Ants vs. Termites


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    Boooo! Let the termites be eaten!

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    Now I want a bunch of ants

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    War war never changes

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    That is so sad. I was crying

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    Me and ants eat the same food cool

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    Buy a pet caiman or small crocodilians

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    Feed The Fire Ants Live Termites And Let's See What Happens... (Make It Educational LUV UR VIDS!)

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    Wait you live in the Philippines? I thought you live in Canada

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    I love your videos nice job

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    U shuld keep the termites

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    so you live in Philipins so why is your youtube acount name is antscanada?

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    Yo i felt that. Like he said "it moved him" it did move me

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    So sad! Make a termite farm

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    I can't believe you made me feel sympathy for frickin termites

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    The shadow clan

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    This is far and away better than any “professionally” made nature program. And that’s even after looking, looking and still looking.

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    Name the collany . The assassin cride

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    not gonna lie, i am just new to your channel but your videos are truly insane and inspiring at the same time and in a positive way. truly respect your passion

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    Legend said ~ the Ant is still looking ...

  20. talking tom and ben news and old friend M.N.D

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    Name him Mr brave

  21. Rebecca Gordon

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    A good way to see into a nest if it's been blocked off by the ants is to use a strong small magnet on both sides to scrape off the blockage.

  22. cfroi08

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    Termite: It's so safe inside a humans home. No other insects will get me and I can just fly away from humans. Ant Colony: Termite: WHAT HUMANS KEEP ANTS IN THEIR HOUSE!?

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    You should make a video of the check on the termite colony and of the queen and the king.and my name is Vincent.

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    Still a better love story than Twilight

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    Keep them and name the colony hmmm...warrior colony!

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    Keep it plz🙏🏻😢😥😇

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    I guess that yoy from manila in Phillipines im from olongapp city #OKkasamgalanggam In English is #youareOKforants

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    The most intense episode of Cops I've ever seen

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    ants lovers forever.

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    kEEP THEM!

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    9:50 “that left me in shock” *nestogrow add pops up*

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    There’s someone’s wooden home in the future who probably does not thank you for saving those two lol

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    Lol i wonder if that ant is still looking where to bury her sister

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    Ok so the chicken head video was in my recommendations and now I’m watching ants eat different animals wtf 💀💀

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    The bullets family

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    You should call it The Black Panthers

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    my heart was pounding this was so intense for me the music made it even more intense i was going WILD i was jumping all over my bed doing weird attacks on my giant dinosaur it was just wild Edit: but then at the end i felt so soft inside

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    You sound like 343 guilty sparks

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    The things I never knew I never knew......Termites are as fascinating as ants

  43. Major Misfit

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    "Damnit Janet, why you bringing that trash to the nest??"

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    Dude... Nice.

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    Have you ever been stung by a bullet ant?

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    I used to have war with the flower pot lands (fire ants colony) now.......I think I should do ☮️ 😀 thank you ants Canada #TermiteLoverForever

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    Please don’t feed them to the ants please #termitelovekeepthem #antlove

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    episode full of love!

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    My house was infested with termites, had to call the exterminator... Every night I had a thousand on my bed.

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    He really is amazing with his narration. I was on the brink of crying. It was like Romeo and Juliet for me again, before he saved them.

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    Can you help me?, my ants are always died I dont know why

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    This is awesome ^_^

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    when it was looking for a place for its dead it was funny how picky they are

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    make a place for the termites and once in a while u can give the ants some termites make termite ccolony

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    21:51 Some say she's still looking to this day

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    Awesome mikey!!!! 👍👍👍❤️❤️

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    The commercial on this video He sounds exactly like you! Lol

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    The narrator voice sounds familiar to me

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    However he got the termites

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    Why did I just teared up?


    IAMMUDBONE28 일 전

    heck yeah

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    Bro this is like the predator but with insects

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    When is the nuptial flight in Japan please tell me.

  67. Jakub Cesarz Dakos

    Jakub Cesarz Dakos개월 전

    It was such a beatifull story that I subbed. PS I know its too late but this colony of termites might be kind like the ancient Athens. The ancients had to sacrifise one person a year to the mighty Minotaur, and this colony might also have to send some part of their members as a price for saving their Queen and King

  68. Jakub Cesarz Dakos

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    AntsCanada TermitesPhilippines

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    7:30 I see ants have achieved ultra instinct

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    Keep them and no it's not cruel. They owe there life to you now.

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    I wish I had seen this before today. Would've been the perfect Valentine video. Eh, I'll share it anyway.

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    Keep the termites

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    How much there

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    what a perfect way to end Valentine's day, a beautiful love story about termites. Happy Valentine's Day 💕💞

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    What a coincidence that I’m watching this at Valentine’s Day

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    What was the song in the intro

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    I love red ants I fed them a tiny teddy biscuit 😐 when they came around they where going crazy for it

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    I just laugh in the part that the other ant guards the arriving food and refuse to accept because its actually a leftover...

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    This guy needs his own tv show!!

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    AC is such a softy romantic and i jus wanna smooch him dang

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    In first i watch this video, im not really interesting, but after watch it till end,, WOW,, its really good video,, You should keep the termite and let them build the kingdoom

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    Keep the termites and name them “the wings of love”

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    Would've been cool if you had made a habitat for the termites. Do you plan to ever do that?

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    keep the termites

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    KEEP TERMITES?100%yes

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    One day if all the insects escape out of the glass room then.........

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    Awe so sad 😂🤣😵 I bet u still gaved them to the ants n naw bro I think u should keep them n make dem have babys n then "feeders"

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    Imagine a ant colony being communist

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    You just made me feel deeply about ants

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    My fave soap opera

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    Cool 😟🤔🤔😧😧😂😂🤣🤣🙂🙂🙂🙂

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    After nuptials flight male ants die, leaving the females to rule the colony. Where as with termites, the males each find their one female mate and stay with her till death.

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    This is legitimately my favorite KOreporter video ever thank you!

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    were do you live? at philippines i live there

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    Summon Earthworm Jim. The Queen is ready for battle.

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    I remember back when i was a kid these termites would swarm the hell out of our room we end up sleeping out of the room.

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    It was my interest in the bullet ants that brought me here.. And now I find termites interesting too... smh..

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    The last part made me laugh so hard