Ant Partridge Design's Gnarly Harley Tracker


  1. B Cool

    B Cool6 일 전


  2. rrobotman

    rrobotman12 일 전

    Load and proud! Interesting build!

  3. George Knox

    George Knox개월 전

    That thing sounds as nasty as my ex wife, hahahaha BUT in a good way! Cheers from California.

  4. Rudy Ono

    Rudy Ono개월 전

    woooo nice bike bro . can u give me one hhahaha

  5. Andrew Martinez

    Andrew Martinez2 개월 전

    Sounds good to me

  6. Leo R

    Leo R2 개월 전

    What brand of handle bar is on this bike?

  7. Akhdar Muso

    Akhdar Muso4 개월 전

    This is a Lego bike.

  8. Akhdar Muso

    Akhdar Muso4 개월 전

    The custom Norton this guy did for Norton on Goblin works episode was in unbelievable. It was like something post apocalyptic, yet smart.

  9. Johnathan Doe

    Johnathan Doe4 개월 전

    Knowingly riding it with a fuel leak.. mad man!

  10. Mike H

    Mike H4 개월 전

    That pipe will burn your leg when you least expect it.

  11. Kevin M.

    Kevin M.4 개월 전

    Bike sounds perfect too me 😎🤘

  12. stockton350

    stockton3504 개월 전

    I thought the title said Alan Partridge.

  13. Bike Shed Motorcycle Club

    Bike Shed Motorcycle Club4 개월 전

    Same same ;)

  14. invisiblekid69

    invisiblekid694 개월 전

    Cool bike! That accent though.... it’s like Scottish/Canadian 0.0 where’s he from? 😂

  15. Brian Steele

    Brian Steele4 개월 전

    Definitely Canadian 'out's. nice vid. +Bike Shed Motorcycle Club

  16. Bike Shed Motorcycle Club

    Bike Shed Motorcycle Club4 개월 전

    Canadian from Spain who lives in the Midlands...

  17. Steven Thorpe

    Steven Thorpe4 개월 전

    Those rear turn signals are actually pretty bright for being so tiny.

  18. Nathan Christopher

    Nathan Christopher4 개월 전

    Apeshit...that's a good way to describe it. Absolutely hideous.

  19. Daniel

    Daniel4 개월 전

    Reminds me of the movie death race. Sick bike man.

  20. Gustav Meyrink

    Gustav Meyrink4 개월 전

    The welding is pedestrian at best, the tyres look silly and the pipes are unequal in length thus wasting power. Close but no cigar.

  21. John Borland

    John Borland4 개월 전

    Love the switches on bars where did they come from ?

  22. Joe Fisher

    Joe Fisher4 개월 전


  23. Robert Stanley

    Robert Stanley4 개월 전

    Loud pipes save lives 🤙🏼

  24. Akira AAK

    Akira AAK4 개월 전

    This guy was a marshal on DGR London this year. he was STANDING on that bike pointing you where to go! haha he seems to be pretty nuts

  25. shakeeb syed

    shakeeb syed4 개월 전

    Whoa too much details

  26. Allan Lloyd Lim

    Allan Lloyd Lim4 개월 전

    Ant from Goblin !

  27. jofiell cabaluna

    jofiell cabaluna4 개월 전

    i loved the look of the bike :)

  28. Mark Hennessy

    Mark Hennessy4 개월 전

    So many great things on this bike.... And then you look at the tank and rear end.... Shame really but I guess if you like it that's all that matters.

  29. Declan

    Declan5 개월 전

    fuckin love it. what model are those indicators? can't seem to find them on the site

  30. Declan

    Declan5 개월 전

    nevermind, the bullet atto's! pricey but lovely

  31. Josh B

    Josh B5 개월 전

    Not really sure about this one. Just looks like a rush job, because it is. He seems to love it though.

  32. Jim 86

    Jim 865 개월 전

    Daily ride, on those tyres!

  33. Black Tea One Sugar

    Black Tea One Sugar5 개월 전

    Frikkin nuts! Love it 😄👊


    IXI KNIVES IXI5 개월 전

    Oh shit he wasn’t kidding. So damn loud. What!? I SAID SO DAMN LOUD!

  35. Eshu

    Eshu5 개월 전

    Very interesting to see how people across the pond approach Harleys. Would love to see more of them on the channel!

  36. Andrew Riley

    Andrew Riley4 개월 전

    Don't you mean IN THE CHANNEL!

  37. Jackknife Composites

    Jackknife Composites5 개월 전

    Beautiful build!

  38. Richard Burns

    Richard Burns5 개월 전


  39. 1990

    19905 개월 전

    The engine and the wheels look good. The rear-sets and switch-gear are superb. I'm trying to be positive.

  40. rubensantana91

    rubensantana915 개월 전

    Looks like a bike for twisted metal video game.

  41. Lanre Oladejo

    Lanre Oladejo5 개월 전

    Should be named chaos

  42. Goldstein

    Goldstein5 개월 전

    Lanre Oladejo That is a perfect name for this bike

  43. Deniz Erdem

    Deniz Erdem5 개월 전

    Looks like a LEGO bike

  44. Richard

    Richard5 개월 전


  45. Uby De Canck

    Uby De Canck5 개월 전

    That sound 😯🤤

  46. barryolaith

    barryolaith5 개월 전

    Taste is an individual thing but for me this is the ugliest tank and seat unit ever conceived bar none. Of necessity you add a dreadful, asymmetric extension to one side of the tank and, recognising that it looks hideous, decide to try to hide it in a cluster of hideous features. Then, not content with that, you add a baby blue CAST wheel to the front, presumably to grate with the spoked rear and draw attention away from the tank. No offense intended.

  47. James S

    James S5 개월 전

    Very cool, I like it a lot. If I owned it I’d love to swap a chain drive onto it, I think it would suit the metal work

  48. kingldm

    kingldm5 개월 전

    Nice bike, wasn't sure about the harsh lines at 1st but mid way Into the video I changed my mind and think there great. Also keep the pipes, they suit the bike..

  49. MrNeutross

    MrNeutross5 개월 전

    "borderline obnoxious pipes" more like redline obnoxious

  50. T0BBi94

    T0BBi945 개월 전

    "Borderline Obnoxious" Yeah.. No. They are far and beyond obnoxious! :) Didnt like the tail at first but when he sat on the bike the proportions were just right, nice build!

  51. KrisMOTO23

    KrisMOTO235 개월 전

    that is a fantastic looking bike!

  52. Adam Wold

    Adam Wold5 개월 전

    Might be giving Vikki a run for her money with those pipes.

  53. Vikki van Someren

    Vikki van Someren4 개월 전

    Never!!! ;-)

  54. Michael Williams

    Michael Williams5 개월 전

    Its amazing

  55. Dan Everitt

    Dan Everitt5 개월 전

    That front plate resembles a Transformer my kids use to play with. Damn scary build this one 👍

  56. Damien Shyne

    Damien Shyne5 개월 전

    Top marks. Excellent build!