Ants On A Log Smoothie Taste Test


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    “talk to the hand” - nothing quite like having two actual children in frame and employing dated phrases circa 1993 to really show your age, bud lol

  2. Chelsea Kirk

    Chelsea Kirk3 일 전

    Is it bad that I was watching the snacks being wasted and feeling sad the whole time? Rather than actually listening to the video? 😓 Lmao

  3. Anirudh Silai

    Anirudh Silai4 일 전

    Feels like just yesterday that I saw R&L post the video of Lando's birth. Time flies!

  4. Justin Merritt

    Justin Merritt4 일 전

    Lando is PRECIOUS omg he’s sooooooooooo cute like omg he’s so precious I can’t EVEN

  5. Jennifer Dempsey

    Jennifer Dempsey6 일 전

    LOL i'm not that kind of kid that thinks about what i'm gonna be LOL

  6. Christopher Savignon

    Christopher Savignon6 일 전

    My. Face. Is. Tired.

  7. Elisa

    Elisa7 일 전

    If Lilly and Locke don't mine being on camera, I feel like they should host one GMM episode! it would be really interesting!

  8. Elisa

    Elisa7 일 전

    omg LANDO is just like SO freakin adorable!!

  9. Reviews and More

    Reviews and More7 일 전

    Shepard: “wait what’s a conductor?” Rhett: “Well you got be in 4th grade to know that sucker” 😂😂

  10. Rimsha Rani

    Rimsha Rani8 일 전

    Rhett's kid looks just like him 😂

  11. Praneeth Mashetty

    Praneeth Mashetty9 일 전

    I’m in fourth grade and I know what a conductor is

  12. DJ Ink

    DJ Ink10 일 전

    Look at 1:00 or so, Link and his son have the same laugh 😂

  13. matthew hall

    matthew hall10 일 전

    6:20 im in 8th grade and I don't know what that means

  14. ArsaurYT Playz

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  15. Dantdm Fan

    Dantdm Fan12 일 전

    I’m a 4th grader

  16. Fanny Evelina

    Fanny Evelina12 일 전

    they are so much like their fathers when they’re doing the taste test aaaah my heart

  17. jimin love

    jimin love13 일 전

    15 years later they are going to take over gmm

  18. Olivia S

    Olivia S13 일 전

    how old are your kids and what grade

  19. Adam Collins

    Adam Collins14 일 전

    'I am not the kinda kid that thinks about what they are going to be" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Kroneexe

    Kroneexe15 일 전

    Shepherd i going to become a hippie one day. bless him.

  21. jordo

    jordo16 일 전

    GMM Jr. with Shep and Lando

  22. Molly Thompson

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  23. Amy James

    Amy James16 일 전

    Who else thinks Shepherd is adorable.

  24. Aries the Ram

    Aries the Ram16 일 전

    What if when Rhett and Link were to retire the show, Shepard and Lando took over?

  25. Will Iam

    Will Iam16 일 전

    Were is the answers

  26. Ashton Wheeler

    Ashton Wheeler17 일 전

    He said that not fat

  27. Cela Lauren

    Cela Lauren17 일 전

    Shepard makes the same exact eyes as Rhett

  28. Diego Carrillo

    Diego Carrillo17 일 전

    I am in 5th grade and I didn't know that question

  29. thessmlife

    thessmlife18 일 전

    Lando is soooo cuteeeeee

  30. micmcg878

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  31. V Schwarz

    V Schwarz18 일 전

    6:30 I'm team D 😂😂😂

  32. isaac harding

    isaac harding19 일 전

    Wow there not in 4th grade kid on the right looks like he's in grade 6 im in 4th grade gessus

  33. Ellie Fleming

    Ellie Fleming19 일 전

    You understand? .... no. Freaking died 😂

  34. Gavin Willis

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  35. Gavin Willis

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  36. Gavin Willis

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  37. Gavin Willis

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  38. Gavin Willis

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  39. Lillian G.

    Lillian G.19 일 전

    Rhett's face at 13:26...😂

  40. Lillian G.

    Lillian G.19 일 전

    8:03 - wow that kids a soprano!

  41. Mihnea-Ilie-Ioan VELEA

    Mihnea-Ilie-Ioan VELEA19 일 전

    I like shando

  42. 6laderunner

    6laderunner20 일 전

    They are totally their father’s sons, in both cases. Love it!

  43. Stephanie Contreras

    Stephanie Contreras20 일 전

    I am a 4th greater

  44. XxBad GuyxX 0

    XxBad GuyxX 020 일 전

    lol sheps face when she say's D

  45. Cyberman Orion

    Cyberman Orion21 일 전

    Replays for sale. Costs 1 like 0:00 0:00 0:00

  46. Jimmy Bun

    Jimmy Bun22 일 전

    I am in grade 4

  47. Jordyn Freed

    Jordyn Freed22 일 전

    Concocter means sompting that attracts sompting els like mettel attracts lightening or is a concocter of lightening that's what conductor means and I learned what it means about two years ago. when I was in second grade but I was always one of the smartest kids in my grade. I always get the best grades in the grade I've always gotten my grades over avrige so that's probably why I knew what it was in second grade BTW IM NOT A Nerd



    Lando- eww you dropped it, and right there. Link- Ok so we have cheese quesadillas.

  49. lol tbro

    lol tbro22 일 전




    Rhett and Link being dads on the show is so adorable!

  51. Kiwi Games

    Kiwi Games22 일 전

    1: a butterfly is a bug not an animal 2 a frog lays eggs...

  52. Irina V

    Irina V22 일 전

    Shepherd is so much like Rhett 😂 it’s adorable

  53. Sammy Stiles

    Sammy Stiles23 일 전

    by the way i am 7 years old

  54. Sammy Stiles

    Sammy Stiles23 일 전

    yum cheese quesadilla

  55. Sammy Stiles

    Sammy Stiles23 일 전

    put the ant on a log a shirt

  56. onceyoujiminyoucantjimout -

    onceyoujiminyoucantjimout -23 일 전

    We need more of little rhett and link 😭💕

  57. Brad Petersen

    Brad Petersen23 일 전

    Lando is a good singer

  58. Kittyloverjay 917

    Kittyloverjay 91723 일 전

    Also how old are they Rhett’s kid looks o much older then Links kid

  59. Kittyloverjay 917

    Kittyloverjay 91723 일 전

    At 4:19 Rhett slowly moving his sons hand off the plate like no, no more

  60. Gacha. Midnight

    Gacha. Midnight23 일 전

    The kids are in the same grade as me!

  61. Freya R. Beavis

    Freya R. Beavis24 일 전

    Shephard and Lando literally turned into Rhett and Link when they took a sip of that drink 😂

  62. Julia Henke

    Julia Henke24 일 전

    I wanna be a marine bioligist

  63. Ariana Grande Fan

    Ariana Grande Fan24 일 전


  64. Ariana Grande Fan

    Ariana Grande Fan24 일 전

    Its MAY BE B bc oooo he agred

  65. Ariana Grande Fan

    Ariana Grande Fan24 일 전


  66. Emily PZ 18

    Emily PZ 1824 일 전

    Im in 3rd grade

  67. Sergio zegarra

    Sergio zegarra24 일 전

    i knew the answer and im a 3rd grader(^~^)

  68. Sergio zegarra

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  69. Turtle Shell Gaming

    Turtle Shell Gaming24 일 전

    This is a 7th grader test not 4th

  70. KnS Films

    KnS Films24 일 전

    i am in 3 GRADE I AM 9

  71. Coolgamer67

    Coolgamer6724 일 전

    #2 is water i think

  72. SushiPoodle

    SushiPoodle24 일 전

    im older then shando

  73. Lil Doogle

    Lil Doogle25 일 전

    I thought they were Lando and Shep were the same age as me but there three years younger

  74. Giuliana M

    Giuliana M25 일 전

    Wait there probably taller then me and I’m in 4th grade!........the helllll

  75. Lily Davis

    Lily Davis25 일 전

    Shepherd's face when he drinks that Capri Sun was the fuel of pure sugar

  76. Cesar The Cool Villa

    Cesar The Cool Villa25 일 전

    There is a frog that swallows there baby's then the baby's hatch inside her stomach and then she barfs them out

  77. Hayden Monk

    Hayden Monk25 일 전

    I'm in 4th grade

  78. Paul James

    Paul James26 일 전

    I guessed cat and got it right because that’s the only animal that gives live birth and the others lay eggs

  79. Robert Hill

    Robert Hill26 일 전

    8:33 Shep's face doe

  80. Cool Cat87

    Cool Cat8726 일 전

    lol im a year above that test, that be easy peasy lemon squeezy

  81. Golden Beauty44

    Golden Beauty4426 일 전

    I laughed so hard when Rhett's son tried to think of a word!😂

  82. Serenity Moore

    Serenity Moore26 일 전

    i just realized that shepherd looks like logan paul because of his hair

  83. xX-Phoenix- 07

    xX-Phoenix- 0726 일 전

    A cat

  84. Andromeda14100

    Andromeda1410026 일 전

    These boys should have their own show lol

  85. Heather Allen

    Heather Allen26 일 전

    person: that is the correct answer Lando: Yay wait. person: is the correct answer is D. Lando: Yay

  86. Heather Allen

    Heather Allen26 일 전

    i’m in 4th grade

  87. annieh1110

    annieh111026 일 전

    I’m actually eating a cheese quesadilla

  88. PipTpup Tackett

    PipTpup Tackett26 일 전


  89. Samantha Levinski

    Samantha Levinski27 일 전

    Man they kids will have a bright future!

  90. Chase the Stars

    Chase the Stars27 일 전

    7:48 praise the Capri Sun 😂😂

  91. blink182izawsm

    blink182izawsm27 일 전

    Omg those babies 😭😭😭😭😭😭🙉🙉🙉🙉

  92. Cindy Laster

    Cindy Laster27 일 전


  93. Gabriella Pearce

    Gabriella Pearce27 일 전

    you`re kids are really funny!

  94. Deborah Mai

    Deborah Mai27 일 전

    SOOOO CUTE they should appear more often

  95. Samantha Marshall

    Samantha Marshall27 일 전

    lando is just so confused and worried

  96. Samantha Marshall

    Samantha Marshall27 일 전

    these kids are so funny.


    SWEETGIRKITTYCAT146 Roblox27 일 전

    Shep or lando: neither of us are in fourth grade Me: OMG I'M IN THIRD

  98. Jose Rosado

    Jose Rosado27 일 전

    I was like HEEELLLLL!!!!!!

  99. Jose Rosado

    Jose Rosado27 일 전

    A conductor is something that allows electricity to flow on. A insulator is something that does not allow electricity to flow on. Learned that yesterday XD

  100. Lizzie Gasho

    Lizzie Gasho27 일 전

    Landos been in a video before... i remember when he was born and they made a short video introducing him