Avengers Infinity War Cast Funny Moments 2018 - Family Feud


  1. Jen Chough

    Jen Chough3 시간 전

    mackie's hip pop and pose at 9:54 is awesome

  2. Geisa Santana

    Geisa Santana6 시간 전

    "your eyes are beautiful"

  3. Brandon Wilson

    Brandon Wilson일 전

    Big props for Tom mentioning Tobey.

  4. Ram Kumar P Ram Kumar

    Ram Kumar P Ram Kumar4 일 전

    Mark Ruffalo is so cute !!!!!!! 😍

  5. Robert Brtka

    Robert Brtka5 일 전

    With great Power comes great responcebility! Tom Holland: "YES IT DOES!!!"

  6. Ardi Sepehri

    Ardi Sepehri5 일 전

    British: Snitches end up in ditches American: Stitches get stitches 😂😂😂

  7. J Wang

    J Wang6 일 전

    luv how u put friends music for the intro lol 😂

  8. ChromaticCluck

    ChromaticCluck7 일 전

    It’s a nice video but the repeated parts ruin the funny parts

  9. Cheese Burger

    Cheese Burger7 일 전

    Gamora is gorgeous😯

  10. King Awesome

    King Awesome8 일 전

    Imagine getting Holland and Ruffalo in an interview together, they would spoil the entire movie!

  11. Laura Wøød

    Laura Wøød8 일 전

    Yes tom, your brothers do have a fan base. *i love harry holland so much*

  12. Jonathan 3000

    Jonathan 30009 일 전

    What about the private information of 83 million people?

  13. Andrew Delgado

    Andrew Delgado10 일 전

    Respect rdj you're British thus is how we say it snitches get stitches

  14. Chloe Leeper

    Chloe Leeper10 일 전

    My favourite line from the MCU is "I'm Mary popins yall"

  15. Churro Man

    Churro Man10 일 전

    Any body else notice Spider-Man never blinks in the moivies

  16. Steve Rakoczy

    Steve Rakoczy10 일 전

    Tom is hilarious xD

  17. Ana Sofia Sanchez Chevalier

    Ana Sofia Sanchez Chevalier10 일 전

    Chris Evans is where?!

  18. Michal Kipnik

    Michal Kipnik11 일 전

    Im grooot #1ddrive :D

  19. Visualize Infinity

    Visualize Infinity11 일 전

    Favorite line... It's pizza time

  20. Michelle Centella

    Michelle Centella11 일 전

    I’m ENGLISHHH wait stop! 🤣 aww Benedict

  21. Michal Kipnik

    Michal Kipnik12 일 전

    ^^ #1ddrive team Great Job

  22. Bree Adelynn

    Bree Adelynn12 일 전

    Ah, the laughter Letitia's face as they're trying to figure out who said her line. I lost it when Paul said he's pretty sure it's one of the guardians.

  23. yungman theresnoplaceyoucango

    yungman theresnoplaceyoucango12 일 전

    those little replays that they do when something funny happens is actually really annoying :///

  24. Edghar Paisana Linga II

    Edghar Paisana Linga II12 일 전

    How tall is Tom Holland?

  25. Dhruv Mehta

    Dhruv Mehta13 일 전

    The music in the background is really annoying, who does that?

  26. Ben Luecken

    Ben Luecken13 일 전

    19:38 one of the answers for the favorite line in the MCU is "I am Iron Man" but that was in endgame, and this was in 2018...

  27. Luis Auzeta

    Luis Auzeta13 일 전

    Zoe is so beautiful ❤

  28. Bekah Davis

    Bekah Davis13 일 전

    Why did Tom draw Spiderman with a pot belly? XD

  29. my.irish.sport.horse

    my.irish.sport.horse13 일 전

    "Pom s'il vous plait"

  30. Aaron Hoover

    Aaron Hoover14 일 전

    I kinda agree. It’s shocking that Wakanda Forever wasn’t chosen!

  31. Patrick Arehart

    Patrick Arehart14 일 전

    My favorite line is “I’m marry poppins y’all”

  32. Kendra Coulter

    Kendra Coulter14 일 전

    Wait Tom has twin brothers? SIGN ME THE F UP!

  33. Upliftgorgon 868

    Upliftgorgon 86815 일 전

    8:46 Replace Bruce with Hawkeye.. and you get something pretty funny in your brain, if you watched endgame you'd understand XD

  34. Metal Head Gamer

    Metal Head Gamer16 일 전

    Pom is so pretty

  35. Birbeh

    Birbeh16 일 전

    my favorite line from the mcu is...... either YoU ShOuLdVe GoNe FoR ThE HeAd or.... NOOOoOO DOnT CuT My Hair PLz

  36. Birbeh

    Birbeh16 일 전

    Starlord is my favorite lol

  37. Kaye Wilde

    Kaye Wilde17 일 전

    Zoe is gorgeous!!!!

  38. Melissa Kingen

    Melissa Kingen17 일 전

    I love how Mark R. Gives Scarlet J. a second chance ❤💚 😂

  39. TheDimondBow// TLB

    TheDimondBow// TLB17 일 전


  40. TheDimondBow// TLB

    TheDimondBow// TLB17 일 전


  41. TheDimondBow// TLB

    TheDimondBow// TLB17 일 전


  42. Toric4life

    Toric4life18 일 전

    Chris Pratt U can be my prom date anytime

  43. Toric4life

    Toric4life18 일 전

    I find it funny that when the outro song came on the 1st thing thta came to my mind was "OoOOh Liza Koshys Outro song" XD

  44. Skylar Arruda

    Skylar Arruda18 일 전

    The lack of Chris Evans is disappointing...

  45. AlienFox

    AlienFox18 일 전

    Stop replaying every joke

  46. Ghost Cakes

    Ghost Cakes16 일 전

    AlienFox it’s to avoid copyright so the video is technically different

  47. maurice_0615

    maurice_061519 일 전

    7:50 look at Shuri here :o

  48. Jaedy 98

    Jaedy 9819 일 전

    Mackie: I would say..... Your eyes are beautiful lol 😂😂😂

  49. Arctica The Fox

    Arctica The Fox19 일 전

    “Not a superhero but a super-weirdo” LMFAOOO XD MOOD

  50. Arctica The Fox

    Arctica The Fox19 일 전

    “Life finds a way, Tom” -Tom

  51. Arctica The Fox

    Arctica The Fox19 일 전

    10:12 lmao my brain when I awkwardly stared into my friend’s eyes too long XD

  52. Jasmir Taylor

    Jasmir Taylor20 일 전

    Favorite line: “I am Iron-Man” 😢

  53. H

    H21 일 전

    Spider man has kids he plays a teen 🤔

  54. MinjiLindsey

    MinjiLindsey21 일 전

    I've been watching these avengers clip mashups all day, and you're the first one with the Korean Englishman deep cuts. Good on you! Lol

  55. Player Zero

    Player Zero21 일 전

    “With great power comes great responsibility.” Ooooo *Tom slams fist “Yes it does.”

  56. ImAdriax

    ImAdriax22 일 전

    end song name is; "Kame House" by Mellow $oul.

  57. Sweet Ass

    Sweet Ass23 일 전

    I’m literally watching all the funny moments they have to cure the scar Endgame gave me.

  58. Alexandra Contreras

    Alexandra Contreras22 일 전

    Same lmao

  59. Ethan Tombs

    Ethan Tombs23 일 전

    I love how Letitia is constantly defending Tom Holland from Mackie and Sebastian. I wonder what their relationship is like. As in friendship

  60. helloctober 15

    helloctober 1523 일 전

    Uncle Ben: "Life's find a way, Tom. I'll tell you later." LMAOOOOO

  61. helloctober 15

    helloctober 1523 일 전

    Lmao tom literally look so cute while drinking that milk but he still chose the beer HAHAHAHAAH you are only 15 tommmmmmmmmmmm

  62. Noe Wil

    Noe Wil23 일 전

    12:29 that “fight me” face. Well mark me down as scared and horny.

  63. Atso Cos

    Atso Cos25 일 전

    2:03 Who’s producing this?! 😆

  64. WeAreLegion

    WeAreLegion개월 전

    If Anthony Mackie makes it out of Endgame alive, there is no God.

  65. Anbudan Thamizhan

    Anbudan Thamizhan개월 전

    13.25 tom holland's reaction when they asked who died in infinity war😝😆

  66. rodney adams

    rodney adams개월 전

    new theory. stark save dust from dusted heroes. get surie to fix box mad vision wankanda tech. put dust in person pop out hour. problem is if mix dust might powers in wrong people.

  67. rodney adams

    rodney adams개월 전

    you need reality stone to bring dust back life. if watch scene galore the coloctore was wave too turned real time box empty and everything fire. make think stone make bag chips into spider man. only question be real spider man or something say few things iron man like that not real parker. turn back bag chips eat it.

  68. 4678qwertyuiop

    4678qwertyuiop개월 전

    10 points for bucky!

  69. Kayen Mayrain

    Kayen Mayrain개월 전

    "Life finds a way, Tom" - Cumberbatch,2018

  70. Harley Sunshine

    Harley Sunshine개월 전

    is no one gonna talk about how precious Mark Ruffalo is at 8:51

  71. Soul H8ter

    Soul H8ter개월 전


  72. thelmaja kennedya

    thelmaja kennedya개월 전


  73. Ella Davis

    Ella Davis개월 전

    Dude, why would you watermark the footage. You don't own these clips

  74. Lexi Jain

    Lexi Jain개월 전

    So true, oml

  75. Cyclops

    Cyclops개월 전

    This is GREAT!! 😝😅😆😁👍

  76. Atlas Marvel

    Atlas Marvel개월 전

    I wish I could just have one percent of any of their charisma.

  77. Brochachio

    Brochachio개월 전

    19:35 "What do we win? Do we get the private information of 83 million people."

  78. Letho of Gulet

    Letho of Gulet개월 전

    Favorite MCU Line: "Return to me again empty-handed... And I will bathe the star-ways in your blood." - Thanos to Ronan, Guardians of the Galaxy.

  79. squattingheads

    squattingheads개월 전

    19:35 percent team going crazy somewhere

  80. Nikolas Niquete

    Nikolas Niquete개월 전

    I want to be an Avenger.

  81. Barnabas Film's

    Barnabas Film's개월 전

    19:31 toms Voice i can’t 🤣🤣

  82. Jóbarátok Kriszta Alis

    Jóbarátok Kriszta Alis개월 전

    Avengers is the best

  83. Dog Lover291

    Dog Lover291개월 전

    I would totally take Star lord to the prom! He loves dancing and he could teach me some dance moves! ❤️❤️❤️

  84. maya summers

    maya summers개월 전

    Holland is such the baby of the group. My god. When he questioned how can you have a hybrid of the citrus fruits and Tom basically had this tone that was like, "you poor sweet child" lol

  85. maya summers

    maya summers개월 전

    When Hollands hands got sweaty when Jimmy asked who was gonna die in the movie. Like he was trying not to spill but he really wanted to. Right on the tip of his tongue. Lmao 😂

  86. maya summers

    maya summers개월 전

    *Scarlett and Mark hit the buzzer at the same time* Scarlett : I thought I got it. Mark : I'll let you have it. Aww. 😍

  87. Mr.MagicalBanana

    Mr.MagicalBanana개월 전

    The 718 dislikes are from DC

  88. Sophia S

    Sophia S개월 전


  89. Michael Richmond

    Michael Richmond개월 전


  90. Alex Bishop

    Alex Bishop개월 전

    Drax would win a staring contest because he moves so slow you wouldn’t be able to see him!

  91. Reeaz Ali

    Reeaz Ali개월 전

    zoe saldana is soooooooooooooo gorgeous

  92. Muffin Makes art

    Muffin Makes art개월 전

    “i would say- your eyes are beautiful-“

  93. Caca Koala

    Caca Koala개월 전

    I was 3 when iron man 1 came out

  94. Kyle Hickson

    Kyle Hickson개월 전

    I feel like drax’s actor is really good friends with the other cast members, mostly because in the family died part, drax’s actor was at the end and when they would huddle up for anything he’d be left out

  95. KatelynKitty Plays

    KatelynKitty Plays개월 전

    *MARK, FOCUS!*

  96. TheGhetoGamer _06

    TheGhetoGamer _06개월 전

    Im liking every single comment, so can people like my comment... 😀😀😀



    8:55 dont be a good guy lol

  98. Frankie B

    Frankie B개월 전

    When the first

  99. Zer0Diamonds

    Zer0Diamonds개월 전

    Boy, Tony knows how to draw.

  100. I can see YoU

    I can see YoU개월 전

    Life finds a way Tom

  101. Made_In_Murica

    Made_In_Murica개월 전

    I am the 1,000th comment

  102. NickyTT09

    NickyTT09개월 전

    They all good but RDJ is C A F

  103. EJ Fermin

    EJ Fermin개월 전

    Gamora's smile is so captivating ❤️

  104. Ehena Choudhary

    Ehena Choudhary개월 전

    I would say *Your eyes are beautiful* 😂😂😂😂😂😂