Architecture Tier List - JonTron


  1. AJJJ Malm

    AJJJ Malm27 초 전

    As a New Yorker I can also say that I hate the jenga building with passion. Also I have never met anyone who didn't call it the Jenga building

  2. Ethan Danitz

    Ethan Danitz6 분 전

    i say stfu abt the golden gate bridge, its called the fuckin golden gate bc californias the golden state. If it were gold, it wouldnt even look good bc a massive golden structure in the middle of nowhere would look like shit. but ive been there and its not that cool btw ily jon, ur rly cool and i wanted to say hi

  3. MainManMcGee

    MainManMcGee13 시간 전

    I'm sad he didn't include the St. Louis Arch.

  4. A Compelled Passionate Rationalist.

    A Compelled Passionate Rationalist.13 시간 전

    6k dislikes from philistines who like modern architecture.

  5. Wulf O'Crow

    Wulf O'Crow17 시간 전

    Ethan wasnt allowed in jontron's house because hes Jewish.

  6. Queen is not a big deal 1122

    Queen is not a big deal 112220 시간 전

    The leaning tower of Pisa has bad phoundation

  7. bennies fried chicken

    bennies fried chicken일 전

    "doesnt that remind you of queen victoria, tea and biscuits?" no it reminds me of guiltiness, death and destruction

  8. Randolin Plop

    Randolin Plop일 전

    North Korea didn't starve its people, dude. The world sanctioned them to the death so they didn't have much to eat or anybody to rely on. Straight up facts!

  9. 은재

    은재2 일 전

    dude im curious what you think about singapore's national stadium looks

  10. Extra Terrestrial Disco

    Extra Terrestrial Disco2 일 전

    Bruh can’t believe he put the space needle in E wtf smh

  11. RedyRiseUp

    RedyRiseUp2 일 전

    The Magyar Parlament in S tier like it should. God bless! 👌🤘

  12. Eldrin Paul Gok-ong

    Eldrin Paul Gok-ong2 일 전

    Wow the new Adventure Quest game looks good

  13. Aliup 98

    Aliup 983 일 전

    This is the most New York Italian jontron video every

  14. A-L Fyre_X

    A-L Fyre_X3 일 전

    Vive la france, et vive la république!! Thank you john, I, a french fellow liked that =3

  15. LunchTrey Games

    LunchTrey Games5 일 전

    "Now, I know what you're thinking. That looks like the bad guy's house from Half-Life 2." So close, Jon. I was thinking I saw that building in Spec Ops: The Line.

  16. Nathaniel Stafford

    Nathaniel Stafford5 일 전

    At least The Shard got a gigantamax Pokémon based on it

  17. PaulSalterEgo

    PaulSalterEgo5 일 전

    Tier lists were originally popularized by the Smash and fighting game resurgence, not idubbbz. Sorry if this was a joke and im not-so-secretly retarded.

  18. Archangel964

    Archangel9645 일 전

    Goofy's house *_ROCKS!_*

  19. alen okta

    alen okta6 일 전

    pls someone point out when he blinks 3 times repeatedly

  20. Ivy - the - Demon

    Ivy - the - Demon6 일 전

    holy shit, i have a major fear of falling and that video of the dude scaling yhe tower in dubai is making me PANIC

  21. Dec

    Dec6 일 전

    Unsubbed for shitting on brutalism.

  22. the one and only

    the one and only6 일 전

    more plz

  23. Tobexd Master Of Jej

    Tobexd Master Of Jej7 일 전

    No German architecture??

  24. Ryan-A V

    Ryan-A V8 일 전

    Who knew my boy John had FLAWLESS taste in architecture.

  25. SixthFonist

    SixthFonist8 일 전

    "They just made it stronger!" France: We may not be able to actually restore Notre Dame. D:

  26. Chillin' Like a Villain Killin' Krillin

    Chillin' Like a Villain Killin' Krillin8 일 전

    I did not think Jon could make a video about architecture entertaining BOY was I wrong

  27. Anime Man

    Anime Man9 일 전

    0:29 what is the name of the track?

  28. Kelly

    Kelly9 일 전

    You missed the "Fred and Ginger" building in Prague. Totally worthy of an "S"!

  29. Letters to Fuckface

    Letters to Fuckface9 일 전

    This should have been called the Tear List since it has made me, and millions of others, weep uncontrollably. The beauty, oh the beauty, of half-assed KOreporter video production.

  30. Hooked On Chronics

    Hooked On Chronics9 일 전

    *Hooked On iDooobbbz*

  31. Hooked On Chronics

    Hooked On Chronics9 일 전


  32. Konniptionz

    Konniptionz10 일 전

    I can appreciate Notre Dame it's pretty lit.

  33. N u T T y

    N u T T y10 일 전

    8:40 Your Welcome

  34. Teh Foxxy

    Teh Foxxy11 일 전

    11:09 Is that a motherfucking Pyukumuku?

  35. Vaughn Raley

    Vaughn Raley11 일 전

    I'm a long time subscriber... and meeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh

  36. Christopher L Williams

    Christopher L Williams11 일 전

    Lmao the way he did the Golden Gate Bridge lmao "its out of my hands"

  37. Follower Of Duck

    Follower Of Duck11 일 전

    Ok seriously, how high is this mans budget?

  38. Joao Lopes

    Joao Lopes13 일 전

    Where's Cristo Redentor?

  39. Janshevik

    Janshevik13 일 전

    while you are proud of your heritage and putting hungarian parliament building in S tier, you could still have some persian building on your list

  40. Andreas Will

    Andreas Will13 일 전

    10:38 Whats the soundtrack name when the picture floats to F?

  41. JJ S

    JJ S14 일 전

    I live in Scotland. The parliament is a mess

  42. Thorpe coaster photos

    Thorpe coaster photos14 일 전

    Big bennnnnnnnn

  43. john boreman

    john boreman14 일 전

    Why is this a thing? Fast food I get but this is retarded.

  44. Lori Peskey

    Lori Peskey15 일 전

    why didn't you put goofy's house in goku rank

  45. Razagan

    Razagan15 일 전

    Brutalisme is pretty fecking good if you ask me

  46. Ninjapuppet One

    Ninjapuppet One15 일 전

    Why wasn’t goofy‘s house in goku rank

  47. Shadowman V4

    Shadowman V415 일 전

    9:48 But it would’ve been the greatest wall of China if they made it out of flex tape

  48. MarxBestBoi

    MarxBestBoi16 일 전

    shitting on Brutalism how dare you

  49. Elijah Hill

    Elijah Hill17 일 전

    when h3h3 went to johns house had me dying

  50. Samuel Gutiérrez

    Samuel Gutiérrez17 일 전

    Visuals of God himself using Jontron as his vessel 8:43 9:35 10:13 10:58 11:02 11:10 11:23

  51. SirThigh

    SirThigh17 일 전

    10:11 8:38

  52. Zymosan99

    Zymosan9917 일 전

    D C. For deaceased

  53. Ryan Evander

    Ryan Evander17 일 전

    *g o t e m*

  54. Maya Bartholomew

    Maya Bartholomew18 일 전

    Don’t worry I still like your videos I just wanted to spice up the comment section

  55. Maya Bartholomew

    Maya Bartholomew18 일 전

    Jontron looks like he is always going to scream

  56. Flavius Belisarius

    Flavius Belisarius18 일 전


  57. КГБ СССР

    КГБ СССР19 일 전

    Johntron: “I’m staying here on the ground.” Floating in the air casually

  58. Babis gamias

    Babis gamias19 일 전

    Zee accent unum, um ex TM WC TM SSC um, um, TM ax as za DQ Lt sq CQ by BH hu cw hsnssmjemdwwwj e cw FP do Dee Hi BH DW DW DW cw SSC drop so em cg fb💯b 💯 Mann bx DJ Benson MSNBC bdhdh. DA an SL

  59. Babis gamias

    Babis gamias19 일 전

    Ox db KB pon on , ο σχ νὰ εδώ Κω εδώ σχ. Οἱ σχ Οζ δηλ εδώ οἱ εδώ οἱ σχ βίο γι βω ρω οβ βλ χε βίο δύο δε βίο δε ως ΨΨΨ βλ ουρά ΣΦΠ ποτέ στο πχ δὲ ΛΣ ευ τα

  60. Babis gamias

    Babis gamias19 일 전

    I love lsd.

  61. r i t t e r

    r i t t e r20 일 전

    *if I were to die here today, make sure to erect me a gigantic penis, for all time immemorial shall recognize my love of this unfunny joke*

  62. ToastyDoasty

    ToastyDoasty21 일 전

    I remember saying in a comment "2 Half life jokes in 1 video Half Life 3 Confirmed." and 3 months later half life alyx was announced

  63. Dustin Provost

    Dustin Provost21 일 전

    This guy *SUCKS* If you think this is funny, my god go outside.