Baldi’s Basics Song- Basics in Behavior [Blue]- The Living Tombstone feat. OR3O


  1. OR3O

    OR3O7 개월 전

    Thanks s0 much for having me! (*´꒳`*) Workin9 with every1 was just 2 aweSUM and I’m so 4tunate. I RE3LLY appreci8 it.

  2. вв в

    вв в개월 전

    Круто лайк 👇

  3. clara bustamante

    clara bustamante개월 전

    7his was K3wl! L0v3 7h3 s0n9!!

  4. Jullian Jones

    Jullian Jones2 개월 전

    Lots of tags u kool

  5. Chen Le

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    DARK WOLF6 개월 전

    OR3O hey glad you guys worked together on this song its one of my favorites (edit) 😲😲😲 COMMENT 500 FOR THE FIRST TIME I'M SO HAPPY!!

  7. NintendoFangirl 21

    NintendoFangirl 212 분 전

    Please End My Depression And Suffering

  8. Davina Storr

    Davina Storr9 분 전

    Why does baldi hit kids with a ruler just for one math problem

  9. Madeline Espionoza

    Madeline Espionoza시간 전

    i like this song

  10. Tadeolo El guia

    Tadeolo El guia시간 전

    I don t want detention only i want attention

  11. bianca astacio

    bianca astacio2 시간 전



    ERIKA GOMEZ3 시간 전

    Arriba las vacaciones 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Saquairie Ali

    Saquairie Ali3 시간 전

    If you look at baldi legs oh my gosh he not running he just jumping

  14. BonBon cz

    BonBon cz3 시간 전

    download ?😶

  15. Gita Novriyanti

    Gita Novriyanti4 시간 전

    WTF dude the kid can run like sonic but in the game you cant

  16. Troy And android

    Troy And android5 시간 전

    You’re so cool what animations for

  17. TeeHuiXi _15353

    TeeHuiXi _153536 시간 전

    O O Baldi?? O O 口. 口

  18. JuanTheDude

    JuanTheDude6 시간 전

    What I got from this is that baldi is trying to be nice but goes insane when you answer wrong

  19. ดวงใจ พวงเงิน

    ดวงใจ พวงเงิน6 시간 전

    2+2-4 BZ

  20. Dat_lego Guy

    Dat_lego Guy8 시간 전

    4:10 is the best part by far!

  21. Choco Powder

    Choco Powder8 시간 전

    we don't want detention or attention. we only want Baldi

  22. Abria Carlson

    Abria Carlson15 시간 전

    Me: listening to random stuff on Spotify This song: **starts playing** Me: oh, what’s this? 2 minutes later Me: wow this is like.. school in a nutshell Me: **looks up song** Me: oh! It’s from that video game. Me: Dang, this is my new favorite song even tho I’ve never actually played the game lol

  23. Rosy Rosy

    Rosy Rosy17 시간 전


  24. fire memer

    fire memer18 시간 전

    I can only picture the kid trying to explain to her mom Mom the walls turned red and the teacher moved like slender man

  25. yoshy gamer

    yoshy gamer19 시간 전

    La traducción de esto es "la escuela es horrible

  26. LegoSam 20

    LegoSam 2020 시간 전

    Someone remix this please

  27. JuJu Paez

    JuJu Paez20 시간 전

    0:46 to 0:52 (no one else in the room cares about the teacher about to slap a kid with ruler

  28. Sanad Taha

    Sanad Taha20 시간 전

    “_ Awesome 😎 GREAT 👍 GOOD JOB 👏

  29. pi cc

    pi cc21 시간 전

    Why did i find the party time part so funny (no offence of course)

  30. GhostCreepers 12

    GhostCreepers 12일 전

    grate mate keep up the great work Tombs!

  31. • idkemmie •

    • idkemmie •일 전

    I listen to this every morning with my headphones in and once My headphones broke and I can hear the red version😐

  32. FNaF fan 2.0 - FNaF, Mario, Undertale and More!

    FNaF fan 2.0 - FNaF, Mario, Undertale and More!일 전

    I just noticed the demonic undertone to the chorus. Wow. Almost a year after it came out.

  33. BraixySylvy

    BraixySylvy일 전

    Baldi is my mother and the child is me My mother: GIMME TNAT TABLET NOW me : *shivers* THEN *runs* And mother would not just give me my tablet back 1:03

  34. Die Demon Katze 2

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    people just be saying 2019 for likes so ima make it better. 1111?

  36. Google Earth Wants To Know Your Location

    Google Earth Wants To Know Your Location일 전

    *turn on captions*

  37. DOOM SLAYER 10953

    DOOM SLAYER 10953일 전

    I’m amazed at how great this song is I love😍 the chorus!!!!!!!😍😆😃

  38. JuJu Paez

    JuJu Paez일 전

    This is my favorite Baldi fan made song ever!

  39. Chris Tom

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  40. Manic The Hedgehog

    Manic The Hedgehog일 전

    I like dis verson better dan red.

  41. jake pammer

    jake pammer일 전

    I did not like this

  42. Pavlo verni xd

    Pavlo verni xd일 전

    Children life in a nutshell

  43. Ricardo Morales

    Ricardo Morales일 전

    1:18 little freaks

  44. Xavier Walker

    Xavier Walker일 전

    fuk i hat his mov

  45. Miranda  Cruz

    Miranda Cruz일 전

    I love BALDI So love you

  46. alucard caperal

    alucard caperal일 전

    Party time

  47. Catterbox109 PLAYZ

    Catterbox109 PLAYZ일 전

    Gotta Sweep Sweep *Sweep*

  48. Pnutthegamer Pnutthegamer

    Pnutthegamer Pnutthegamer일 전

    Baldi is really terrifying

  49. Bearriifur

    Bearriifur일 전

    Mental Abuse Towards Humans

  50. Miguel Santillan

    Miguel Santillan일 전

    Baldi walks backwards and then walks forward in the beginning

  51. The lost souls and puppet Lost

    The lost souls and puppet Lost2 일 전

    0:55 Baldi dipreshion becuase he's locked in the cafeteria I feel sorry for him

  52. BraixySylvy

    BraixySylvy일 전

    I don't

  53. Belebna Bousouar

    Belebna Bousouar2 일 전

    fuck you fuck you xxt fuck you fuck you

  54. rock buffallow

    rock buffallow2 일 전

    This is hell

  55. Robloxian

    Robloxian2 일 전

    Music Video animation physics: one child escape, the rest is also out

  56. Zacharry Lubang

    Zacharry Lubang2 일 전

    No hiding in lockers in the halls

  57. SovaSova Mia

    SovaSova Mia2 일 전

    Я одна обосралась когда он в шкафчик заглянул?

  58. lucie bailleux

    lucie bailleux2 일 전

    les enfant font la fete

  59. KleiGaminPH

    KleiGaminPH2 일 전

    3:07 Baldi: *SUPRISE,MOTHERFATHER!!!*

  60. chó gacha ππ

    chó gacha ππ2 일 전

    2019 watching video

  61. Vincent Gonzales

    Vincent Gonzales2 일 전

    Me: My brain at 3am: 1:24

  62. HTW And Friends!

    HTW And Friends!2 일 전


  63. Junior YT

    Junior YT2 일 전

    I love the living tombstone you or better than JT music you got different voices and JT music has same voice

  64. Franciscomallea Salinas

    Franciscomallea Salinas2 일 전


  65. The lost souls and puppet Lost

    The lost souls and puppet Lost2 일 전

    I feel sorry for Baldi if you think about it He got slapped with a ruler when he was small Also he slaps the ruler and wold that hurt on his hand And he probably had hair but it all fell of except one He only moves when he slaps the ruler so would that be hard Yay I got my first like on my two coments oh it's just me ):

  66. Unicorn Glitter

    Unicorn Glitter3 일 전

    holi 👯

  67. Soso 3000

    Soso 30003 일 전

    I love This song

  68. Chara la mistery

    Chara la mistery3 일 전

    PORQUE LOS HUMANOS PARECEN HOMUNCULOS :´´V??????????????????????????????

  69. ija Noor

    ija Noor3 일 전

    no 2019 comments in the halls

  70. Along Fiqrie

    Along Fiqrie3 일 전

    I It Its Jus Just Basic Basics Basic Just Jus Its It I Ju

  71. Along Fiqrie

    Along Fiqrie3 일 전

    2+2=fish :3

  72. claire galvin

    claire galvin3 일 전

    Poor baldi locked in by his self

  73. Кака Пипи

    Кака Пипи3 일 전


  74. Wither Skeleton

    Wither Skeleton3 일 전

    anbyBTTF... MUSIC caaaaaaaaaaaan

  75. Pixel unity 2

    Pixel unity 23 일 전

    I put this song while I'm doing homework so I can get everything right and so I can stop doing homework:3:


    LITTLE MAC4 일 전

    My one weakness!!!... LEARNING!!!!!

  77. Max Sivak

    Max Sivak4 일 전


  78. Alejopro888 Lol

    Alejopro888 Lol4 일 전

    *_esto representa mi vida en la escuela_*

  79. Rodaina L

    Rodaina L4 일 전

    Voor. 😊. JKL. ETY. TYHV

  80. It’s me The terraria gamer 2019

    It’s me The terraria gamer 20194 일 전

    If something is less then the front then it’s a - so like this 2- 3 = -1 well all the kids died but one escaped

  81. Freddy Fazbear

    Freddy Fazbear4 일 전

    Me,Baldi and Granny are friends

  82. christina castillo

    christina castillo4 일 전


  83. potatoeanimate

    potatoeanimate4 일 전

    1:18 when you passed your year and you expected that you are gonna fail

  84. Yuki Makulit

    Yuki Makulit4 일 전

    Me:*Show vid to mom*Mom this is waht kids call shcool this is what we call this is what they call Mom:Uuuhh..... Okay ill talk to your math teacher

  85. Emma Studio

    Emma Studio4 일 전

    S= six C= cruel H= hours O= of O= our L= lives H= half O= of M= my E= energy W= wasted O= on R= random K= knowledge M= mental A= abuse T= to H= humans

  86. Oh_Hi Friend

    Oh_Hi Friend4 일 전

    listen to it at lowest speed at 3 pm then good luck sleeping for a month.

  87. Kalani Cookie

    Kalani Cookie4 일 전

    0:36 0:41 My Favorite Part

  88. Derpy Cookie

    Derpy Cookie4 일 전

    1:17 when its a three day weekend



    True this is how we learn

  90. I like anime Just so u know

    I like anime Just so u know5 일 전

    1:03 the ruler matches the beat LOL

  91. Vincent Kelly

    Vincent Kelly5 일 전

    No Watching KOreporter Videos In The Hall

  92. XxPizzaPlayz Xx

    XxPizzaPlayz Xx5 일 전

    1:18 when mom leaves the house

  93. Leah Abdullah

    Leah Abdullah5 일 전

    1:18 my favourite part

  94. Kliine Laro8

    Kliine Laro85 일 전

    Please add Girl Version Singing by OR30

  95. Harriet Lye

    Harriet Lye5 일 전


  96. Big Man

    Big Man5 일 전

    Quick reminder that nobody cares what year you’re watching in, quit posting for likes; it’s annoying

  97. XxPizzaPlayz Xx

    XxPizzaPlayz Xx5 일 전

    How the heck is she not out of breath

  98. inky tøøns

    inky tøøns5 일 전

    Omg he couldn't even get the most easy question of 4+4 Wait I can't even get the answer *AHHHHHHHHHH* HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEE

  99. Mia Morse

    Mia Morse5 일 전

    this is so catchy 🤷‍♀😂

  100. nigthcap capa de n9che

    nigthcap capa de n9che5 일 전

    As I would like Baldy to be my teacher he looks bad but it would be an entertaining way to learn mate

  101. The puppeteers 666

    The puppeteers 6665 일 전

    1:24 ummm ok

  102. mostro831

    mostro8315 일 전


  103. Gabriel Erlewine

    Gabriel Erlewine5 일 전

    this has no right to slap this hard. the living tombstone has literally never let us down

  104. Aayan Wani

    Aayan Wani5 일 전


  105. Yiğit Özdaş

    Yiğit Özdaş6 일 전

    Bunu izleyince kendime şöyle bir soru sordum 🙎🔫

  106. Sanai Scott

    Sanai Scott6 일 전

    Pull out his wooden ruler 😂