Avengers Infinity War Cast Funny Moments 2018 - Family Feud


  1. A.L.G.Q

    A.L.G.Q4 시간 전

    We don’t want to win like that *yeS we doO* 😂

  2. Xtreme Input

    Xtreme Input9 시간 전

    I need to meet Tom Holland so we can discuss our Mutual Issue of the Clamy Hands!!!

  3. Taigan

    Taigan일 전

    great now turn off the fucking stupid music.

  4. BostonFan805

    BostonFan805일 전

    did not expect mackie to be so damn funny

  5. Austin Chan

    Austin Chan일 전

    Steve wasnt in it

  6. Rustolamite

    Rustolamite일 전

    Somebody please tell Anthony Mackie that he is NOT funny and stop trying so hard.

  7. Max Vivona

    Max Vivona3 일 전

    Sorry milkers Sorry jakepaullers

  8. Jack Beaty

    Jack Beaty4 일 전

    Stark forgot to do his hair at 3:09

  9. Cheesecake

    Cheesecake4 일 전

    "Don't screw it up, Bucky. Like you always do." "What did you say to me?" "You heard what I said." LMAO

  10. nicky Van leendert

    nicky Van leendert5 일 전

    it's like you go bowling with your friends

  11. Ana Bia Pazini

    Ana Bia Pazini5 일 전

    Tom Holland is so cute and funny 😂❤

  12. TheSmileygirl90

    TheSmileygirl905 일 전

    I genuinely adore this cast. The way they all interact with each other is so funny and naturally comfortable (and sometimes even precious).

  13. Sneha Maram

    Sneha Maram6 일 전

    *tEn pOiNTs fOR bUcKy*

  14. Tonny David

    Tonny David6 일 전

    the background music is annoying

  15. Hercules Mulligan

    Hercules Mulligan6 일 전

    my hands are sweaty kinda like Tom Holland...

  16. sumaiyah jiffry

    sumaiyah jiffry6 일 전

    Isnt your intro from F.R.I.E.N.D.S ?

  17. Bitoy Valenzuela

    Bitoy Valenzuela6 일 전

    4:52 Letitia: Spider-Man Mackie: That's completely wrong. You know that, right? Letitia: *HE'S GREAT.* Continue.

  18. AlienFox

    AlienFox7 일 전

    Do you really have to replay every joke 3 times? It kinda makes it unfunny

  19. Jóbarátok Kriszta Alis

    Jóbarátok Kriszta Alis7 일 전

    Thor is best

  20. marley_ _189

    marley_ _1898 일 전

    9:49 😂😂😂

  21. Billie Wicks 18 (STUDENT)

    Billie Wicks 18 (STUDENT)8 일 전

    Cumberpatch: I’m English woah wait stop

  22. Mike Shinoda

    Mike Shinoda8 일 전

    i love zoe.., she is so damn gorgeous😍😘.

  23. Taz89madman

    Taz89madman8 일 전

    What is the song at the very end of the video? I also enjoyed this video lol

  24. Phoenix Blaze

    Phoenix Blaze9 일 전


  25. Adam Khan

    Adam Khan9 일 전

    He goes my mum and my two differant brothers he made he’s moma look like a hoooooooe

  26. Lebohang Ngcobo

    Lebohang Ngcobo10 일 전

    Where is Groot😭

  27. jasmine ogden

    jasmine ogden10 일 전

    Did anyone see them hand movements between sab and hemsworth at 15:45

  28. Quiet Waters

    Quiet Waters11 일 전

    MCU = MineCraft Universe

  29. Jeremy Watkins

    Jeremy Watkins12 일 전

    The odd cutting between shows is very distracting. Please leave show cuts between shows and not jumping back and forth

  30. Dapper Boi Snatcher

    Dapper Boi Snatcher13 일 전

    Paul Bettany's laughter makes me so indescribably happy.

  31. Carnage

    Carnage14 일 전

    Tell Clarence to face off with Eminem in another rap battle

  32. aphmaued

    aphmaued15 일 전

    tom holland is literally eight

  33. Brandon Witham

    Brandon Witham16 일 전

    “I don’t even know if i’m in the second one” 😂😂😂

  34. AJadeWolf ATigerWolf

    AJadeWolf ATigerWolf16 일 전

    Thor should take the longest time in the shower bc of his wonderful hair XD

  35. Payton LaCroix

    Payton LaCroix17 일 전

    I can never see the DCU casts ever doing this. The Marvel cast is just so funny and outgoing and bright, while the DCU cast seems kinda calm and quiet.

  36. Lulu Lindquist

    Lulu Lindquist17 일 전

    "Life finds a way, Tom""

  37. waayaaha d

    waayaaha d17 일 전


  38. Rk Juraij

    Rk Juraij18 일 전

    1:34 10 points for bokiiiiii

  39. Chara TheInkDemond

    Chara TheInkDemond19 일 전

    Marvel and DC shold have a crossover



    *YoU aRe EnGLiSh?*

  41. Maryam Selassie

    Maryam Selassie20 일 전

    “Life finds a way” lol 😂 “I’ll tell u later” The brits are to much pure tom

  42. angie n.

    angie n.20 일 전

    "Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist" is honestly so iconic

  43. Valdeeezy

    Valdeeezy20 일 전

    This edit is trash af

  44. spaghettimonster2798

    spaghettimonster279821 일 전

    13:40 Holy shit, no wonder Tom Holland was stressed. The only one in that couch that survived was RDJ

  45. error after dark

    error after dark21 일 전

    What was that, “stop I’m English” thing all about?

  46. natalie schultz

    natalie schultz21 일 전

    Liza fans at the end be humming along 😂😂

  47. A. Ruiz

    A. Ruiz23 일 전

    Mark: "It takes, like, 2 seconds to turn into the hulk."

  48. Sarah Lamb

    Sarah Lamb25 일 전

    my favorite line is "i don't feel so good"

  49. Sarah Lamb

    Sarah Lamb25 일 전

    Jimmy Kimmel: who among you is least trustworthy when it comes to keeping secrets everyone: Tom

  50. Lovely Sink

    Lovely Sink26 일 전

    “We have to remember there is probably a bunch of young men taking this survey” No I’m just gay

  51. glitter panda Diy

    glitter panda Diy27 일 전

    in this you can see how alike the characters and the actors are to eachother

  52. goldie sharma

    goldie sharma27 일 전

    Nobody wants to take my boy captain america to prom.. I m sad

  53. ThisIsAUserName Thingy

    ThisIsAUserName Thingy27 일 전

    13:26 Robert looks at everyone who dies 😂😂

  54. PhoenixDjinni96

    PhoenixDjinni96개월 전

    reason star lord wasnt on the prom survey..NOBODY KNEW SHIT ABOUT A MARVEL SURVEY

  55. Matt Brasseaux

    Matt Brasseaux개월 전

    Who thought the friends theme song was a good idea for an intro.

  56. Caliche marco

    Caliche marco개월 전

    Zoe Saldaña hermosa.

  57. The Harry Potter Potato

    The Harry Potter Potato개월 전

    Tom (Holland): Take’s Iron Man suit and puts it on* Tom: I’m Iron Man!!!! Also Tom: *pretending to be Robert and getting interviewed* Oh yeah Tom is the best! He is so cool and the best Avenger! Robert: Whisper* Oh my gosh this kid *smacks forehead and continues watching* (Awhile later in Tom’s trailer) Tom: *watching Robert getting interviewed* Robert on TV: Oh yeah Holland is awesome so kind and playful everyone loves him his character is the best avenger (other than me of course) Tom: *Fan girl screams* (Next day on set) Tom: *Hugs Robert and gives him some eggs and bacon* Morning “Mr. Stark” *smiles and runs off* Robert: That kid *shakes his head smiling* Ooh! Applewood! P.S I ship this Father, Son relationship and if Robert or Tom is reading this (Which is unlikely but yeah) Love you guys so much and hope to meet you guys one day I’ve been a fan forever ♾!!! Please check out my Instagram account @justanothercrazyfan.comm (My profile pic is Tom Holland/Peter Parker and some of my posts have to do with Harry Potter and that’s how you will know it’s me 😊)

  58. The Harry Potter Potato

    The Harry Potter Potato개월 전

    I feel like if Tom Holland was Iron Man he would be like: Hi! I’m Iron Man!...Man or like I’m Iron Man!! Dude!!!!

  59. Doggyfroggy2001

    Doggyfroggy2001개월 전


  60. Metsu_Nero

    Metsu_Nero개월 전


  61. Meep monster

    Meep monster개월 전

    RDJ: Every 20 seconds he just wipes it Me: It s every 10 seconds for me.................

  62. Jordan George

    Jordan George개월 전

    14:09 look at number 4 and it says avengers 4

  63. Paul Julian

    Paul Julian개월 전

    Whats the name of the song of the outro??

  64. Laxus Dreyar

    Laxus Dreyar개월 전

    Doctor Downey

  65. Tethis Nomf

    Tethis Nomf개월 전

    music is so loud and annoying, can barely hear them

  66. Sage Lafayette

    Sage Lafayette개월 전

    Pure. Little. Tom. Holland.

  67. Michael Evans

    Michael Evans개월 전

    Pom is a babe in the old school take your breath away type babe. If she were mine she would be late for work every day. Wow.

  68. Zacky The Zac Zac

    Zacky The Zac Zac개월 전

    mantis looks like ronda rousey and gamora looks like jodi santamaria(Filipina actress) xDD

  69. Gillian Henkel

    Gillian Henkel개월 전

    Can I just say how hot Sebastian Stan is 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  70. Esther Boocock

    Esther Boocock개월 전

    Does anyone know what the clip at 16:08 was from?

  71. René L

    René L개월 전

    That terrible background music really gets to you after a while...

  72. Christopher Tomines

    Christopher Tomines개월 전

    Where is chris evans my captain america why i dont see him here

  73. Tristan Rider

    Tristan Rider개월 전

    those fake ass family feud hosts are such creeps. Giving hugs to people and touching their hands, you see the actors wince at it

  74. Brandon Dodge

    Brandon Dodge개월 전

    Zoe Saldana is very beautiful😀

  75. Lakshay Jindal

    Lakshay Jindal개월 전

    during the whole video Drax was so still he became invisible.

  76. Ballet Lover28

    Ballet Lover28개월 전

    Chris- We don't want to win like that. Anthony- Yes we do! 😂😂😂

  77. Vitanico XG

    Vitanico XG개월 전

    So none of the avengers died? Awesome!

  78. sahil k

    sahil k개월 전

    The intro music is the FRIENDS theme song, and the outro is copied from Liza Koshy's channel

  79. Reika Farkas

    Reika Farkas개월 전

    Ruffalo is a potato. Love him. 😂

  80. Ozzy The Bunny

    Ozzy The Bunny개월 전

    Awww, poor Starlord, I would bring him to prom...

  81. Ivan Cerda

    Ivan Cerda개월 전

    I am 700th

  82. Jason Thompson

    Jason Thompson개월 전

    I didn't realize how long this video was gonna be it's like 20 minutes. Longest video ever on KOreporter

  83. Gundam Nexus

    Gundam Nexus개월 전

    Chris Pratt so cute and hilarious

  84. Nualláin Ó Súilleabháin

    Nualláin Ó Súilleabháin개월 전

    Why ruin a good video with annoying pointless background music?

  85. Glenn Searle

    Glenn Searle2 개월 전

    Just wanna say...staring contest would go to Heimdall hands down

  86. quiffsandcurlsss

    quiffsandcurlsss2 개월 전

    whats the song at the end?

  87. NairBevol

    NairBevol2 개월 전

    tom holland is a cutie

  88. Tashi and Eli Oscar and Curtis Pro gamers

    Tashi and Eli Oscar and Curtis Pro gamers2 개월 전

    What will part 4 of infinity war be like

  89. Tashi and Eli Oscar and Curtis Pro gamers

    Tashi and Eli Oscar and Curtis Pro gamers2 개월 전

    And why did you die in infinity war

  90. Tashi and Eli Oscar and Curtis Pro gamers

    Tashi and Eli Oscar and Curtis Pro gamers2 개월 전

    Oh by the way I live in Upton noble Somerset alixzander house sorry I didn't right that right

  91. Tashi and Eli Oscar and Curtis Pro gamers

    Tashi and Eli Oscar and Curtis Pro gamers2 개월 전

    Tom Holland you are the best and I know were you live you live in London I really want to meet you please visit my house one day

  92. Catalina Ney

    Catalina Ney2 개월 전


  93. the king

    the king2 개월 전

    I see everybody talking about how little and cute Tom Holland is he's like 20 leave the man alone

  94. LordOfThe Flightless

    LordOfThe Flightless2 개월 전

    19:36 Mark Ruffalo is an absol legend

  95. MrSuckeragi

    MrSuckeragi2 개월 전

    Guys are so positive simply cuz of success wont see dc cast this enjoyable hehehehrhr

  96. Enigma71559

    Enigma715592 개월 전

    Every video like this I see Anthony Mackie in, he actually seems like a pretty big jerk.

  97. latisha sharma

    latisha sharma2 개월 전

    Me and letitia have the same name spelt different tho

  98. hey hey ningen sucker

    hey hey ningen sucker2 개월 전


  99. This is what I look like when I eat Tacos

    This is what I look like when I eat Tacos2 개월 전

    I feel like the actors are drawing bad on purpose

  100. isabella markham

    isabella markham2 개월 전

    ozzy version of snichers get stichers is bitches are snichers & snichers get stichers