1. hanna

    hanna19 시간 전

    Another one 😂😂😂

  2. Gacha _moonx

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  3. Freddy Carrera

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  4. Serena Rodriguez

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  5. Maria Benitez

    Maria Benitez2 일 전

    I think is a gril 🤩🤩😘

  6. Nizarindani Aragon

    Nizarindani Aragon3 일 전

    Trampoline for the whole p

  7. joulendys lopez

    joulendys lopez3 일 전

    My mom is pregnant too

  8. Xo Grizzy

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  9. gwen drummond

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  10. 100% Fruitjuice

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  11. Carla Solorio Alejandre

    Carla Solorio Alejandre3 일 전

    If it's a girl Alaïa has a friend to play with.🤰

  12. AJ

    AJ4 일 전

    I think its going to be a girl b/c Ryan had a girl & everybody in their family had a girl so this might be the 4th girl

  13. pamela polinesia de corazon

    pamela polinesia de corazon4 일 전


  14. pamela polinesia de corazon

    pamela polinesia de corazon4 일 전


  15. miranda taylor

    miranda taylor4 일 전

    Team girl

  16. Jaydeen Thorne

    Jaydeen Thorne4 일 전

    WE love you ace Family

  17. Arielle Vlogs

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  18. Lexi Ripke

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  20. Aizly Konneh

    Aizly Konneh5 일 전

    It was made in 2019

  21. Tt’s Tube

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  22. Mayerlin Diaz

    Mayerlin Diaz6 일 전

    It’s gonna be a girl

  23. Pamela Hughes

    Pamela Hughes6 일 전

    A trampoline for Elle

  24. Peter Casan

    Peter Casan6 일 전

    I know what is that this is a trampoline for your bady Catherine and Austin love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ the ace family

  25. Sheria Begum

    Sheria Begum6 일 전

    A tampline

  26. Rashene D

    Rashene D7 일 전

    I think it’s going to be a pole for the girls

  27. Amanda Shepard

    Amanda Shepard7 일 전

    When you guy said the mother nd father are always right about parenting true but watch Toddlers And Tiaras 😬😂 but you both are the BEST at parenting 😁

  28. taniamatias60

    taniamatias607 일 전

    I feel like austin should be able to have the jet ski in the pool because its ALL of your pool so i feel like everyone should be able to have something they like in the pool & austin is the jet ski !!

  29. Hloni Motseki

    Hloni Motseki8 일 전

    I think its gonna be a sand pit for the girls🌻

  30. Benny Pradda

    Benny Pradda8 일 전

    Tell me why everyone does gender reveal parties

  31. It's Kiara

    It's Kiara8 일 전

    Am I lost orrrr what? Have u guys posted the Last ep of the documentary? Pretty sure yah said it would be posted after u built the house🤨😉🤔

  32. Kailan Leyva

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  33. Cinthia Mena

    Cinthia Mena8 일 전

    A little trampoline for the girls

  34. Semaura Eurika Anderson

    Semaura Eurika Anderson9 일 전

    Tbh I really think they are making a playground for the girls💯

  35. Dynasty Alvarez

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  36. Dynasty Alvarez

    Dynasty Alvarez9 일 전

    I was right

  37. K Makler

    K Makler9 일 전

    a trampoline

  38. Bts Fan

    Bts Fan9 일 전

    I love how at the end Elle was just casually pushing a stroller across the room 😂😂😭❤️

  39. Brawnae-Jasmine-annalise- McBride

    Brawnae-Jasmine-annalise- McBride9 일 전

    I think its a girl

  40. leslie ann hospedales

    leslie ann hospedales10 일 전

    Elle driving the stroller in the back lol

  41. Alejandra Nino

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  42. Renato Lamas

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  43. Axelle Desir

    Axelle Desir11 일 전

    I love you guys so much !!!

  44. Gacha Life

    Gacha Life11 일 전

    It’s a sandbox

  45. That One Potato

    That One Potato12 일 전

    So satisfying --> 7:07

  46. Veronica Mabokela

    Veronica Mabokela12 일 전

    It is a girl I know that

  47. Caressa Codling

    Caressa Codling12 일 전

    I gave a like to Catherine and Catherine only oh and for alaia and elle

  48. ramen

    ramen12 일 전

    8:13 LMAOOOO “You’ve been sleeping”

  49. Marjorie Arce

    Marjorie Arce12 일 전

    team girl

  50. ave_ daunicorn

    ave_ daunicorn12 일 전

    Im really confused I thought you werwnt pregnant

  51. Marewararangi Henare

    Marewararangi Henare12 일 전

    A sand pit

  52. Judith Matos

    Judith Matos13 일 전


  53. queen kali Taylor

    queen kali Taylor13 일 전

    Team girl

  54. neledy romero

    neledy romero13 일 전

    ❤️❤️❤️ done

  55. Marissa Bonilla

    Marissa Bonilla13 일 전

    I’m so late but I think it’s a girl 😊

  56. aja yt Jones

    aja yt Jones13 일 전

    So proud of all

  57. Merissa Gall

    Merissa Gall15 일 전

    So concerned about tiles and not how you ruined some one else property and livelihood

  58. Estrella Rosado

    Estrella Rosado15 일 전


  59. Heidi Ramirez

    Heidi Ramirez15 일 전

    I love the intro so cute

  60. Joyce Julien

    Joyce Julien16 일 전

    Is austin gay?

  61. lap12 top34

    lap12 top3416 일 전

    or a girl i have no idear

  62. lap12 top34

    lap12 top3416 일 전

    i think it is a boy