Baldi’s Basics Song- Basics in Behavior [Blue]- The Living Tombstone feat. OR3O


  1. h Doki Doki

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    vai tomar no cu filha da puta

  2. Kitty Bowen

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    1:23 *_When you get bored doing schoolwork and decide to have a break_* That's literally me every year, (I'm not in public school yet, don't worry XD), but I get bored while doing schoolwork ;-;

  3. Luna Chan

    Luna Chan4 시간 전

    Use a calculator

  4. Watrmeln

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    E muito bom vou tentar ganhar mais visualizações mostrando no meu canal e essa música é incrível eu não paro de assistir mano você é mais do que 99999999999999999

  6. Ryan the Xbox gamer Mario time

    Ryan the Xbox gamer Mario time8 시간 전

    At the beginning It should say hi welcome to my school house

  7. Alex Caldera

    Alex Caldera10 시간 전

    1:16 fnaf vibes

  8. Кира мандарина Пуцанкова

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  9. aniMate

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    Paper: 2+2 Student: *HMMUmmmmmMMMmmmmM* Student: Eleventeen

  10. Mongrel Mob

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    poor baldi he gets lock dump kids lock him

  11. atti TY hajdu

    atti TY hajdu23 시간 전

    nice music

  12. koyoque

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  13. 8-bit- Pug

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    What the banana the girl don’t know what is 2+2=? lol



    1:18 when our teacher goes out

  15. Halimjio Mohamed

    Halimjio Mohamed일 전

    Playtime is P-plays L-leps A-annoying Y-? T-talks with the same words I-interrupt M-moron E-emo Help me think 🤔 what "Y" shood be.

  16. Bloobfish

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    Dude just change school

  17. Multinamed KRaZY KaT

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    EVERYONE SUPPORT TEAM PURPLE! Like if you support. Reply if you support either Red or Blue

  18. MLGDUDE 444

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    School in a nutshell.

  19. BurntToasts Roast

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    *_B a l d i ‘ s w o r l d o f d e a t h_*

  20. Nevem Nevem

    Nevem Nevem일 전

    I love this song

  21. Creepy Potato

    Creepy Potato일 전

    We all had a teacher with that same philosophy

  22. Haha Huhu

    Haha Huhu일 전

    0:04 windows 98 baldis basics edition

  23. Needtoknows Katze

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  24. Da_Viking

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  25. Kalina Georgieva-Mitko

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    the blue baldi is better than the red

  26. Asriel Dreemurr

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    2015:Five Nights at Freddy 2016:Undertale 2017:Bendy and the ink machine 2018:Baldi’s basics

  27. Küröshïrö I キャンディ

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  28. Александр Падерин

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    10 из 10!

  29. Gabe & Tiffani Cisneros

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    Baldi now you

  30. matthew avrard

    matthew avrard2 일 전

    Ummm the red version is worse dan dis

  31. matthew avrard

    matthew avrard2 일 전

    2:05 There is no place for playtime Me: playtime has a place poop head!!!

  32. JaidenScreams ;v;

    JaidenScreams ;v;2 일 전

    1:19 me: ... wtf?

  33. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke2 일 전

    DAgames made a baldi song is so rare lmao in 2027 listening this like

  34. Misty Ferreiro

    Misty Ferreiro2 일 전

    Me enamoré de esta canción

  35. bryanna bernales

    bryanna bernales2 일 전

    I have a question what happened to Baldis legs because it’s unattached to his body 😂

  36. Sophia Carrin [Maid,Nice]

    Sophia Carrin [Maid,Nice]2 일 전

    i like how everyone dances when baldis not there XD

  37. Llama show

    Llama show2 일 전

    i feel 8 years old with my old apartment

  38. gary dean

    gary dean2 일 전

    blue=baldi's school red=baldi's hell

  39. ElRedCat

    ElRedCat2 일 전

    best song of baldy

  40. xLeafy peachy

    xLeafy peachy2 일 전

    Teacher: *lets do math!* Me: *grabs rocket launcher* *NOT TODAY BALDI*

  41. Louie Villanueva

    Louie Villanueva2 일 전

    Keep up the good work TLT You might be a good animator in the furture!

  42. FireClips TVOS

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  43. Adam Casurao

    Adam Casurao2 일 전

    Can you make granny song the living tombstone

  44. Franta Leize

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    3:37 " It's Friday after-school "

  45. soupisyum Gogetcake

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    listened to this for 2 hours and like 20 minutes

  46. Melon Meme

    Melon Meme3 일 전

    Best song ever, this my fav song now. :)

  47. Tiffani Davis

    Tiffani Davis3 일 전

    eazy math!

  48. Wolftale9

    Wolftale93 일 전

    2:51 like what reference you did there with the lyrics. ;)

  49. Daniel Lindsay

    Daniel Lindsay3 일 전

    10:17 if there having a party why are they in a roundom room

  50. PuppyKingdom videos George is my real name

    PuppyKingdom videos George is my real name3 일 전

    The anamation

  51. PuppyKingdom videos George is my real name

    PuppyKingdom videos George is my real name3 일 전

    Umm this is kinda weird

  52. Diana Velasquez

    Diana Velasquez3 일 전

    I glad i am not in that school.

  53. Junior Swisher

    Junior Swisher3 일 전

    1:22 dead inside but forced to

  54. BlueKid

    BlueKid3 일 전

    God, Being a kid who has PTSD from school. This is like..really close.

  55. Francy Sbanunella

    Francy Sbanunella3 일 전

    ma sono solo madchi in sta scuola😂😂😂

  56. Mew Mew

    Mew Mew3 일 전

    I played baldis basics yesterday and I was screaming my head off because baldi was fast! 😓

  57. デパヲンカイタゲッドミコム

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    I'm Taiwanese Chinese! 我點組誒裡皓隬經嶹巍峨嗯蠾真係好難講的時候。

  58. Roberto Pablo Callejas

    Roberto Pablo Callejas3 일 전

    3:47 This is me in the school...

  59. Kennedy Daclan

    Kennedy Daclan3 일 전

    this morelike the best

  60. Klynn788

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    Ooliijuykjkgknjhfohxdng I’m

  61. Larion Mihaela

    Larion Mihaela3 일 전

    S-Six C-Cruel H-Hours O-Of O-Our L-Lifes

  62. Zyxcud

    Zyxcud3 일 전

    I love MATH

  63. Zyxcud

    Zyxcud3 일 전

    Its joke

  64. CrypticAvenger 84

    CrypticAvenger 843 일 전

    It’s party time!!!

  65. Samantha Miles

    Samantha Miles3 일 전

    WATCH OUT FOR BALDI but how does the kid know baldi sooo well

  66. Jasper the Doge gamer

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  67. Sebastian Adams

    Sebastian Adams3 일 전

    did you make the voice cause u sound young

  68. SLiKK

    SLiKK3 일 전

    The renders are a little scary, good song and animation tho. Great Job!

  69. HERSHEYcat 200

    HERSHEYcat 2004 일 전

    Oh hey a thing isn’t that neat

  70. Cute-cloud animations

    Cute-cloud animations4 일 전

    This is how I see school 😭😂😭 👁👅👁

  71. karyme montealegre

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    Baild dose not run

  72. karyme montealegre

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  73. karyme montealegre

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  74. aliyah Senson

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  75. Taraji Irick

    Taraji Irick4 일 전

    I liked the party time thing

  76. IronDriftYT

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    I love it.

  77. Kimberly Nava

    Kimberly Nava4 일 전

    4:44 -_-

  78. Onemario1234

    Onemario12344 일 전

    OR3O has such a good singing voice!

  79. Harrison's yt chaneel

    Harrison's yt chaneel4 일 전

    1:18: my school at a school disco...for real

  80. Eduardo Barone

    Eduardo Barone4 일 전

    After Watching This: -Calls Childline- Hello? I Think My Math Teacher Abuses My Class...




  82. Nissi josarel blogs y creatividad

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  83. Zipporah Mccray

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    I like the part in the song when they say "this is how we live are life's" it sounds scary and awesome👍

  84. Kryha16

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    ΛΙΛΥ ΜΑΛΑΜΑ4 일 전

    Me to the balidi with principal:No learning in this school!detetion for u....🤣 Plz i want 💯➕ likes cuz i make a promise! ;-; If dont made it my bro will be like baldi! If u help me and do it i will be like 3:34

  86. Lauri Jones

    Lauri Jones4 일 전

    Lyrics: Every day i go to a school that likes to help with learning One two threes, they're the keys, Basic math, Very easy! To baldi's world of fun where no one leaves till' educated Every door is locked up tight, stay inside, Till' we're graded The students try their best to Better their education Comprehend the material Study hard, relay every detail Nobody wants detention We only want attention! Even when life is tough Oddly quarters are enough This Is how we live our lives searching For the answers inside of every page And i'm here wondering if one day We'll finally be free from this cage Is it okay to have a feeling That maybe there is more to this game However now no time to question So just behave! Walking across the hallways, finding notebooks so we matter Follow every single rule or He'll take out his wooden ruler For he is listening and watching everyone's progression All mistakes have consequences, so answer right with every question Try to add up excuses Nothing will make a diffrence Baldi knows every door that we open Following from behind we can hear him There is no place for playtime Avoid them all from every side Better to leave them be Follow his philosiphy This Is how we live our lives searching For the answers inside of every page And i'm here wondering if one day We'll finally be free from this cage Is it okay to have a feeling That maybe there is more to this game However now just keep behaving Sweep through the halls, To escape we'll have some sacrifices No room for jealousy I got no time to play hide and seek Because eventually he'll surely find me Have to be brave, or better Keep behaving Count til I don’t know what counts every inch of fear is all that's ingrained I understand, whats the solution The problem is a mess in my brain I’m pushed of all of the pressure To be here when I don't wanna stay Theres gotta be some sort of exit To get away

  87. xx_BoboIsGachaFan_xx

    xx_BoboIsGachaFan_xx4 일 전

    It sounds like I got no time

  88. Black Fyre 「Øtaku」

    Black Fyre 「Øtaku」4 일 전

    1:13 & 2:13 Me and my mom when she finds out that I didnt Wash the dishes when she left😐

  89. la Otaku

    la Otaku5 일 전

    I love this song, I love that the video matches the song and the game, not to mention that I love this channel and I love the rhythm of this song

  90. Flailing Cultist

    Flailing Cultist5 일 전

    I like it better at .75 speed.

  91. Worldsgame

    Worldsgame5 일 전

    The subtitles literally change every week or so.

  92. Itz.Jade.05

    Itz.Jade.055 일 전

    Love dis song!!

  93. XYZ GAMERMaster

    XYZ GAMERMaster5 일 전

    Me: Baldi I know what the 3rd question is to the SECOND NOTEBOOK! Baldi: What? Me: *-1* Baldi: Correct. Me: Uhhh ok...

  94. fløøfy animates

    fløøfy animates5 일 전

    2:49 This is a Baldi song not A fnaf (It says I've got no time)

  95. Christina Johnson

    Christina Johnson5 일 전

    Show and tell Children Happy One One L earning

  96. Ebony Lo.

    Ebony Lo.5 일 전

    omg you made the stop the bats remix and smile song...

  97. Nathan Pereira da Cruz

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  98. Ashley Crisostomo

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  99. P1kaCh43 SISET

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    "So just behave" *everyone dancing in the halls* LIKE MY COMMENT PLZZZZ!!!

  100. HelloDrakz

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  101. Migui ._.

    Migui ._.6 일 전

    1 2 3 Bien Pinche facil :v

  102. kermits lipton

    kermits lipton6 일 전

    nuuuuuuuuuuuuoooooooouuuuuuuuououo wat happeen 3 zee ol' capSHUNS? ;c

  103. Noe Vismantas

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    BALDI'S supposed to hear every door you open not every locker you open, OR IS HE ?!

  104. Sofia Romero

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    Me gusta baldi omg waht problem