Bangkok Fake Market Spree!



    NEPTUNE ZA2 일 전

    Imma be honest mahn. It looks fake. The zebra stripes on original aren't straight.

  2. Bigmac Tiger

    Bigmac Tiger2 일 전

    Electronic and shoes not worth buying fake

  3. Zaxh Studio

    Zaxh Studio3 일 전

    This video get so much hate...

  4. kafka jam

    kafka jam3 일 전

    Cheap ....Man who bargain like a girl

  5. Mobile Gamer 07

    Mobile Gamer 074 일 전

    You look like Jelly mixed with Chandler (from MrBeast).



    Another wanger

  7. Roastyroulston 1

    Roastyroulston 14 일 전

    Did someone steal clothes at 7:07

  8. James Ericson

    James Ericson4 일 전

    I found the bargaining with the woman hilarious!! Go out and travel for atleast 2 months in south east asia and you will see why you can't let yourself get scammed all the time. The items are FAKE! Remember that! I bet she sells those shirts to a thai for 100TBH. In many circumstances such as taxis and markets like these, it's almost always going to result in a scam because you are not worth it for an indigenous price. They better just look for another dumb tourist.

  9. S-Smith Bo1

    S-Smith Bo14 일 전

    Me buy fake air pods seller said: it’s 300 Baht You buy fake air pods seller said it’s 2500 baht it’s not fair 😡😡😡

  10. Luis Carbo

    Luis Carbo5 일 전

    Oh god no pls dont tell me you are actually wearing these oh... god

  11. Max Dee

    Max Dee6 일 전

    I went to Bangkok recently and found her ! She was so funny and she said she remembers you !

  12. Givenchy Banks

    Givenchy Banks8 일 전

    I kinda felt bad for the first guy tbh he was doin his job

  13. Tomi Presley

    Tomi Presley8 일 전

    are all americans so tight on low payed people makes them look like miserable dickheads

  14. John Williams

    John Williams8 일 전

    The isan woman bought that t shirt for 40 baht i know because my family are the wholesalers and all these sellers he bargain with are making $10,000-$20,000 a month i know this for sure because we know them so you dont need to feel sorry for them he poor than them so let him bargain

  15. toby.dangg

    toby.dangg9 일 전

    6:52 my mom is thai and she said this im gonna cut ur p** lolol my mom was dead laughing

  16. Ork

    Ork9 일 전

    you can bargain in Nike or Adidas showroom in the States, they have all their products made in Asia (probably in the same factory were these products were made) and buy for cheap ass price and sell to us at more than 100% inflated prices. Americans think they are entitled to do whatever they please in other countries, no wonder everyone hates us.

  17. thanaphairintr

    thanaphairintr9 일 전

    What da f#@k ya doin? Dude

  18. mu jai kon

    mu jai kon10 일 전

    all the fake item u can get from china.. and negotiate like no brain u can get from yours..

  19. David Mclaren

    David Mclaren10 일 전

    Bro ur bargaining is annoying the shit is way cheap

  20. MizPractical Me

    MizPractical Me10 일 전

    And he is like... “it’s so fun to talk to the locals here!”... dude, a lot of us who are living here in US who are asians just got so insulted by you!!!! 🥶😡😡

  21. MizPractical Me

    MizPractical Me10 일 전

    You are sooooo cheap!!! These people are making a living!! U almost just wanna ask for that shirt for free!! I hope u are happy and satisfied being a lowballer!!!😡😡😡

  22. Its_EssieE

    Its_EssieE10 일 전

    Fake air pods

  23. Steel576creeping Steel576creeping

    Steel576creeping Steel576creeping11 일 전

    Love your vid thanks for the effort

  24. Loxxed

    Loxxed11 일 전

    I can't get this time of my life back watching you "negotiate " you're a shit dude, think about the people your taking a few dollars off for f sake. It's not entertaining it's cring worthy

  25. Loxxed

    Loxxed11 일 전

    You haggle her like a cheap dog

  26. B Marcus

    B Marcus12 일 전

    Your annoying

  27. Capter

    Capter13 일 전

    ShopKeeper: its 380$ Bobby : ill do 3$

  28. jared JJI

    jared JJI13 일 전

    Dude you a cheap Skate

  29. Randy M.

    Randy M.14 일 전

    Damn bro...this shit is disappointing and disgraceful.

  30. sinfullxx1

    sinfullxx115 일 전

    You kinda suck bro....

  31. Sudarshan Chaubey

    Sudarshan Chaubey16 일 전

    Even 500 baht is not cheap for a counterfeit product.

  32. EZvideos

    EZvideos16 일 전

    The black supreme tee is obviously fake because the red box logo is way to big

  33. K Kim

    K Kim17 일 전

    All crap stuffs

  34. CBM Ventures

    CBM Ventures17 일 전

    So here’s my problem with all the stupid bartering. Do you think that this lady that works in that little boutique for 12 to 15 hours days going to get rich off of your four dollar purchase? Arguing with her to save yourself $.50 or a dollar can mean the difference between her having a really good day financially i.e. feeding her kids or not. But the difference in your pocket is negligible I guarantee you don’t know the difference between spending four dollars or five dollars on some item stop being a dick when you go to foreign countries be generous those people need it, at least they’re working hard in an honest profession

  35. vaseemym

    vaseemym17 일 전

    jew spotted......

  36. VENOM

    VENOM19 일 전

    Collin Abroadcast wants to know your location

  37. Terry Bilcliff

    Terry Bilcliff19 일 전

    I live full time in Thailand people like you piss me off go home!

  38. cranberry411

    cranberry41119 일 전

    This video sucks learn how to bargain you suck.

  39. Laurentiu Nicolae

    Laurentiu Nicolae20 일 전

    Go china better pour man ,with poor face

  40. Alex

    Alex20 일 전

    Should of asked how much she costs

  41. Nyc Lee

    Nyc Lee21 일 전

    Lmfao better quality of supreme. He don’t even know nth bout supreme. That’s super fake also. The box logo is too big

  42. Ms. Jennifer's Life

    Ms. Jennifer's Life22 일 전

    $9 for a t shirt isn't a bad price. That's cheaper than Walmart shirts

  43. John Carlo De Leon

    John Carlo De Leon23 일 전

    Such an asshole. So disrespectful as well.

  44. Matiss Kursins

    Matiss Kursins23 일 전

    Don't shrink me, gypsy, stop spelling me😂😂😂😂

  45. The Flame

    The Flame24 일 전

    Calls it a spree when he bought one thing. Plus dude these people tryna make a living and you bargain for $2, so cheap

  46. Brainless Wanderer

    Brainless Wanderer26 일 전

    I have seen this in Cambodia they charge 1 USD for breakfast usually and many Western (I'm not racist) ask wht I ll get free or complimentary. I was thinking they have huge funds

  47. Isaac Ljubic

    Isaac Ljubic28 일 전

    You can get the airpods from the start for $2.50 from china

  48. SeanSean Sean

    SeanSean Sean29 일 전

    What kind of camera setup are you using? Thanks!

  49. Tuti anjani

    Tuti anjani개월 전

    Bule miskin nawarnya keterlaluan banget, dia gak Mikir yg ditawar itu Cari nafkah buat menghidupi keluarganya . Tampang bule tp mental gembel

  50. Ateneo Jackyシ

    Ateneo Jackyシ개월 전

    This moment when you are Thai and understand everything what they say

  51. Batmanu

    Batmanu개월 전

    I've viewed many of your videos, enjoying many of them, however this is the first video of yours I've genuinely disliked. You come off as an awful negotiator and you're so egregiously cheap it's painful to watch and quite surely insulting to the locals.

  52. Roger Smith

    Roger Smith개월 전

    Dick puts his photo over the prices

  53. Ale Luca

    Ale Luca개월 전

    another idiot in youtube.

  54. Shkëmbim Salijaj

    Shkëmbim Salijaj개월 전

    Try to negotiate the price here in Europe and we tell you the door immediately 👋

  55. Makslaskabata2

    Makslaskabata2개월 전

    Where are the hitler thingies

  56. michael Phung

    michael Phung개월 전

    I bought yeezy at their

  57. RJ Gao

    RJ Gao개월 전

    the yeezy looks so fake.....

  58. Rara Antonio

    Rara Antonio개월 전

    Y’all sound crazy telling him not to bargain for fake/stolen product lol

  59. Dev Ohri

    Dev Ohri개월 전


  60. Hanny Pengilley

    Hanny Pengilley개월 전

    This is so bad ,Thai people have to eat to ,I live here and you make me feel ashamed to be a Farang ,that’s what Thai people call us ,But I think they might call you Moo Farang