Another Awkward Interview with Deadpool


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    Watch our first awkward interview with Deadpool here! >>

  2. Shane Overlord

    Shane Overlord3 개월 전


  3. xxxkalebxxx xxxboyxxx

    xxxkalebxxx xxxboyxxx8 개월 전

    Hi post some videos

  4. Chris Akane ASMR

    Chris Akane ASMR11 개월 전

    This is literally me. Lol 😂😂😂

  5. Samuel Samuel

    Samuel Samuel년 전

    Didn't bother animating the eyes this time, eh?

  6. H.V.E Zomb1enator

    H.V.E Zomb1enator년 전

    shes says shes a huge fan and dont even laugh. what fan says they are a huge fan and haves a conversation to Deadpool and dont even laugh.

  7. Soroush Pejhan

    Soroush Pejhan4 일 전

    Why ronaldo?

  8. Batman Gotham

    Batman Gotham개월 전

    I think she's hot

  9. Grace Davis

    Grace Davis개월 전

    I like. Dead pool

  10. Spongebob Squarepants

    Spongebob Squarepants개월 전

    Could Deadpool say that his a** is nice

  11. AA

    AA개월 전

    The girl is a terrible actor i feel like shes trying to match ryan reynolds charissma but is failing miserably

  12. Ainur Fariski

    Ainur Fariski개월 전

    hey deadpool still lookin' for francis, do you ? by the way "where are you francis"

  13. 1234Loudist

    1234Loudist개월 전

    I really want to see tom Holland’s spider man with Ryan Reynolds Deadpool😂 it William probably never happen, but that would be hilarious, couldn’t have picked a better guy to play the sarcastic foul mouthed aunt hero himself. Love Ryan Reynolds!!😂🤗

  14. Oscar Da Lopez

    Oscar Da Lopez개월 전

    Stop making eye contact with me

  15. Akhilesh Yadav

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  16. Walking and Thinking

    Walking and Thinking개월 전

    D e a Pool d

  17. RageSiege

    RageSiege개월 전

    Don’t take life too seriously

  18. FatimDoki

    FatimDoki개월 전

    "See spiderman 3 to enjoy it", wait what?

  19. scampoli25

    scampoli25개월 전

    "Deadpool 2 is like the Canadian version of Couples Retreat with slightly less Malin Ackerman"

  20. Fahad Nadeem

    Fahad Nadeem개월 전

    Why cristiano 😂😂??

  21. RainbowPigQueen

    RainbowPigQueen개월 전

    *crying* I love him.

  22. Pan Daimonium

    Pan Daimonium2 개월 전

    Man doesn't reference Schwartz's, -10 out of 10.

  23. freaky friday

    freaky friday2 개월 전

    Cristiano ronaldo f##k that guy😂😂😂

  24. what DO YOU WANT!?

    what DO YOU WANT!?2 개월 전

    “I said no touching”

  25. Afif Danial

    Afif Danial2 개월 전

    i thought his eyes were cgi

  26. Mats Ekeling

    Mats Ekeling2 개월 전

    Ha! ”Rick Astley low” 😂😂

  27. Jerome Carao

    Jerome Carao2 개월 전

    My dream interviewer.

  28. Hlengiwe Phiri

    Hlengiwe Phiri2 개월 전

    Gosh I love deadpool 💜💜😂😂😂

  29. it's yah boy

    it's yah boy2 개월 전

    I hope y’all know they just gave this footage to a lot of outlets and the interviewer has to make it fun lol

  30. Kirti Singh

    Kirti Singh3 개월 전

    1:34 Dude why?

  31. Mr. Cordeiro 2019

    Mr. Cordeiro 20193 개월 전

    how can one singular man be so funny

  32. Shane Overlord

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  33. CyanideCider

    CyanideCider3 개월 전

    o o f -

  34. Karma

    Karma3 개월 전

    Is deadpool Lionel Messi fan xD why he hates ChristianoRonaldo guys? :d

  35. Anime_Waifu

    Anime_Waifu4 개월 전

    Deadpool was born to play Ryan

  36. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros4 개월 전

    Davin Busters In Montreal . . . Because Deadpool is Canadian . . .

  37. probotboyxxx

    probotboyxxx4 개월 전

    He's still 6'2 even if he removed 7 inches from his spine, plus the fact he can regrow anything in his, so that removal of body parts was pointless.

  38. Sexually Transmitted Disease.

    Sexually Transmitted Disease.4 개월 전

    "Where you can get the freshest STDs". Hmmm... Should I feel honored that Deadpool mentioned about my kind of not?

  39. Strange Horizons

    Strange Horizons4 개월 전

    With this screenplay, they had a lot of wrongs to write.

  40. Omar

    Omar4 개월 전

    Ryan nailed it


    VARUN DIVIT4 개월 전

    Marvel has casted the perfect actors. Rdj, Ryan , Evans......

  42. Rishi Raj Baruah

    Rishi Raj Baruah4 개월 전

    "not Cristiano Ronaldo , fuckin hate that guy" 😂😂😂

  43. Rick the Brick

    Rick the Brick4 개월 전

    No one can replace deadpool as Ryan Reynolds

  44. The Silent Reaction

    The Silent Reaction4 개월 전

    I prefer “once upon a deadpool” cause I am so easily offended

  45. Iron Man

    Iron Man4 개월 전

    What's his problem with ronaldo?

  46. Cloud strife123

    Cloud strife1234 개월 전

    Stop making eye contact with me.He sure takes a lot of alcohol😂😂

  47. Hela of Universe

    Hela of Universe5 개월 전


  48. Sarii

    Sarii5 개월 전

    The only awkward person in this interview was the hostess...

  49. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    I had 5 bones removed from my body . But they can regrow . A little thing called regeneration .

  50. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    This is a so meta interview . . .

  51. AJ Radars

    AJ Radars5 개월 전

    *haters* fans: "that's given."

  52. Aleksander Khamidulin

    Aleksander Khamidulin5 개월 전

    i actually loved spiderman 3

  53. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    Stop making eye contact with me ☺☺☺

  54. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    You do not have to see Deadpool to understand Deadpool 2 . . . But definitely see Spider - Man 3 to enjoy it . . .

  55. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    This was definitely a money grab . Big Time .

  56. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    You know the swords are not for slicing people . They are used in order to be a able to cut bullets in half while on defence mode . . .

  57. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    Cable ? Uhhhhmm . . . Yeah . . . You mean the character , not the actor playing him . . .

  58. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    Both collarbones You always leave something on the field of action . . .

  59. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    I had 5 bones from my body removed So i managed to be a little more fluid . . .

  60. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    You know now that you mention it . I am just glad that a superhero movie managed to be both funny and witty . . .

  61. ramngaiha 17

    ramngaiha 175 개월 전

    Where you can get the freshest STD's😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  62. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    You do not have to see Deadpool to see Deadpool 2 . But DEFINITELY see Spider - man 3 . . . To enjoy it !!!

  63. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    This was a definitely a money grab . . .

  64. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    He is the biological son of Cyclops and Madelyn Prior . . .

  65. Prof. Joy Ansu Yeboah

    Prof. Joy Ansu Yeboah5 개월 전

    What did Christiano Ronaldo did to you Deadpool

  66. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    Α technoorganic virus Transforms his body . . .

  67. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    He was raised in the ingani temple .

  68. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros5 개월 전

    Cable . Infected with a technoradiating virus .

  69. Incapable of originality but im trying

    Incapable of originality but im trying5 개월 전

    "Who shouldnt watch deadpool 2" With the knowledge that its one of my favorite movies: my mom. Shell kill me. Otherwise homophobes & racists and easily offended parents


    DAWN LISA RAGE5 개월 전

    What is the freaking point of this whole video if his cursing is going to be bleeped. Its not funny its annoying to.the ears

  71. kevin johnson

    kevin johnson5 개월 전

    Ask him about his new Pokemon movie.

  72. Jobin McGooch

    Jobin McGooch5 개월 전

    She cute, he funny

  73. Creeper_ Cortex

    Creeper_ Cortex5 개월 전

    Can't wait for Once upon a Deadpool

  74. Suraj Nongmaithem

    Suraj Nongmaithem5 개월 전

    Why Ronaldo why whyy

  75. BumbleBre

    BumbleBre5 개월 전

    *opinions about Spider-man 3* _several people are typing_

  76. Qinton

    Qinton6 개월 전


  77. DarkStorm

    DarkStorm6 개월 전

    He hate Cristiano Ronaldo. Ryan Reynolds is definitely G.O.A.T

  78. DarkStorm

    DarkStorm6 개월 전

    Well some body is a Messi fan

  79. John Cena

    John Cena2 개월 전

    DarkStorm C H R I S T I A N R O N A L D O

  80. DarkStorm

    DarkStorm6 개월 전

    He called thanos a ,........

  81. Weareoneexo Saranghaja

    Weareoneexo Saranghaja6 개월 전

    Lol XD stop making eye contact with me lolol XD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  82. Jin The Harvester

    Jin The Harvester6 개월 전

    I loved that movie a lot more then I thought I would. Especially any scene with Colossas... you know why just don’t go there

  83. Martian

    Martian6 개월 전

    Christian ronaldo???

  84. Samarah Carney

    Samarah Carney6 개월 전

    Ryan was born for this role

  85. yt b

    yt b6 개월 전


  86. Whatever. I Probably Don’t Care.

    Whatever. I Probably Don’t Care.6 개월 전

    Stan lee 😭

  87. Hugh Tahoob

    Hugh Tahoob6 개월 전

    Remember when IGN was just an online forum lol

  88. IYK WIM

    IYK WIM6 개월 전

    Best Marvel Character!

  89. Eleanor Custance

    Eleanor Custance6 개월 전

    wow, i swear that woman did not like him at all XD

  90. Avinash Moses

    Avinash Moses6 개월 전

    I think Ryan Reynolds should bring the office back, he'd be a great Michael Scott

  91. Donnie gaming

    Donnie gaming6 개월 전

    I love this

  92. Dan Knight

    Dan Knight6 개월 전

    Ryan Reynolds is the funniest person alive.

  93. Tanner J

    Tanner J6 개월 전

    “Definitely see Spider Man 3 to enjoy it[DP2]”

  94. JJ Stouder

    JJ Stouder6 개월 전

    Real low lol 😂

  95. Katlyn Dobransky

    Katlyn Dobransky6 개월 전

    I feel like this is literally a interview with Ryan. Like it doesn’t feel any different than any of his interviews

  96. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross7 개월 전

    0:13 Very true



    Best marvel film ever made and will ever be made. You can tell reynolds had almost all the say in these films

  98. Just Random

    Just Random7 개월 전

    she is verry beautiful

  99. Luna Lovegood

    Luna Lovegood7 개월 전

    I'm not skip the iklan/?

  100. Marc Verus

    Marc Verus7 개월 전

    i didn't even started the video and im already laughing

  101. Tattier Verbose456

    Tattier Verbose4567 개월 전

    F*** yeah! not christian ronaldo

  102. Kay Kay Is Cray Cray

    Kay Kay Is Cray Cray7 개월 전

    Where would you time travel is a real question

  103. Kay Kay Is Cray Cray

    Kay Kay Is Cray Cray7 개월 전


  104. Olli Mulchandani

    Olli Mulchandani7 개월 전

    Censoring deadpool is a crime

  105. Legend of trailers

    Legend of trailers7 개월 전

    hay Ryan do you now a guy named Luke he filmed the slow motion parts in the first Deadpool cuzin

  106. dBolotok

    dBolotok8 개월 전

    They should make *Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe* a live action movie

  107. jhoyna legaspi

    jhoyna legaspi7 개월 전

    That would be awesome! But I don't think they have the budget for that yet :)

  108. Arrowhead Pride

    Arrowhead Pride8 개월 전

    Gimme some.... No? Okay