Ants vs. Termites


  1. Jake Willis

    Jake Willis6 시간 전

    These are the most relatable ants!

  2. Ethan Glassco

    Ethan Glassco14 시간 전

    YESdooitceapTH trmies

  3. Jaden Gonzathe

    Jaden Gonzathe19 시간 전

    Keep em, I wanna see the termites colony 🐛

  4. Chai Lee

    Chai Lee21 시간 전

    Nice story now give me.... A shoe

  5. Ronald Leeper

    Ronald Leeper일 전

    Name them the terminators or the business bug's

  6. calvin arifianto

    calvin arifianto일 전

    Fire nation vs golden

  7. zoey baldacchino

    zoey baldacchino일 전

    Yes keep it

  8. André Ibualamo

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    Yeah, keep them! ^^

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  10. Money Joe Productions

    Money Joe Productions일 전

    Omg this vid was mad 1 day before my *_BIRTHDAY_*

  11. Dylan Hodges

    Dylan Hodges일 전

    I started watching your videos and didnt expect to be so captured these ants. And Now im getting excited about termites.

  12. Nihle Igleca

    Nihle Igleca일 전

    Damn, now these new-born termites are gonna remember themselves as God's chosen ones lol.

  13. _ HydroHeathen _

    _ HydroHeathen _2 일 전

    Who else thought the title was ants vs tamales



    I did... lol

  15. Ethan P

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  16. Sarah the Angel Fox

    Sarah the Angel Fox2 일 전

    **watching the termites doing their mating dance** this is so sweet! ;v; **sees the ant still trying to find a spot to place her dead sister** oml. XD

  17. Logical Gamer

    Logical Gamer2 일 전

    Bullet ant - chasing termite Termite - rescued by outsider Bullet ant - *Excuse me WTF*

  18. Martin Orea

    Martin Orea2 일 전

    Yes keep them an wen one them die just give them to one another

  19. David Lucas

    David Lucas2 일 전

    Yay! you let the termite couple live! Glad you saved them.

  20. ace lacsam

    ace lacsam3 일 전

    Si good to know you are in Philippines

  21. Theresa Brady

    Theresa Brady3 일 전

    yes keep them they will be better off with you

  22. Cherry Dragon

    Cherry Dragon3 일 전

    I get why the thermites were going to the nest. Some other thermites were caught and brought to the nest. Their chemicals lead to the nest, so other thermites looking for mates went to the ant nest to find thermites only to be caught.

  23. Nathan Weigel

    Nathan Weigel3 일 전

    I was expecting more of a reenactment of the battle scene from Antz but this was good too

  24. Kaya Swillens

    Kaya Swillens3 일 전

    This felt like i was watching a kind of hunger games movie😂😂😂




  26. omar jamal12123

    omar jamal121233 일 전

    make a house for the termites and make videos of their kingdom

  27. Clara Alebrook

    Clara Alebrook3 일 전

    Yes! Keep them!

  28. Sir awesomness

    Sir awesomness3 일 전

    I love the documentary style these videos are in!

  29. Dead Meme Lord

    Dead Meme Lord3 일 전

    I kept flinching when I saw the termites and the roaches

  30. Ariel H

    Ariel H3 일 전

    I'm so glad you saved them. 😢

  31. Sondra Scheiblich

    Sondra Scheiblich4 일 전

    I didn't shed a tear.... my eyes are sweating.... darn termites.

  32. Shining Bacon STUDIOS

    Shining Bacon STUDIOS4 일 전

    Fire Ants: “ Ok so someone is dead, wanna put him him in the water?” Bullet Ants: “ Here, no here, wait here , wait here.......still looking” This is why I love ants, they are just the funniest thing to watch.

  33. Wow such Naming

    Wow such Naming4 일 전

    Termite lives matter too!

  34. tootoo876

    tootoo8764 일 전

    You should put food in random spots for ants to try and find

  35. tootoo876

    tootoo8764 일 전

    This is the best channel to cure a fear of bugs

  36. ho ming leung

    ho ming leung4 일 전

    Keep keep

  37. Super Aiden Link productions

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    That’s awesome! I just found your channel and I love it!!

  38. Lanceyyy

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    Calling all gamerboygates



    pls do something with mosquito

  40. Mason Coolman

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  41. Lisha M.H

    Lisha M.H4 일 전

    Watching this gave me a rollercoaster ride 🤩🤩🤩🤯🤯

  42. Raptorex 987

    Raptorex 9874 일 전

    Thank you saving the othet termintes Ac Father.

  43. drift clUbb

    drift clUbb4 일 전

    The superduper bullet ant

  44. Naga Tuber Chingshen

    Naga Tuber Chingshen4 일 전

    Start a termite colony and then make an epic ants vs termites video. Tell me what background music you use i like it soo much

  45. Janet Jiao

    Janet Jiao4 일 전

    What's the food of the ants

  46. Blue Berry horror

    Blue Berry horror5 일 전

    Have you ever been bit by your bullet ants yet?

  47. Boy creeper

    Boy creeper5 일 전

    Bro i live in tha philipines!

  48. Gwish Wilson

    Gwish Wilson5 일 전

    Haha i saw a anti termite ad on a pro termite video

  49. ThouSaucyVassal

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    That... that was beautiful

  50. Xmenjade

    Xmenjade5 일 전

    the fact these termites have a more interesting love life than humans

  51. Coolfire236

    Coolfire2365 일 전

    keep them

  52. VoidTheGamer 909

    VoidTheGamer 9095 일 전

    Am I the only one who read ‘termites’ at the intro as ‘Cermites*?

  53. Alec Zarkower

    Alec Zarkower5 일 전

    farm them

  54. Stoopio's Productions

    Stoopio's Productions5 일 전

    God man that king and queen termite part made me sad but happy :)

  55. historyboi2009

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    This is like sink the bismark with the termites

  56. Zedric Ogalesco

    Zedric Ogalesco6 일 전

    This channel is really interesting i've only watched one of your videos and now i can't stop watching them👍

  57. anis jerbi

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    something i never do "interfere" aka everytime XD

  58. Jillian H

    Jillian H7 일 전

    this is the most beautiful love story I’ve seen in years

  59. Ic37r011

    Ic37r0117 일 전

    Your videos are supreme. Your fire nation was hungry on that flying termite.

  60. the real game hq

    the real game hq7 일 전

    Ants vs. thermites

  61. Filip B

    Filip B7 일 전

    The guns.Because thay are bullet ants.Get it.

  62. Kharn

    Kharn7 일 전

    Tyranids might be my enemies, but they’re still fascinating creatures.

  63. Bryanzilla 2133

    Bryanzilla 21337 일 전

    I didnt know you are in the Philippines, a storm hit us, are the ants ok?

  64. Blue Froggle

    Blue Froggle7 일 전

    Still a better love than Twilight.

  65. SUAVE_ D-LUX

    SUAVE_ D-LUX7 일 전

    Dudeeee why tf am I jealous of a termite relationship

  66. Brhians play'z Almira

    Brhians play'z Almira7 일 전

    But did you know that when we saw them I kill them them really quickly I have experience that some of them are in my head house and really in my TV

  67. Clay Hankins

    Clay Hankins8 일 전

    Feed the termites to the ants

  68. Mister Crikey

    Mister Crikey8 일 전

    Thats how 'Socialism' works!

  69. FoxySonia

    FoxySonia8 일 전

    Aw, you really are a softy. And that ending (the ant running around carrying the dead ant still searching for a place to dump it) made me laugh.

  70. Killer Chick

    Killer Chick8 일 전

    Name them scourge of the terminators

  71. raven dark heart

    raven dark heart8 일 전

    Awww that's beautiful I'm glad you saved them

  72. Richard Butzback

    Richard Butzback9 일 전

    Wow , great Move you've done with let this pair a part in your history , awesome. greeetings from germany

  73. Hyena_Foxes

    Hyena_Foxes9 일 전

    It’s now 8 months, is that ant still looking?

  74. Dom Squaaa

    Dom Squaaa9 일 전

    This guy could make a haircut dramatic

  75. dkgong

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    You’re like a god to the termites now

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    keep them,keep them,keep them please like if agree

  77. Yaro Lin Rarama

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    Wait what part of the philippines do you live in

  78. Yaro Lin Rarama

    Yaro Lin Rarama9 일 전

    I laughed when the ants fight over theyre prey

  79. Yaro Lin Rarama

    Yaro Lin Rarama9 일 전

    I laughed when the ants fight over theyre prey

  80. Atakanoski 33

    Atakanoski 339 일 전

    Do you know any phrases except AC family?

  81. john aurel villa

    john aurel villa9 일 전

    The termite story made me cry omg 😭

  82. Alexia Savage

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    You should have a Kalani of termites

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    yessssssss keep them that was so cuteeee

  85. Danceswithsloths

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    anybody remember the movie ANTZ with the battle between termites and ants?

  86. Can I Eat your dog

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    Did i just watch ant porn

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    all these people in the comments getting all "touched" over some damn bugs

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    They should be called the Asian warriors

  91. Frightful Lago

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    Wow who knew even ants knew about gamergate

  92. Logan Neville

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    I have an ant farm only one and that's golden crazy I had a termite couple the king made a great sacrifice R.I.P king

  93. Dominic Troquato

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    I got an ad for an exterminator during this video

  94. Aidan Rich

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    "Termite version of Tinder" I have to say I did not see that coming

  95. Tevin Nguyen

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    You basically saved there lives

  96. Mr tepig

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    If you’re from the phillapins then why did you call your channel ants Canada

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    You should make a termite kingdom

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    LOVE DEM 👌🙌🙏😘😍

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    Pilipino ka??? Pre lupet mo

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    Continue the termites life/colonie

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    You got one more Subscriber...ME😀