Ants On A Log Smoothie Taste Test


  1. Hannah Lieberman

    Hannah Lieberman11 시간 전

    Do more episodes with your sons!!

  2. OBEYFMH187

    OBEYFMH187일 전

    Link is awkward as hell w his son

  3. Jenna Grace

    Jenna Grace2 일 전

    😂 I love shepherd

  4. the invisible me

    the invisible me5 일 전

    They are so cute!

  5. Beck Ham

    Beck Ham8 일 전

    I wanna meet more of their kids!

  6. McKenna Wright

    McKenna Wright9 일 전

    I actually had one of those on my test.

  7. Arham Ali

    Arham Ali11 일 전

    Lando we be a great singer..

  8. Abigail Leaf

    Abigail Leaf12 일 전

    That was my favorite snack when I was little!

  9. gabriella_the _rarity

    gabriella_the _rarity16 일 전

    Shep is so smart

  10. Dat Boi

    Dat Boi18 일 전

    It’s horrib- NO

  11. Bronwyn Scarborough

    Bronwyn Scarborough19 일 전

    I’m in fourth grade

  12. Kierra Titland

    Kierra Titland19 일 전


  13. cosmic brownie

    cosmic brownie20 일 전

    shep is such a cool kid, all the stuff he's in he just drops wisdom

  14. Person that likes YouTube

    Person that likes YouTube22 일 전

    Make more videos with your sons

  15. Aryaman Kejriwal

    Aryaman Kejriwal23 일 전

    5:40 that’s totally my brother...

  16. Fennelflower

    Fennelflower25 일 전

    I like how Link apologised to Lando for not asking him to be in the video and asked him why he changed his mind to be in it. It's like he was silently letting his son know that he didn't think any less of him for not wanting to do it. I like to think he understood Lando was just a bit weary of being in front of a camera and wanted his son to know that that was okay and acceptable. Really admire his parenting skills!

  17. Bre McCoy

    Bre McCoy25 일 전

    Personality wise...theyre literally mini versions of their dads...even their mannerisms!

  18. brianna robinson

    brianna robinson26 일 전

    wow like father like son, can definitely see the similarities

  19. Evelynn Stein

    Evelynn Stein26 일 전

    They remind me so much of their dads.

  20. LunarGalaxy

    LunarGalaxy27 일 전

    “Its gross but not bad” - 2018 Shep

  21. nina musically

    nina musically28 일 전

    The moment he realises what he just said 6:33

  22. Kayla Tavares

    Kayla Tavares29 일 전

    I didn’t even learn this is seventh

  23. Boursaw Micah

    Boursaw Micah개월 전

    Rhett and Shep are the "cool kids", Link and Lando are the "nerds", and I love it. They are so much like their fathers it's amazing!

  24. avfusion

    avfusion개월 전

    I'm not in 4th grade either kids. I feel ya.

  25. Melissa Hanomansingh

    Melissa Hanomansingh개월 전

    Rhett looked so mortified when Shepherd said he wasn't the kind of kid that thought about what he was gonna be 😂

  26. Michael Commins

    Michael Commins개월 전

    Do not drink caprisuns and eat nacho doritos it tastes like puke

  27. Michael Commins

    Michael Commins개월 전

    Why do you think the sun can warm up a glass of water? BECAUSE ITS A GIANT FIREBALL!!!!!

  28. max tyson

    max tyson개월 전

    Lando bruh

  29. emily braun

    emily braun개월 전

    Lando reminds me of me as a child

  30. Cakes Are Two

    Cakes Are Two개월 전

    Lando=Link Shepard=Rhett

  31. campmerricat

    campmerricat개월 전

    Rhett: do you guys wanna do our job? Lando: no! thank you. Rhett: what do you wanna do? Lando: I wanna...not drink more of that.

  32. mags_2233

    mags_2233개월 전

    I like that Shep and Rhett are just chowing down on the food

  33. Brandon Gliddon

    Brandon Gliddon개월 전

    Serious dad moment at 4:16 look at Rhett

  34. TheNight Wolfie

    TheNight Wolfie개월 전

    Shep is kinda cute

  35. Midnight 0112

    Midnight 0112개월 전

    Rhett your son is kinda cute l/////l plz dont hate me im 10

  36. Dark_TFC

    Dark_TFC개월 전

    13:23 LMAO

  37. KillerAlex

    KillerAlex개월 전

    im in fourth ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  38. Maxim Hoskin

    Maxim Hoskin개월 전

    is shandoe going to be in more videos

  39. Maxim Hoskin

    Maxim Hoskin개월 전


  40. Maxim Hoskin

    Maxim Hoskin개월 전

    Thats ants on a log

  41. Ditt. Men

    Ditt. Men개월 전


  42. Ditt. Men

    Ditt. Men개월 전

    yes i knew it cat

  43. Lauren

    Lauren개월 전

    the little smile Rhett had after stevie mentioned wood in the 2nd question was hilarious lol

  44. James Terry

    James Terry개월 전

    I remember learning the metal one.

  45. ryry 319

    ryry 319개월 전

    my older brother landon has the same shirt as lando

  46. The Infinitesimally Small Girl

    The Infinitesimally Small Girl개월 전

    I love how Link and Lando are disgusted by it and Rhett and Shepherd just think it fine.

  47. Cosmic Jobo

    Cosmic Jobo개월 전


  48. Wareesha Ahmed

    Wareesha Ahmed개월 전

    13:23 yah laugh but Shep is actually really smart. As kids unfortunately we get set on one option and sometimes it really closes our minds for the long term. Good for him. I also love how he doesn't feel the pressure to answer quickly he takes his time and has creative answers! Lando is sassy and intelligent, absolutely adorable!

  49. Jessica Crain

    Jessica Crain개월 전

    3:30 wow lil Link is shook

  50. Jaydin Nova

    Jaydin Nova개월 전

    I like your videos and my brother is a big fan

  51. Ella

    Ella개월 전

    omg lando is so funny 😂

  52. zheng hu

    zheng hu개월 전

    im a fan but not trying to be mean but you guys are IDIOTS!sorry!

  53. Lucy Awdry

    Lucy Awdry개월 전

    There not in the 4th year ? I'm british

  54. Reid Mercer

    Reid Mercer개월 전

    got all right

  55. Maggie Wilcox

    Maggie Wilcox개월 전

    Can u get them to say meep?

  56. Norelii Mexii

    Norelii Mexii개월 전

    When Sheperd said "you don't like it?" To Lando ,It reminds me of when Rhett is always saying that to Link.

  57. Austin Fizz boy

    Austin Fizz boy개월 전

    What is 3rd grade



    #2 that's not a snack its a Mexican lunch or dinner

  59. David N

    David N개월 전

    These were too easy for 4th grade

  60. Autumn Tumbles

    Autumn Tumbles개월 전

    8:23 shepard are you ok

  61. Angie Golden

    Angie Golden개월 전

    It’s so cute how similar the boys are to their dads I love this episode 💜😍

  62. June VanLieshout

    June VanLieshout개월 전

    Am I the only one talking science?

  63. June VanLieshout

    June VanLieshout개월 전

    A conductor is an object that can hold and pass along electricity through the cercit. I learned this in 4th grade. A cercit is a Circle of electricity that keeps moving with the battery being the holder and passed and wires being trains holding electricity going from one place to another. I'm out of breath.😇

  64. CandyUnicorn :P

    CandyUnicorn :P개월 전

    8:04 damn lando rlly hit that high note

  65. iWoh Legacy

    iWoh Legacy개월 전

    What parents don’t allow Capri Suns in there house? Still love the vids

  66. KittyKatLol

    KittyKatLol개월 전

    What are Rhett and links last names

  67. Sasho GeorgieB

    Sasho GeorgieB개월 전

    I'm quite surprised that Rett and Link had difficulties with the question for the best electricity conductor. Even Rett said it was a hard question. I mean cmon guys you do have electricity at your homes you got to know that it's metal without hesitation.

  68. qUiET dOwN SIr

    qUiET dOwN SIr개월 전

    "It's gross, but it's not bad" - Sheperd McLaughlin 2k18

  69. qUiET dOwN SIr

    qUiET dOwN SIr개월 전

    Lando: WAIT! I-I want to can I please? Please? PLEEEASE?!

  70. qUiET dOwN SIr

    qUiET dOwN SIr개월 전

    I swear, Shep always makes the most disgusted face in the thumbnails he is featured in.

  71. DubstepMaster64 Nick Isaacson

    DubstepMaster64 Nick Isaacson개월 전

    For some reason when the quesadillas came by on the plate, I could smell them 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤



    Im watching this on my PC so I knewthe conductor was metal

  73. Aubrey Allen

    Aubrey Allen개월 전

    Im in 5th grade this was so funny to me

  74. Billie eilish fan page

    Billie eilish fan page개월 전

    It sounds like the kids are getting a science lesson/test

  75. Joshua Vargas

    Joshua Vargas2 개월 전

    im in 4 grade

  76. Nina

    Nina2 개월 전


  77. Vanessa

    Vanessa2 개월 전

    4:18 why is Rhett so mean

  78. Sara Roseman

    Sara Roseman2 개월 전

    Team D..😂

  79. random siege clips mcgee

    random siege clips mcgee2 개월 전


  80. Nathan Chan

    Nathan Chan2 개월 전

    how old r they? and it is a really good thing to let ur children on ur channel u should do it more often

  81. Mikolaj Lukasik

    Mikolaj Lukasik2 개월 전

    Big d

  82. taylor

    taylor2 개월 전

    they’re in third grade in this one but fifth in last weeks episode? how long ahead are these filmed?

  83. Madelyn Maldonado

    Madelyn Maldonado2 개월 전

    Lando sounds like a ship name

  84. Just MyOpinion

    Just MyOpinion2 개월 전

    "please, please, pleeeease" ☺☺

  85. Aliza Ali

    Aliza Ali2 개월 전

    Sheph is gonna be that kid who’d randomly guess on Multiple choice on exams and get all the questions right lol

  86. lee bags

    lee bags2 개월 전

    Lando is so cute

  87. tgi_95

    tgi_952 개월 전

    This makes me wanna be a dad. But with the right person of course

  88. Brady Sand

    Brady Sand2 개월 전

    I don’t remember learning any of this

  89. Rya Trainor

    Rya Trainor2 개월 전

    How old are the boys

  90. Shelby Culbertson

    Shelby Culbertson2 개월 전

    Lando makes me want to cry he’s so cute ☹️

  91. Charidude

    Charidude2 개월 전

    I was so happy when link went with Lando on the water heat question, you could tell Lando felt nervous about it

  92. Aaron Simon & Co.

    Aaron Simon & Co.2 개월 전

    At 5:19 that was so cute when Lando was offering Link a 'sandwich'

  93. Ada Hartnett

    Ada Hartnett2 개월 전

    8:02 AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH that little voice! Lando+juice box=😁💖sooooooooooooooooooooo cUtE!

  94. Ada Hartnett

    Ada Hartnett2 개월 전

    I love the episodes with their kids! They're fabulous!

  95. Kate Kursive

    Kate Kursive2 개월 전

    Shep is a one-liner machine. Someone should follow him around with a notebook.

  96. Kate Kursive

    Kate Kursive2 개월 전

    My theory that McLaughlans are just there to eat is getting stronger every day.

  97. Chelsea Kirk

    Chelsea Kirk2 개월 전

    Is it bad that I was watching the snacks being wasted and feeling sad the whole time? Rather than actually listening to the video? 😓 Lmao

  98. Anirudh Silai

    Anirudh Silai2 개월 전

    Feels like just yesterday that I saw R&L post the video of Lando's birth. Time flies!

  99. Justin Merritt

    Justin Merritt2 개월 전

    Lando is PRECIOUS omg he’s sooooooooooo cute like omg he’s so precious I can’t EVEN

  100. Jennifer Dempsey

    Jennifer Dempsey2 개월 전

    LOL i'm not that kind of kid that thinks about what i'm gonna be LOL