간 전

    V face of the group 😻

  49. Kim Tae Tea

    Kim Tae Tea21 시간 전

    My heat is melting Tae Tae

  50. ارمي عاشقه الكيبوب

    ارمي عاشقه الكيبوب21 시간 전

    The most beautiful BTS

  51. Humai Geun

    Humai Geun21 시간 전

    💖💖I still remember the 1st time when I heard V deep voice which melted me 💜 and still this feeling towards his deep voice never changed 😘💜💖💖

  52. Judama Khan

    Judama Khan21 시간 전

    Teahyung look very cute and more pretty I love u so much

  53. Ani's Art Channel

    Ani's Art Channel22 시간 전

    Can anyone noticed that when JK is singing while putting his hand on his heart he saw V😍

  54. Linh Vu

    Linh Vu22 시간 전

    Omg taehyung's voice is so beautiful

  55. Keyt Mamuric

    Keyt Mamuric23 시간 전

    Omo! His voice 😍😍💜💜

  56. Sovit Wagle

    Sovit Wagle일 전

    English subtitle is invisible😅😊😍

  57. S Adriana

    S Adriana일 전


  58. 블루

    블루일 전

    목소리 봐...

  59. JWRC VLO

    JWRC VLO일 전

    Do you love taehyung and taehyung singing??? Comment below👇👇👇

  60. army ARMY

    army ARMY일 전

    Hayy tae tae kookie los amooo a todos

  61. avocadomeafavor

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  62. avocadomeafavor

    avocadomeafavor시간 전

    jikook's pancake WHAT

  63. jikook's pancake

    jikook's pancake13 시간 전

    didn't interact

  64. Kim Rena &tae tae

    Kim Rena &tae tae일 전

    0:58 كوك هينا صوته يضحك 😂 اخخخخ احب البايس تاي هو وصوته 😍💜

  65. Ellmira MJ

    Ellmira MJ일 전

    The harmonization of taekook 😍

  66. jikook's pancake

    jikook's pancake13 시간 전

    they didn't harmonise 😐

  67. Lui Mendoza

    Lui Mendoza일 전

    my heart

  68. Novi Lene

    Novi Lene일 전

    2.4 dislike??? Rlly?

  69. ᴛᴀᴇᴋᴏᴏᴋ ɪs love

    ᴛᴀᴇᴋᴏᴏᴋ ɪs love일 전

    Hermoso... Y también hermoso el Vkook 💜💜

  70. SoA bbb

    SoA bbb일 전

    English caption

  71. ryu stuffs

    ryu stuffs일 전


  72. jikook's pancake

    jikook's pancake13 시간 전


  73. Letycia Karoline

    Letycia Karoline일 전

    he is so precious omg 😔

  74. Coco Isabella

    Coco Isabella일 전


  75. Thị Khánh Huyền Nguyễn

    Thị Khánh Huyền Nguyễn일 전

    Love kimtaehyung ❤❤

  76. Naana Nadiah

    Naana Nadiah일 전


  77. jikook's pancake

    jikook's pancake13 시간 전

    they don't have voices that would mix well in a duet. I recommend listening to the "we don't talk anymore" cover jk did with jm., their voices really work together.

  78. MMiki

    MMiki일 전

    Jungkook can do lyric too. A vocal king indeed

  79. V girls

    V girls일 전


  80. Andertta York

    Andertta York일 전

    Jungkook tho I was diying

  81. Charlene only

    Charlene only일 전

    Taehyungah! I want to make you mine too 😫💘

  82. Cintia Yungan

    Cintia Yungan일 전


  83. kayllane mulbak

    kayllane mulbak일 전

    love you

  84. Married To Jhope

    Married To Jhope일 전

    amo muito vocês!!! 😍💕

  85. Married To Jhope

    Married To Jhope일 전

    o jungkook kskskksks 🤣😍💕

  86. Married To Jhope

    Married To Jhope일 전

    a voz do taehyung me acalma tanto. 😖💕