Aquaman Final Trailer REACTION


  1. Ante Misura

    Ante Misura7 시간 전

    Let's see you talk more video games. Mortal kombat 11 reaction please

  2. KaleKain

    KaleKain5 일 전

    2:45 "I think Jason Momoa . . . ?" What? I couldn't understand what she said there.

  3. iam2ku4u

    iam2ku4u6 일 전

    Release the kraken!

  4. staxx00

    staxx008 일 전


  5. Jraice V

    Jraice V9 일 전

    It looks interesting but I am having the hardest time buying Willem Dafoe in that role. I keep thinking he's gonna betray someone in the future and be a bad guy later.

  6. elijahthesamurai

    elijahthesamurai4 일 전

    Vulko actually does betray Aquaman in Throne of Atlantis

  7. LanTIS YU

    LanTIS YU9 일 전

    OMG i just watched the movie. It is released in China. Holy crap, Aquaman is certainly good enough for me. I love it. it's visually stunning. Not going to spoil anything.

  8. Vidal Ruiz

    Vidal Ruiz10 일 전

    Good things are coming from the DCEU

  9. Christopher Parker

    Christopher Parker11 일 전

    I like this one.

  10. Bruce Wayne II

    Bruce Wayne II14 일 전

    I wonder what her actual job is looks like working in office

  11. Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson16 일 전

    I cant wait to see this!

  12. Joe Sollitto

    Joe Sollitto17 일 전

    All I keep thinking about is the Australian series "H2O".

  13. michael odonnell

    michael odonnell17 일 전

    Wow!! Love it!! Booking ASAP in UK 🇬🇧

  14. Z Howard

    Z Howard18 일 전

    Love it I have my ticket here in atlanta

  15. Bb

    Bb19 일 전

    im so excited!!! my sister just started working at a theater so we're going to the early employee screening and im for sure buying tickets to see it at least twice. im also gonna try to go see it in imax even thought the closest imax is in san Francisco about an hour away

  16. Al'Dris Bush

    Al'Dris Bush19 일 전

    No it looks campy flashy and weak on plot

  17. Reen KD

    Reen KD19 일 전

    Is that, Willem Dafoe!? That's what was missing, an awesome mentor. So glad they chose to include him in the final trailer. Had no idea until I saw this. Double icing on the cake, Grace! The 5 plus minute long trailer showing a great story plus this last minute fun surprise. What a clincher! Hope other franchises take note.

  18. facodistributie

    facodistributie20 일 전

    Going to buy a rolex seadweller for sure!

  19. Jack_The_Masochist_Kelly MMA

    Jack_The_Masochist_Kelly MMA20 일 전

    Aqua kinesis? the cool kids call it water bending

  20. Isaiah

    Isaiah20 일 전

    That theme music is a hit already. It's been used a lot already.

  21. annelentur

    annelentur20 일 전

    it looks so plastic

  22. loriparker666

    loriparker66621 일 전


  23. Emikiz Jarayo

    Emikiz Jarayo18 일 전

    says a marvel fan

  24. Danny Neiba

    Danny Neiba21 일 전

    Looks better than BP

  25. Danny Neiba

    Danny Neiba21 일 전

    Damn Grace ,, need to ease up on the Mamoa hate...

  26. Thejas K R

    Thejas K R21 일 전

    This is badaaaaaaaaassssss!!!!

  27. scotty welch

    scotty welch21 일 전

    The advanced screening reviews were not good..... just saying...

  28. Emikiz Jarayo

    Emikiz Jarayo18 일 전

    relook at it again movie reviews are good critics are loving Aquaman

  29. Alexis Gerrick

    Alexis Gerrick21 일 전

    The theme song alone got me throwing my money at the screen

  30. dabigdikdangler

    dabigdikdangler22 일 전

    Love how the last splash morphs into the logo, this is a HIT!

  31. Daniel

    Daniel22 일 전

    Your such a beautiful girl, thats why i subscribe to your channel...

  32. JoeMilano9

    JoeMilano922 일 전

    Zack was a hero until he became the villain. Now we have James 👍

  33. Caitlyn Griffin

    Caitlyn Griffin22 일 전

    Got my tickets

  34. Autisticus Asperganoid

    Autisticus Asperganoid22 일 전

    Ooof!!!! That MUSIC!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  35. Jack Meadows

    Jack Meadows23 일 전

    I know this movie has almost everything going for it, but let’s not forget it is a DCEU movie, so if it fails I won’t be too surprised. But I REALLY hope it’s good

  36. Raven And Crows

    Raven And Crows23 일 전

    I’ll only be watching this because James Wan directed it

  37. Eric Groce

    Eric Groce23 일 전

    This movie is about to be so dope

  38. Andre F. Gordon Jr

    Andre F. Gordon Jr23 일 전

    Really wish I could hear black mantas voice must really keeping it on the DL

  39. shem the penman

    shem the penman23 일 전

    very 80s

  40. Georgie b

    Georgie b23 일 전

    I'm tired of superhero films.

  41. Emikiz Jarayo

    Emikiz Jarayo18 일 전

    then don't watch

  42. Basil Rana

    Basil Rana23 일 전

    Thank u so much

  43. Rohit R

    Rohit R23 일 전

    Do a video on aquaman atom tickets record sale

  44. Christopher Schott

    Christopher Schott23 일 전

    Maybe it's just because I'm watching this on a tiny phone screen ? But the water seems clear. Not realistic ..underwater ... But it looks really good and artistic

  45. Christopher Schott

    Christopher Schott23 일 전

    I've not enjoyed the way films have become marketed. Especially online .. Way to much speculation and too much footage .. Makes me lose interest

  46. Bhalchandra Kamble

    Bhalchandra Kamble23 일 전

    I don't know whether it would be best or not?? But Grace I think we would get to see once again Avatar after 9 years........ Atlantis and Pandora looks too colourful

  47. Bhalchandra Kamble

    Bhalchandra Kamble23 일 전

    Aquaman : what could be greater than a king? Me: James Wan

  48. heather dawn

    heather dawn23 일 전

    I'm mainly just wondering why there are five different actors playing younger versions of him. There's the baby, the toddler, the young kid, the preteen, and the teenager( who looks like Heath Ledger btw) I just think that it's kinda confusing to have so many younger versions of him when three probably would have been fine. It's distracting, just my opinion. Great video Grace, as always, and I can't wait to watch your review of this movie. (I'll definitely go see it)

  49. Daoud Malik

    Daoud Malik23 일 전

    Its james wan this will be a good movie. BTW this movie beat Infinity War sales for records tickets sold in 24 hours.

  50. Emikiz Jarayo

    Emikiz Jarayo18 일 전

    ikr it's crazy...

  51. Osahon Uwagboe

    Osahon Uwagboe23 일 전

    -"What could be greater than a King"?. - The I.R.S

  52. Estevo Thomasio

    Estevo Thomasio23 일 전

    I loath mediocre commentary.

  53. ekosini runo

    ekosini runo23 일 전

    I think aquaman saves the DC universe

  54. Ralph Wheat

    Ralph Wheat24 일 전

    They showed WAY too much!!! I hope they got some MAJOR stuff left to surprise us!!



    the score was soooooo gooood !!!! i will be seeing this multiple time 😂😁 first time to be amazed and following times to dissect and absorb !! :) looks like a great ride

  56. starwarrior 2014

    starwarrior 201424 일 전

    Please! 🙏 This gives me hope for DC (They reveal the title for the Birds of Prey movie) Um.. it still gives me hope!!

  57. James Vincent Franco

    James Vincent Franco24 일 전

    Ooh!Aquakinesis I wonder if she talks in the theater. It would be very cool to watch a movie with her and she and I were both talking. If someone is with me I have to talk about what just happened

  58. Najeea Murray

    Najeea Murray24 일 전

    Spreading rivers of posivity across this film :)

  59. Ritesh Pawar

    Ritesh Pawar24 일 전

    Reaction 3:14 to 3:18 😍😍

  60. A McGuire

    A McGuire24 일 전

    I want to see it, but why do I have a feeling I've seen the cool stuff in the trailer already?

  61. Aldon

    Aldon24 일 전

    this should've been the 2nd trailer

  62. Africanchildren Media

    Africanchildren Media24 일 전

    Every woman I know has been waiting for a Jason Momoa movie & can’t wait to go. YES for sure I will be seeing this movie more than once.

  63. Kingsta2000

    Kingsta200024 일 전

    This looks way better then Venom, which was garbage. I hope it makes more money.

  64. Matthew Lands

    Matthew Lands24 일 전

    I guess it's just me but I'm not feeling it

  65. Erika M

    Erika M24 일 전

    This is visually beautiful! I'm excited to see this movie, and though the acting from Jason Mamoa looks Ok, I think the story, supporting characters, amazing effects and visuals will make this a successful movie :) The future of Aquaman looks mighty bright!

  66. undercurrent

    undercurrent24 일 전

    Honestly it feels a little cringe, corny and try hard. Some of those lines are pretty bad. But perhaps when u see it it will be good. Wish they had replaced amber heard with someone else.

  67. JS B

    JS B24 일 전

    The soundtrack!!!!

  68. JS B

    JS B24 일 전

    Grace, I hope you make a video about it's ticket sales. Just because.

  69. Joe Robinson

    Joe Robinson25 일 전

    Looks amazing totally gonna buy tickets just for that music alone!❤️

  70. Azura Franco

    Azura Franco25 일 전

    very surprisingly, the trailer shows that this can be a good movie.....really thinking about buying my ticket now

  71. colin mclaughlin

    colin mclaughlin25 일 전

    Looks Great!! but sort of odd that the movies keeping DC alive would be Aquaman and Wonder Woman. With the bigger Heros failing you have to believe this movie is essential between hitting the DC reset button or moving forward.

  72. midnighteye

    midnighteye25 일 전

    This movie is the first one that's made me actually want to spend the money for IMAX 3D.

  73. World of DC WB

    World of DC WB24 일 전

    I can guarantee you won't regret your money

  74. Aaron Smittywerbenjagermanjenson

    Aaron Smittywerbenjagermanjenson25 일 전

    Honestly seeing Willem Dafoe sold me

  75. COREY M

    COREY M25 일 전

    looks like wonder womans theme finally has a contender with aquamans theme

  76. SUUPA

    SUUPA25 일 전

    a cgi bloodbath without any real weight to it...pass...but check out creed 2 maybe

  77. World of DC WB

    World of DC WB24 일 전

    No one cares about you

  78. Jamie Rockwell

    Jamie Rockwell25 일 전

    Woah woah woah, Amber Heard was in Pineapple Express, that movie was a hit or three to me

  79. Jay Parikh

    Jay Parikh25 일 전

    I'm pretty bummed that that's not the actual soundtrack to the movie and is just some stock music

  80. dorkington

    dorkington25 일 전

    Music was epic... There is quite a bit more Young Aquaman stuff than I was expecting. Don't care for that, but I'm still willing to give it a chance.

  81. Katie'sBookCorner

    Katie'sBookCorner25 일 전

    I don’t think I’ve watched a single movie trailer in the last five years without Grace and her reaction on the side.

  82. Al DEE

    Al DEE25 일 전

    What the hell is up with trailers these days? So many of them leave me with the feeling I already know what's going to happen. Why do I need to go see the actual film?

  83. Christine Mikhail

    Christine Mikhail25 일 전

    This film looks visually stunning!!

  84. Wolf

    Wolf25 일 전

    I wonder what a James Wan directed Batman movie would be like 🤔🤔🔥🔥

  85. go3cia

    go3cia25 일 전

    2:37 "I already got one of those"... LMAO! 😂

  86. X-Men Fan

    X-Men Fan25 일 전

    Are you a Bot or a kid? .. cuz the adults are busy with work, College, Grad school, family... they are too busy to go out their way to comment on youtube videos... LOL Even kids are too busy with homeowrk and school ...

  87. brian cowley

    brian cowley25 일 전

    What do you mean they have not had an action trailer? Was the rooftop scene with Mera and Aquaman, the one shot, not good enough for you?

  88. Matt P

    Matt P25 일 전

    It does look good but I'm used to DC failing to make what I like. I will wait for audience reviews as I no longer care what critics think about blockbuster fare.

  89. DontKnow WhatToPut

    DontKnow WhatToPut25 일 전

    The Aquaman trailers holds the record now! For most puns :D They are irresistible.

  90. Sahil Charania

    Sahil Charania25 일 전

    Love your hair grace!!!

  91. Leonel Colina

    Leonel Colina25 일 전

    please pleaaaaaase don't overuse the super bright CGI

  92. Emikiz Jarayo

    Emikiz Jarayo17 일 전

    +Leonel Colina true

  93. Leonel Colina

    Leonel Colina18 일 전

    +Emikiz Jarayo exactly! those movies at the end they used so much CGI you couldn't understand what was going on

  94. Emikiz Jarayo

    Emikiz Jarayo18 일 전

    better then the terrible dark looking movies like bvs and jl

  95. Snistr

    Snistr25 일 전

    Y does every movie with world building is the best movie it's a rehash

  96. Michael Cain

    Michael Cain25 일 전

    Yes, yes and YESSSSS!!!!!

  97. NTropy13

    NTropy1325 일 전

    will wait for the torrent

  98. Spidey Morpher

    Spidey Morpher25 일 전

    Aquaman drinking game: Take a shot every Wahoo

  99. Ryan Cunningham

    Ryan Cunningham25 일 전

    there's going to be early screening for amazon prime members on the 15th

  100. Hulk Smash

    Hulk Smash25 일 전

    Grace you always have the best thumbnail, your reactions always get me so excited. Great vid as usual!!👌

  101. Realm Of Unknown

    Realm Of Unknown25 일 전

    This looks like so much fun!!

  102. Aselene

    Aselene25 일 전

    Let me guess, some fishyman's gonna wanna take over atlantis after aqua man's origin story and the underwater kingdom must unite to stop potential all out armageddon. Meanwhile and somehow the humans above the water have got wind of the upcoming war and now complicating matters. Looks wet behind the ears and silly

  103. Razvan Cornea

    Razvan Cornea25 일 전

    fenger crost i hop it worecks aut

  104. PFT Burchell

    PFT Burchell25 일 전

    Oh ya, better stop what you’re doing and go buy your Aquaman ticket before it’s sold out. As if it’s going to be hard to see this movie.

  105. Get Off This Rock Travel

    Get Off This Rock Travel25 일 전

    That theme is: Ghost writer -sidewinder composer Phil lober. He has alot of epic stuff to listen to. He even does tutorials on making intros and film composing

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    "look what i built"

  107. Instrmntl Beats

    Instrmntl Beats25 일 전

    Are you married? I'd like to have a date with you to see if we'd like each other for another date and maybe more dates after that. I'm fascinated with you and would like to learn who you are beyond the trailer. *See what I did there* ;)

  108. RAJA

    RAJA25 일 전

    "Whats greater than a king?" Arthur flies up. The music climaxes. "A hero". Tears flow from my eyes. Aquaman appears. Music climaxes again. I lose my gawddamn mind!

  109. Bro Ham

    Bro Ham25 일 전

    To much LMAO, not at all girl.

  110. Adrian Castro

    Adrian Castro25 일 전

    i mean i am gonna watch it, on imax even, but still not really excited about it.