Ant Colony Time Lapse


  1. HoldMyBeer

    HoldMyBeer5 일 전

    *I feel like ants are on my neck*

  2. Red Riding hood

    Red Riding hood8 일 전

    1:09 when you see your best friend in the hall but everyone's in your way (you find eachother though😊)

  3. A very edgy seed

    A very edgy seed8 일 전

    Why am I here again?

  4. NerdLife234 0

    NerdLife234 010 일 전

    Gotta admit, they are really good at making stuff.

  5. Marki Moo

    Marki Moo12 일 전


  6. Ava Brown

    Ava Brown12 일 전


  7. 寿司好きな人

    寿司好きな人12 일 전


  8. Hello-Hello

    Hello-Hello13 일 전


  9. pablo 560

    pablo 56014 일 전

    1:36 fuk it, I am adding a short cut.

  10. Fern Alderton

    Fern Alderton14 일 전

    Put it on 2x

  11. Mellow Vod

    Mellow Vod14 일 전

    This is not an Ant colony. This is a bunch of ants shut in a jar with some material at the bottom and nothing at the top but a lid. And a video of them for days trying to find a route out. Not complaining just saying you could swap any living species and get the same result just about. They were trying to fight for their life(a way out),not building a home and reproducing.

  12. Quiet Kid

    Quiet Kid14 일 전

    Water aside, this is really cool to witness

  13. Louis Norte

    Louis Norte15 일 전

    I hate ants. no offense. 'n_n

  14. Andrew Khoo

    Andrew Khoo15 일 전

    What is the material or dingging Palace the blue thing

  15. meisterじえろ

    meisterじえろ16 일 전

    I personally thought they were swimming

  16. тима третьяков

    тима третьяков16 일 전


  17. TheDopeyPotato

    TheDopeyPotato16 일 전

    The ad was watching cute animal videos, yuck! These aren't cute

  18. Drewmoefoe

    Drewmoefoe16 일 전

    Thought they were drowning in the thumbnail

  19. Obviously

    Obviously16 일 전

    Gotta give props to that one ant playing the Mozart piece while watching his family work their bum off

  20. Aaron-Beetson

    Aaron-Beetson17 일 전

    So wtf did they even achieve 😂😂

  21. enigma mist

    enigma mist17 일 전

    Maybe Aliens are watching us like this and put us on Earth like ants are in Jelly. 😁

  22. Angeleanna Grace

    Angeleanna Grace17 일 전

    Someone please tell me is that jello?

  23. ItsReallyJ

    ItsReallyJ17 일 전

    Isnt this a bee song though?

  24. Appearingthreatening

    Appearingthreatening17 일 전

    How is the sand not collapsing when They completely dig out the bottom?

  25. Switch To Geico

    Switch To Geico17 일 전

    *grabs ant spray*

  26. Tiny Butterfly

    Tiny Butterfly17 일 전

    Oh my, they so clever, they use the dug up part to make more spcae on top lile the "roof"

  27. SmashPortal

    SmashPortal18 일 전

    Now pour molten aluminum into it.

  28. Craig The Defaulty

    Craig The Defaulty18 일 전

    Finally i found a way to cheat in fortnite :P

  29. GachaHanda

    GachaHanda18 일 전

    1:09 *The kiss of life*

  30. Snakey Mations

    Snakey Mations18 일 전

    I prefer antscanada but this is pretty cool

  31. حۣۗہمۣۗہوۣدُيۣۗ آلَعۣۗہرآقۣۗہيۣۗ

    حۣۗہمۣۗہوۣدُيۣۗ آلَعۣۗہرآقۣۗہيۣۗ18 일 전

    اكو عرب بالطياره

  32. Zroly the son of broly

    Zroly the son of broly18 일 전

    And some ppl say ants are useless

  33. mace windu

    mace windu18 일 전

    What r the diging in

  34. The Suburban Woodsmen

    The Suburban Woodsmen18 일 전

    *Begin to dig at glass*

  35. red fuk

    red fuk18 일 전

    Those are some weird flies man

  36. Abel Casanova

    Abel Casanova18 일 전

    Super cool.. What’s the blue thing?

  37. Goku_B-A-P-E

    Goku_B-A-P-E18 일 전

    ! ID

  38. Thorite Gem

    Thorite Gem18 일 전

    And then? They all died.

  39. Manusia KagakRusuh

    Manusia KagakRusuh18 일 전

    Are you sure they're digging some nest, instead of *trying to escape* ? ...

  40. Mariani Thaha

    Mariani Thaha18 일 전

    In the thumbnail, I thought the ants dropped in the water and went for a dive

  41. Abdallah Khalid

    Abdallah Khalid18 일 전

    That music though😂😂😂😂

  42. Betterazb

    Betterazb18 일 전

    It’s very bad for ants to live in jelly ant farms

  43. R3D-N3PP3R

    R3D-N3PP3R18 일 전


  44. Bored Person

    Bored Person18 일 전

    I had an alt colony. They all died in less than a week.

  45. Kiryuu_

    Kiryuu_18 일 전

    Wait, this isn't Minecraft speedrun..

  46. The Spritukers

    The Spritukers18 일 전

    Do Ant-Man Time Lapse

  47. andreas lol 123

    andreas lol 12318 일 전

    yeah, something wrong with my youtube recommendation

  48. Tuan Truong

    Tuan Truong19 일 전

    Fk Vietcong

  49. Compa Nacho

    Compa Nacho19 일 전

    they work harder than black people on welfare

  50. Chrom4Prez

    Chrom4Prez19 일 전

    I want an ant farm

  51. Phuong Nguyen

    Phuong Nguyen19 일 전


  52. DrDino

    DrDino19 일 전

    Time lapse of ants. Uses flight of the bumblebee.

  53. funny videos for everyone!

    funny videos for everyone!19 일 전

    more likes than subs, lol

  54. Emerald 07

    Emerald 0720 일 전

    So that kids, is how ants made free mansions...

  55. Mary joy Baylon

    Mary joy Baylon20 일 전

    And I just spill a boiling water from the whole of it😆😂

  56. Robin Chuu

    Robin Chuu20 일 전

    0:28 looks like erection

  57. Yuu Park

    Yuu Park20 일 전

    *plays at 2x speed*

  58. Daniel Thomas

    Daniel Thomas20 일 전

    How long was the time lapse?

  59. 2Siders Gaming

    2Siders Gaming20 일 전

    Any ant sized creepers???

  60. Makvandar

    Makvandar20 일 전

    Hive minds truly are amazing.

  61. Hồng Nguyễn

    Hồng Nguyễn20 일 전

    What does it eat

  62. Claire Burton

    Claire Burton20 일 전

    Lol now I feel really bad for all those ant hills I’ve stuck sticks into and wrecking them after they have made all this effort and I just wrecked it☹️

  63. 0k subs no life challenge

    0k subs no life challenge21 일 전

    I *had* one of those gel thingys

  64. Debla

    Debla21 일 전


  65. Wiosh l

    Wiosh l21 일 전

    Wait is that... *clear* *dirt?*

  66. 100 subs with no vid challenge !!!!

    100 subs with no vid challenge !!!!20 일 전

    Wiosh l it’s gel it has food and water in it for the ants

  67. lemony lifehacker

    lemony lifehacker21 일 전

    Only watch the video because of flight of the bumblbee

  68. memes peepers

    memes peepers21 일 전

    If you dont know the song in the video your an uncultured swine

  69. Love Fiona

    Love Fiona21 일 전

    Who else thought it was water in the thumbnail

  70. handsome squidward

    handsome squidward21 일 전

    >ant colony >plays flight of the bumblebee Okay

  71. Victor Ro

    Victor Ro21 일 전

    I wonder how their gana go bak up when there done . their gana be smuggling drugs in a week

  72. Musical Sandwich

    Musical Sandwich21 일 전

    Thats a shitty colony. Like a communist one Lots of work and no food.

  73. Mr. Fillerup

    Mr. Fillerup22 일 전

    I probably re watched this video dying laughing 100 times

  74. Viral Development

    Viral Development22 일 전

    Wtf is that blue gel looking stuff is

  75. painhellemental 9000

    painhellemental 900022 일 전

    Ironic flight of the bumble bee is playing on a bunch of ants

  76. Dan

    Dan22 일 전

    Is that blue crystal ?

  77. とんかつ

    とんかつ22 일 전


  78. Quang Le

    Quang Le22 일 전

    What is that blue stuff? Look gud lol

  79. Thinking Questioning

    Thinking Questioning23 일 전

    Bgm: flight of the bumblebee

  80. Tracer 413

    Tracer 41323 일 전

    I wonder if they're just randomly digging or is there a design in mind.

  81. weldon salkey

    weldon salkey23 일 전

    That aint no colony they tryna get out that hoe ass plastic box

  82. Salty Surprise

    Salty Surprise23 일 전

    Silicone Valley? For ants.

  83. Kibbie Lou

    Kibbie Lou23 일 전

    Thumbs up for the music

  84. Daniel Andrew Vegan Aesthetics

    Daniel Andrew Vegan Aesthetics23 일 전

    All jokes aside, bro, you're big gay.

  85. Daniel Andrew Vegan Aesthetics

    Daniel Andrew Vegan Aesthetics23 일 전

    If I were them I would procreate until we were too many so that the tank explodes. A free home *AND* free sex?! Hell... Sign me in!

  86. DaChozenPoww

    DaChozenPoww23 일 전


  87. Rathi SSJ

    Rathi SSJ23 일 전

    Incredible .. now pour some molten aluminium once it’s done

  88. onemoreover

    onemoreover24 일 전

    Is this an experim-ant ?

  89. canal dos bugs

    canal dos bugs24 일 전


  90. james 123

    james 12324 일 전

    This is the type of content my 2am brain enjoys

  91. Canal como é bom ser criança!

    Canal como é bom ser criança!24 일 전

    Muito bom

  92. ReaPeR Max Graphics Mobile Games

    ReaPeR Max Graphics Mobile Games24 일 전

    Can you throw a grenade in there just to see what would happen? Thanks -Linken

  93. Waldo Rojas

    Waldo Rojas24 일 전

    Fucking communists

  94. Janine Alves

    Janine Alves24 일 전

    Esse e um belo raio x das formigas

  95. Christopher Tx

    Christopher Tx24 일 전

    Plot Twist: That blue stuff is slow acting insecticide.

  96. 김성힝

    김성힝25 일 전

    개미 토목 지린다

  97. Áo thun HoCha89

    Áo thun HoCha8925 일 전 it

  98. GhostNinja

    GhostNinja25 일 전

    Flight of the bumblebee....on an Also look at those buggers go

  99. Junior Raymond

    Junior Raymond25 일 전

    Is that gel that there in?

  100. dumbfok 101

    dumbfok 10125 일 전

    5.5k dislikes are from ant colonies

  101. Michael Jason

    Michael Jason25 일 전

    Ants are very smart...they were trying to tunnel out of that place...once they realized they were trapped, they stopped new tunneling... ...never were they trying to dig a new home... ... escape was their only objective