Ants vs. Praying Mantis


  1. Hidde ten Cate

    Hidde ten Cate시간 전

    Am i the only one that have a Netherlands titel (sorry my english is very bad)😢

  2. D wonder

    D wonder4 시간 전

    the mantas looks like she's dancing

  3. hybrid master

    hybrid master6 시간 전

    also name the praying mantis drago for it's deadly behavior like dragons

  4. hybrid master

    hybrid master6 시간 전

    that was sad to feed a baby cockroach to a deadly praying mantis

  5. bbgame boys

    bbgame boys6 시간 전

    Ant cockrodtcjhrjghkilletdtgf

  6. Kim Curran

    Kim Curran8 시간 전

    The mighty milapedes

  7. Caroline Koch

    Caroline Koch9 시간 전

    bob momo violet

  8. martin fellows

    martin fellows12 시간 전

    God manters

  9. Erik Slettengren

    Erik Slettengren17 시간 전

    It’s crazy how much passion you have to ants 🐜 I like

  10. binu rai

    binu rai18 시간 전

    Boy name = hunta

  11. binu rai

    binu rai18 시간 전

    Girl name=huntnis

  12. Jordan Cooper

    Jordan Cooper22 시간 전

    They could be maxamillisans

  13. Paul Titus

    Paul Titus일 전

    I think the right name for the mantis is lightning catcher

  14. sqishy tube

    sqishy tube일 전


  15. sqishy tube

    sqishy tube일 전

    For a name

  16. sqishy tube

    sqishy tube일 전


  17. Bloby Sibson

    Bloby Sibson일 전

    The silent watchers

  18. DeadGuests

    DeadGuests일 전

    1, 2, *ad of Dominos Pizzas pop up* Me: Oh wow

  19. andrew shepherd

    andrew shepherd일 전

    Just a comment from a casual viewer, what would happen if you were to introduce a group of hostile ants, like soldier ants or something? I know some species of ants are known to be openly hostile to ALL forms of life, including plants. would the Golden Empire be able to handle a threat like that?

  20. Alberad08

    Alberad08일 전

    Wow man, just discovered your channel - your vids are pretty riveting! Thanks a lot for sharing these. Greetings from Germany

  21. Marc Patchett

    Marc Patchett일 전

    You’ll need a hundred more of them to make a serious impact on a colony of that size. That said, I’ll put my two pence worth in, Achilles, obviously.

  22. Poh Yeen Lim

    Poh Yeen Lim일 전

    Thantis, the combination of Thanos and Mantis

  23. Gregg Geoff

    Gregg Geoff일 전

    I think spectres is a good name for the praying mantis

  24. Megapvpboy74

    Megapvpboy74일 전

    The Emperor Of Gold

  25. Megapvpboy74

    Megapvpboy74일 전


  26. Henry Hodgson

    Henry Hodgson일 전

    I think the paying mantis should be called the punisher

  27. Muhammed Adnan Cutlerywala

    Muhammed Adnan Cutlerywala2 일 전

    The white crawlers

  28. Hackboi The sub boi

    Hackboi The sub boi2 일 전

    What happend to her?

  29. Declan .K.

    Declan .K.17 시간 전

    Idk he'll probly some other video where he talks about it then turns out nothing happens as he proceeds to say she's gone or dead after keeping everyone waiting after reading the title

  30. Captain BlackScrote

    Captain BlackScrote일 전

    I wanna know too...

  31. James Johnston

    James Johnston2 일 전


  32. DoggoVlogs

    DoggoVlogs2 일 전

    The golden millipedians

  33. mark dowsett

    mark dowsett2 일 전

    It's ovious that the ants are gonna win there population of millions.

  34. Burnticecream Sprinkle

    Burnticecream Sprinkle2 일 전

    Golden assassin

  35. MR potato

    MR potato2 일 전

    Jeff for the miliped idk how to spell

  36. Jason Henderson

    Jason Henderson2 일 전

    call the millipedes the survivors

  37. soullbird9q tm

    soullbird9q tm2 일 전

    The milipedes should be called the Legs of a Million

  38. Debbie Vickery

    Debbie Vickery2 일 전

    call the praying mantis agent 46

  39. Skybricksgaming 83

    Skybricksgaming 832 일 전

    Once I saw a praying mantis eating a bee and a fly at the same time through the screen door at my house.... I was scarred 😂

  40. Chill Wigi

    Chill Wigi2 일 전

    You should call the mantis Sickle

  41. Jorge Vilchis

    Jorge Vilchis2 일 전

    call her " Golden mANtis-eater"

  42. pennywise the dancing clown

    pennywise the dancing clown2 일 전

    stick ninja or stick worrier

  43. pennywise the dancing clown

    pennywise the dancing clown2 일 전

    ninja worms or stelthipeds

  44. Grimy 312

    Grimy 3122 일 전

    Call the preying mantis hunty

  45. Rasimi Eraj

    Rasimi Eraj2 일 전

    He should save them there is a chance they might live

  46. Charlie Magee

    Charlie Magee3 일 전

    The golden milapeeds

  47. Rubiks Gamer

    Rubiks Gamer3 일 전

    I think you should name it katrina

  48. Calvinator A

    Calvinator A3 일 전

    John Paul George and Ringo

  49. Mason Pugh

    Mason Pugh3 일 전

    Praying ninja

  50. Mason Pugh

    Mason Pugh3 일 전

    A name for all millapieds OOOOOOFF!😄

  51. Bab

    Bab3 일 전

    The Brown Shredder should be the name of the mantis

  52. Eleanor Hodges

    Eleanor Hodges3 일 전

    Minty manti

  53. JaJa47_coolness

    JaJa47_coolness3 일 전

    we could call them the 'black and white shafts'

  54. epic_gamer65 da wae

    epic_gamer65 da wae3 일 전

    The black hoard for the mesopis

  55. Angus Watson

    Angus Watson4 일 전


  56. james priest

    james priest4 일 전

    Jake and dan

  57. Graham K

    Graham K4 일 전

    What’s the difference between small honey and big honey?

  58. nathan10014ify

    nathan10014ify4 일 전

    Should call her princess Dianna :)

  59. daboss15 rocks

    daboss15 rocks4 일 전

    Name the mantis cling

  60. daboss15 rocks

    daboss15 rocks4 일 전

    The babe bros

  61. Chelsea

    Chelsea4 일 전

    I'd call her Azula.

  62. Minecraft McMineface

    Minecraft McMineface5 일 전


  63. Minecraft McMineface

    Minecraft McMineface5 일 전

    Mantra the mantis

  64. Minecraft McMineface

    Minecraft McMineface5 일 전


  65. Dana Reed

    Dana Reed5 일 전


  66. MooseMovies !! - MOOSEFILM STUDIOS

    MooseMovies !! - MOOSEFILM STUDIOS5 일 전

    The insect kingdom is WAY better than the animal and human kingdom COMBINED

  67. Louisville & Nashville RR Entertainment

    Louisville & Nashville RR Entertainment5 일 전

    Burt & Kurt

  68. Gavin Smith

    Gavin Smith5 일 전

    Sneaky scavenger you should call them

  69. Evan Jeng

    Evan Jeng5 일 전

    I think. You should name her ninja

  70. Harry Markham

    Harry Markham5 일 전


  71. AntiPopsicle

    AntiPopsicle5 일 전

    The Golden Legs!💗

  72. Brittney Jones

    Brittney Jones6 일 전

    The Millers or the miller empire for millipedes and Evie emperess

  73. Diego Alguera

    Diego Alguera6 일 전

    name the mantis twitch

  74. ThunderZombie 28

    ThunderZombie 286 일 전

    those ants are smart

  75. Rocky Adams

    Rocky Adams6 일 전

    Gotta say, your a drama queen, I love it

  76. Renee Fleming

    Renee Fleming6 일 전


  77. Cjx Savage

    Cjx Savage6 일 전

    Name the Mantis the Golden Assassin

  78. Cjx Savage

    Cjx Savage6 일 전

    Call the millipedes the Golden Knights since they get along with the Empire. They should be included in the Empire as Knights or other position.

  79. Elon-chan NecoNekoNee

    Elon-chan NecoNekoNee6 일 전

    Millennia and centuria

  80. Bradyn Bredemann

    Bradyn Bredemann6 일 전

    I think jerry could be a millipede name.

  81. Michelle Ross

    Michelle Ross6 일 전

    The name for the two millapeeds should be mario and Luigi

  82. Jacob Thompson

    Jacob Thompson6 일 전

    The Reaper

  83. Dominick Da Silva Fernandes

    Dominick Da Silva Fernandes6 일 전

    yo, what happend to the mantis? is it still alive?

  84. Alexa Marie

    Alexa Marie7 일 전

    Ill cal the chitipides felipe for pilipinas

  85. Ricardo Gonzalez

    Ricardo Gonzalez7 일 전

    Name it Mantis

  86. Brandon Nguyen

    Brandon Nguyen7 일 전

    Wait is that my mantis

  87. Dark Umbreon

    Dark Umbreon7 일 전

    Dan bill

  88. Marie Wing

    Marie Wing7 일 전

    stick dragon

  89. Sea Life28

    Sea Life287 일 전

    Crazy controller

  90. Shadow Bonnie

    Shadow Bonnie7 일 전

    I think it could be ......😶😶😶

  91. Creed Fox

    Creed Fox7 일 전


  92. Jacksan Stoebner

    Jacksan Stoebner7 일 전

    You should name a millapead Milton

  93. Debra Simpson

    Debra Simpson7 일 전


  94. Daniel Honey

    Daniel Honey8 일 전

    Pretty sure that’s a male

  95. Byung Chul An

    Byung Chul An8 일 전

    you should call her bronie

  96. arcangel 123

    arcangel 1238 일 전

    Name the mantis athena who is the goddess of battle tactics!!!

  97. arcangel 123

    arcangel 1238 일 전

    The leg lads😂😂

  98. Unstoppable Vlogs

    Unstoppable Vlogs8 일 전

    Hey btw that's elegal to own a prayMantis

  99. darkaliengod killer

    darkaliengod killer8 일 전

    call the milipedes (sorry if i spelled it wrong) legpire

  100. SAD -ness

    SAD -ness8 일 전


  101. Quintin Swanepoel

    Quintin Swanepoel8 일 전

    Hi! I love what you do! :D Just a note on the pitcher plants- they need high humidity to form a pitcher... I often spray the undelevoped pitchers with water to prevent then from drying out. Also: the millipedes prefer to feed on organic matter- only rarely will they actually damage plant roots. I reckon your millipede is still in there somewhere enjoying a tasty rotten log :).

  102. Shoham Banerjee

    Shoham Banerjee8 일 전

    your asian praying mantis is a girl

  103. A Rose

    A Rose8 일 전

    When I was a young boy, I was infatuated with insects, especially ants and bees. I spent most of my time watching insects interact with nature!! One of my favorites was the Cicada wasps!! My Grandfather lived in the country and we had a large garden, bee hives, chickens and a goat. I would get up early every morning, and go outside and spend all day watching insects. When I got older, I would go to the library, and read every book they had on insects. I really enjoy your KOreporter channel, and your enthusiasm. To this day, and I'm now an old man, and I am still interacting with insects. Your KOreporter channel is one of my favorites. Don't stop!!!