Ants vs. Praying Mantis


  1. Galina Ioffe

    Galina Ioffe2 일 전

    Queen Mantie

  2. Lasherations

    Lasherations2 일 전

    Name these millaped NINGApeed

  3. leyla junior surprises

    leyla junior surprises2 일 전

    Name it Ruby that's a beautiful name like the beautiful praying mantis

  4. Flaming Wheels

    Flaming Wheels2 일 전

    Mango the manyis

  5. clay video

    clay video3 일 전

    the millipedes should me called the hundred legged army

  6. crystal chaung

    crystal chaung3 일 전

    Was adding a blind snake an option at this point? Is ant escape a potential problem with the plants gripping onto the glass any higher?

  7. Your boy Parker

    Your boy Parker4 일 전

    I'm at work, can somebody timestamp when the beef kicks off

  8. Marcelo Rodrigues

    Marcelo Rodrigues5 일 전

    Esse cara é muito emocionado na narração ahhahahhah

  9. Trexking Dinoboy

    Trexking Dinoboy6 일 전

    The millipedes have toxic gas so can’t they scare of the golden empire and they have strong ish armour they probably were stopped from getting the water or something

  10. Yuliana Leiva

    Yuliana Leiva6 일 전

    Miracle millipedes

  11. mollerbt

    mollerbt7 일 전

    No way she alone would be effective

  12. Randolf Graves

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  13. KoolDude Gamez247

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  14. Talon Upson

    Talon Upson10 일 전

    call her :Ant's Bane"

  15. rexcellent7

    rexcellent711 일 전

    Call he manti

  16. Yourboiabdullah 1

    Yourboiabdullah 111 일 전

    Miller pedes

  17. oscar the cat

    oscar the cat12 일 전

    The praymanties is a seathy creature with smarts, and knows how to survive

  18. Gabor Ronai

    Gabor Ronai13 일 전

    Hitman tis

  19. Jonathan Rahming

    Jonathan Rahming13 일 전

    how many subs do you have 2.7 million or 2.8 million

  20. Sonarcha

    Sonarcha13 일 전

    "no prolonged death" Ummm... Mantis attack is one of the most painful in the bug world. Venom of other bugs kills instantly, and mantis eats still moving insects...

  21. F-ZERO

    F-ZERO14 일 전

    Great Channel!!!... this is the ONLY Channel I have no problem pressing the Like Button " ever single time"...

  22. Late Nights

    Late Nights14 일 전

    So happy that you’ve done a praying mantis one 🤩. Love you’re videos 😱😍😍😍 Also Paris the praying mantis

  23. taylor lehman

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  24. Adameq 201PL

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  25. Eggs Benedict

    Eggs Benedict15 일 전

    That sky does Minecraft music at the beginning tho

  26. DEAD-HEAD -by GaMeRs for GaMeRs-

    DEAD-HEAD -by GaMeRs for GaMeRs-15 일 전

    Thanos could have helped you for this,100% natural

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    2019-3-8 首次阅览 拍得很好,继续加油

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  29. Tonius D

    Tonius D17 일 전

    God damn man you have tugged at my heart strings way too often on this channel (New Sub) Aquired! The most important thing I have learned from your channel is we are all important small or large xD


    IAMMUDBONE18 일 전

    should have aimed for the head

  31. Flemming Samuelsen

    Flemming Samuelsen18 일 전

    DI Think you name Them tissemand

  32. nicholas neri

    nicholas neri18 일 전

    So intense

  33. Ryan Cocita

    Ryan Cocita19 일 전

    Call the millipedes the mill Billy’s like hill Billy’s

  34. barraldo ororke

    barraldo ororke21 일 전

    Charmander Ulysses S Ant

  35. Mario Lopez

    Mario Lopez21 일 전

    FYI it’s pronounced Asienda not hot sienda , thanks

  36. Jerome Hew

    Jerome Hew22 일 전

    death worms

  37. 08whiteh

    08whiteh22 일 전

    they sway like a leaf in the wind

  38. Major Misfit

    Major Misfit22 일 전

    I love how you try to keep everything from habitats to population control as eco friendly as possible. It's so easy to mess things up when trying chemical solutions and doing it as you do is outstanding. Honestly it's like watching an episode of the nature channel.

  39. Fernandina Streetfighting League

    Fernandina Streetfighting League22 일 전

    I would’ve put 1 more praying mantis at least, but I’m no expert

  40. Michael Edwards

    Michael Edwards23 일 전

    I've started making popcorn for these shows

  41. FaNTaSy PLAYS

    FaNTaSy PLAYS24 일 전

    And the melipies the hiders

  42. FaNTaSy PLAYS

    FaNTaSy PLAYS24 일 전

    ANT buster

  43. Rita Cho

    Rita Cho25 일 전

    The praying mantis is sooooooooooooooooo creepy af!!!!! I’m definitely having nightmares tn!!!! Ughh

  44. los pí dé lá biyá

    los pí dé lá biyá26 일 전

    Like si vienes por Khan

  45. Noi boy The fub lub

    Noi boy The fub lub28 일 전

    I feel bad for all those roaches

  46. Mcqueen EVC

    Mcqueen EVC28 일 전

    Molli or milli

  47. Marlena thorvald

    Marlena thorvald29 일 전

    What is smoll honey

  48. April Furcean

    April Furcean29 일 전

    Senora bonita

  49. Reynaldo Collamat

    Reynaldo Collamat29 일 전

    ah i will name it tree runner

  50. Reynaldo Collamat

    Reynaldo Collamat29 일 전




    Praying predator

  52. maristaproductions

    maristaproductions개월 전

    i have a rational fear of praying mantises. seeing them in real life, moving around and hunting down insects just makes my whole body SHAKE WITH ANXIETY. this video helped me a bit by forcing myself to look at the preying mantis and calm myself down with breathing. thanks AntsCanada! 💖

  53. Rorchlid

    Rorchlid개월 전

    The "aboots" are real. #Canada. Shoutout from Toronto

  54. 다크게TV

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    정말 신기합니다.

  55. Stephybass o

    Stephybass o개월 전

    Que the skydoesminecraft intro

  56. The VanMan

    The VanMan개월 전

    the preying mantis disliked this intensely 1k times

  57. Dam daniel DRAKEY

    Dam daniel DRAKEY개월 전

    This shows weird

  58. Kavi Sugiharto Weber

    Kavi Sugiharto Weber개월 전

    Imagine a Gahoole-esque book series but instead of owls it has ants and it's a political intrigue plot between the queens and the adversaries they must face. Even a mobile game would be cool.

  59. Will Collins

    Will Collins개월 전

    Name it cardinal Keith O'Brien

  60. Holton Wentworth

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  61. Holton Wentworth

    Holton Wentworth개월 전

    Millpede military

  62. Sausage Boy

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    Call the millipedes the Mongolian death worms

  63. anonymous person

    anonymous person개월 전

    El assisino

  64. Dimond live gaming

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  65. Notorious L-I-N

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    This motherfucker talks a lot

  66. Republic of Bolson

    Republic of Bolson개월 전

    I wanna have a colony. Where can I find one? (I honestly don't care what kind of ant it is)

  67. Tsunami Sanders

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  68. Jeffrey Anderson

    Jeffrey Anderson개월 전

    So I looked up how many eggs a typical ant queen can lay in just a few days and I got 150,000-300,000 depending on the species. I then looked up how much a praying mantis eats each day and I got a variety of answers depending on size, sex, species and so on. Looks like most eat a few times a day and sometimes as long as a few times a week. So yeah, interesting vid but this mantis is gonna need to put some overtime in if she wants to even dent their numbers.

  69. Jami Angel

    Jami Angel개월 전

    Misty mantis

  70. Jami Angel

    Jami Angel개월 전

    Milli squad

  71. Ethan Richardson

    Ethan Richardson개월 전

    Plant eater

  72. Jacob Sorrells

    Jacob Sorrells개월 전

    The music in this video sounds like skydoesminecrafts old intro 🤔

  73. Joshua B

    Joshua B개월 전

    Name one of them squirmy

  74. soulspeaker1979

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  75. David Matamoros

    David Matamoros개월 전

    Nothing eats them because the r poisonous ! Not vene

  76. Travis Peach

    Travis Peach개월 전

    Millipede names:Millie, Mildred, Millicent, Milton, Miller. Maxamillion.

  77. Travis Peach

    Travis Peach개월 전

    To reduce ant numbers: Create an Ant suicide cult of course.

  78. Wayne  Baker

    Wayne Baker개월 전

    Solid snake Ninja Predator

  79. Isaiah Pryor

    Isaiah Pryor개월 전

    Name them the pinky poons

  80. The mixup channel Vega

    The mixup channel Vega개월 전

    I think we should name her, green bolt

  81. Victor Navoa

    Victor Navoa개월 전

    Bio Clean-up Co.

  82. Heidy Cespedes

    Heidy Cespedes개월 전

    the betiful asasun

  83. Heidy Cespedes

    Heidy Cespedes개월 전

    antscanada jr gg black peach legs

  84. Ricardo R. Ruiz

    Ricardo R. Ruiz개월 전

    Cleopatra Manthis...

  85. Tom Ashley

    Tom Ashley개월 전

    I could watch that mantis hunt for hours.

  86. Yolo Samir

    Yolo Samir개월 전

    Name the Praying Mantis: "The Assassin"

  87. chipmonk song

    chipmonk song개월 전

    This mantis should called ripper

  88. Hershey B

    Hershey B개월 전

    chipmonk song no reaper

  89. Flowey The Flower

    Flowey The Flower개월 전

    Call her Melitta

  90. Nathan Parker

    Nathan Parker개월 전

    Call them the refugees

  91. Jfanz

    Jfanz개월 전

    Didn't their population boom due to the introduction of the 5 queen crazy yellow ants? 🤣

  92. Kael Cote-Cherry

    Kael Cote-Cherry개월 전

    Are you French Tu est tu françai

  93. Troy Vernon

    Troy Vernon개월 전

    I know it's been a while since this has been posted but my recommendation is to name the millipedes the MillenniumFalcons.

  94. Clariid Fisherman

    Clariid Fisherman개월 전

    I need to watch more to get over my hate for ants...

  95. Donny Greig

    Donny Greig개월 전

    What are you thoughts on top 10 ways to kill ants? All the comments on it are pretty much about you. 😂😂

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  97. Hero Builders

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    Miss mantis

  98. Gael Pena

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  99. Jeisson Lloret

    Jeisson Lloret개월 전

    Call her queen!!

  100. Mimzaroo

    Mimzaroo개월 전

    @AntsCanada POSSIBLE MILLIPEDE NAME: LEGGY BOIS!! (Sorry this comment is so late, I was just recently introduced to your channel. I love it by the way.)

  101. Misha Ryabtsev

    Misha Ryabtsev개월 전

    call her suzy