AQUAMAN | Final Trailer Reaction!


  1. Sauvage Ascension

    Sauvage Ascension8 일 전

    DC Universe Online has Atlantis underwater missions F2P mmorpg.. DCUO free to play

  2. rana rain

    rana rain8 일 전

    Please pahuna trailer please please please please 🙏❤

  3. MarsProbe

    MarsProbe11 일 전

    I think the CG has improved quite a bit. That one scene with the crowd cheering looked pretty bad when we first saw it, it looks a lot better now IMO.

  4. M7 K2

    M7 K212 일 전

    Love to Achara .. real reaction 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  5. Rakesh Hari

    Rakesh Hari12 일 전

    hey jaby. i think you should check this link.

  6. Pankaj Tiwari

    Pankaj Tiwari14 일 전

    Still want more surprise ...please check out new Aquaman Chinese trailer and do react ..

  7. dragonong

    dragonong15 일 전

    Hello Jaby and Achara, like your reaction to this trailer. Speaking of AQUAMAN trailer, you guys should check out the AQUAMAN official Chinese trailer ( Exclusive). It's amazing. Even better than this one.

  8. Christopher Binder

    Christopher Binder18 일 전

    Back when it was first introduced? Had no idea you were born in the 50s. What's your secret.

  9. King Slayer

    King Slayer18 일 전

    What could be greater than a king you ask? A Khal....

  10. Shalu Nah

    Shalu Nah18 일 전

    I also really love seeing William Defoe! Can't wait. 😭 😜

  11. Sebastian  Vargas

    Sebastian Vargas18 일 전

    People are going to cheer and clap to aquaman walking with his is original suit and trident. I'm calling it

  12. Lakshmi Narayana

    Lakshmi Narayana19 일 전

    Dc is back

  13. satyam prakash

    satyam prakash21 일 전

    Please react on sadhguru videoes

  14. khurram munir

    khurram munir21 일 전

    Hello jaby, please make a reaction video for upcoming movie Durj.

  15. Jay reddy

    Jay reddy22 일 전

    i want this music to be in Game Of Thrones when Jon snow rides the dragon .....what a dope scene it will be

  16. Abdullah Zafar

    Abdullah Zafar23 일 전

    Achara Kirk is Gorgeous ❤️

  17. Bhalchandra Kamble

    Bhalchandra Kamble23 일 전

    Seemed like watching Avatar trailered 😍 😍 😍



    50 marvel fans so far

  19. Dipyaman Ghosh

    Dipyaman Ghosh23 일 전

    you guys don't sound convinced :D ... personally, I want the movie to be good... for variety of reasons :D

  20. Rubi Ruebz

    Rubi Ruebz23 일 전

    I got a feeling this will be a new benchmark of how you do world building movie underwater. As a guy with limited budget living in Asia, I already prepare 2x IMAX with all my friends, the rest for december's movie like Bumblebee, Mary Poppins (? not familiar) or spider verse are okay to be seen to be seen online lol... aaanyway.. wishing all you guys here to enjoy Aquaman and the holiday month as well.

  21. Abhishek Raj

    Abhishek Raj23 일 전

    That's what a good director can do to a movie #NoSnyderShit

  22. Code Froziten

    Code Froziten23 일 전

    I'm just happy to be in Atlantis on december 21...

  23. ayush singh

    ayush singh24 일 전

    DC always has awesome colour grading.

  24. Stuart Rubio

    Stuart Rubio24 일 전

    3D today is nothing like the 3D in the early 80's where you actually had stuff coming at you. Today's 3D is lame

  25. YS

    YS24 일 전

    Come on, so many corny lines, god. "The time has come for ______ to rise again", "Your mother always knew you were special"...

  26. Savan Rao

    Savan Rao24 일 전

    Jaby u have never reacted to my previous suggestions. React to this 👇 Ashish chanchalani's PUBG( WITH SUBTITLE)비디오-iGBnjKnU4pU.html

  27. harsh singh

    harsh singh24 일 전

    marvel eat dc fuck dc aquaman is good but compare to marvel it s suck

  28. Mr Handsome Bae

    Mr Handsome Bae24 일 전



    KVNM REVANTH24 일 전

    Watched this trailer in opera house last week

  30. sanjay byanjankar

    sanjay byanjankar24 일 전

    React on Nepal - Shrinkhala Khatiwada- Contestant Introduction (Miss World 2018)

  31. puma bose

    puma bose25 일 전

    Mera just wants the aqua D

  32. akhilesh karra

    akhilesh karra25 일 전

    What u know is NOT EVEN CLOSE.

  33. MartialArts4321

    MartialArts432125 일 전

    That kick Nichole gave to those soldiers was cool. Her fight I'm very excited for

  34. കട്ടൻ കാപ്പി KATTAN KAAPPI

    കട്ടൻ കാപ്പി KATTAN KAAPPI25 일 전

    Many watch 96

  35. human nature

    human nature25 일 전

    4:53 Did he say nicole kickman instead of nicole kidman Or did he deliberately said that after that kick, in the scene..?

  36. Poulomi Halder

    Poulomi Halder25 일 전

    Please react oh Humsafar music video by Neha Kakkar

  37. Arvind Nat

    Arvind Nat25 일 전

    I am sure, Marvel studio is talking about this Movie!!! As a Rival!!! Real rival!!!

  38. MAAMAANKAM history of the brave

    MAAMAANKAM history of the brave25 일 전

    Nice trailer


    ARJUN SAHA25 일 전

    Hello achara you look like toby maguire Mary Jane

  40. RJ John

    RJ John25 일 전

    My thoughts: Achara is a keeper.

  41. pawan nath art

    pawan nath art25 일 전

    When windman is coming 😂😂😂

  42. sachin kumar

    sachin kumar25 일 전

    In justice league Aquaman was waste piece of crap but in his solo movie he is as strong as Superman

  43. Being. Real.

    Being. Real.25 일 전

    trailers ruin all the surprises these days. now i will just be waiting for the big monster in the theater. people are already excited for the movie, you don't have to show everything. every time.

  44. Abhishek Raj

    Abhishek Raj25 일 전

    DC is back with a Bang!

  45. veda siva

    veda siva25 일 전

    I will watch this movie just cus it is directed by James Wan

  46. aswath prem

    aswath prem25 일 전

    Why aren't u reacting to alita battle angel trailer 2??

  47. Rahul Sdk

    Rahul Sdk25 일 전

    Everybody knew William was in Aquaman! He was even in Justice League and was even credited but his scenes were cut. Nicole Kidman kicking butt was shown in the previous trailer too!

  48. Aditya

    Aditya25 일 전

    Omg , that music

  49. Nikhil Philip

    Nikhil Philip25 일 전

    React to the trailer of Shield Hero anime비디오-KSTTW1yG9ss.html

  50. vishnuprasad pillai

    vishnuprasad pillai25 일 전

    You cannot judge the visual effects, if then Avengers and Black panther was also bad.

  51. David Diveroli

    David Diveroli25 일 전

    Subscribe to T-series : 💪🎅🙌

  52. Jigs Arquiza

    Jigs Arquiza25 일 전

    Submarine doors open outwards. They're designed that way so the water pressure pushes against the door seals, making it watertight. In the movie, Aquaman pushed the doors inward. That would be really hard to do because the door's diameter would ideally be larger than the opening.

  53. Chanda Tiwari

    Chanda Tiwari25 일 전

    Aquaman:what could be greater than a king Mera: A hero


    MD ISHA SHAIKH25 일 전

    Trailer music is- Ghostwriter music sidewinder

  55. ik TV

    ik TV25 일 전

    How many channels you have jaby nice video #IKTV Reaction channel please friends subscribe to my Channel some body help me to grow my Channel

  56. devdeep banerjee

    devdeep banerjee25 일 전

    "What can be greater than a king" A Hero.

  57. DC Universe

    DC Universe25 일 전

    Jaby man just stop,James wan said'this trailer still doesn't even scratch the surface'so keep calm.

  58. Ashique vs

    Ashique vs26 일 전

    DC just began a different superhero movie, other than copying marvel tone. that's make Aquaman more EPIC

  59. paritosh sharma

    paritosh sharma26 일 전

    you two together look epic

  60. Satish Khot

    Satish Khot26 일 전

    fuck jaby

  61. Thano s

    Thano s26 일 전

    DC Trying So Hard to Copy Marvel... What happend to all you Dark movies...DC

  62. Emikiz Jarayo

    Emikiz Jarayo25 일 전

    and and funny humor in superhero movie just didn't start with marvel DC'S STEEL movie which came out in 1997 had lot of funny humours in it before any marvel movies had funny humours in theirs

  63. JETIX

    JETIX25 일 전

    Also marvel copied so many character s of dc

  64. Emikiz Jarayo

    Emikiz Jarayo25 일 전

    and marvel started that shit first

  65. Abinesh S

    Abinesh S26 일 전

    Just watching trailer takes me to atlantiss

  66. Archismaan is here

    Archismaan is here26 일 전

    Yeah you're right... That jump on the submarine scene didn't seem to me that real as well

  67. Asmit Khare

    Asmit Khare26 일 전

    Phill lober: Sidewinder

  68. Sujal Mulmi

    Sujal Mulmi26 일 전

    React to Traverse Nepal by Milan Thapa😊

  69. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman26 일 전

    Omg I’m so hyped

  70. Chirag Tandon

    Chirag Tandon26 일 전

    Legend has it one day bollywood will get inspired by aquaman.

  71. Ankit Pachori

    Ankit Pachori26 일 전

    Hey jaby whats ur favorite DC or Marvel?

  72. Floyd Waxler Studios

    Floyd Waxler Studios26 일 전

    ~Finding Trident~ *Starring:* Shark Bait Hoohaha Ariel from The Little Mermaid *And guest starring:* Willem "Gill" Goblin

  73. Raj Kumar Medida

    Raj Kumar Medida26 일 전

    alita battle angel trailer 3 reaction please!!!

  74. Alec Chournos

    Alec Chournos26 일 전

    Yeah except for the fact James Wan himself has said the trailers haven't shown really anything yet...

  75. R In the house

    R In the house26 일 전

    I love DC but... can there be explosions underwater?


    YADU NANDAN26 일 전

    The director said that he has shown only 5%of the movie

  77. Ameen Arshek

    Ameen Arshek26 일 전

    People talk about dark being bad. But what about Daredevil web series ?

  78. wtfisditvoorbullshit

    wtfisditvoorbullshit26 일 전

    3d in Dolby cinema is amazinggg

  79. Bad Boy

    Bad Boy26 일 전

    Background Score is sick!

  80. wtfisditvoorbullshit

    wtfisditvoorbullshit26 일 전

    I'm sooo diggin' the score! Absolute must see!

  81. Yash Kamble

    Yash Kamble26 일 전

    Warner Bros India Studio, Are Releasing Aquaman Movie On 14 December In English, Hindi, Tamil, Or Telugu Languages. From One Week Before USA.

  82. Anita K

    Anita K26 일 전

    The Trench?!!!! They kept it away from this trailer 😉😊 there's so much to still see...

  83. Jai Nair

    Jai Nair26 일 전

    James wan just revealed that only a glimpse has been shown and 90% of the movie is in IMAX ASPECT RATIO

  84. Sourabh Shrivastava

    Sourabh Shrivastava26 일 전

    I also cringed about the jump. I think they should have shown the submarine move downward where he had landed. It would have depicted his strength and force.

  85. Edwin Aldrin Catbridge

    Edwin Aldrin Catbridge26 일 전

    A must see Movie.

  86. Bunny Rabbit

    Bunny Rabbit26 일 전비디오-l2cqFiZjyB0.html **** JABY BRO *** react to this donald trumph comedy video

  87. DJ Twister25

    DJ Twister2526 일 전

    A DC film to look forward to. Hmmm

  88. jony Chauhan

    jony Chauhan26 일 전

    If i say that weapon is inspired by Lord shiva "Trishool". Nobody would take me seriously.

  89. King Khan

    King Khan26 일 전

    Last yar bad DC porfomed

  90. King Khan

    King Khan26 일 전

    Dc uniwars beeg come back aquaman

  91. Gabriel P

    Gabriel P26 일 전

    When he jumps on the submarine its like a shark, a dolphin or some crocodiles, when they jump out of the water propulsed by their tales.

  92. Aditya Sharma

    Aditya Sharma26 일 전

    Then I assume that you are going to watch 2.0 in realD 3D

  93. William Jackson

    William Jackson26 일 전

    What's the name of the music? It's amazing

  94. Debajyoti Chanda

    Debajyoti Chanda26 일 전

    @jaby...I personally despise multiple trailers that invokes hyped up expectations and finally by the time I hit the theatre the excitement ultimately wants....the production houses should really stop these commercializing the human excitement or else there will be nothing more to see....please stop with the installments...what do you think?

  95. 24fourtwenty

    24fourtwenty26 일 전

    Nicole Kickman 😂😂 very good Achara 😂

  96. Christopher Simon

    Christopher Simon26 일 전

    Agree aboot the cg submarine part, but then Abdullah black panther looked even worse in motion as well as spiderman in homecoming. I don't understand why they have so much trouble with it. All they need to do is slow down the motion of the character. Honestly I'm surprised no film company has been able to do that right....well actually venom had some damn good weight to him eventhough the movie itself could've been alot better. Still like it though

  97. Shahid Sayed

    Shahid Sayed25 일 전

    Who is Abdullah black panther?

  98. The Truth

    The Truth26 일 전

    I knew Wilem Defoe was in it

  99. Saran Srimee

    Saran Srimee26 일 전

    Fantastic Beasts 2 is stunning in IMAX 3D with its frame-braking effects. It's very, very immersive and impressive. If you haven't watched it in IMAX 3D yet, I highly recommend you to check it out in IMAX 3D. For Aquaman, I'll be watching it in IMAX 3D for sure. Those VFX-heavy scenes look stunning and could be really great in 3D.

  100. Sanjog Wayne

    Sanjog Wayne23 일 전

    Watched it in Boston. Love the ending fight.

  101. Saran Srimee

    Saran Srimee26 일 전

    +V R I'm so sorry about it :(. FB2 is really meant to be seen in IMAX 3D for the fullest experience.

  102. V R

    V R26 일 전

    There's no IMAX 3D for fantastic beasts in India.... It's there in IMAX 2D format over here(the one I watched).... There was IMAX 3D for other films though (IW, Ant man and the wasp, Venom, etc.)

  103. Kyle King101

    Kyle King10126 일 전

    This In 4Dx go be badd

  104. M R

    M R26 일 전

    hi buddy, i always knows there is special connection between us Jaby, today i confirmed to myself that is true. Because the moment i saw the trailer, earlier today, i told my self that, why sooo much revealing in trailer only, with that thought, i was waiting for your trailer reaction, hoping you all so say the same thing that i was thought to my self, and you diiiiiiiiiid i really think their is strong connection between us, soooo let's get married ? i started watching the reaction videos i was looking at your reactions closing, then i noticed something on your face , there was vibe that was telling me he will tell this following exact words " the only thing i didn't like about this trailer to be honest with you ,how much they reveal" so it is confirmed, we have very strong connection, when we will be getting married? if we ever get married, i have a small request though would please stop "nit picking" about the graphics/ accent, before we get to pick the nit we are fans of DC COMICS & MOTION PICTURE ( in general), be a fan be toooooo excited with a fear of little disappointed i believe that who is really a fan, but wait, after reading this don't change your mind immediately, don't forget when this going to be apply, if and only when we get married till then, BE HONEST BE BURBOSE (i am just guessing because i didn't know the spelling of that word), till then, think about the marriage, pick the nit out of every trailers,which ever it may be, be honest & be you with best reactions from your most guests,because that what makes me love you and your channel. love your reaction Achara, about the marriage thing i was just kidding, i really like H J not you, but actually i am not kidding,i really in love with you, and i want you to think about the that dramatic propose that i did to you after the 1st paragraph.... it is really romantic right.... till then i will be seeing you in other reactions. see you in dreams( actually in my dreams, not your because you still have probably 10 to 12 hours left). AS ALWAYS M R

  105. Nikk

    Nikk26 일 전

    DC Releasing so many Aquman Trailers. Actually we saw whole movie in Trailers itself. Im not even kidding!

  106. Cιʂ Iɳ

    Cιʂ Iɳ26 일 전

    How can you have seen the whole movie? With the 3 trailers we've seen 7 mins out of 143 mins movie. I don't understand how 5% is the whole movie?!

  107. bhanu puthra

    bhanu puthra26 일 전

    Background score is 👌👌👌

  108. Girls World

    Girls World26 일 전

    the music got me so hype like I'm getting ready for a war and I must get prepared 😎

  109. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne26 일 전