ASTRO 아스트로 - Blue Flame M/V


  1. daisy_ thinzar

    daisy_ thinzar38 분 전

    Can somebody recommend me Astro's side tracks? P.S. new aroha here

  2. Amorsula Ambod

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  3. paola jennifer alanoca poma

    paola jennifer alanoca poma시간 전

    Eunwoo ♥️🤩beautiful love....

  4. Huang Zai

    Huang Zai시간 전

    Stan Talented is Astro!!! keep watching!!!!

  5. Juhi Shukla

    Juhi Shukla시간 전

    Luv u guys...luv from india💓💓💓💓💓💓#Astro

  6. Poireinganbi Chanu

    Poireinganbi Chanu2 시간 전

    Wowww Astro is the best😍

  7. Shagufa Qureshi

    Shagufa Qureshi3 시간 전

    Lots of love and wishes from Australia 🇦🇺💙

  8. Le Eun Bi BTS-ARMY

    Le Eun Bi BTS-ARMY3 시간 전

    Cha Eun Wo mi bebé hermoso lo AMO😍😍😍😍😍 ASTRO una de mis grupos de k-pop favorito todos son hermosos pero de todos al que AMO es CHA EUN WO los amo a todos😘😘😍😍

  9. Jaicha Gimoros

    Jaicha Gimoros4 시간 전

    Please VOTE for ASTRO in Seoul Music Awards/ SMA and Idol Champ.

  10. Katherine Añez

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  11. Ivy Cheung

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  12. Mili Aguiler

    Mili Aguiler5 시간 전

    Stan TALENT, Stan Astro♥️

  13. Anna Marie Chiong

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  14. Yoongi boongi kitty

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  15. ArohAst- -

    ArohAst- -8 시간 전

    YAYAA YU YA YA >:v

  16. saiki riceu

    saiki riceu8 시간 전

    to 11M AROHAS 💜

  17. Rou Nak

    Rou Nak10 시간 전

    gay 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Kanthi Sri

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  19. Hermione Jean Granger

    Hermione Jean Granger11 시간 전

    i love them. simple.

  20. Bumi LT

    Bumi LT11 시간 전

    ALL NIGHT light mode on BLUE FLAME Dark mode on

  21. Rohena

    Rohena12 시간 전

    I think I forgot how to breathe-

  22. Yoongi boongi kitty

    Yoongi boongi kitty8 시간 전

    We all did-



    this is the first time i hear ufff great super cute especially CHA EUN WOO 😍🙆

  24. Kim lila cha eunwoo's only wife

    Kim lila cha eunwoo's only wife13 시간 전

    Who's streaming??? If you're streaming leave a like down ... I want to know how much rohas are working

  25. Irrelevant Midzy

    Irrelevant Midzy13 시간 전

    Here everyday

  26. Moon Bob Acee

    Moon Bob Acee14 시간 전

    Am I the only one addicted to this song? 🔥💙

  27. Trisha Banerjee

    Trisha Banerjee14 시간 전

    I am thankful to whoever put glitter under eunwoo's eyes

  28. Meli Sawock

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  29. the Pakistani

    the Pakistani15 시간 전

    Please vote on SMA and idol champ plus don't forget to keep collecting voting rights for next powerful comeback

  30. Sara Rezaie

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  31. 사이버예수

    사이버예수15 시간 전

    시발...뭐지? 심장이 뛴다

  32. Oktha Raya

    Oktha Raya16 시간 전

    Congratulations 10M!!!

  33. Julianna Angeles

    Julianna Angeles16 시간 전

    I think something is

  34. Kadek Widiantari

    Kadek Widiantari17 시간 전

    Happy 10,4 juta views

  35. Munawar Zulfiqar

    Munawar Zulfiqar17 시간 전

    Blue flame 사랑해 오빠 ,amazing

  36. Sam- aroha

    Sam- aroha17 시간 전

    I can't believe this is two months old now, time flies so fast but my love for ASTRO will always remain same

  37. the Pakistani

    the Pakistani15 시간 전

    I can't believe too

  38. Kim lila cha eunwoo's only wife

    Kim lila cha eunwoo's only wife17 시간 전

    Guys pllllllllls collect rohas we must streaaaaaam don't give up

  39. Xiundra

    Xiundra17 시간 전

    I don't stan Astro YET(im getting there) but I can feel it, these guys will be REALLY REALLY FAMOUS internationally. And they will be really successful. Visuals and talent tf they're all in Astro. I used to be loyal to EXO but I cant just ignore this talented guys.

  40. gombodorj odgerel

    gombodorj odgerel18 시간 전

    2 month

  41. Eun Nu

    Eun Nu18 시간 전

    Let's go to 11M.....

  42. hafsa MOARMY 4ever

    hafsa MOARMY 4ever19 시간 전

    I think theres someone missing Its our cutey makne sanha he looks Darmm! mature niw 😱

  43. Jack O Lantern

    Jack O Lantern19 시간 전

    아스트로 관심없엇는데 이번노래듣고 계속 찾아보네요~ ㅎㅎ 이번노래 너무취적입니당

  44. Sam- aroha

    Sam- aroha19 시간 전

    577K to 11M, and Arohas plz vote for ASTRO at main, only 2 days are left, every vote matters, plzzzz voteee!!!!

  45. Gabrielle Kong

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  46. Arianne Ganub

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  47. 조수아

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  48. Nana Siregar

    Nana Siregar22 시간 전

    Pakai bahasa Indonesian lah 😂😂 Bisa ga sih kalian ituu tenang dikit? Sukak Kali yaa bikin Hati aku itu gemetar ga karuannn. Aaahhhhh kapan sih kelen ga pakai tamvann segalaaa. Tolongg wajah kondisikann

  49. Carli GG

    Carli GG23 시간 전

    Can we talk about the change of scene from minute 2:46 with the piano? I watch this piece of art about six times every day and I notice something new each day. Not only did the boys did great singing and all, but the musicality of the song itself is amazing. That subtle piano bit is probably my favorite part of the song, most likely because MJ sings it and I love him and his beautiful voice. I love it when they slow down the rythm of a song and then speed back up. I just really love this song, I'm obsessed

  50. friki tube

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  51. Smile smile

    Smile smile일 전

    คนไทยอยู่ไหนบ้าง🖐🖐🖐 #อึนอู...กรี้ดดดดดด

  52. darrenaticxxarmyxxa'tin amlr

    darrenaticxxarmyxxa'tin amlr일 전

    Hoping to reach atleast 50m vi3ws before the next comeback💙

  53. Ehun Elfatitah

    Ehun Elfatitah일 전

    Rank just going down!at seoul music awards,im spechless..2.04m. subscriber is fake or what??

  54. K Dynasty

    K Dynasty일 전

    mooonbin we miss you :'(

  55. Celestia Yashida

    Celestia Yashida일 전

    They're so underrated! It's really sad that people don't really care for them aside of cha eunwoo

  56. just an awkward alien

    just an awkward alien일 전

    I can't believe a whole month late to this masterpiece DX

  57. mia aziz

    mia aziz일 전

    Finally 10M 😍💙

  58. Anggel Veronika

    Anggel Veronika일 전

    astro i miss uuuu

  59. Iris

    Iris일 전

    Between Blue Flame and Blue Flame lets give All Night some numbers!!! Fighting!!

  60. Iris

    Iris일 전

    i truly love this song with all my heaaaart. Keep making bops my boys!

  61. Grecia Ramos

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  62. Julie Ramos

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  63. Ehun Elfatitah

    Ehun Elfatitah일 전

    Just info,Winners for the seoul music awards for Main categories based on: -40% of the panel of judges and organizing committe -30% of album and song sales(gaon chart) -30% of cellular of votes I hope astro can fulfill all of that,fighting!