Ants vs. Termites


  1. sofanah ugokan

    sofanah ugokan17 분 전

    *Now I feel bad squishing ANTS..*

  2. Cristine Naig

    Cristine Naig시간 전

    What is the bee is doing to the ant

  3. Md. Ata Syahmi

    Md. Ata Syahmi2 시간 전

    Imagine if fire ants could withstand fire and bullet ants had steel-like armor

  4. Lu Wah

    Lu Wah5 시간 전

    *Name them the black panthers?* Like if you agree

  5. Lu Wah

    Lu Wah5 시간 전


  6. Lu Wah

    Lu Wah5 시간 전

    *love the bullet ants

  7. Lu Wah

    Lu Wah5 시간 전

    *i dont like termites they make my tummy sick you forced me to watch this*

  8. Samuel Elve

    Samuel Elve7 시간 전

    Calls it the shire No hobbit holes

  9. Anjolyna Ducharme

    Anjolyna Ducharme7 시간 전

    Name it the exterminator

  10. Rebecca Bateman

    Rebecca Bateman8 시간 전

    Call them bullet queens

  11. Luciano Food

    Luciano Food9 시간 전


  12. TheWolfeNation & TheHieuNation

    TheWolfeNation & TheHieuNation9 시간 전

    Asian ants sounds like me I’m asian

  13. Logan Martin

    Logan Martin11 시간 전

    In a motel

  14. Logan Martin

    Logan Martin11 시간 전

    I’ve made a ant farm

  15. Elliott Pollard

    Elliott Pollard14 시간 전

    Keep the termites!!!!

  16. Just Songs

    Just Songs19 시간 전

    Is not realy love is an instinct

  17. Demon & Angel

    Demon & Angel20 시간 전

    Keep the termites ok


    YARA ZAKARNA21 시간 전


  19. Dyan Florence Fink

    Dyan Florence Fink21 시간 전

    Boy, am I glad you saved them!

  20. Foxy The pirate fox

    Foxy The pirate fox일 전

    k̸e̸e̸p̸ t̸h̸e̸m̸

  21. Funny pissed

    Funny pissed일 전

    You should make a termite colony

  22. Immanuel Zaitinvawra

    Immanuel Zaitinvawra2 일 전

    You should start the termite kingdom

  23. Georgina Caplas

    Georgina Caplas2 일 전

    Ants vs bedbug

  24. Melchard Caranto

    Melchard Caranto2 일 전

    19:49 oh Mikey you blessed little soul

  25. Marlon Vargas

    Marlon Vargas2 일 전

    Still a better love story then Twilight

  26. Avery H

    Avery H2 일 전

    Keep termites

  27. Mega Foxy

    Mega Foxy2 일 전

    Keep them

  28. Leelahong Boonnak Chaiyabutr

    Leelahong Boonnak Chaiyabutr2 일 전

    I love ants

  29. GigawingsVideo

    GigawingsVideo3 일 전

    "Gamergate" Feminists: *Triggered*


    JEFFY YASS3 일 전

    When I saw ‘Gamergate’, I died for about 10 minutes straight

  31. GigawingsVideo

    GigawingsVideo3 일 전

    I wonder how many feminists got triggered over it hahaha

  32. iesu stephen adrian timoteo

    iesu stephen adrian timoteo4 일 전

    I live in the Philipines too witch part are you in? Luzon Visayas or Mindanao witch region?

  33. XFoxy 33

    XFoxy 334 일 전

    Keep them pleas!

  34. D Spears

    D Spears4 일 전

    That looks like the fire ant colony place

  35. E Brenner

    E Brenner5 일 전

    im ugly crying about those termites

  36. talkative devil

    talkative devil5 일 전

    you live in the philippines?!?!?! "masaya akong makilala ka!"

  37. GigawingsVideo

    GigawingsVideo3 일 전

    He's a celebrity in Philippines.

  38. Charles Romano

    Charles Romano6 일 전


  39. Gpig 21

    Gpig 216 일 전

    I liked the marvel fighting music thing in till he turned it into a Disney movie.

  40. LoveBugAlexis

    LoveBugAlexis7 일 전

    i feel like im watching a tv show

  41. Alexander Nguyen

    Alexander Nguyen7 일 전

    U have the perfect voice for this

  42. Nelcy Eneria

    Nelcy Eneria7 일 전

    Are you gonna build a house for the termites?

  43. dragon gaming Hatfield

    dragon gaming Hatfield7 일 전

    Keep the termites as pets!

  44. Ajodhya Mohanty

    Ajodhya Mohanty8 일 전

    You should keep them

  45. No Emotion

    No Emotion8 일 전

    Keep them!

  46. Gladiator King

    Gladiator King9 일 전

    What’s the name of the warlike music? Lol

  47. Chez AndBubble

    Chez AndBubble9 일 전

    why is your channel name called "antscanada"when you live in the phillipines

  48. GigawingsVideo

    GigawingsVideo3 일 전

    He lives in both Canada and Philippines

  49. Donald Johnson

    Donald Johnson9 일 전

    Hmmmm were should i put this body there no 19 minutes later No 1 hour later No 2 days later No 1 year later No

  50. Donald Johnson

    Donald Johnson9 일 전

    I mean

  51. Donald Johnson

    Donald Johnson9 일 전

    It like a war

  52. Donald Johnson

    Donald Johnson9 일 전


  53. Donald Johnson

    Donald Johnson9 일 전

    The bullets

  54. QuenTOE OOFER

    QuenTOE OOFER9 일 전

    keep the termites!

  55. ZombieMasterEd25

    ZombieMasterEd259 일 전

    I know how you can get that soil off the glass and see what's going on Take your cell phone and crank the vibrate to Max then call your cell phone or use the timer on your phone so that it goes off and use the vibration on the phone to vibrate the soil off of the glass wall it might scare the ants a little bit but no more than moving that rock slide around.

  56. BadBoiSiri

    BadBoiSiri10 일 전

    Keeeeeeppppp themmmmmm

  57. James Scholl

    James Scholl10 일 전

    13:39 when you here someone get up in the middle of the night

  58. Raphael Koh

    Raphael Koh11 일 전


  59. Trey Lo

    Trey Lo11 일 전

    Still a better love story than twilight

  60. FearlessNoob

    FearlessNoob11 일 전

    You are best #ACFamily

  61. Send Nudes

    Send Nudes11 일 전

    Gamer gate

  62. Katarzyna Czerwinska

    Katarzyna Czerwinska11 일 전


  63. Sarah Austin Kitchen

    Sarah Austin Kitchen12 일 전

    Keep the termites of love!

  64. Andrea Zuniga

    Andrea Zuniga12 일 전

    Keep them they were almost eaten only to find their true love.😍

  65. KromedScorpion345

    KromedScorpion34512 일 전

    why are hecking termites making me emotional

  66. DummyGames! Games and More!

    DummyGames! Games and More!13 일 전

    Awwww! this touched me in my heart,i was near to crying..i now learned a lesson-NEVER KILL FLYING LIGHT INSECTS!!

  67. Sean Marcus Manaeg

    Sean Marcus Manaeg14 일 전

    Kill the termites

  68. Rafael villar

    Rafael villar14 일 전

    Rivetting narration!

  69. crazy gaming

    crazy gaming14 일 전


  70. Gacha_Dianne27

    Gacha_Dianne2714 일 전

    oh mah gadddd did u just say philippines? i lived there and yep there is a fly like that when it rainy and littl annoying... hehe,because i study that time... but i love them and found out in morning they died.. :(

  71. The Confused Hans

    The Confused Hans14 일 전

    Its like an ejected pilot landing on enemy territories

  72. Silent_Swish Playz

    Silent_Swish Playz15 일 전

    *Who's Filipino?! AKO! (ME)*

  73. Ronald Jeremiah De Leon

    Ronald Jeremiah De Leon15 일 전

    Ants Canada... you are from Philippines?? Just realize it now

  74. Jacob Ryan

    Jacob Ryan15 일 전

    Something about your videos that really convinced me to subscribe is that, not only does it hold a high entertainment value, but there's usually some kind of life lesson at the end of each video like something you have personally learned from the update and wanted us to experience too. Shows how much you truly care for nature and how relatable it can be.

  75. TimeTravellerTim_ YT

    TimeTravellerTim_ YT15 일 전

    keep it because if u keep them, u can protect them

  76. João Francisco da Rosa Labriola

    João Francisco da Rosa Labriola16 일 전

    i think you should found an termite colony, that will be very intersting to see aswell. Will that be a problem? I don´t think the colonies will find one another right?

  77. Ultra Nova

    Ultra Nova16 일 전

    Wait for it, Wait for it, AND still looking XD

  78. Stick Figure Animations

    Stick Figure Animations16 일 전

    The shire forever

  79. Stick Figure Animations

    Stick Figure Animations17 일 전

    I never freeze

  80. Elizabeth Del castillo

    Elizabeth Del castillo17 일 전

    Its like nat geo good camera commentary and well..... science maybe

  81. Elizabeth Del castillo

    Elizabeth Del castillo17 일 전

    6:56 national geographic channel be like

  82. zetrox016

    zetrox01617 일 전

    this is ,,epic ? why ;[XD

  83. Thug and Warnacho

    Thug and Warnacho17 일 전

    Love the music

  84. Jeric Caoile

    Jeric Caoile17 일 전

    termites are very lucky in the Philippines because they say the termites house is a home of dwarfs

  85. Ajaxe Brailsford

    Ajaxe Brailsford18 일 전

    And if anything these ones should be called starks or bear island

  86. Ajaxe Brailsford

    Ajaxe Brailsford18 일 전

    The golden empire should be the lanisters

  87. Evelyn Newell

    Evelyn Newell19 일 전

    How bout the bullet nation

  88. Jonathan Thompson

    Jonathan Thompson19 일 전

    better love story than twilight

  89. Daris Kostic

    Daris Kostic20 일 전

    Bullet army

  90. Крыстафер Гомес

    Крыстафер Гомес20 일 전

    great episode.

  91. Rhino_Ruby

    Rhino_Ruby20 일 전

    When I first started watching and he said AC family I was like wtf air conditioning family!!!???

  92. KM Gaylor

    KM Gaylor21 일 전

    name them the roman horrers

  93. Sub To Luis Slarcia

    Sub To Luis Slarcia22 일 전

    AntsCanada is my favorite anime

  94. VickWhy Videos

    VickWhy Videos22 일 전

    17:32 Itsant Replay instead of Instant Replay

  95. VickWhy Videos

    VickWhy Videos22 일 전

    I bet that dead ant was the gamergate and the ant carrying it was just showing off how she killed the old gamergate and became the new one

  96. Doge Master

    Doge Master22 일 전

    OCD, a hell of a thing, *_(No Offence.)_*

  97. Just Monika

    Just Monika22 일 전

    *better love story than twilight*

  98. Just Monika

    Just Monika22 일 전

    i hate ants/all insects but when i was young I was so fascinated by them, now i remember why

  99. Ghost Queen

    Ghost Queen23 일 전

    The termite love story is actually making me cry-

  100. alucientes

    alucientes23 일 전

    Perfect video!!

  101. Incredible Slothman

    Incredible Slothman23 일 전

    Antscanada you are so interesting I’m so entertained by your ants 🐜 keep up the good work and continue rising to 3Million I’m with you all the way

  102. Ginger Warrior

    Ginger Warrior23 일 전

    The termites will eat your house down

  103. kittyking

    kittyking24 일 전

    Where is stiffleg????

  104. Alf O'Brien

    Alf O'Brien24 일 전

    Termites are good In groups