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Ariana Grande - breathin


  1. The one

    The one시간 전

    I'm so happy right now. 😂😁

  2. Sandra Mara Martins carvalho

    Sandra Mara Martins carvalho2 시간 전

    I love you

  3. Isabelle Chips

    Isabelle Chips2 시간 전

    How have I never seen this I didn’t even know it was a single I-

  4. Brenda Luna

    Brenda Luna3 시간 전

    Ariana I wish I saw in real life you inspire me a lot I'm 9 years old I been hearing your songs since I was 5


    ELON BETTER5 시간 전

    7 rings like 👍 Breathin Comment 💬 💫💫💫💫

  6. Fraz Wazz

    Fraz Wazz5 시간 전

    2:38 “find my way up into the clouds”

  7. - Cookie Monster -

    - Cookie Monster -5 시간 전

    ¿Donde estan los latinos? Holaa?? creo que soy el unico aqui...

  8. Donna Wilson

    Donna Wilson6 시간 전

    Great song 😘😘😘😘

  9. wun

    wun7 시간 전

    Is it just me or does this sound like the song that played in the inbetweeners ball

  10. Karine Billoir

    Karine Billoir8 시간 전

    Belle music 😘

  11. 6 1

    6 18 시간 전

    So pretty

  12. Gauhar Khan

    Gauhar Khan8 시간 전

    She's the reigning queen!!! Yaaas !!!!💖

  13. Sophie Otter

    Sophie Otter9 시간 전

    Your hair is so beatiful😍😍😍😘

  14. Fernande Gomes

    Fernande Gomes9 시간 전

    Manifayke ta musicale😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  15. Aye Cores

    Aye Cores9 시간 전

    anxiety anthem

  16. yywGXVAuj

    yywGXVAuj9 시간 전

    At 1:24 u can see the word (Needy) ari u are very smart

  17. JustAnOpinionPage

    JustAnOpinionPage10 시간 전

    I have anxiety and panic disorder as well. just want to spread some vibes. you will make it through the day and night. your heart is beating you are blessed. ❤️

  18. rabbit care

    rabbit care7 시간 전


  19. Diana Chioibaș

    Diana Chioibaș10 시간 전

    You are very beautiful like this song!!❤❤👌

  20. 박이너 써클

    박이너 써클13 시간 전

    I'm not even sorry Kim Doyoung's cover better than this

  21. Bloop Juice

    Bloop Juice13 시간 전

    Ariana Grande doesn't need lipstick or makeup she has natural beauty who agrees?

  22. Top10 smartphones

    Top10 smartphones16 시간 전

    I wish i had hair like ariana....

  23. Vinchi Favory

    Vinchi Favory16 시간 전

    Red really does big lips... :/

  24. Ziggy Inzitari

    Ziggy Inzitari17 시간 전

    I love you so much I'm begging my family to see you but I can't I love you so much and your gorgeous girl I'm a boy but I rather be a girl like you♡

  25. Matthew Brewer

    Matthew Brewer18 시간 전

    Ariana you are so damn beautiful

  26. Saiabhijna Pendyala

    Saiabhijna Pendyala18 시간 전

    Ariana grande 2016- I’m so into you I can barely breathe 2018- Just keep breathin and breathin......

  27. Spencer Goff

    Spencer Goff18 시간 전


  28. Sharlis Dotel

    Sharlis Dotel22 시간 전


  29. Omar Sings

    Omar Sings일 전

    1:24 it says needy, remember and imagine on the sign

  30. Ali Asmaeel

    Ali Asmaeel일 전


  31. Jessa Robel

    Jessa Robel일 전

    I’m so excited to go to her show this week!!!!

  32. Victor Maitland

    Victor Maitland일 전

    🎧This Shit 🤺Loud 🦅Azz Fuck!!! ✊🏽😃🥃

  33. Jean-Leon Groenewald

    Jean-Leon Groenewald일 전

    This is not music, this is torture

  34. Karin Abdallah

    Karin Abdallah일 전

    Love this!

  35. cloud y

    cloud y일 전

    This song is a clutter of feelings. Sounds nice but hope her stress is gone.

  36. Lieutenant Mist

    Lieutenant Mist일 전

    Um Sam and Ariana

  37. Marc Bou Abdallah

    Marc Bou Abdallah일 전

    Most cancerous music ever created. (yes i came here just to post this and dislike the video)

  38. Noname Ah

    Noname Ah일 전

    Why so much hate bro?

  39. Ollie Brand

    Ollie Brand일 전

    Legend says she’s still breathing to this day

  40. Instituto salutaris

    Instituto salutaris일 전

    Me encanta Ariana como canta! lo mejor en voz, en este momento!

  41. Riverdale Lover

    Riverdale Lover일 전


  42. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman일 전

    Time goes by and I can’t control

  43. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman일 전

    Sometimes things take way too much of my energy

  44. KookyMedusa

    KookyMedusa일 전

    *_breathin from 2pac is still better_*

  45. LPS Viviene

    LPS Viviene일 전

    ARIANA!!😭❤❤❤❤I LOVE YOU SO MUCH😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  46. Jon Smith

    Jon Smith일 전

    Halsey is better



    Needy is titled in this video. Bitch had me fooled! I love it! 😍

  48. Sylvia Unzeitig

    Sylvia Unzeitig일 전

    2019 march?

  49. sizzling shine

    sizzling shine일 전

    There is something special magic in her voice😘😍😍

  50. mai kasem

    mai kasem일 전

    I loved this song because of Doyoung's cover 💙💙

  51. emmanuel Cibasu

    emmanuel Cibasu일 전

    just keep breathing

  52. Banana Banana

    Banana Banana일 전

    I think Ariana looks really pretty in the blue jacket and boots

  53. David Gryczko

    David Gryczko일 전

    C ZU GFGZUGF RGG r g Zucker und Salz in den letzten Jahren zu einem dhdlclsgwhsosgosj

  54. Niterror HK

    Niterror HK일 전

    Why is her head so big? It's almost a deformity.

  55. Tanja Hann

    Tanja Hann일 전

    best song ever 😔😭❤💔

  56. Depressed Frog

    Depressed Frog일 전

    Complete the song with me: Some days, thing just take way too much of my energy...

  57. Banana Banana

    Banana Banana일 전

    I look up and the whole room’s Spinn-ing

  58. Waghe Suresh

    Waghe Suresh일 전

    Heart touching voice with cuteness of smiling face she is ossom

  59. slimegirls channel

    slimegirls channel일 전

    The Best song👍👌👋🌟

  60. IlikeLlamas

    IlikeLlamas일 전


  61. Matthew Brewer

    Matthew Brewer일 전

    You are literally an angel

  62. Aliza Rose

    Aliza Rose일 전

    absolute queen

  63. AS

    AS일 전

    Ariane ate too much BBCs .. not self anymore

  64. Lil Zela

    Lil Zela2 일 전

    Bu saatte niye bunu dinleyip yorumları okuyorum ben

  65. Tissue Boy

    Tissue Boy2 일 전

    please check out my 7rings cover on my channel ! i'd be super happy!

  66. sweetyoon 9_

    sweetyoon 9_2 일 전

    Por qué este video no tiene 1 billone de vistas?

  67. Rogério Neto

    Rogério Neto2 일 전

    This song is way better than 7 rings and thank u next

  68. sion santie

    sion santie2 일 전

    Tô amando essa mulher...

  69. Surbhi Chouksey

    Surbhi Chouksey2 일 전

    This song makes me conscious about my respiratory system

  70. Claudia Moreno

    Claudia Moreno2 일 전

    Ariana grande sexy 🤩😍

  71. marilyn munguia

    marilyn munguia2 일 전

    you look so cute in this

  72. Yo Mama

    Yo Mama2 일 전

    46k stopped breathin

  73. Roxy Hanalei

    Roxy Hanalei2 일 전

    Literally me when my crush talks to me😂btw great song Ariana i love it💗✨

  74. Alison Coral Butera De La Cruz

    Alison Coral Butera De La Cruz2 일 전


  75. Jimena Grefa

    Jimena Grefa2 일 전

    Wow!! Ari

  76. Geane Maria

    Geane Maria2 일 전


  77. Thalia Hermina

    Thalia Hermina2 일 전

    3:06 look at her lips

  78. Antonija BeaLove

    Antonija BeaLove2 일 전

    But i o ke it

  79. Antonija BeaLove

    Antonija BeaLove2 일 전

    This music is going Like this just keep breathin hahaha😂

  80. Salla .

    Salla .2 일 전

    Have you listened to nct doyoung's cover of this? It's sooooo good 💜

  81. tracy lewis

    tracy lewis2 일 전

    Hi Ariana you're the best singer in the whole universe

  82. Jhonnattan Eilish

    Jhonnattan Eilish2 일 전

    Ariana grande ❤️

  83. Maciej Bera

    Maciej Bera2 일 전


  84. hopi22222

    hopi222222 일 전

    Great song and music good work

  85. Francesca Herring

    Francesca Herring2 일 전

    (A teacher is gathering everyone's quotes for the yearbook) Teacher: What is your yearbook quote? First Pupil: I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it Teacher: Thank you, next Second Pupil: Got a bed wit your name on it Teacher: Erm... No thank you, next Teacher: I'll come back to you when you've picked something more appropriate (Some time later...) Teacher: Well, have you thought of one? Second Pupil: Got a kiss wit your name on it Teacher: Right, that's it. Detention. Second pupil: Wit your name on it, hey Teacher: I am reporting you for harassment Second Pupil: Break up with your boyfriend, yeah yeah, 'cause I'm bored Teacher: EXCUSE ME!?? Focus on me! You are in BIG, BIG trouble young man (The teacher is getting really mad) Teacher to herself: Just keep breathin' and breathin'

  86. Mohamed Diallo

    Mohamed Diallo2 일 전

    Who’s here after from of audios and dangerous women with god is a women and break up with your girlfriend I’m bored and 7 rings😋😘

  87. Fran Gomez

    Fran Gomez2 일 전

    Your the best I love.

  88. Mikylla The Great

    Mikylla The Great2 일 전


  89. Yo yo

    Yo yo2 일 전


  90. Marissaz17 7

    Marissaz17 73 일 전

    Things just takeee way to much of my energy

  91. Sina G.B

    Sina G.B3 일 전

    Ariana es una Diosa, quien fuera ella, con esa linda figurita de muñequita, su hermoso cabello, con esa voz que puede destruir imperios, su mirada, por el cosmos ella es perfección.

  92. Tiffany Ricks

    Tiffany Ricks3 일 전

    Who else thought the ponytail the low one was her greatest look

  93. Derek Von Hohenheim

    Derek Von Hohenheim3 일 전

    Jason Todd brought me here. :)

  94. mohammed odeh

    mohammed odeh3 일 전

    49 died and we breath New Zealand 🇳🇿 40 injured 🤕 😢 hope they Rest In Peace ☮️

  95. I miss when I piss

    I miss when I piss일 전

    Death2 all muslims

  96. xdNoShame

    xdNoShame3 일 전

    Me:*dying* Ariana:keep breathing Me:well no shit

  97. Alex B

    Alex B3 일 전

    Am I the only one who noticed that at 1:23 Ari was leaking songs for the album Thank you next

  98. Kaitlyn Fabend

    Kaitlyn Fabend3 일 전

    People might say this comment is stupid so keep your opinions to yourself 👍 Ariana Grande is an inspiration to me. This song just shows me how to be an independent woman and how to pick myself up and to just keep breathing. Love you Queen Ari ❤️👑

  99. MAS

    MAS3 일 전

    I in 20 19

  100. MAS

    MAS3 일 전

    I in 209t

  101. apple dash

    apple dash3 일 전

    Guggi mane a aapje

  102. tyler patrick-east

    tyler patrick-east3 일 전

    a omg Arianna its soo good my mom adores you she can't stop talking about on her phone background she has a picture of you And also keep it and keep breathing and breathing and breathing

  103. Pratisha Dash

    Pratisha Dash3 일 전

    Love this song

  104. Alejandra Quintal

    Alejandra Quintal3 일 전