Arresting the kid that broke into my house


  1. Lance Stewart

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  2. Yumiko Bruce

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    Jack is taller than the police officer

  3. poly cati

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  4. Araceli Atilano

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    Fed gf fab b fun Lance Stewart hbgc

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    Omg I can't hahahahahah😂😂😂😂😂

  6. vlogs and stuff

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    "Im not gonna break into his house" Next vid im breaking in to lances house agian

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  8. Ryle Munoz

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    An uknow kid broke into my house and he stole my my toys and he gest arrested for real.

  9. Ryle Munoz

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    Roblox: like fornite comment:

  10. JayC

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    Your sucha fukin looser bud...u make the gayest videos ever

  11. Chy Cossio

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    Yo it's a little Lance

  12. ghost roblox

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    also when he fell 6:33

  13. ghost roblox

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    whats crazy is when he got tackled his hair was still brushed nicely

  14. Kliff K

    Kliff K8 시간 전

    Butttt what everyone really wants to know is.....what’s the officers instageam? 😂🤤😍

  15. Feliciana Alonso

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    two tewntytwo the cop lift him so easy

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    I subscribe

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    Lol omg

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    2:00 top best police try to arrests a kid

  20. Robloxian Player

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    Today my friend almost got us kicked out of Walmart because he was SOOO close to talking on the intercom they called us to the front but we got McDonald’s

  21. Ryan Mai

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    This kid is a teen

  22. Mama Cacti

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    somebody said “ItS dArK iN hErE” 🤣

  23. Justine Madison

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    Him why him I watched his videos once

  24. Gabrielle Pesqueira

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    Olso I sall when you were playing with the ninja sord and that was sad 😭 olso a other youtuber got cut in the HEAd

  25. Gabrielle Pesqueira

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    Jack cute

  26. Ghostaiden Black

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    Bro that’s messed up

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    Jack omg

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    The heck

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    You both be friends!!!!

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    What the hell

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    They even got the cop from cloudy with a chance of meatballs😂😂

  35. Alex Mcmanus

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    Holy shit that was funny hahahhaahha holy shit haha.😝😝😝 sucker

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    New lp

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    I can’t stop LMAO!!! 😂😂😂 he totally deserved it!!

  39. Nicolás Gutiérre

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    2:00 is when he got arrested hope this helps someone

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    Jack Doherty

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    Jack dorethy

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    What a prank

  43. The Creators Mini Movies

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    “My moms gonna kill me.” YEAH NO SHIT, WHY DO you break in, in the first time.

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    Becuse ov this prank i needed to subscribe

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    Here's free replay buttons

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    That's not ok never

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    You are an idiot

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    You are crazy

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    Small jelly :D

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    It’s ok to just f*cking break in to someone’s house and they’re apartment

  51. Brandon Sorensen

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    what is jacks youtube channel

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  53. Dominic Gallo

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    He sound like monster mike fishing

  54. ghosthuntersfan2010

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    DAYUM John!!! Makes me wanna get arrested and may need to be frisked

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    Subscribe to mee pls

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    K.O (2:00)

  57. Mrs. Humbug

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    Lol yt I’m. Just showing you this

  58. VerbalKint

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    I mean kinda not funny that kid could have broken his neck At time line 2:05 (real proof)



    The cop's muscles are so big! He is so cute.

  60. Melissa Slaton

    Melissa Slaton일 전

    It was so funny when when the cop said he was under arrest in Jack Ran away and he thought it was real oh and by the way I love your videos sometimes I funny sometimes I really really really like him

  61. Izzy LèWeirdò

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    I've never seen a grown man so happy to "arrest" a child.

  62. Jemma Bowker

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    You got no mum

  63. Cesar Nava

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    Omg you finally arrested morgz

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    Cop looks way too depressed for this video