Arresting the kid that broke into my house


  1. Lance Stewart

    Lance Stewart5 개월 전


  2. Gaming God 2005

    Gaming God 20057 일 전

    Why did you do that I hate you

  3. its_pyrce1118 johonson

    its_pyrce1118 johonson7 일 전

    Ya okay and

  4. Lethalgunner360

    Lethalgunner3608 일 전

    Hey 👋 there How are you doing Today I love ❤️ all of your videos man 👨

  5. David Mckie

    David Mckie8 일 전

    David Mckie

  6. Jake Reyes

    Jake Reyes22 분 전

    Why do you arrested

  7. NiceQuickShot Yt

    NiceQuickShot Yt7 시간 전

    Im nombrer 6 000 700

  8. Elizabeth Beitel

    Elizabeth Beitel16 시간 전

    Why are you resting Him

  9. Elizabeth Beitel

    Elizabeth Beitel16 시간 전

    Love you

  10. Elizabeth Beitel

    Elizabeth Beitel16 시간 전

    Love you

  11. canger blanger

    canger blanger17 시간 전

    My lst nake is stewart

  12. Niru Tembe

    Niru Tembe일 전

    Rlp the kid in jail for hes life

  13. Kris Reeves

    Kris Reeves일 전

    John is awsome likr if u think so

  14. King Kench

    King Kench일 전

    Imagine being 25 and playing in Walmart.

  15. BOI

    BOI일 전

    On his Chanel.

  16. BOI

    BOI일 전

    Jack is a pussy his girlfriend helped him because he was getting bullied. Pussy..

  17. CreamyNebula

    CreamyNebula2 일 전

    Your house looks neat

  18. Billie o.o

    Billie o.o2 일 전

    Im subscribe to him!

  19. Nouman Salman

    Nouman Salman2 일 전

    Hi jack and lance and micheal

  20. Kapitan

    Kapitan3 일 전

    SwAt HiM!

  21. Daphne Stols

    Daphne Stols3 일 전

    That was mad

  22. Catdragonmask Gabby

    Catdragonmask Gabby3 일 전

    That’s kind of mean but breaking in your house is not good but I feel like you’re just being mean

  23. Vincent Van Sciver

    Vincent Van Sciver3 일 전

    Guy: Get the f*ck off. Jack: Why? Also jack: gets stuck (yo help)

  24. Cierra Brunette

    Cierra Brunette3 일 전

    Disrespectful as fuck that's not funny that jack kid little fucker

  25. Chris2lowFilms

    Chris2lowFilms3 일 전


  26. Victoria Villalobos

    Victoria Villalobos3 일 전

    Please. Love you 25552

  27. Ion Ion

    Ion Ion3 일 전

    Man you are bad

  28. Rey_ Reynald031

    Rey_ Reynald0314 일 전

    Its jack doherty

  29. Unicorn Hugs

    Unicorn Hugs4 일 전

    This is not funny man

  30. Billy Taylor

    Billy Taylor4 일 전

    Can u text me back

  31. Sly Mantla

    Sly Mantla5 일 전

    I turned off the lights at toys R us once I got caught trying it again this year might put it on KOreporter don't know

  32. Zoen Aldueza

    Zoen Aldueza5 일 전

    The kid is annoying 😂

  33. David Friel

    David Friel5 일 전

    Bro, your a legend

  34. Felix Perez

    Felix Perez5 일 전

    U suc

  35. Justin Dixon

    Justin Dixon5 일 전

    Lance u laugh at the dumbest shit

  36. Justin Dixon

    Justin Dixon5 일 전

    Lost all his real friends cause he’s a snitch has to hang out with ten year olds now lol

  37. Justin Dixon

    Justin Dixon5 일 전

    Lance ur a pussy let’s set up a boxing match

  38. Justin Dixon

    Justin Dixon5 일 전

    Look it’s the number one clickbAiter in the world

  39. Eric Holden

    Eric Holden5 일 전

    Not bad but sad😭😭

  40. Carlos Gonzalez

    Carlos Gonzalez5 일 전

    That's Jack Doherty

  41. Karen Hopley

    Karen Hopley5 일 전

    Free merchandise wtf

  42. Annie Bullis

    Annie Bullis5 일 전

    Are you wearing makeup

  43. Radesh Jaikaran

    Radesh Jaikaran5 일 전

    No thats jack dortey

  44. Yoshis Officials channel

    Yoshis Officials channel5 일 전

    Tackled him like it’s nothing

  45. Anthony Ma

    Anthony Ma5 일 전

    Bruhh this Jack dude has been on the Ireland Boys Production KOreporter Channel

  46. Lizbeth Ramirez

    Lizbeth Ramirez5 일 전

    omg that was funny

  47. Ava Avacado

    Ava Avacado5 일 전

    What the heck

  48. life with Ethan

    life with Ethan6 일 전

    that's your fault for not locking the door

  49. TonnyS

    TonnyS6 일 전

    It would be way funnier If he would tased him

  50. David Gallegos

    David Gallegos6 일 전

    Why him

  51. happy harry678

    happy harry6786 일 전

    5:50 I feel bad for that kid

  52. Soup Pandher

    Soup Pandher6 일 전

    I hate you I really do

  53. Soup Pandher

    Soup Pandher6 일 전

    I now jack he’s better then you rude

  54. Danny VLOGS

    Danny VLOGS6 일 전

    I feel bad

  55. William Torres

    William Torres7 일 전

    Lol he fell

  56. 10K Subs With 46 vids Jay plays Roblox

    10K Subs With 46 vids Jay plays Roblox7 일 전

    That’s jack Doherty

  57. Omg its Zmg428

    Omg its Zmg4287 일 전


  58. kenzie lily

    kenzie lily7 일 전


  59. Mcgee boy

    Mcgee boy7 일 전

    Why would he run?? Also that kid is insane.

  60. Gobin Seven

    Gobin Seven7 일 전


  61. Pacey Paulovich

    Pacey Paulovich7 일 전

    frik that was fuuuuunnnnnnnnnyyyynyyyyyyy

  62. Lenh Vuong

    Lenh Vuong7 일 전

    can i say this 4:44 6:66 3:33 12:00

  63. spiritwolf4 mafia

    spiritwolf4 mafia7 일 전


  64. Mubzzy

    Mubzzy7 일 전

    I dare you two Go and SNEAK around in Jack’s room

  65. Mubzzy

    Mubzzy5 일 전

    beat machine y

  66. beat machine

    beat machine5 일 전

    U dont want to sneak in to a 14 yo kids house

  67. beat machine

    beat machine5 일 전

    Nah bad idea