Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Pixar Characters From Memory • Draw Off




    the day jackie and kevin arent paired is the day i stop watching

  2. Koalazer

    Koalazer12 시간 전

    7:35 Jackie in maths be like "it's too much, I only have 1 brain"

  3. Jason Youngblood

    Jason Youngblood일 전

    I really REALLY enjoyed watching this. It's such a great idea.

  4. Comical Animator

    Comical Animator3 일 전

    From membranes

  5. Patricia Gonzalez

    Patricia Gonzalez3 일 전

    Lol Jackie's Buzz has short arms. It's still cute. Also Kevin has like this Curious George art style its cute

  6. Char latte

    Char latte4 일 전

    Jason’s laugh is so iconic

  7. _ Seppe

    _ Seppe5 일 전

    laaaaaaa, la la, lalala laaaa! lalala laaaa! Hae-Joon!

  8. Siac Jayakarta

    Siac Jayakarta5 일 전

    Positive mental attitude. Thanks Jackie for the life lesson



    I love Jackie

  10. Gabriel Moors

    Gabriel Moors5 일 전

    Kyra did DeNiro basically, haha

  11. Aidan

    Aidan6 일 전

    Now I notice, Kevin is Buzz Lighyear but in real life and in an old design xd

  12. Shwifty

    Shwifty6 일 전


  13. I fuck your mother got a problem

    I fuck your mother got a problem7 일 전

    I can draw better with my imagine and memory...or are they not trying at all

  14. Kassandra Pelago

    Kassandra Pelago5 일 전

    You need to be better at grammar

  15. Willy Tsung

    Willy Tsung7 일 전

    Nice having videos where hae-joon gets a good partner.

  16. Jac Meredith

    Jac Meredith8 일 전

    For reason's I can't explain, Kevin's drawing made me nauseous.

  17. kidimaus1

    kidimaus19 일 전

    Next disney princesses pls

  18. Juris Hincenbergs

    Juris Hincenbergs9 일 전

    Jackie will you marry me?

  19. Scadoodles By Joey

    Scadoodles By Joey9 일 전

    Jackie: we should just quit Kevin: no we must go infinity and beyond Jackie: Kevin: Kevin: Jackie no dont leave

  20. Daniel Delaney

    Daniel Delaney11 일 전


  21. ilaDali

    ilaDali12 일 전

    Buzzfeed studios should cut all their other teams except this show, the profit margins would surely be higher, much leaner business

  22. juls ines

    juls ines12 일 전


  23. scrub scrub

    scrub scrub12 일 전

    i love kevin&jackie

  24. chiconosauh

    chiconosauh12 일 전

    kevin draw like a old version xD, and jackie draw the 3 buttom on the wrong side? its look likr the lriginal its wrong i cant see the bottom on that side xD

  25. Pinkpearldisneywishes

    Pinkpearldisneywishes12 일 전

    I did this with a friend or mine who used to paint animation cells. We we're given Miguel from coco. So fun!

  26. chaosource1

    chaosource112 일 전

    Okay, so nobody is going to mention how Kyra's drawing look like Robert de Niro? :c

  27. Iboopyournose

    Iboopyournose13 일 전

    4:23 Jack come back, come back! (I hope at least one understands that reference...)

  28. Christie Ahh

    Christie Ahh13 일 전

    Hae-joon finally beat Kyra in drawing!

  29. Huckleberry Lachow

    Huckleberry Lachow14 일 전

    i hate jackie

  30. Mariana Masseaux

    Mariana Masseaux14 일 전

    "to infinity and beyond" IM FREAKING DYING LMAO

  31. Thekonkanvegan

    Thekonkanvegan14 일 전

    I really like jason and brents friendship.

  32. wolfscreen

    wolfscreen14 일 전

    7:59 when thay went: "pma! Positive. Mental. Attitude" my mind went: ayaaaaaaa so you know jacksepticeyeeeeeee!!!!!"

  33. Ash Fields

    Ash Fields15 일 전

    Enjoyed that.

  34. Cosmie_le_Cactus

    Cosmie_le_Cactus16 일 전

    I was scared of Wall-E when I was younger but I don't remember why so it just confuses me now

  35. Spiri Manea

    Spiri Manea16 일 전

    From mem....brains!

  36. ceejayluke

    ceejayluke16 일 전

    Is Jackie color blind?

  37. hitnail halfway

    hitnail halfway17 일 전

    I didnt like the Chinese looking girl. those type of people are a pain in the ass to deal with in real life.

  38. Jaydo Ashbrook

    Jaydo Ashbrook17 일 전

    I love Buzz lightyear but after what I just saw I'm upset

  39. Minh Tuấn Bùi

    Minh Tuấn Bùi17 일 전

    Kevin basically draws himself cosplaying those characters

  40. Nicolayye

    Nicolayye17 일 전

    actually, Kevin’s version looks a lot more comparable to the disney channel tv series about buzz

  41. Pablo Polanco

    Pablo Polanco17 일 전

    I want to participate.

  42. Remix That Badder ✔

    Remix That Badder ✔18 일 전

    Ok but Jason’s really good

  43. Fanette trd

    Fanette trd18 일 전

    hearing those people say Ratatouille as a french person broke my brain like I had to replay it so many time ^^

  44. Queen Mendes

    Queen Mendes18 일 전

    Whatever y'all said about Jason, I prefer him than Jonni.

  45. i dont know my name

    i dont know my name18 일 전

    Oh my.. Everytime i heard or saw Wall-E, i feel like crying 🙁🙁 Even tho i watched it years ago

  46. Eng Trks

    Eng Trks18 일 전

    From what I've seen from the other videos, I don't think Jason's drawing skills are as good as the others.

  47. Honesty Nagel

    Honesty Nagel18 일 전

    Did anybody else see a DeNiro caricature in Kyra's drawing from 'Up'?

  48. MagnumPiCactus

    MagnumPiCactus18 일 전

    Kevins Buzz was not T H I C C enough

  49. ᴅʀᴇᴅᴇᴅ

    ᴅʀᴇᴅᴇᴅ18 일 전

    Wall-e is so wholesome and hard to forget how could they not remember 😭

  50. Frank Kiss

    Frank Kiss16 일 전

    @ᴅʀᴇᴅᴇᴅ Well then I got it wrong. My bad. He truly is wholesome though

  51. ᴅʀᴇᴅᴇᴅ

    ᴅʀᴇᴅᴇᴅ16 일 전

    @Frank Kiss I was just saying but go off

  52. ᴅʀᴇᴅᴇᴅ

    ᴅʀᴇᴅᴇᴅ16 일 전

    @Frank Kiss I know that

  53. Frank Kiss

    Frank Kiss16 일 전

    If you look closely you´ll see they remembered him very well

  54. Jenny Pai

    Jenny Pai19 일 전

    Kevin drew Kevin again

  55. Jenny Pai

    Jenny Pai19 일 전

    Brent's Wall-E

  56. Jenny Pai

    Jenny Pai19 일 전

    Kevin: " infinity and beyond." Jackie: leaves

  57. Sheytopia

    Sheytopia19 일 전

    jackie and Kevin need their own show. i don't care what kind... I just wanna see them interact lol

  58. Suraj Dhanawade

    Suraj Dhanawade19 일 전

    Brent and Kevin are my favorites ♥️

  59. kristen c

    kristen c19 일 전

    kyra's drawing reminds me of mr bean !

  60. Atrayu The lion

    Atrayu The lion19 일 전

    I think Jackie and Kevin should never be separated on this channel like it wouldn't be the same ! 😊😂🤣

  61. Ranz Kyle

    Ranz Kyle19 일 전

    Jason is worst

  62. Lorenz Zielinski-Hoyos

    Lorenz Zielinski-Hoyos20 일 전

    If you make it cute it’s okay...Just like murder - Jackie

  63. Bhalachandra Naik

    Bhalachandra Naik20 일 전

    The way she says she was young at this old is Jackie?

  64. Dave Hahn

    Dave Hahn20 일 전


  65. Karina bei der Arbeit

    Karina bei der Arbeit21 일 전

    I just saw the thumbnail and my one and only thought was: 'KEVIN AND JACKIE FIGHT PT.2'