Attack on Titan is Incredible Now.


  1. snipper1226

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    What was that song at the end?

  2. RainbowSushii

    RainbowSushii4 시간 전

    6:2 the only thin thats supis the amout f gas they need and how fast they get with it soo how the f do they puce the pressurecans and how do they fill them with like 700bar+ or in some scenes like 1kbar++++ xD

  3. Chocolate Thunder

    Chocolate Thunder5 시간 전

    You haven't seen the Warhammer Titan or the new jaws titan

  4. josuke can suck my girl dick

    josuke can suck my girl dick12 시간 전

    OhMYGOD IM actually taking a break from the jojo memes rn just for snk

  5. Lixir

    Lixir13 시간 전

    This is one of your best work, excellent stuff

  6. 柳安

    柳安14 시간 전

    2009 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 2020 Attack on Titan !!!

  7. ML Ackerman

    ML Ackerman15 시간 전

    I want Levi to step on me! 😂😂😂

  8. TTeh

    TTeh16 시간 전

    Stop using single frames to give information you absolute dickhead.

  9. Craggs Dragnis

    Craggs Dragnis18 시간 전

    wait, so they did get to the basement only by end of season 3? So i still have nothing new to watch in the anime

  10. Young Potato

    Young Potato18 시간 전

    You somehow sound like jazza

  11. ItzTheCerealKiller

    ItzTheCerealKiller20 시간 전

    Season 1: Levi Season 2: Lebye Season 3: Lehi Manga Spoilers... Season 4: Ledie

  12. Stuard Loko

    Stuard Loko21 시간 전

    well i pretend that there is only season 1...season 2 and blabla ruined it..

  13. Diego Afaga

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  14. Lóng

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    Love how you combined Attack on Titan clips with Historia's theme at the end

  15. Iwano Morgan

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  16. Superhater1488

    Superhater1488일 전

    Damn, it's KOreporter comment section and its full of ... love? Is this real?

  17. Michael Chiango

    Michael Chiango일 전

    Thank you for making this video, because it was what caused me to check out attack on titan, and having binged it all the way to the end of season three, I can confidently say that it has become my favorite anime. I am so hyped for season 4 now.

  18. No_me

    No_me일 전

    LeHi im disappointed

  19. Jafar M Haq

    Jafar M Haq일 전

    does anyone know what song this is at 2:10

  20. Jackson P

    Jackson P일 전

    You make me remember why I love Anime.

  21. yeet yeeter

    yeet yeeter일 전

    Me when beast titan episode came: Dam levis gonna die no way they gonna take him off.... *Erwin dies* Levi's going to kick this apes ass

  22. anhquan nguyen

    anhquan nguyen일 전

    You guys should watch All Quiet on the Western Front. The direction of the series never surprised me. The series is brilliant in pacing with its audience though. It captured a target audience then switched genres as those angsty teenagers started growing into angsty adults.

  23. Eroooi

    Eroooi일 전

    whats the song in 1:54

  24. cooly1man

    cooly1man일 전

    Not gonna watch the video this show is hot garbage body pillow trash. fight me

  25. Rishabh Gandhi

    Rishabh Gandhi21 시간 전

    The one who is you kiddo if u dont like it just shut up and mind your own business kiddo

  26. guts the beserker

    guts the beserker일 전

    @cooly1man don't cut yourself with all that edge. And btw insulting strangers on internet is not gonna make u look cool. And for the record I have seen all the so called anime classics. From legend galatic heroes to madoka magica. All of them. So I have a good idea about what qualifies as a classic and what does not.

  27. cooly1man

    cooly1man일 전

    guts the beserker you’re braindead if you think this filth is a classic and based on how you can’t spell berserker properly shows you aren’t old enough to know what a classic is. But dream on kiddo maybe the weeb trash will eventually make you a friend just as fat and pimply as you!

  28. guts the beserker

    guts the beserker일 전

    Lol keep sleeping. And no aot is an awesome series and is on it's way to become an modern classic. Deal with it.

  29. Sandro Costa

    Sandro Costa일 전

    This anime is like Oreo... manga readers don't have the best part, so they try to steal yours. You can fuck whoever you want, but don't lose your virginity on this show. *_DO NOT READ THE MANGA!!_*

  30. That Weird guy

    That Weird guy일 전

    Hange is best girl!Fight me

  31. Cristian Pena

    Cristian Pena일 전

    One thing I don’t understand the part 2 or part 1, I’ve searched up part 2 many times and it doesn’t get me anywhere

  32. miqvPL

    miqvPL일 전

    Season 4: Reverse UNO cards to everyone

  33. Diet Coke _

    Diet Coke _일 전

    can I get an F in the chat for Erwin lads?

  34. Maron Khristiane Alfuerte

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  35. Kara Shi

    Kara Shi일 전

    this editing is bad ass

  36. Hollie Marie

    Hollie Marie일 전

    I’m not one to promote but I made a really pretty mikasa AMV on my channel and it would mean so much if anyone would watch ❤️

  37. Rebekah Nunes

    Rebekah Nunes일 전

    I fell out of AOT somewhere mid season 2 but recently re-watched and cought up an o my fucking life it has been amazing mind blow after mind blow. I have screamed yaaaaas Biiiiiitch so God damn much and cried Noooooooo! Man it's been quite some time since an anime got me physically expressing emotions like this

  38. Em Allen

    Em Allen일 전

    I love this

  39. 雪

    일 전

    I quit this anime when I turned fourteen, apparently, I've missed a lot, but I only have one question... do Eren and Mikasa ever get over that 'the MC's best friend is like the MC's lover but the MC is too naive to act upon it' trope?

  40. Alvin Christian Macaraeg

    Alvin Christian Macaraeg일 전

    No, Eren just thinks of her as a sister but doesn't want to be treated like a baby

  41. Primira

    Primira일 전

    Attack on titan season one was like a hype train that wasn’t really going anywhere. Season two, we were given directions to where the train was going to be headed. Season 3 the train is now on the directions. Season 4 we will reach our destination.

  42. Pokémon go every Day

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    One punchy boi! : Gigguk

  43. mark ong

    mark ong일 전

    Its always been incredible

  44. Etheoma

    Etheoma2 일 전

    So FMA:B of this generation then.

  45. random dude

    random dude2 일 전

    Didnt know gigguk watched football. A surprise but definitely pleasant one as a fellow viewer of football :)

  46. OneManCast

    OneManCast2 일 전

    My favorite character is Commander Erwin.

  47. OneManCast

    OneManCast2 일 전

    I also prefer S2 over S1.

  48. OneManCast

    OneManCast2 일 전

    I would join the Akatsuki Discord server.

  49. OneManCast

    OneManCast2 일 전

    The 2nd opening is better than the 1st.

  50. Jafur Haq

    Jafur Haq2 일 전

    Anyone know what song this is 2:10

  51. cassi farcas

    cassi farcas2 일 전

    I watched the third season after seeing the title of this video in my recommendations. Now that I have finished it, I'm here to actually watch the video and thank you

  52. zombiez gamer

    zombiez gamer2 일 전

    Naruto is better than attack on titan

  53. zombiez gamer

    zombiez gamer일 전

    @Oseng Caradse nah not into that gay shit

  54. Oseng Caradse

    Oseng Caradse일 전

    zombiez gamer LMAO

  55. zombiez gamer

    zombiez gamer2 일 전

    I was really into it but I found better anime

  56. Taylor Gilliam

    Taylor Gilliam2 일 전

    For the Naruto thing, I don't remember any satellites, radars, or anything like that in the manga. I believe it was something done exclusively for the anime filler without regard to the original work, which is why it keeps turning on and off.

  57. lunyosss

    lunyosss2 일 전

    Used to hate it back then. But when I read the manga Bruh. A modern classic. Brilliantly planned. It's rare to see something so overrated became underrated.

  58. LiwenDiamond

    LiwenDiamond2 일 전

    Hopefully Attack on Titan ends well, unlike that one other show is was so often compared to in the beginning.

  59. Romeo Alpha

    Romeo Alpha2 일 전

    Jar Jar Abrams is the worst example i'd use to be honest. Thanks for ruining Star Wars The Force Awakens but the again it was better than what Rian Johnson did.

  60. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name2 일 전

    Everything at Attack on Titan was great, from the story itself and to the background music that really suits everytime whenever it needs to be used. So for me Attack on Titan was a masterpiece that should be pass to generations to generations.

  61. Powers

    Powers2 일 전

    Season 4 is literally going to be the *HYPEST* anime adaptation I will ever watch. And you thought OPM2 had a hype lead up (even though they really let us down with that animation and those fight scenes)

  62. Powers

    Powers2 일 전

    Loved that outro song.

  63. Vaibhav Rai

    Vaibhav Rai2 일 전

    Read the caption at 0:52 😂

  64. Matthew Marn

    Matthew Marn2 일 전

    AoT, Kabaneri, and Araki’s magnum opus... Attack On Mikasa’s Sweet Ass, coming exclusively to pornhub and KOreporter Red

  65. 1:07 am

    1:07 am2 일 전

    I went back to aot after two years just after watching the first minutes of this video. And just... Thank you. Thank you. It remind me why i loved it so much, and i fell in love (with the crumbs of my heart that survived) again with this story. Thank you

  66. Keep scrolling

    Keep scrolling2 일 전

    I dont want to spoil anything so i will be vague but that gingers speech made me rethink the choice between the 2 and ive never felt more emotion than in those scenes

  67. A random guy Nothing to see hear

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  68. ¿ ?

    ¿ ?2 일 전

    Sasha dies :)

  69. Kmyster 13

    Kmyster 132 일 전

    Okay so I literally have so many things to say about this video. Before I clicked on this video, I was hella tired barely being able to keep my eyes open. But as soon as I started watching it and hearing the aot opening blare in my face it immediately widened my eyes to the point my eyes could fall out of their sockets and constantly sending shivers down my spine because holy hell I can’t explain how much I love this video and aot in general. I wasn’t really aware of aot in 2013 when it was all the rage but I didn’t need to be to see that it’s an absolute roller coaster of emotions simply by seeing ads for it. Thank you for coming to my presentation and have a lovely day

  70. comrade lenin

    comrade lenin2 일 전

    gigguk, save that lebye/lehi joke, you won't regret it.

  71. Owen

    Owen2 일 전

    Can't wait for the final season of Attack on Mikasa's Sweet Ass!!

  72. centipedeloaf

    centipedeloaf2 일 전

    I've finally decided to watch this show after a year of putting it off, and god damn do the characters suck. However, I'm watching this before diving into season 3.5. Hopefully it's as good as MAL says it is.

  73. Jesus Cervantes

    Jesus Cervantes2 일 전

    that ending thing before the whole book walker crap looked like a pretty cool op concept for season 4...anyone else aggree

  74. Janne Cederberg

    Janne Cederberg2 일 전

    This is not the mystery box method of writing! It is too purposeful.

  75. Rezkin

    Rezkin2 일 전

    The show is great, but Eren is still a bitch

  76. Alvin Christian Macaraeg

    Alvin Christian Macaraeg일 전

    A bitch for a reason lmao

  77. OmegaRoleplays

    OmegaRoleplays2 일 전

    we'll just see about tht...

  78. Aldar the Wizard

    Aldar the Wizard2 일 전

    Wow man, AMAZING work. I loved the editing you put at the end, it really got me. Keep it up!

  79. AgentNine

    AgentNine2 일 전

    I feel like season 3 being a huge combination of all the things previous seasons had done but a thousand times better is perfectly exemplified by the OP; the first time I heard it, I thought it sounded like all the earlier OPs combined, and I loved it. AoT has quickly become one of my all-time favorite anime, now, and I can't wait for season 4!!

  80. CB78

    CB78일 전

    AgentNine knowing things about the manga, that amazing opening was more of a homage and a goodbye to season 1's classic titan killing arc ...I love AoT's ways of doing plot twists.

  81. ǝᴉԀǝᴉpʍǝԀ

    ǝᴉԀǝᴉpʍǝԀ2 일 전

    0:31 It's written "Jäger".

  82. SakurakoHanaMari

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  83. chase trowell

    chase trowell2 일 전

    Do an episode on plastic memories!

  84. Dear Mei

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  85. piku pal

    piku pal3 일 전

    What is the last song which was playing in the video?

  86. piku pal

    piku pal2 일 전

    @Nero Jaeger thanks bro

  87. Nero Jaeger

    Nero Jaeger2 일 전

    zero eclipse

  88. Kevin Enemedes

    Kevin Enemedes3 일 전

    Am I the only one that was dissapointed because the main protagonist actually turns into titan? Cause I prefer them winning as human and nothing else.

  89. Oseng Caradse

    Oseng Caradse일 전

    Kevin Enemedes Nah. I actually find it more interesting that Eren can transform. If the plot resorts only to just human power vs titan power all the way, it will just turn out to be like every other cliche human survival kind of story.

  90. alex kotov

    alex kotov3 일 전

    That Last Line From EREN IS AMAZING! I PROMISE in the future I will definitely show Attack on Titan to my CHILDREN

  91. Nick Whodat

    Nick Whodat3 일 전

    Fine.... I'll start watching it....

  92. made parana adi swara

    made parana adi swara2 일 전

    Good luck

  93. paatwo

    paatwo3 일 전

    Attack on Titan was more fun when you felt scared about the titans, now its just a flesh mecha anime

  94. john d

    john d3 일 전

    Season 1: Oh its about man vs titans, cool Season 3: *OHHH SHIT OH FUCK*

  95. Herdcore

    Herdcore3 일 전

    Thank you for uploading it, it was the push I needed to finish this show!