Avengers Infinity War Cast Funny Moments 2018 - Family Feud


  1. sleepingcity85

    sleepingcity8514 시간 전

    Stupid background music!

  2. Rand Habani

    Rand Habani일 전

    *Feed us.*

  3. Erhan Achmad

    Erhan Achmad4 일 전

    seems so much fun

  4. Mia Wilson

    Mia Wilson6 일 전

    Letitia's face when they were struggling with HER quote was hilarious

  5. Dishanth Karthigeyan

    Dishanth Karthigeyan6 일 전

    I dont know why i was very happy when i see tom holland and robert downey jr😍😀

  6. Anonymity t

    Anonymity t7 일 전

    they all get so competitive in the games its great! theyre all like siblings playing

  7. Kathy Ford

    Kathy Ford8 일 전

    Prom: Thor

  8. Kathy Ford

    Kathy Ford8 일 전

    Don’t trust Mackie, I’m going with Mackie, my name is Peter Quill

  9. StoryLover

    StoryLover9 일 전

    1:31 OMG! They looking at Letita in te exact same time. I`M DYING! And Letita couldn´t hold it any longer.

  10. -CO2-

    -CO2-10 일 전

    I would take Pom to prom🤗😍

  11. Sammy YT

    Sammy YT10 일 전

    When Zoe put the “L” on her forehead, I died 😂😂

  12. Bammie Min

    Bammie Min12 일 전

    I don’t get what was so funny about Tom saying “I’m sorry milkis”? It’s the name if the drink lol.

  13. NeonRaiblood23

    NeonRaiblood2312 일 전

    Whats the outro song called?

  14. Sillky Kitty

    Sillky Kitty13 일 전

    Everyone just babysits Tom

  15. Sophie Llama

    Sophie Llama15 일 전

    ”I tried my best.”

  16. Bre Francis

    Bre Francis15 일 전

    *even though we love your british-ness* 😂😂😂😂

  17. mokachyna22

    mokachyna2215 일 전

    “How have I betrayed you now?” That’s hilarious to me.

  18. Mary inthefandom

    Mary inthefandom15 일 전

    my favourite line is : I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go..."

  19. Janine Rusinovich

    Janine Rusinovich16 일 전

    My favorite line from iw is you're an avenger now kid


    SEQUAJ NI17 일 전

    ...that cat looks more scary in real life than when he's a Guardian.

  21. goF_yourself

    goF_yourself18 일 전


  22. Rockgod

    Rockgod18 일 전

    14:45 "It takes me two seconds to turn into the Hulk!" Not in Infinity War, it didn't.

  23. Markeeta Chandler

    Markeeta Chandler19 일 전

    On the "Family Feud " clip did anyone notice the teams were uneven? 5 on one side 6 on the other.

  24. Luli Izuel

    Luli Izuel19 일 전

    Letitia is so underrated but she is so fun and pure godd I love herr

  25. T N

    T N19 일 전


  26. equine Eden

    equine Eden20 일 전

    Replay the beginning now sing this "so no one told you life was gonna be this way 👏👏👏👏" now look up the F.R.E.I.N.D.S theme song if you don't know what it is. You'll thank me later🤣

  27. Moonwired

    Moonwired20 일 전

    whats with the fucking repeats seriously, its annoying and not funny at all

  28. Oreki Houtarou

    Oreki Houtarou22 일 전

    5:11 it reminds me of a meme

  29. Chatbug Sinner

    Chatbug Sinner23 일 전

    Trying to guess the phrase and the phrase being spoken from the mouth of the beholder... 😂😂😂 yes shuri

  30. Elsie Triplett

    Elsie Triplett26 일 전

    I don’t wanna go. times 3

  31. Crick1952

    Crick195227 일 전

    4:55 I'm really wanting Shuri/Spider-Man to be a thing in the MCU

  32. Oblivious

    Oblivious28 일 전

    Why do you keep playing some clips 3 times in a row, doesn't make it funnier, it's actually quite annoying. This is not meant as hate, merely constructive criticism

  33. xXJBrutalXx

    xXJBrutalXx28 일 전

    17:53 Cringed so hard his attempt to be PC

  34. xXJBrutalXx

    xXJBrutalXx28 일 전

    19:35 "do we win the private information of 83 Million people?" Ruffalo just bodied Facebook lol

  35. Steele Jarrett

    Steele Jarrett28 일 전

    we must protect the pretty face of Cumberbatch

  36. velna li

    velna li29 일 전

    Pom is the Hermione of MCU.

  37. Koo Koo Roo

    Koo Koo Roo29 일 전

    Tom Holland is like the baby brother of the crew :D

  38. Cookies n Tea

    Cookies n Tea개월 전


  39. Penden Wangchuk

    Penden Wangchuk개월 전

    Earths hero’s have gotten soft over the years

  40. Mexter Dorgan

    Mexter Dorgan개월 전

    Three times of anything is just too much okay

  41. LostWorld Crew

    LostWorld Crew개월 전

    R.I.P Falcon

  42. Green Mango

    Green Mango개월 전

    12:16 RDJ: Tom and I are looking for a two-handed Jim. Kimmel: Well... who isn’t if u think about it Took me a while to get.... lol

  43. ENTE

    ENTE개월 전

    DC Wishes

  44. Olivia Gensch

    Olivia Gensch개월 전

    Shuris got a crush on spiderman😂but in the end don’t we all

  45. Kirsty A

    Kirsty A개월 전


  46. muP8085

    muP8085개월 전

    Bring me Gamora..!!!

  47. Yourstunboo 13

    Yourstunboo 13개월 전

    “Don’t screw it up Bucky like you always do” omg 😂😂

  48. Queenfastfeet Plays

    Queenfastfeet Plays개월 전

    What abput Nebula for the staring contest question

  49. Cabin6 HailHydra

    Cabin6 HailHydra개월 전

    With great responsibility come a great need to take a nap. Wake me up later

  50. Luthien Seldomane

    Luthien Seldomane개월 전

    The video clips are great, appreciate it, but the background circus music is driving me nuts in less than a minute, and please stop repeating clips.

  51. Syd Smith

    Syd Smith개월 전

    1:13 Letitia is killing me😆 Plus Benedict and Sebastian turned to her at the same time

  52. Just AnAsian

    Just AnAsian개월 전

    Tom just can't hold anything secrets to himself.

  53. Jeffery Boat

    Jeffery Boat개월 전

    What’s the name of the song at the end of this video?

  54. Offtopic K

    Offtopic K개월 전

    Yo mantis is beautiful 😍

  55. calixta battle

    calixta battle개월 전

    Facebook was the wrong place to go for those surveys my dudes

  56. Genji Tv

    Genji Tv개월 전

    16:38 handajnon

  57. XxCutieRosexX XxXxXx

    XxCutieRosexX XxXxXx개월 전

    I just imagined when vision (i forgot his name ;-;) said oh mark ruffalo i imagined him saying after Puny hulk

  58. snow man

    snow man개월 전

    Tom really does just give everything away

  59. Kitty Mittens

    Kitty Mittens개월 전

    Just a thought, your intro is very calming, nice

  60. OKA Product

    OKA Product개월 전

    Call Robert space boy

  61. Brisson

    Brisson개월 전

    and then by the end of it all, the song "já viu o rico namorar pobre?" is this a brazilian channel? hahahaha

  62. Scarper

    Scarper개월 전

    “We have a hulk”

  63. Vito Carbone

    Vito Carbone개월 전

    Anyone can tell me why people smiles at 14:25 when Holland says: "On Spider-Man one and not i've done more than one?"

  64. MtmJo

    MtmJo개월 전

    Vito Carbone he basically spoiled that there’s going to be more than one Spider-Man movie

  65. Kayla Carpenetti

    Kayla Carpenetti개월 전

    12:57 awkward and hilarious failed-high-five-turned-bro-hug between Chris H and Seb XD

  66. Austin George

    Austin George개월 전

    How come black panther isn’t in these?

  67. Shivansh Chauhan

    Shivansh Chauhan개월 전

    When you realize that you have school today and you watching this at 2 AM R.I.P. me

  68. fatima almiraan

    fatima almiraan개월 전

    I have an exam tomorrow and I'm watching this at 3 AM🤣

  69. x DeRosear

    x DeRosear개월 전

    I loved everything)g about this but my god, I didn’t Pom, Mantis, was so gorgeous.

  70. kshamwhizzle

    kshamwhizzle개월 전

    Pom is my low key fav. she's absolutely adorable... AND representing Canada in the MCU. "Mer-Mantis!"

  71. Shishir R

    Shishir R개월 전


  72. Alexis Arnold

    Alexis Arnold개월 전

    You died gamora and mr. Stark really mad the Spider-Man has the fade away my favorite superhero is kind of mixture of iron Man Spider-Man Captain America

  73. Jakob Good

    Jakob Good개월 전

    Get this man a shield

  74. brooks 42910

    brooks 42910개월 전

    We must protect Tom Holland at all costs. He is spiderman for the next 50 years min

  75. mattirzz mattimus

    mattirzz mattimus개월 전

    The music in the background is not in the background it's in the fucking front grounds!!

  76. mattirzz mattimus

    mattirzz mattimus개월 전

    Some of these actors are not fans of the franchise...ijs

  77. Aəsthetic Stãrry

    Aəsthetic Stãrry개월 전

    Holland: I Had Them- Me: YOUR A FaThEr?!?

  78. Hannah S

    Hannah S개월 전

    I love Antony Mackie

  79. Joe Lugue

    Joe Lugue개월 전

    Is that the Final Fantasy fanfare at 4:30?!

  80. Travis 1216

    Travis 1216개월 전

    18:00 should have aimed for the head

  81. Soup Time Now time

    Soup Time Now time개월 전

    I love how Vin Diesel isn’t even accepted as part of the cast

  82. Min And Tulips

    Min And Tulips개월 전

    “No, Mark, please, you take it.” The sarcasm on Scarlette😂

  83. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen개월 전

    video ending song?

  84. Pandanara

    Pandanara개월 전

    is the white haired girl mantis??

  85. MaxAtTheMax

    MaxAtTheMax개월 전

    Why did you up the volume of the background music so much, have to turn up my sound way too much to even hear them talk with the annoying music in between.

  86. Crazy Lol Candy

    Crazy Lol Candy개월 전

    _ten points for bucky_

  87. Lu Know It

    Lu Know It개월 전

    I love Chris Pratt. “We don’t want to win like that” seriously

  88. Dalia Sandy

    Dalia Sandy개월 전

    Mark is sooooo sweet😭😭😭😍😍😍

  89. OriginalTharios

    OriginalTharios개월 전

    Pom is so friggin hot...

  90. Royke Mambu

    Royke Mambu개월 전


  91. Noriise ELF

    Noriise ELF개월 전

    19:32 Holland is so cute!

  92. Lynzi Wear

    Lynzi Wear개월 전

    What happened with Tom’s eyebrow?

  93. EmmaChanel Gaming

    EmmaChanel Gaming개월 전

    Pom is so adorable 😂😭😭☺️☺️🤗

  94. Mo 11

    Mo 11개월 전

    "We don't wanna win like that" lolol

  95. Thedissdoctor

    Thedissdoctor개월 전

    If anyone saw Spiderman homecoming Spiderman actually ditched Liz of homecoming night soooooooo..........

  96. Kyle Potter

    Kyle Potter개월 전

    zoe acts like me....

  97. Josh

    Josh개월 전

    Fucking hell her African accent is soo thick...

  98. The Hunter

    The Hunter개월 전

    0:50 thats just messed up tom

  99. Sydney Isaacs

    Sydney Isaacs개월 전

    Are we not going to talk about the fact that Robert is wearing heels. Like those purple sneakers have lifts in them, you can tell by the angle of his legs.

  100. Emily

    Emily개월 전

    “How old were you when iron man came out?” “Eleven? Twelve?” “Did you see it?” *shakes head* “I hated it.”

  101. david james

    david james개월 전

    Scarlett’s so fucking hot

  102. Nahomi Baez

    Nahomi Baez개월 전

    Paul Bettany continuously sticking with his “snitches end up in ditches” line despite being corrected all the time is my favorite running gag in the mcu