Ant Colony Time Lapse


  1. Hailey Mew

    Hailey Mew일 전

    arent these types of colonies bad for ants?

  2. The Pianist

    The Pianist8 일 전

    Did they make it In ice?

  3. Apple42

    Apple429 일 전

    Any colony leader: We’re almost there, I can smell freedom

  4. Daniel Badra

    Daniel Badra9 일 전

    Don't use these gels, they are harmful for the ants.

  5. Mr Squeaker

    Mr Squeaker10 일 전

    My god father sent me the exact same thing I got 5 ants all escaped because I didn’t know that I had to apply baby powder to the edges.

  6. Valra Bellkeys

    Valra Bellkeys15 일 전

    Very cool video to watch. Nice to see how ants structure their hive while building.

  7. Dusan Regec

    Dusan Regec17 일 전

    Put on 2.0 speed ooh better

  8. niddez

    niddez개월 전

    Time lapse of animals having sex

  9. rommel mangampo

    rommel mangampo개월 전

    can u tell me who is the fucking enginer of the ants.

  10. Wallace Desgraçadão

    Wallace Desgraçadão개월 전

    Brasil teve aqui

  11. Bopolz Ka

    Bopolz Ka개월 전

    Now pour some molten aluminum on it!

  12. LittleArmyNut

    LittleArmyNut개월 전

    Takes ants a week to build a complex civilization and it takes humanity decades to build a complex civilization

  13. WideAwakeism

    WideAwakeism개월 전

    They're trying to get out. smh

  14. GabeCraft Games

    GabeCraft Games개월 전

    0:43 pickaxe

  15. Archie Bunker

    Archie Bunker개월 전

    ants are more hard working than liberals lol

  16. Pedro Gomes

    Pedro Gomes개월 전


  17. Neuromancer 815

    Neuromancer 815개월 전

    That music if so fitting. LIT

  18. So Es

    So Es개월 전

    Hwo the fuck in hell did you convince those ants to colonize a jelly tub?

  19. Илья Гнусов

    Илья Гнусов개월 전

    Кто из России ?

  20. 심심한포메라니안

    심심한포메라니안개월 전

    Cute ants. I love them 💖💖

  21. Animal_ Lover

    Animal_ Lover개월 전

    The thumbnail looked like ants diving into water

  22. Pugsmart Yt

    Pugsmart Yt개월 전

    What is this gel

  23. Николай Ковтун

    Николай Ковтун개월 전

    это китайцы на минималках

  24. Joe M

    Joe M개월 전

    You want ants? That’s how you get ants!

  25. {{{ Bonetti }}} Wheeling

    {{{ Bonetti }}} Wheeling개월 전

    Isso é maldade 😭😡

  26. Науч.Студия SERGEY KACHAN

    Науч.Студия SERGEY KACHAN개월 전

    Как все это работает

  27. Teddy P. Gray

    Teddy P. Gray개월 전

    What is that substance?

  28. renan_ dark5 demon

    renan_ dark5 demon개월 전

    Foda muito foda mil like

  29. Maroc Photograph

    Maroc Photograph개월 전

    What s the substance used here?


    WET DREAMS개월 전

    Ant made lots of short cuts..

  31. Mod Nick

    Mod Nick개월 전

    they are want to escape from here...

  32. bharath valecha

    bharath valecha개월 전

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  33. webster Delacruz

    webster Delacruz개월 전

    I love this channel this is the one who inspired to built my own channel.. watch my progress and be inspired..

  34. Spring Bloom

    Spring Bloom개월 전

    Cool, now do the boiling water!

  35. Pain Free

    Pain Free개월 전

    Build the Wall

  36. 圳.里昂

    圳.里昂개월 전


  37. sculptin g duong

    sculptin g duong개월 전

    Good video

  38. Dobber Mod

    Dobber Mod개월 전


  39. ريماس زهب والماس ريماس زهب والماس

    ريماس زهب والماس ريماس زهب والماس개월 전

    يا سبحان الله يا سبحان الله

  40. Sur man

    Sur man개월 전


  41. boson96

    boson96개월 전

    This was Beautiful! Thanks!

  42. 숙쿡  with a dog

    숙쿡 with a dog2 개월 전

    Wow, nice video ~😊😎

  43. Barto Barto

    Barto Barto2 개월 전

    1.09 boom

  44. sombatcm hpres.o

    sombatcm hpres.o2 개월 전

    I felt really itchy watching the video

  45. Gabriele Ayres

    Gabriele Ayres2 개월 전

    Now imagine what they can do with more space!

  46. Bia fofa Miss Dreams

    Bia fofa Miss Dreams2 개월 전


  47. fabian rojas

    fabian rojas2 개월 전

    They know they are trapped

  48. sKiTzMiCk 69

    sKiTzMiCk 692 개월 전

    Ants dont fuck around

  49. Death Core

    Death Core2 개월 전

    What are they inside of??

  50. Matheus Gonçalves

    Matheus Gonçalves2 개월 전

    Tou te falando vei as formigas vão dominar o mundo !!!!!!!!!!!

  51. 100pie 0eater

    100pie 0eater2 개월 전

    Wait are they digging in a plastic or glass

  52. VamshIKrishna K

    VamshIKrishna K2 개월 전

    Great Architects..

  53. Starno no

    Starno no2 개월 전

    I hate ants but this is cool

  54. Tiago Medeiros

    Tiago Medeiros2 개월 전

    Pensei que ia ser uma formiga mergulhando😁😁😁😁😂😂

  55. god wins

    god wins2 개월 전

    Eu também kkkkkk

  56. Tony DeMaria

    Tony DeMaria2 개월 전

    Those ants are huge at the end.

  57. Tanner H

    Tanner H2 개월 전

    Did you let them back outside? They wanted out.

  58. Fernanda G.

    Fernanda G.2 개월 전

    What happened to them after this?

  59. Xerxes

    Xerxes2 개월 전

    Flight of the bumble.... ant.

  60. Kim Jong-un

    Kim Jong-un2 개월 전

    I dom't know why but this reminds me when bears are rubbing against a tree...

  61. June Tuason

    June Tuason2 개월 전

    Ant keeper knew that gel ant nest is bad for ants

  62. dave

    dave2 개월 전

    I could go mad wondering how they coordinate

  63. Bradley Taafe

    Bradley Taafe2 개월 전

    What are they planning?

  64. Clash Gardener

    Clash Gardener2 개월 전

    Do they ever take break?

  65. Elizabeth Leung

    Elizabeth Leung2 개월 전

    0.44 it looks like pickaxes in Fortnite

  66. Chioma Grace Ijomah

    Chioma Grace Ijomah2 개월 전

    When do they sleep...??

  67. Leônis

    Leônis2 개월 전

    Agora me deu uma vontade de criar formigas

  68. Farah

    Farah2 개월 전

    Who else is itchy

  69. A Hol

    A Hol2 개월 전

    I never really thought about it until now but all the dirt from an ant hill is all the dirt they dug out of the ground

  70. Mohammed Hussein

    Mohammed Hussein2 개월 전


  71. Local Union

    Local Union2 개월 전

    Are they on steroid, too fast for a regular ants

  72. Jake's Channel

    Jake's Channel2 개월 전

    Video about ants Flight of the bumblebee plays 0.o

  73. Chelsea Peterson

    Chelsea Peterson2 개월 전

    I put it on 2x play back speed lol

  74. Ammar

    Ammar2 개월 전

    WTF are those recommendations youtube! And why am I even watching it! Smh

  75. AJ Starlight

    AJ Starlight2 개월 전

    This is insane but at the same time amazing!!

  76. Alyssa

    Alyssa2 개월 전

    Look at all those times they tried to escape 👀

  77. abdo Hisham

    abdo Hisham2 개월 전

    سبحان الله

  78. Dandelion Grove

    Dandelion Grove2 개월 전

    what are they digging in....I thought it was jello at first 😆


    Rafik ALGERIEN VEVO2 개월 전

    سبحان الله وبحمده

  80. Jenna Heyer

    Jenna Heyer2 개월 전

    Don't use gel for there substrate. Why: it kills them....:^(

  81. NTDTV

    NTDTV2 개월 전

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  82. Indra Teja Chintakayala

    Indra Teja Chintakayala2 개월 전

    Macro engineers

  83. unknxwn

    unknxwn2 개월 전

    Literally didn't notice what I was watching at first

  84. Wesley Tai

    Wesley Tai2 개월 전


  85. Papers, Please

    Papers, Please2 개월 전

    *Korean War (Colourized)*

  86. K M M

    K M M2 개월 전

    Can h reuse the gel or put new gel i there for cheap?

  87. Phil The Thot Destroyer

    Phil The Thot Destroyer2 개월 전

    wheres the queen during the digging part?

  88. Melissa Carter

    Melissa Carter2 개월 전

    This is horrible as a hobbiest i must say gel is terrible for an ant colony so many additivs will kill them off verry fast

  89. LiveLeak

    LiveLeak2 개월 전

    I dont like how their confined to such little space

  90. Straight to the point

    Straight to the point2 개월 전

    Music makes me think Harry Potter is going to start soon

  91. Guild Knight

    Guild Knight2 개월 전

    Very sad is that they have very small place to live ;[



    Do ants ever sleep

  93. moustachebro4life

    moustachebro4life2 개월 전

    Not my proudest fap

  94. Sonarcha

    Sonarcha2 개월 전

    Giving them cork would be better idea...

  95. Jamez Clowdz

    Jamez Clowdz2 개월 전

    Ants are the crackheads of the animal word

  96. Grady Mathews

    Grady Mathews2 개월 전

    The creator or the universe is uhmazeing

  97. Marcino Capucino

    Marcino Capucino2 개월 전

    Ants ants ants

  98. Ricardo Junior

    Ricardo Junior2 개월 전


  99. PotatoSeller16

    PotatoSeller163 개월 전

    What I like about that ant farm is that the gel they make the nest in is a food and water so you can just forget about them and they will be fine

  100. Leo pro channel

    Leo pro channel3 개월 전

    Is that clear blue jelly??

  101. Steve and Bacon

    Steve and Bacon3 개월 전

    So much hard work!