BABY GENDER REVEAL!! Gender Reveal Cake w/ my Sister!


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    How gorgeous is my sister!?! She is G-L-O-W-I-N-G. So excited for her and her hubby. I cant wait to be an aunt! Love you Molly!!! 😊🤰🏻👶🏻💕 Today's recipe is from my NEW cookbook, available for pre-order now:

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    Congratulations Ro and Mo

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    Congrats mollt

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    She 2/10.

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    You could call it Ross the boy version of ro and all the lady's can get rossed in his eyes😍😻🙌👀

  6. KateSinging InTheSnow

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    You acted even more excited than Molly

  7. Brandy R

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    Congratulations Mo and husband y'all looked very happy.

  8. unicons rl

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    Only blue cooking supplies maybe baby boy

  9. Daeeui Jeong

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    Make more sister videos and make unicorn cake

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    zero lips in this video




  12. Nasreen Nickson Nickson Francis

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    I wanted it to be a girl but it's a boy anyway congratulations

  13. gotcha bitch

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    A non binary Demi fetus, but it's still not a person, so u can totes spike it in the head still n suck out it's brains

  14. Midnight Moon

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    Congratulations 😁😁

  15. Kitten Dragos

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    Judging by all the pink...... I think it's a boy

  16. The Magical Channel

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    WTH Miranda is preg Mad is preg Bramty is preg and now molly come on



    Mo looks like KATTY PERRY

  18. Remas AlMusallam

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    I feel like just yesterday I was watching them doing a pizza challenge 😢

  19. Stephanie Marie Mula BRIGGS

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    At 6:44 you can see a little bit of colour peeking out...

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    Wow! love the vid my first vid is coming out soon i would love some support!! thank you so much

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    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! 😁😊😍

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    Ro and Mo hmmm Lucky

  24. Do You Know

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    SOOO MANY KOreporterRS ARE PREGNANT!! AND IM SO EXITED TO SEE THE BABIES! I LOVE BABIESSS (not in a creepy way!) The ACE family ( Cathrine ) r having a baby The cole & sav & everliegh family (sav) r having a baby. COLLEEN BALLINGER IS HAVING A BABY. Rosanna pansino’s sista is having a baby:) Kyler and Mad &the twins (Mad) r having a baby. Chantelle and coulter are having a baby. AND I MOST LIKELY MISSED SOME SOO... sorry:) but you get the point

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    When i grow up I want to be... pregnant🤣🤣🤣!!!

  26. seth rollins

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    Name him MONROE

  27. miss ugly

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    I knew it was a boy because ro had the blue food coloring closest to her after she died it

  28. Juan Al

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  29. Gustav Crock

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    WHO CARES!!!

  30. Dana Talal

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    5:36 wow ro can laugh loud ps love your channel congrats!!!

  31. Jade Williams

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    I knew it was a boy 😍😍😍

  32. Arabella Pendl

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    I'm so excited that we find our with mo, the gender of baby mo, Im so happy for your Sister Ro, she is so cute

  33. tiffany livia

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    Who else is scrolling down the comments section to find out what's the baby's gender???

  34. Aparajita Prabhu

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    Omg you took so much effort ro and it was awesomeeeee, love you so much😘😘

  35. Poornima Biju

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    I’m soooooo happpy! Go molly!!!

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    congratulation ro and mo

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    Finally you put your sister mo or what was her name

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    congratulations 😭♥️

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    Congratulations mo

  40. Laila Haidari

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    It is a boy or girl? didn't notice. Ro

  41. Rich Buddy

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    what color is it going to be? just sayin. you don't know nowadays..

  42. srinika Warrier

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    Ro had given 3 clues about the baby's gender *6:45 pink die was half out of the screen when blue was fully seen so she used blue *More than half of the cake was covered in blue *Ro had iced half the cake with blue and the pink one to mo

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    ohhhh ro is rockin tru img by the merrell twins!

  44. srinika Warrier

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    Ro had given 3 clues about the baby's gender *6:45 pink die was half out of the screen when blue was fully seen so she used blue *More than half of the cake was covered in blue *Ro had iced half the cake with blue and gave the pink one to mo Well congrats for your baby boy Mo💙💕

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    *Congratulations* 💙

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    Congrats you guys!!!

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    You’re channel is awesome!

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    Name the baby faatima

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    Omg I haven’t watched Nerdy Nummies in MONTHS and now I hear Molly’s pregnant?! Wow I missed a lot Now on to watching all the vids I missed!

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    Congratulations Molly!!!! Even tho I didn't knew about it! LUF UU GUYSSS

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    congratulations Mo 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

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    congratulations Mo

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    Please soutout to next video Jurhegio Estabillo

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    congratulations mo its a boy I guessed a girl though I'm sooooooooooooo happy for u

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    💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 BLUE BOY 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

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    Congrats guys

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    I want your dress 😍😍😍

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    They Baby: MY AUNT HAS A CHANNEL!?

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    CONGRATULATIONS FROM SWEDEN and good luck to you Molly!❤️😍

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    6:40 you can kinda see the blue lol

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    I knew it!!! Yass!!!💙💙

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    there are only -1 genders

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    Long white tees cant belive we use to wear those people look like were widows but we was only kiddos grabing titties in the club pocket full of skittles i smell like dιιι btw

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    Spoiler alert! It's a helicopter

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    Go back and whatch 5:38

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    This was in my notication box and IN MY TRENDING BOX AHHHHHHH

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    I know it's your personal life but who is your boyfriend ro

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    Wow MoMo

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    Number one on trendinggg

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  75. Hey its me Eila

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    I hope the Baby Love to cook tooooo hahaha

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    Really? I thought it'd be a Pansexual Hispanic Attack Helicopter

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    I voted for a boy

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    5:03 has me ABSOLUTELY DEAD tripped me tfout

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    OMG! She is pregnant.....congrats......

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    Aaaaaaa I miss Molly in your vids❤❤ Congratulations for both of you!!!💞💞🎉🎉

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    Aww a boy

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    Plzz male a rapunzel cake plzzz

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    Girl baby oh oh oh it’s a boy

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    I saw it at 6.14

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    Judging by her belly the baby is going to be a boy ... i havent seen the end of the video yet

  88. Vicky Alex29

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    I knew it

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    Ro can be called auntie Ro Ro

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    Ro my older sister naurah is evel and i was soooooòoooooooooooooooooooo mad😠😡

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    I’m currently at 2:18 and I’m just guessing that it’s a boy... ps I’m trying so hard not to skip the vid to the reveal and I’m also trying hard to not look at the comments 😂

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    Who was here before it trended? Lmao.

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    I noticed that the blue food coloring had less than pink... yes I looked at the bottles and figured it out. And, CONGRATS AUNTIE!!! Sending love!

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    You'd think one of the sisters or both or husband would be crying from happiness but nope

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  96. THAT ONE supercalifragilisticexpialidocious FANGIRL

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    11:00 when the aunt's even more excited than the parents that she's goin all cray cray with her bake bakes You know you'll be growing up into a weirdly wonderful family. Congrats Mo and Ro! :'D

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    congrats mo 😇😮

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    Congrats ro and mo

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    والله احب الكيك

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    I love u guys

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    Rosanna's sister looks similar to Brittney Atwood

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    Ro is the best. I wish that the baby becomes a baker like Rosanna .

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    It sounds like Ro has a deviated septum. Listen to her sister speak and listen to Ro speak.

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    I love how excited ro gets

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    It's a boy I saw it when she covered it