Awaken (ft. Valerie Broussard) | Season 2019 Cinematic - League of Legends


  1. Việt Anh Lê

    Việt Anh Lê5 시간 전

    Ionia is burning, but where is Shen?

  2. Hasan Bassari

    Hasan Bassari6 시간 전

    wait, This is not pillarmen!

  3. Знатный каякер gaming

    Знатный каякер gaming8 시간 전

    Лучшее что я видел в жизни, голос певицы просто богоподобен

  4. hung lee

    hung lee9 시간 전

    camile ngầu quá

  5. Dom306

    Dom30611 시간 전

    why do people count Jhin's bullets can someone ples explain

  6. LILOU

    LILOU12 시간 전

    Where is teemo ?

  7. Yannick

    Yannick20 시간 전

    2:53 did anyone else feel that kennen ult schock? like the goosebumps you get watching that.

  8. BetterBot Wins

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    Yannick Check my last vid!

  9. cookieplayer

    cookieplayer23 시간 전

    looks that pretty cool

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  11. Tishan Habib

    Tishan Habib일 전

    Just realised that irelia is asian



    more like Turkic

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  14. 패드전용계정

    패드전용계정일 전

    2:47 야스오 한타 합류 안하고 cs 처먹고 있네

  15. Sebin Mathew

    Sebin Mathew일 전

    in certain places especially towards the end, it kind of sounds like Arctic Monkeys - Do I wanna know?

  16. Christian Comiré

    Christian Comiré일 전

    me when i nut 3:11

  17. 최륜

    최륜일 전

    야스오 풀템이냐 왜저리 세냐 ㅋㅋ

  18. Mr. MeArgi

    Mr. MeArgi일 전

    pls update your starguardian universe site pls :)

  19. 시오XIO

    시오XIO일 전

    케넨 등장 개귀엽네

  20. Fire Sans

    Fire Sans일 전

    I hope sions team is killing baron when irellias is in mid and pushing lane.

  21. BetterBot Wins

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    Fire Sans Check my last vid!

  22. Jose Angel Rentroia

    Jose Angel Rentroia일 전

    in the 2:56 draven have alittle bit of blood one his nose but in the minute 3:00, the blood disappear, i think this two scenes has been swap eachother

  23. BetterBot Wins

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    Jose Angel Rentroia Check my last vid!

  24. Johan3DHD

    Johan3DHD일 전


  25. Shyprox Moments

    Shyprox Moments일 전

    wait! The Irelia can run??? So i guess 5 mvm speed nerf is makes sense

  26. 로허

    로허2 일 전

    아 이게 이노래였구나

  27. Izabela Małgorzata Milik

    Izabela Małgorzata Milik2 일 전

    Dear Riot, make a series! 😍😱 We want it! 🙆 👍

  28. Qubit

    Qubit2 일 전

    2030 game graphics:

  29. Arvex

    Arvex2 일 전

    Riot has gotten very good at making trailers and I look forward to seeing more. I would love to see Mordekaiser or Cho'gath featured in the next one (my old mains back when I played.) This is amazing, but there is one shot that bothers me. 2:29 I don't know what it is about this shot. I don't know if it's because of Akali's more angled pose giving an unusual point of reference, how Karma is framed or if that's how she actually looks; but this shot seems to make Karma look like she has disproportionately large legs compared to the rest of her body (both in length and size.) Like everything from her waist up (including her waist) is shrunken down.

  30. andria vacheishvili

    andria vacheishvili2 일 전


  31. Rego

    Rego2 일 전

    До слёз

  32. sQrLLZ

    sQrLLZ2 일 전

    @3:05 Jhin has exhaust and 4th shot ready, GG @ 15min

  33. 정강이미남

    정강이미남2 일 전

    진 하는 주제에 막타를 못치면 어떡해 더블유도 못맞추고

  34. Alpha Wolf

    Alpha Wolf2 일 전

    I finally found where all the gifs of Draven came from

  35. Sam Fuentes

    Sam Fuentes2 일 전

    awaken is 100 times better than warriors

  36. GT SaRik

    GT SaRik2 일 전

    anybody else love Jhin after this video

  37. EZ

    EZ2 일 전

    That exaggerated Yasuo's Q was so pathetic and out of place that totally killed the mood the trailer actually managed to built that far. Also, Kennen was superficially designed and poorly executed.

  38. Dolan Duck

    Dolan Duck2 일 전

    Noobs 5v1 Sion

  39. Thắng Trần

    Thắng Trần2 일 전

    Hold on guys. About the lore. SO This happened After Yasuo left his Maste Or After he got his honor back

  40. victor parriego

    victor parriego2 일 전

    my biggest hero it's the guy with a pan who fight against noxus like that xD

  41. Team Flash

    Team Flash3 일 전

    OMGGG 😱😱😱😱 So Freaking Amazingg 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  42. Arnyh0ld

    Arnyh0ld3 일 전

    There are many interpretations of the Jhin fight, here is my take: Based on Jhin's lore he "helps" individuals to reach their perfection. He is an "artist" that "helps" people to a "beautiful" death as he believes that is their moment of perfection. The shot at the end of the video is what he probably had in mind: he does not exactly bow to Camille, but to thank her for being his piece of "art" that he does admire (while hiding his gun too). He plans that to be the moment, her death (with all the pretty clouds, in motion, etc) with his final 4th bullet as others has pointed out before.

  43. Pau Castell

    Pau Castell4 시간 전

    @SunsetTwist Nope! He shot 3 times. The first one at 2:36, the second one at 2:49 and the last one at 2:50.

  44. 真正的猫

    真正的猫9 시간 전

    @SunsetTwist Wow!

  45. SunsetTwist

    SunsetTwist16 시간 전

    He shot 4 already, 2 when Camille was at floor level and 2 on the ceiling.

  46. Arnyh0ld

    Arnyh0ld일 전

    @Badguyriot you read I won. :-)

  47. 真正的猫

    真正的猫일 전

    @Pau Castell xd

  48. overgame486

    overgame4863 일 전

    I love how akali is looking at irelia like "Wtf mate stop feeding sion" xD

  49. ClashGamer 099

    ClashGamer 0993 일 전

    Anyone from necrits new video?

  50. 오오

    오오3 일 전

    카밀 소름돋네 ㅋㅋ

  51. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy3 일 전

    who fed Sion!?

  52. Rasenpapi On ig

    Rasenpapi On ig3 일 전

    “Gg x9 noob Irelia can’t even 1v1 sion”

  53. Ben Shapiro’s Great uncle

    Ben Shapiro’s Great uncle3 일 전

    League is trash 🤮

  54. Myth Wrighter

    Myth Wrighter3 일 전

    now if only your game looked like the Cinematics

  55. Suchi Gate

    Suchi Gate3 일 전

    I love all yours Cinematcis league of legends, but You make all the characters looks so different in some way, I would say you make them look so young and small. I would say only Drawen was spot on in this one video.

  56. jaguarpro Jaguarpro

    jaguarpro Jaguarpro3 일 전

    To me :Awaken is the best

  57. PantheonMaster

    PantheonMaster3 일 전

    Draven try to beat Riven.

  58. BetterBot Wins

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    PantheonMaster Check my last vid!

  59. Jhao XV

    Jhao XV3 일 전


  60. Ясос Убибу

    Ясос Убибу3 일 전


  61. Lucie Morningstar

    Lucie Morningstar4 일 전

    You gotta love how fabulous jhin is everytime riot puts him in something.

  62. 랭노

    랭노4 일 전

    Yassuo's running is the worst XD

  63. ali aziz abacı

    ali aziz abacı4 일 전

    Yasuo is farming

  64. BetterBot Wins

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    ali aziz abacı Check my last upload!

  65. Final Song

    Final Song4 일 전

    jhin just fired 3 shots in the video, I know he still have the last shot. So he's quit

  66. Calin Rothnie

    Calin Rothnie4 일 전

    Camille looking kinda thicc

  67. Aileen Zhao

    Aileen Zhao4 일 전

    This feels like only a few months ago...

  68. Rene Weiss

    Rene Weiss4 일 전


  69. The Destroyer 76

    The Destroyer 764 일 전

    Remember this art work? I totally “4” got about it

  70. delcaty6555

    delcaty65554 일 전

    Whose here after zed volume 4. Camille vs jhin pls dear god rito don’t make us wait long for the next lore update or make it into a comic

  71. Anime Alpha

    Anime Alpha4 일 전

    If this is what feminism look like, sign me up.

  72. JodiTheBee

    JodiTheBee4 일 전

    imagine a game, open world, rpg where you go around runeterra with quests and do different things at different places, and just explore runeterra, and grind while playing a league of legends character walking around 3d with these graffics, jesus i would not do anything else in my life than play that. then if you go to in between freljord, noxus and damarcia you would find summoners rift where there is like monsters and your powers gets stronger being there.

  73. Khoa Nguyễn

    Khoa Nguyễn5 일 전

    0:54 this scene make me so hard