Baking My Boyfriend A Birthday Cake


  1. Madeline Fasel

    Madeline Fasel3 시간 전

    i'm so upset because I just realized that Julien is younger than my brother (who turned 29 in may)

  2. Madeline Fasel

    Madeline Fasel3 시간 전

    i'm so upset because I just realized that Julien is younger than my brother (who turned 29 in may)

  3. Imagine that

    Imagine that4 시간 전

    Friendship goals

  4. mkat shuler

    mkat shuler7 시간 전

    Did anyone else catch the fact that he spelled his name wrong. (He spelled it Julen but in the discription it says Julien)

  5. grepoire

    grepoire7 시간 전

    wait but i think the cake looks good do i have a bad taste for cakes

  6. CrabbyTheCrabCrab

    CrabbyTheCrabCrab8 시간 전

    oi i'm on the 18th of april

  7. Mikhaela McKenzie

    Mikhaela McKenzie10 시간 전

    I love how Julien is literally the most dad and toddler person I know of at the same time.

  8. TatsCatsandBats

    TatsCatsandBats15 시간 전

    I wanna get J&J some really good quality, high temp-withstanding silicone spatulas. Because the amount of batter left in that bowl can still be used, not for like a whole cupcake, but it could've been divvied up into the bigger cakes. (And if they're high temp, you can use them for eggs/egg substitutes for a scramble.

  9. David Wade

    David Wade16 시간 전

    Are they a couple? 💍

  10. CutieYoongles -

    CutieYoongles -20 시간 전

    Nobody: Julien: 𝓳𝓾𝓵𝓮𝓷

  11. batchuo

    batchuo일 전

    Anyone else share Julian’s birthday?!

  12. Sydney Flatness

    Sydney Flatness일 전

    I’m gonna get “I do what I do. You do what you can do about it” tattooed on my forehead

  13. playlist central

    playlist central일 전

    Yo we are just freinds XD Freindzoned lol And yes I know they are boyfreind and girlfriend

  14. Belle Woodrott

    Belle Woodrott일 전

    I’ve watched this video at least 6 times and just now noticed that happy birthday was playing in the background

  15. Blacky Heartal

    Blacky Heartal일 전

    I noticed that Julien the Aries actually closed the salt container when Jenna left it open and I just about died from how Virgo that was

  16. the draculah

    the draculah2 일 전

    Friendship goals

  17. lulugoofygoober

    lulugoofygoober2 일 전

    "Baking My Boyfriend A Birthday Cake" -julien does some of the work- LOL i do the same shiet.

  18. Mackenzie B

    Mackenzie B2 일 전

    Jenna looks 28

  19. Celtic Wolf4

    Celtic Wolf42 일 전

    That love language would go under acts of service

  20. Kiwi MC

    Kiwi MC3 일 전

    I love Jenna's virgo face

  21. Kayla .Kenndy

    Kayla .Kenndy3 일 전

    *Beginning Of video* Julien :*eases into view* Me : yes I’m not the only weirdo! Lol 😂

  22. Irelind Kelley

    Irelind Kelley3 일 전

    He spelled it wrong lol Julen😂 bro where's the i

  23. playsinrain

    playsinrain4 일 전

    Why is Jenna using the worlds biggest mixing bowl? 😭😭

  24. Puppy Nether

    Puppy Nether4 일 전


  25. Courtney Lucas

    Courtney Lucas5 일 전

    I’m on a Jenna Marbles binge, I’ve never seen this so I’m just learning Julien’s birthday is the day before mine... ARIES BITCHES UNITE. 🥺

  26. ItsMe Eleasha

    ItsMe Eleasha5 일 전

    12:41 apparently julien breaks everything Jenna chill okay beach okay chill

  27. Jordan

    Jordan5 일 전

    Relationship goals

  28. ShippingAvaLance

    ShippingAvaLance5 일 전

    32 year old lady and 27 year man 5 year age gap

  29. Talitha Strang

    Talitha Strang6 일 전

    i’m still shocked by the size of that mixing bowl

  30. vivi

    vivi6 일 전

    I've watched this video like 300 tr times I love it sm

  31. Feelin Cute

    Feelin Cute6 일 전

    Are all adults supposed to have a mixing bowl that big

  32. Nathan Bannister

    Nathan Bannister6 일 전

    julien has the same birthday as my mom

  33. Is Me

    Is Me7 일 전

    Ok so i work at a doggy daycare, and whenever the dogs get out of hand, this is the exact scene and things i say to calm them down: 6:34

  34. Lena

    Lena8 일 전

    HOW did julien manage to get the sprinkles all over everything without getting in on the side of the cake at 15:16?!

  35. Angie B

    Angie B8 일 전

    Jenna: is that a lot? Julien: yeah maybe stop...! 😂😂😂😂

  36. Таисия Пак

    Таисия Пак8 일 전

    Русские вы здесь¿

  37. Sonia Khansa

    Sonia Khansa8 일 전

    If you use cake strips on your pan when baking the cake, you will get a flat top! So you won't need to carve the browned stuffs :)

  38. Emilio Micheals

    Emilio Micheals9 일 전

    Alice is stealing your videos !

  39. El Futbolero

    El Futbolero8 일 전

    Who's Alice?

  40. Rebekkah Milliner

    Rebekkah Milliner9 일 전

    You can see the anxiety Jenna had when Julien was throwing the scissors

  41. Jayce Richardson

    Jayce Richardson9 일 전

    YOU LOOK 20

  42. lea cloward

    lea cloward10 일 전

    Okay.......I know.......I’m probably the last person to ask for this......but......can you guys do a collaboration with #howtocakeit (Yolanda)?!?!!?!!? I love you both (and obviously Cristine #simply) y’all 3 are my only loves!!!! 🍰💅🏼💁🏼‍♀️💖

  43. lea cloward

    lea cloward10 일 전

    BY THE WAY. JULEn (Jenna voice) has my sons HALF birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10-17-17. Love you little 32 year old (now 33 when I commented) LaDYyyyyyy🎉🎉🎉😘💖

  44. Lil Dora

    Lil Dora10 일 전

    Wait are they dating or nah

  45. Lil Dora

    Lil Dora8 일 전

    @LALA KAYLA awe i was already shipping them😂


    LALA KAYLA9 일 전

    Lil Dora they are just friends

  47. paige crawford

    paige crawford10 일 전

    She always shootin him down

  48. Alexandria Allen

    Alexandria Allen10 일 전

    When Julien said "Angel-angel hair- angel food" my immediate thought was "MAKE AN ANGEL HAIR PASTA CAKE"

  49. Crafty Gamer

    Crafty Gamer10 일 전

    They keep saying “they’re just friends” But then then the title says BOYFRIEND so I’m confused

  50. Macy Dunbar

    Macy Dunbar8 일 전

    Yeah, BOY FRIEND, she probably just forgot the space lol

  51. Renee Forrest

    Renee Forrest10 일 전

    Make cookie cake

  52. peace somnium

    peace somnium10 일 전

    Julien is Sterling Archer in an alternate universe.

  53. Meadow 🌹

    Meadow 🌹11 일 전

    What a beautiful cake guys ❤

  54. Cryin' Bryan

    Cryin' Bryan11 일 전

    holy shit i love them so much this was so fucking cute awesome

  55. wörm

    wörm11 일 전

    jnj kept harping on how the cake looked but i would honestly WAY prefer a cake that you can tell someone had fun making and put lots of love into rather than a super meticulously put together cake

  56. Mya Higa

    Mya Higa11 일 전

    I kinda wanna see Gordon Ramsay review this

  57. Sage

    Sage12 일 전

    0:32 is how a kid in kindergarten acts after he threw up in class

  58. anandamc

    anandamc12 일 전

    "I met you when you were 20, now you're 27"...that is just soooo beautiful

  59. Haylie Claire

    Haylie Claire12 일 전

    julien ur in your moderate to severe 20s

  60. Delilix

    Delilix12 일 전

    Jenna, if you make another cake and your frosting is too thin add some more icing sugar to stiffen it- it will stop the cake from sliding and make your piping look nicer

  61. Brandi

    Brandi12 일 전

    Im Late! Anyway J&J is Epic! You guys made my rainy day get Brighter! Ty! 💚

  62. Lizzie and Kirk

    Lizzie and Kirk13 일 전

    "Because Julien's a catcher and I'm a pitcher" Alright Jenna, we got you. ;)

  63. oddaddition

    oddaddition13 일 전


  64. camryn carr

    camryn carr14 일 전

    My bday is April 14th :)