Ant Colony Time Lapse


  1. Doot is a cool dude

    Doot is a cool dude일 전

    Mining in Minecraft in a nutshell 😂

  2. Random shit

    Random shit3 일 전

    This is how COD maps are made

  3. 110110001101101010111 101111000011010101001110100

    110110001101101010111 1011110000110101010011101005 일 전

    Squiward chasing Spongebob and Patrick underground

  4. Игорь Петров

    Игорь Петров5 일 전

    Where are i can buy this ant house??

  5. Pacmanhits Pac

    Pacmanhits Pac7 일 전

    Me in Minecraft looking for diamond

  6. Trader 100%

    Trader 100%9 일 전

    Ants don't sleep do they.

  7. Jordan Allen

    Jordan Allen7 일 전

    They do, but only for a few minutes each day

  8. Big red little red

    Big red little red16 일 전

    How did I end up here then

  9. Dakotadarkwolf

    Dakotadarkwolf20 일 전


  10. I.Z

    I.Z20 일 전

    I dont see a queen and gell nest kill ants

  11. Therulerkai

    Therulerkai22 일 전

    Watch in 2x

  12. 小雪Yifei

    小雪Yifei23 일 전

    Best video ever this is so cool!

  13. maged play games the best games

    maged play games the best games24 일 전

    1:03 *Sneak 100*

  14. Maria Angela Arogante

    Maria Angela Arogante25 일 전

    Please make it slower? Just make it slower a bit

  15. _oofer.gang_

    _oofer.gang_25 일 전

    It’s uh... 2:30am and this is where my recommendations take me. *interesting stuff man*

  16. Blessed Evil

    Blessed Evil25 일 전

    Play it @ 0.25 speed 👌 It's still a time lapsed 😔

  17. BambieGamer And Others

    BambieGamer And Others25 일 전

    1:10 oof

  18. Made Easy

    Made Easy26 일 전

    Awesome hack

  19. RPG and Horror lover Hans

    RPG and Horror lover Hans29 일 전

    They always work, they never rest

  20. Жека Калашников

    Жека Калашников개월 전

    Пипец! Они ищут выход но не могут его найти )))

  21. Timm Savage

    Timm Savage개월 전


  22. Sophia Baird

    Sophia Baird개월 전

    When you watch ants build a colony and your like “hey why can’t I do that”

  23. Mark Arnott

    Mark Arnott개월 전

    👨‍💻so cool PERFECT MUSIC flight🐝bumblebee 👍🎥👨🗯

  24. soapmanwuan 47

    soapmanwuan 47개월 전

    this song really goes hard tho

  25. Ronnie Baga

    Ronnie Baga개월 전

    Then I’m gonna pour boiling water to wash them to smitterin.

  26. zEb Ede E

    zEb Ede E개월 전

    I'm expecting this to appear in my recommendations again after 3 years.

  27. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer개월 전

    Gel farms are dangerous for ants

  28. Sky 201

    Sky 201개월 전

    just realize there is an ant walking around alone *so I killed it, press F to pay respect*

  29. Glaring Helga

    Glaring Helga개월 전


  30. Sky 201

    Sky 201개월 전


  31. Ello OωO

    Ello OωO개월 전

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)👌

  32. Erika

    Erika개월 전

    Esto es tan satisfactorio de ver

  33. j6 ru04jd0

    j6 ru04jd0개월 전

    treat them well ! they just want to get out

  34. Dakota Ramirez

    Dakota Ramirez개월 전

    Flight of the Bumblebee tho??? 😳😳😳

  35. Nothing

    Nothing개월 전

    Римский Корсаков

  36. Refkill

    Refkill개월 전

    July 2019? why just now

  37. 박승호

    박승호개월 전

    Recommend x2

  38. Simonates

    Simonates개월 전

    Flight of the bumblebee in an ant movie, that's cultural appropriation

  39. Dani Lyons

    Dani Lyons개월 전

    I had one of these and when an ant died They actually went ahead and gave it a proper burial

  40. Negative Zero

    Negative Zero개월 전

    What do they eat?

  41. Rahul Gamer

    Rahul Gamer개월 전

    What is this thing

  42. that random guy

    that random guy개월 전

    I got an ad about an-killing-poison.

  43. UH OH

    UH OH개월 전

    Speedrun of life

  44. ramdom imperial guardsman

    ramdom imperial guardsman개월 전

    Koreans playing starcraft 2 in a nutshell

  45. sorryforthewait

    sorryforthewait개월 전

    They are playing Terraria

  46. Austin Guerrer

    Austin Guerrer개월 전

    Isnt this like really bad for ants. I thought gel farms are really bad for these guys

  47. im SANAholic

    im SANAholic개월 전

    no queen?

  48. Russian Turtle

    Russian Turtle개월 전

    *Humble diggers*

  49. Nicka xx

    Nicka xx개월 전

    They don't even need a break. Wish human can do also 😶

  50. Amare

    Amare개월 전

    Nobody: Me at 3am: *watching ant videos*

  51. Decomoopybloopcob vidZZ

    Decomoopybloopcob vidZZ개월 전

    I don’t get it

  52. Wawan Ahmad

    Wawan Ahmad개월 전

    Even this video, I speed it up.

  53. Brittany Foster

    Brittany Foster개월 전


  54. theonezombie thatlikesnuggets

    theonezombie thatlikesnuggets개월 전

    This is perfect

  55. Maddie Rey

    Maddie Rey개월 전

    I’ve watched 5 of these videos and I now have to be at work in five minutes

  56. Kevlar Canuck

    Kevlar Canuck개월 전

    What exactly is the clear substance? And I'm curious how the ants aren't confused what to do with it since it doesn't resemble dirt...

  57. taj7caspian

    taj7caspian개월 전

    Is that jello?

  58. Beverly Jones

    Beverly Jones개월 전

    Beautiful......thank you for this

  59. Omae Wa Mu Shindeiru Nani!?

    Omae Wa Mu Shindeiru Nani!?개월 전

    I thought i was watching Tom and Jerry

  60. Наталья Шакшанова

    Наталья Шакшанова개월 전

    Русские тоже как эти муравьи трудяжки😜

  61. Marita69

    Marita69개월 전

    I honestly thought the ants in the thumbnail were underwater

  62. h7

    h7개월 전

    *Category: people and blogs*


    JOHN ROCK개월 전

    This sums life in a nutshell

  64. Leon siema

    Leon siema2 개월 전


  65. Ajay .k.s

    Ajay .k.s2 개월 전

    1:09 why are you here bloody fool?

  66. Sacred Sun

    Sacred Sun2 개월 전

    Least they don't take 5 years to decide that the couch looks better in one place over another.

  67. mad4tarmac

    mad4tarmac2 개월 전

    that 4th ant on the left..lazy bastard.

  68. Peygo Tek

    Peygo Tek2 개월 전


  69. Monte4Christo

    Monte4Christo2 개월 전

    Wooow....good music 😁🤝

  70. Chris M

    Chris M2 개월 전

    What gel is that?

  71. Chen Pamei

    Chen Pamei2 개월 전

    literally,i have to undo your time lapse to watch it.too fast huh

  72. Sylveon

    Sylveon2 개월 전

    Use to have one of these farms , I gave them food (behind my dad's back because apparently the farm was suppose to give them food but I didn't trust that) but the ants still *DiEd*

  73. Carlos Garcia

    Carlos Garcia2 개월 전

    Nature is the number one artist

  74. Byron B

    Byron B2 개월 전

    these ants obviously watched how they built the chunnel 0:55 🤣🤣🤣

  75. Love Supreme

    Love Supreme2 개월 전

    This is actually time lapsed footage of us going to and from our 9 to 5s.

  76. B0L4CH4

    B0L4CH42 개월 전

    *Look is Minecraft!*

  77. richard kim

    richard kim2 개월 전

    Poor ants..

  78. Elaini

    Elaini2 개월 전

    What busy bees... I mean ants...

  79. peefg

    peefg2 개월 전

    I am not quite sure what I am watching at work right now...

  80. RavenWing

    RavenWing2 개월 전

    I found this really interesting but I actually study ants, and that blue substance is actually very unhealthy for them. Still very interesting time lapse, though.

  81. xXTimeMast3rXx Gaming

    xXTimeMast3rXx Gaming2 개월 전

    RavenWing Oh shizzz

  82. Rohit Raj

    Rohit Raj2 개월 전

    great tunnel worker in the world

  83. Ivy Claw

    Ivy Claw2 개월 전

    Uhh...what are even those blue jelly thingie?

  84. Cici Mulyani

    Cici Mulyani2 개월 전