Awful Game Ads On Instagram 2


  1. Taha Demir

    Taha Demir49 분 전

    Suck my asz

  2. MR BEAT

    MR BEAT56 분 전

    "Dead people can’t play mobile games” -me just now

  3. ThePoPo Potato

    ThePoPo Potato시간 전

    “And you happen to live in the US and Canada” i live in both? Do i like live in the middle? Am i questioning this too much? Yes. Do i care? No. If i do something bad which police force will come after me?

  4. Brishti Roy UwU

    Brishti Roy UwU시간 전

    *dead people can't play mobile games*

  5. Shelby Threadgill

    Shelby Threadgill4 시간 전

    7:25 I can hear Harry potter music in the back of my head



    what is the tittke OF THE GAME i cant sleep cause of that morse code im addicted



    i know now mqybe its a code for something well thats a morse code CODE it says H I C C K 6 B C im not sure



    I can understand morse code but you talking too much so i only got the word NOPE



    Let me find that ad and translate it for you

  10. Anarchist Maverick

    Anarchist Maverick8 시간 전

    Trilllion surprise toyZzzzzzzzz z a a a a a. A a pappapapapapapapapapapappapapapapapapappaaftw mmamamamammamamamamamamamamamamamamamamammamamamaftl

  11. Marco Bogazzi

    Marco Bogazzi10 시간 전

    The best one was the bear one

  12. grxy b dxlxn

    grxy b dxlxn11 시간 전

    the spanking bears had me in tears

  13. Early Bird Tax

    Early Bird Tax13 시간 전

    Slap him he's moving to fast

  14. Floating Cat

    Floating Cat13 시간 전


  15. Amy V.

    Amy V.13 시간 전

    The only person I know that died on the toilet was Elvis or was someone else 🤔 anyways yeah I'm pretty sure a lot of people don't die on the toilet (sowy it was long☹️☹️☹️)

  16. Aidan Ziegenhorn

    Aidan Ziegenhorn14 시간 전

    “Dead people don’t play mobile games”

  17. Tea- Rex

    Tea- Rex15 시간 전

    The Morse code says "harder than YT" I'm guessing the YT stands for 'You Think' . Get this to the top so everyone knows.

  18. SoFear B

    SoFear B6 시간 전

    + boosr

  19. Theo b 20

    Theo b 2016 시간 전

    That first game is about trying to control the entire map. Anything similar happen around the year 1844? No I don’t think so

  20. Kamora Warner

    Kamora Warner16 시간 전

    A Boy you know from class walks up to you and wants to borrow a pencil. What should you do? Option 1 : Slap him Option 2 : Kiss him Option 3: DIVORCE

  21. Detective Jonesy

    Detective Jonesy16 시간 전

    I tried my best to decipher the moser code and this is what I got: Siaauieuetstaaanaat I am mediocre at it so I don't know if it’s right (prolly not) but it was really difficult and I didn’t have any more patients

  22. Elle Gilbert

    Elle Gilbert16 시간 전

    *Your mom spanks u What will u do... Kiss her or slap her.... bum bum bum

  23. Alex Jung

    Alex Jung17 시간 전

    SAT scores are out of 1850. 1844 kids are presumably top 1% of scorers. Hence, they are essentially saying "only top 1% of kids will be good at this game"

  24. Tim tam tommy D

    Tim tam tommy D17 시간 전

    4:20 how is it the only app On phones and iPads you can’t delete Photo app Camera app App Store Settings And more So it can’t be the only app on her phone

  25. 18 시간 전

    7:33 to 8:24😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Bailey Carpenter

    Bailey Carpenter18 시간 전

    I am Greg now

  27. Midnight Animations

    Midnight Animations19 시간 전

    I have Helix Waltz and it's literally nothing like that..its a game set in the past and you go to balls and climb to social hierarchy

  28. MakenAdventures!

    MakenAdventures!20 시간 전

    I thought Morse code was words?

  29. Jack V

    Jack V21 시간 전


  30. Magnus Astro :D

    Magnus Astro :D22 시간 전

    Nobody: Mobile ads: I CAN’T GET PASS LEVEL 0!!! 😭😭😭

  31. Kaykay _Pl4yz

    Kaykay _Pl4yz22 시간 전

    The first game ads could also mean 1,844 kids download it

  32. Puppies And Doodles

    Puppies And Doodles일 전

    Its Badads

  33. Stxrry Skies

    Stxrry Skies일 전

    *No one:* *...* *Ads: YOUR MOM FAT*

  34. Kattydude GD

    Kattydude GD일 전

    A man is dead! Slap his face Kiss him

  35. Miro Kovachevich

    Miro Kovachevich일 전

    You are cold Option 1: kill your wife and use her as a fur coat Option 2: DIVORCE

  36. ItsThatGuy369

    ItsThatGuy369일 전

    12:59 damb, I was waiting for a Bohemian Rhapsody reference

  37. Chloe T

    Chloe T일 전

    Only kids from 1844 can understand this because they are all dead. Only dead people can play this. You must be dead, to play this game...

  38. tacos thing

    tacos thing일 전

    do you not what

  39. Rap1d-re-charge

    Rap1d-re-charge일 전

    Boi I poopy but I’m a greg now notif scuadddeee

  40. kitty crow

    kitty crow일 전

    Oh noes, your friends has been missing after you get got out of the cave, what should you do? A) find them (100000000000000000000000000 diamonds) B) BURN THE WHOLE FOREST!!!!!

  41. shy hiy

    shy hiy일 전

    "And dead people cant play mobile games"

  42. The pomegranate With a caucus friend

    The pomegranate With a caucus friend일 전

    Translation F D N S

  43. Rossmery Speaks

    Rossmery Speaks일 전

    I tried my best to translate it so i think it says “play our game” in morse code but im not sure

  44. do people actually look at the nickname?

    do people actually look at the nickname?일 전


  45. Eli the one wheeler Yt

    Eli the one wheeler Yt2 일 전

    Oh bad dads so that’s why he makes videos

  46. cat playz

    cat playz2 일 전

    Hi •kiss him •slap his face

  47. Emily Flynn

    Emily Flynn2 일 전

    what’s the first game called?

  48. The Soviet Octopus

    The Soviet Octopus2 일 전

    Wait hold up... he said that the people who made the first game were witches, and the company that made it is called voodoo... *Coincidence?* *I THINK NOT!*

  49. The Soviet Octopus

    The Soviet Octopus2 일 전

    Wait hold up... he said that the people who made the first game were witches, and the company that made it is called voodoo... *Coincidence?* *I THINK NOT!*

  50. MaKayla Fastnacht

    MaKayla Fastnacht2 일 전

    The kiss list is a weird series on episode.

  51. Finn Sanderfer

    Finn Sanderfer2 일 전

    1844 is a nazi dogwhistle just fyi

  52. Heartify

    Heartify2 일 전

    7:35 lmao

  53. AliWally ;-;

    AliWally ;-;2 일 전

    *I DoNt BeLiEvE iN sPaNkInNG*

  54. Just your friendly neighbourhood Billie stan yeet

    Just your friendly neighbourhood Billie stan yeet2 일 전

    *it’s badads!*

  55. Hunter Janssen

    Hunter Janssen2 일 전

    In Morse code it says the nukes are on there way get to cover ( don’t look it up)

  56. Holy Chicken

    Holy Chicken2 일 전

    *Oh no! My husband is breathing What do i do!* Option 1: *DIVORCE* Option 2: Pee in his mouth

  57. Hannah Rodgers

    Hannah Rodgers2 일 전

    Morse code says "harder than yo" which probably means "harder than you think"

  58. Derek White

    Derek White2 일 전

    Slitherio but it's very fun I have Silverado but it's very fun paper IO I mean butt and I have hole IO but I love I love your KOreporter videos and what is the god with these weird commercials bye-bye bye-bye

  59. Honey Kermit

    Honey Kermit2 일 전


  60. TeAqUeEnS !

    TeAqUeEnS !2 일 전

    ❤💙 💙❤ ❤💙 💙❤ ❤💙 💙❤ ❤💙 srry I was bored

  61. Rocky Walter

    Rocky Walter3 일 전

    My Great Aunt Beatrice died on the toilet, the repairman found her

  62. Syco Clan

    Syco Clan3 일 전

    Oh no my water broke 1)Divorce 2)Buy water bottle

  63. Izyslifejourney :

    Izyslifejourney :3 일 전

    Marchington Mansion is a lie I download the app and the ad is so different to the game the game is nothing like the ad😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  64. Theresa Rayes

    Theresa Rayes3 일 전

    why is nobody talking about the bear getting his slapped? funniest part

  65. Aref Hajarat

    Aref Hajarat3 일 전

    It say's Danny is handsome

  66. Jassim Salam

    Jassim Salam3 일 전

    Game ads: 13:52 *Well boys, we did it. Homosexuality is no more.*

  67. BreadFrog !

    BreadFrog !3 일 전

    I’ve watched this video before and left a few minutes before the end, I clicked in the vid to watch again, and watched 2 minutes of advertisement.

  68. Pan cakes

    Pan cakes3 일 전


  69. Club Headphones

    Club Headphones3 일 전

    I turned on notifications and subscribed now im truly greg and now im legally skilled

  70. Thanos

    Thanos3 일 전

    *Bear mauls you!* Option one: slap him! Option two: *DIVORCE* !

  71. Alexis Yoko

    Alexis Yoko3 일 전

    "Pee in her mouth or divorce". Is Himiko Toga making games scenarios now? (For the ones who don't know her, she's a character from BNHA, and she's very gross and insane...)

  72. Self-hating Artist

    Self-hating Artist3 일 전

    “Dead people can’t play mobile games.” -Danny Gonzalez

  73. Jazmine Macias

    Jazmine Macias3 일 전

    Play a episode

  74. Camil Cato

    Camil Cato3 일 전

    8:18 when your teacher saw your exam and you look confused af

  75. Camil Cato

    Camil Cato3 일 전


  76. Camil Cato

    Camil Cato3 일 전

    (edite) 8:19

  77. Camil Cato

    Camil Cato3 일 전

    8:06 like if you are interested

  78. Meredith B

    Meredith B3 일 전

    Lol I drank water while watching this... And spit it out while laughing

  79. ThisIsMadness

    ThisIsMadness3 일 전

    Only 18.44% OF kids will get this???

  80. ItsTejYo

    ItsTejYo3 일 전

    “Slap him in the face or kiss him” ? Lmao reminds me of that Instagram guy where he was like punch me or kiss me

  81. Froosst-bit

    Froosst-bit3 일 전

    What does the thing in morse code mean?

  82. Froosst-bit

    Froosst-bit3 일 전

    "and dead people can't play mobile games"

  83. Brooklyn Bell

    Brooklyn Bell3 일 전

    That's the s.o.s code

  84. ZambieElite

    ZambieElite3 일 전

    They mean kids from 1844 would be dead so nobody understands it.. not even you random person scrolling through the comments

  85. Gabby Cisneroz

    Gabby Cisneroz4 일 전

    4:49 I’ve seen these ALL the time. But they just trick you into getting the game.

  86. jared mccracken

    jared mccracken4 일 전

    Anyone else get a john mulaney vibe from him?


    AWARESOO JR4 일 전


  88. Amelia Goyden

    Amelia Goyden4 일 전

    You and your whole family are literally *STARVING AND DYING* What should you do? Option 1: eat your wife Option 2: *DIVORCE!*

  89. Caydence Bundgaard

    Caydence Bundgaard4 일 전

    people die on the toilet ... ALOT ... ...well not a lot

  90. Larry C

    Larry C4 일 전

    The Morse code is saying download this app

  91. VanellopeGamer LOLMR

    VanellopeGamer LOLMR4 일 전

    My uncle just walked into my room 1)Slap his face 2)kiss him

  92. Extella

    Extella일 전

    3) *divorce*

  93. ki wi

    ki wi4 일 전

    She didn’t tell me happy birthday? (1)Tell her it’s your birthday (2)DIVORCE

  94. Sans _

    Sans _4 일 전

    The name for it, bADs

  95. Sofia U-S

    Sofia U-S4 일 전

    This guy makes me laugh so hard

  96. phresh

    phresh5 일 전

    i miss love island

  97. [Arupaka Studios]

    [Arupaka Studios]5 일 전

    The Morse code says: Greg is the fastest growing army (don't google that)

  98. der nachname

    der nachname5 일 전

    "kids who have been dead for well over 60 years"? More like well over 175 years😂

  99. Averee Sturdavant

    Averee Sturdavant5 일 전

    Your fiancé asks you to marry him. What do you do? SHATTER HIS KNEE CAPS PEE ON HIS FACE say yes

  100. Degenerate

    Degenerate5 일 전

    Your cat jumps on your lap Option 1: kick him off Option 2: Divorce Option 3: piss on the cat Option 4: *SACRIFICE HIM TO LORD SATAN*

  101. Owen Griffis

    Owen Griffis5 일 전

    It’s no Morse code it’s an undertale character talking

  102. Heartwork By Kitty

    Heartwork By Kitty5 일 전

    *Your boyfriend brought home pink roses instead of red roses!* What do you do? (Shove a pbc pipe up his ass and feed barbed wire through it, then pull out the pipe and rip him inside out) (Learn to tap dance) (Become a ventriloquist)

  103. Alex Lee

    Alex Lee5 일 전

    Anyone ever watched one of those compilations of Japanese ads?

  104. Catlynn Yates

    Catlynn Yates5 일 전

    i think the 1844 is sat scores? not sure cuz i didn’t take the SATs but i think it’s only smart people will get it bc only smart people know how to eat paint

  105. Rm ssii

    Rm ssii5 일 전

    I was playing a game and an ad showed up for episode and i was like what the fuck