Ants vs. Praying Mantis


  1. zain's production

    zain's production7 시간 전

    1:35 that mantis is dancing ummm must be listening to sick beats

  2. Jolly wAlam

    Jolly wAlam8 시간 전

    Name the mantis mantariya

  3. Jolly wAlam

    Jolly wAlam8 시간 전

    Name it the mini chopper

  4. Jolly wAlam

    Jolly wAlam8 시간 전

    The mini chopers

  5. Signor Whippy

    Signor Whippy12 시간 전

    Seems to lie between videos.

  6. Matthew Bocalan

    Matthew Bocalan20 시간 전


  7. Wolfpack Assassin

    Wolfpack Assassin22 시간 전

    They should be named the silent prey or the silent millions guys reply and tell me witch one I wanna know the good name

  8. John Marcotte

    John Marcotte일 전

    minny milipeads

  9. Jacob Graves

    Jacob Graves일 전

    Coyote Peterson could NEVER

  10. l MONO l vlog

    l MONO l vlog일 전

    Never what

  11. Jake Willis

    Jake Willis일 전

    I think we should name the millipedes the gracious gardeners

  12. YOLOgamer99166

    YOLOgamer99166일 전

    "ant killing machine"

  13. Niang Suan Vung

    Niang Suan Vung일 전

    And i call the mantis the dark lord

  14. Niang Suan Vung

    Niang Suan Vung일 전

    Hmm i call the milipedes the stealthy scouts

  15. Jett Lee-Anderson

    Jett Lee-Anderson일 전

    Call one of them fish sticks

  16. Static

    Static일 전

    1:34 Dancing Mantis

  17. Robyn Rodda

    Robyn Rodda일 전


  18. Alejandro Renteria

    Alejandro Renteria일 전

    So the praying mantis is Thanos

  19. auce

    auce일 전

    Just get the infinity gauntlet, problem solved

  20. Carter Richie

    Carter Richie2 일 전

    Jesus that mantis scared me when it was looking down

  21. M.R.T

    M.R.T2 일 전

    Milla-pink-peas xD

  22. PJ Robertson

    PJ Robertson2 일 전

    Call them maroons

  23. Euell Kang

    Euell Kang2 일 전

    Ant killer

  24. Shelly Johnson

    Shelly Johnson2 일 전

    Mille is a good name

  25. Crazy Cousins

    Crazy Cousins2 일 전

    Milly the millipede

  26. huh -_-

    huh -_-2 일 전

    6:44 The survivors

  27. Freddie Sprinklz

    Freddie Sprinklz2 일 전

    LADY PREY :P {------ me

  28. Adorable Gore

    Adorable Gore2 일 전

    Some people are afraid of spiders or snakes or sharks, but for me personally, the praying mantis is the most horrifying creature to walk the earth. Just nope, nope, nope.

  29. Vincent Vang

    Vincent Vang2 일 전

    The hidden stick

  30. reptile

    reptile3 일 전

    Matisha the empress

  31. reptile

    reptile3 일 전

    Rip goddess 1=1 prayer

  32. reptile

    reptile3 일 전

    Millipede name umm...tho long legs

  33. Richard Bishop

    Richard Bishop3 일 전

    name one of the millipedes Milly

  34. Ernesten Vaner

    Ernesten Vaner3 일 전


  35. Cory jack dixon

    Cory jack dixon3 일 전

    Golden empres

  36. Declan Kinahan

    Declan Kinahan3 일 전

    Thor ant plant and axe into bugos chest Buggo:you should have gone for the head

  37. Declan Kinahan

    Declan Kinahan3 일 전

    It looks more like a fish to me

  38. Declan Kinahan

    Declan Kinahan3 일 전

    1:34: praying mantis dancing

  39. yongfeng om

    yongfeng om3 일 전




    Lol in 2 minutes it finished only 1 ant lmao

  41. Zombieblood 37

    Zombieblood 373 일 전

    Name the millipede tremor

  42. Kenna Wolf

    Kenna Wolf4 일 전

    lol imma call that mantis the "ant-reaper" lol thats the cheeiest thing i've ever heard but whatever

  43. J Gower

    J Gower4 일 전

    Name them of the tiny Mills

  44. Jared Travis

    Jared Travis4 일 전

    Is it just me or doesn't it seem like food shortage is pretty natural

  45. Zionne Makoma

    Zionne Makoma4 일 전

    When he put the roach in: Ants: MASTER HAS PUT FOOD IN OUR HOME LETS FEAST

  46. Eduardo Palacios

    Eduardo Palacios4 일 전

    Call the mantist snacher

  47. jack skellington

    jack skellington4 일 전

    Antscanada:she even flicked an ant off Mantis:YEET Ant:AHHHHHH

  48. Mr. ?

    Mr. ?4 일 전

    name her ANT stalker or sizer hands wait ..... name her lady Thanos

  49. Puppy Piggy

    Puppy Piggy4 일 전

    The league of legs!

  50. FideChristiGamer

    FideChristiGamer4 일 전

    Gabriel, and Leo may be good names

  51. Candy King27

    Candy King274 일 전

    name her killie

  52. Nightmare Moon

    Nightmare Moon4 일 전

    Why don't you name the mantis Minerva or millianna?

  53. Seigfreid Caluya

    Seigfreid Caluya4 일 전

    Sister Marie Because she is praying get it ?

  54. Matt Lopez

    Matt Lopez4 일 전

    Her name should be the "The pry of the dead"

  55. Reed N

    Reed N4 일 전

    How about the millipede miners?

  56. Fenn Kleven

    Fenn Kleven5 일 전

    For the millipedes you should call them the millionaires

  57. Tim Sullivan

    Tim Sullivan5 일 전

    Praying mantis? How about "The Holy Terror"?

  58. Tim Sullivan

    Tim Sullivan5 일 전

    From Tolkien's universe, a name for an elfish millipede -"Legalots"?

  59. Nico Storace

    Nico Storace5 일 전

    Prying terminator

  60. Christine Schomer

    Christine Schomer5 일 전

    Mantis name could be Scythe or Reaper!

  61. Christine Schomer

    Christine Schomer5 일 전

    Can I name a millipede? I would like to call one Nightbreeze or Nightblast if it is not too late!

  62. Abigail Gott

    Abigail Gott5 일 전

    The kills are quick

  63. Da bts Army

    Da bts Army5 일 전

    And for the praying mantis name it Zeus’s hand because it has lighting quick movements

  64. Da bts Army

    Da bts Army5 일 전

    A million babies (name of the millipedes)

  65. Aniya Carrasco

    Aniya Carrasco5 일 전

    The golden guard slayer

  66. my favorite number is purple yea

    my favorite number is purple yea5 일 전


  67. vyvor

    vyvor5 일 전

    Pls make more mantis vids

  68. CrazyApple Animation

    CrazyApple Animation5 일 전

    Lil bois

  69. Yeet God

    Yeet God5 일 전

    i'd call the millipedes 'The Elders'

  70. Olivia Westenskow

    Olivia Westenskow5 일 전

    call the millipedes "the silent millions"

  71. John Hoxie

    John Hoxie5 일 전

    The allergies

  72. awsome gamer

    awsome gamer5 일 전

    a good name would be outlaws

  73. Mega Sans Gaming

    Mega Sans Gaming5 일 전

    name her a little shizer

  74. Markogames537

    Markogames5375 일 전

    Becouse She vas fest ,QuickAnd smart

  75. Sebastian Christensen

    Sebastian Christensen5 일 전

    999 dislikes cool but why would you dislike the vid

  76. boom boom bang

    boom boom bang5 일 전

    You should call them peacfull crawlers

  77. golden freddy

    golden freddy5 일 전

    They kill ants quickly and efficiently and we care about our ants

  78. golden freddy

    golden freddy5 일 전

    Hidden rebel 😳

  79. golden freddy

    golden freddy5 일 전

    R.Rs(Royal Rebels)

  80. TheRadioactiveBanana

    TheRadioactiveBanana5 일 전

    Name for millipedes should be The Tiny Pedes

  81. spongebob square pants

    spongebob square pants5 일 전

    you are so dramatic but i still love ur vids

  82. Evan Thorne

    Evan Thorne5 일 전

    Millipedes should be the botanists and the mantis should be The Huntress

  83. Muuay Dubowits

    Muuay Dubowits5 일 전


  84. 7T&M dimonds

    7T&M dimonds5 일 전


  85. 7T&M dimonds

    7T&M dimonds5 일 전

    did u add Venus fly traps?

  86. richard m

    richard m5 일 전

    say i if u get so deppresed that you are forced to watch these videos

  87. Felix Dawson

    Felix Dawson5 일 전

    richard m ay

  88. Buster North

    Buster North5 일 전

    question answer: the praying mantis can eat a lot of different insects including ants so they were obviously the predator of choice

  89. Derek Escalante

    Derek Escalante5 일 전


  90. Buster North

    Buster North5 일 전

    mantis name: asia

  91. Buster North

    Buster North6 일 전

    millipede name: milly

  92. Anamarie Flores

    Anamarie Flores6 일 전

    The mysterious creatures

  93. Maestro, Macy, Sugar And me.

    Maestro, Macy, Sugar And me.6 일 전

    Name the mantis something that has to do with nature for example... 1. Willow 2. Leaf 3. Twig 4. Tiger Lily 5. Wind 6. Breeze 7. River 8. Rain

  94. zongde lin

    zongde lin6 일 전

    It should be called amis or Alex if it is a girl it is alice

  95. they call me the Scarecrow

    they call me the Scarecrow6 일 전

    Name them the army of legs

  96. DanielTheRobot

    DanielTheRobot6 일 전

    Name for the baby millipede: Skitter

  97. Sapphire _TheWolf

    Sapphire _TheWolf6 일 전

    AND also I think "Brownie" would be a good name for the mantis! ♡

  98. William Edington

    William Edington6 일 전

    Call them the silent bois

  99. Christian Belchior

    Christian Belchior6 일 전

    What If She Is Fed To Death? I Name This Praying Mantis Azazel.

  100. Eva Bagrova

    Eva Bagrova6 일 전

    I dont know why but this is so fascinating

  101. Sapphire _TheWolf

    Sapphire _TheWolf6 일 전

    I think you would name them the Mila-Mob

  102. Darian Klappe

    Darian Klappe6 일 전

    Paint youre self purple and get a glove then you can say that youre running out of options