Ant Colony Time Lapse


  1. 숙쿡  with a dog

    숙쿡 with a dog17 시간 전

    Wow, nice video ~😊😎

  2. Barto Barto

    Barto Barto일 전

    1.09 boom

  3. Just Me

    Just Me8 일 전

    I felt really itchy watching the video

  4. Gabriele Ayres

    Gabriele Ayres9 일 전

    Now imagine what they can do with more space!

  5. Bia fofa Miss Dreams

    Bia fofa Miss Dreams10 일 전


  6. fabian rojas

    fabian rojas13 일 전

    They know they are trapped

  7. sKiTzMiCk 69

    sKiTzMiCk 6914 일 전

    Ants dont fuck around

  8. Death Core

    Death Core14 일 전

    What are they inside of??

  9. Matheus Gonçalves

    Matheus Gonçalves15 일 전

    Tou te falando vei as formigas vão dominar o mundo !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 100pie 0eater

    100pie 0eater17 일 전

    Wait are they digging in a plastic or glass

  11. VamshIKrishna K

    VamshIKrishna K17 일 전

    Great Architects..

  12. Starno no

    Starno no18 일 전

    I hate ants but this is cool

  13. Tiago Medeiros

    Tiago Medeiros19 일 전

    Pensei que ia ser uma formiga mergulhando😁😁😁😁😂😂

  14. god wins

    god wins17 일 전

    Eu também kkkkkk

  15. Tony DeMaria

    Tony DeMaria19 일 전

    Those ants are huge at the end.

  16. Tanner H

    Tanner H19 일 전

    Did you let them back outside? They wanted out.

  17. Fernanda G.

    Fernanda G.20 일 전

    What happened to them after this?

  18. Xerxes

    Xerxes20 일 전

    Flight of the bumble.... ant.

  19. Kim Jong-un

    Kim Jong-un20 일 전

    I dom't know why but this reminds me when bears are rubbing against a tree...

  20. June Tuason

    June Tuason20 일 전

    Ant keeper knew that gel ant nest is bad for ants

  21. dave aston

    dave aston20 일 전

    I could go mad wondering how they coordinate

  22. Bradley Taafe

    Bradley Taafe20 일 전

    What are they planning?

  23. ClasH GardeneR

    ClasH GardeneR20 일 전

    Do they ever take break?

  24. Elizabeth Leung

    Elizabeth Leung20 일 전

    0.44 it looks like pickaxes in Fortnite

  25. Chioma Grace Ijomah

    Chioma Grace Ijomah20 일 전

    When do they sleep...??

  26. Leonis

    Leonis20 일 전

    Agora me deu uma vontade de criar formigas

  27. Farahh.

    Farahh.20 일 전

    Who else is itchy

  28. A Hol

    A Hol20 일 전

    I never really thought about it until now but all the dirt from an ant hill is all the dirt they dug out of the ground

  29. Mohammed Hussein

    Mohammed Hussein20 일 전


  30. Local Union

    Local Union20 일 전

    Are they on steroid, too fast for a regular ants

  31. Jake's Channel

    Jake's Channel20 일 전

    Video about ants Flight of the bumblebee plays 0.o

  32. Chelsea Peterson

    Chelsea Peterson20 일 전

    I put it on 2x play back speed lol

  33. Ammar

    Ammar20 일 전

    WTF are those recommendations youtube! And why am I even watching it! Smh

  34. xx_AngelSaga_xx XD

    xx_AngelSaga_xx XD20 일 전

    This is insane but at the same time amazing!!

  35. Alyssa

    Alyssa20 일 전

    Look at all those times they tried to escape 👀

  36. abdo Hisham

    abdo Hisham21 일 전

    سبحان الله

  37. Sydney Dorge

    Sydney Dorge21 일 전

    what are they digging in....I thought it was jello at first 😆


    Rafik ALGERIEN VEVO21 일 전

    سبحان الله وبحمده

  39. Jenna Heyer

    Jenna Heyer21 일 전

    Don't use gel for there substrate. Why: it kills them....:^(

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    NTDTV21 일 전

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  41. Indra Teja Chintakayala

    Indra Teja Chintakayala21 일 전

    Macro engineers

  42. unknxwn

    unknxwn21 일 전

    Literally didn't notice what I was watching at first

  43. Wesley Tai and Jawem

    Wesley Tai and Jawem22 일 전


  44. Papers, Please

    Papers, Please22 일 전

    *Korean War (Colourized)*

  45. K M M

    K M M22 일 전

    Can h reuse the gel or put new gel i there for cheap?

  46. Cheese Face

    Cheese Face22 일 전

    wheres the queen during the digging part?

  47. Melissa Carter

    Melissa Carter22 일 전

    This is horrible as a hobbiest i must say gel is terrible for an ant colony so many additivs will kill them off verry fast

  48. LiveLeak

    LiveLeak22 일 전

    I dont like how their confined to such little space

  49. Straight to the point

    Straight to the point22 일 전

    Music makes me think Harry Potter is going to start soon

  50. Michał Kowalczyk

    Michał Kowalczyk22 일 전

    Very sad is that they have very small place to live ;[



    Do ants ever sleep

  52. moustachebro4life

    moustachebro4life22 일 전

    Not my proudest fap

  53. Sonarcha

    Sonarcha23 일 전

    Giving them cork would be better idea...

  54. Jamez Clowdz

    Jamez Clowdz24 일 전

    Ants are the crackheads of the animal word

  55. Grady Mathews

    Grady Mathews25 일 전

    The creator or the universe is uhmazeing

  56. Marcino Capucino

    Marcino Capucino28 일 전

    Ants ants ants

  57. Ricardo Junior

    Ricardo Junior29 일 전


  58. PotatoSeller16

    PotatoSeller16개월 전

    What I like about that ant farm is that the gel they make the nest in is a food and water so you can just forget about them and they will be fine

  59. Leo channel 104

    Leo channel 104개월 전

    Is that clear blue jelly??

  60. Steve and Bacon

    Steve and Bacon개월 전

    So much hard work!

  61. Isnan Nf

    Isnan Nf개월 전

    Oh I hate them so much

  62. ErikGauthierDrums

    ErikGauthierDrums개월 전

    Where was the colony?! All I saw was a bunch of worker ants digging tunnels trying to find food

  63. Random Memes Weekley

    Random Memes Weekley개월 전

    i feel bad for them, jel ant farms are bad for the ants

  64. Riley Jackson

    Riley Jackson개월 전

    the music is shitty

  65. SaNsGamers675 Esquelets

    SaNsGamers675 Esquelets개월 전


  66. HoldMyBeer

    HoldMyBeer2 개월 전

    *I feel like ants are on my neck*

  67. Red Riding hood

    Red Riding hood2 개월 전

    1:09 when you see your best friend in the hall but everyone's in your way (you find eachother though😊)

  68. A very edgy seed

    A very edgy seed2 개월 전

    Why am I here again?

  69. NerdLife234 0

    NerdLife234 02 개월 전

    Gotta admit, they are really good at making stuff.

  70. Marki Moo

    Marki Moo2 개월 전


  71. Ava Brown

    Ava Brown2 개월 전


  72. 寿司好きな人

    寿司好きな人2 개월 전


  73. Hello-Hello

    Hello-Hello2 개월 전


  74. pablo 560

    pablo 5602 개월 전

    1:36 fuk it, I am adding a short cut.

  75. Fern Alderton

    Fern Alderton2 개월 전

    Put it on 2x

  76. Quiet Kid

    Quiet Kid2 개월 전

    Water aside, this is really cool to witness

  77. Louis Norte

    Louis Norte2 개월 전

    I hate ants. no offense. 'n_n

  78. Andrew Khoo

    Andrew Khoo2 개월 전

    What is the material or dingging Palace the blue thing

  79. meisterじえろ

    meisterじえろ2 개월 전

    I personally thought they were swimming

  80. 4 штурмовик

    4 штурмовик2 개월 전


  81. TheDopeyPotato

    TheDopeyPotato2 개월 전

    The ad was watching cute animal videos, yuck! These aren't cute

  82. Drewmoefoe

    Drewmoefoe2 개월 전

    Thought they were drowning in the thumbnail

  83. Obviously

    Obviously2 개월 전

    Gotta give props to that one ant playing the Mozart piece while watching his family work their bum off

  84. Meme Man Fresh

    Meme Man Fresh12 일 전

    mozart? wtf are you talking about

  85. Dan C

    Dan C24 일 전

    This isn't Mozart. Its Rimsky-korsakov

  86. Aaron-Beetson

    Aaron-Beetson2 개월 전

    So wtf did they even achieve 😂😂

  87. enigma mist

    enigma mist2 개월 전

    Maybe Aliens are watching us like this and put us on Earth like ants are in Jelly. 😁

  88. Angeleanna Grace

    Angeleanna Grace2 개월 전

    Someone please tell me is that jello?

  89. ItsReallyJ

    ItsReallyJ2 개월 전

    Isnt this a bee song though?

  90. Appearingthreatening

    Appearingthreatening2 개월 전

    How is the sand not collapsing when They completely dig out the bottom?

  91. Switch To Geico

    Switch To Geico2 개월 전

    *grabs ant spray*

  92. Tiny Butterfly

    Tiny Butterfly2 개월 전

    Oh my, they so clever, they use the dug up part to make more spcae on top lile the "roof"

  93. SmashPortal

    SmashPortal2 개월 전

    Now pour molten aluminum into it.

  94. Craig The Defaulty

    Craig The Defaulty2 개월 전

    Finally i found a way to cheat in fortnite :P

  95. Guys I'm taking a breAk

    Guys I'm taking a breAk2 개월 전

    1:09 *The kiss of life*

  96. Snakey Mations

    Snakey Mations2 개월 전

    I prefer antscanada but this is pretty cool

  97. حۣۗہمۣۗہوۣدُيۣۗ آلَعۣۗہرآقۣۗہيۣۗ

    حۣۗہمۣۗہوۣدُيۣۗ آلَعۣۗہرآقۣۗہيۣۗ2 개월 전

    اكو عرب بالطياره

  98. Zroly the son of broly

    Zroly the son of broly2 개월 전

    And some ppl say ants are useless

  99. mace windu

    mace windu2 개월 전

    What r the diging in

  100. The Suburban Woodsmen

    The Suburban Woodsmen2 개월 전

    *Begin to dig at glass*

  101. red fuk

    red fuk2 개월 전

    Those are some weird flies man

  102. Abel Casanova

    Abel Casanova2 개월 전

    Super cool.. What’s the blue thing?

  103. Goku_B-A-P-E

    Goku_B-A-P-E2 개월 전

    ! ID