Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Pixar Characters From Memory




    Kyra gave her Carl fredricksen drawing a buisness tie and a "it" balloon 🎈 😂😂

  2. Mike

    Mike49 분 전

    Guy on the left cheating @ 2:55

  3. Annoyed Person

    Annoyed Person4 시간 전

    Kevin's drawing is almost never better than Jackie's, but there you go.

  4. Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime6 시간 전

    Jackie more talks but i can't see so much talent she draw sucks for me

  5. Aaron Borj Ignacio

    Aaron Borj Ignacio14 시간 전

    jackie: it’s too much I have one brain. hahahahaha


    THE MIGHTY GT116 시간 전

    Would they have known how to draw Lightning McQueen tho?

  7. Karina V

    Karina V20 시간 전

    The Wall E drawings were cool af

  8. Javier Cé

    Javier Cé23 시간 전

    *Brent the best*

  9. Kevin Cleve

    Kevin Cleve일 전

    7:18 old Mr.Bean

  10. Ordnajela Etaraz

    Ordnajela Etaraz일 전


  11. Jim Yeh

    Jim Yeh일 전

    Brent is so good wtfff💖

  12. Ming Kwan

    Ming Kwan일 전

    This is what happened to sonic movie

  13. ThatLightSkinned Dude

    ThatLightSkinned Dude일 전


  14. shadow ninja

    shadow ninja일 전

    i need jackie instagram account

  15. Nitro Gang

    Nitro Gang일 전

    Please don't leave likes uneven

  16. Andrea Banks

    Andrea Banks일 전

    The black guy is a professional?😂😂😂

  17. Ida Auinger

    Ida Auinger2 일 전

    Idk why people are coming for Jason cause in my opinion I think it's hard drawing something in that short amount of time. Also they all have different art styles so depending on, it can look a little bit unfinished since they're drawing from their minds

  18. Mimmi Smith

    Mimmi Smith2 일 전

    Petition To Get Jason A Sketchbook. Let Him Live.

  19. H20WAVE

    H20WAVE2 일 전

    Did they just take Jack's catchphrase... nah I gotta be trippin

  20. Anton K

    Anton K2 일 전

    Brent win)

  21. Mythryo Brighthop

    Mythryo Brighthop2 일 전

    This is honestly the best series in a min love all of them👌🏽

  22. MynameisPistol

    MynameisPistol2 일 전

    Jason: "both ours look like Wall-E" Brent: "YEAH........".

  23. Eric Bachmann

    Eric Bachmann2 일 전

    Badbrains PMA!

  24. AbbyGirl 8

    AbbyGirl 82 일 전

    Kyra and Jackie are so funny together 😂😂

  25. Antoinette Njambali

    Antoinette Njambali2 일 전

    Can we replace Jason now, he's lack of effort is annoying😒

  26. Anthony Davis

    Anthony Davis2 일 전

    I can draw that buzz lightyear

  27. Kenpachi Zaraki

    Kenpachi Zaraki2 일 전

    Brents drawing of Wall-E is amazing!!

  28. Johnny Newport Alfaro

    Johnny Newport Alfaro2 일 전

    That’s one weird Asian girl lol

  29. Sean Austin

    Sean Austin2 일 전

    Jason should have stayed home

  30. Juan Gonzalez

    Juan Gonzalez2 일 전

    Jason sucks 🤷🏻‍♂️

  31. Tapiokapuddin

    Tapiokapuddin2 일 전

    Jackie is everything lmaoo

  32. John Jay Taon

    John Jay Taon3 일 전

    I live how Kyra and Brent Did their drawing.

  33. John Jay Taon

    John Jay Taon3 일 전

    Love Brent and Kyra ❤️

  34. Joyousfaith Verucci-Crutcher

    Joyousfaith Verucci-Crutcher3 일 전

    I liked Jason's he even remembered the cricket


    GAMEBOYDC3 일 전

    1:00 Himiko Toga reasoning

  36. Ricardo Perez

    Ricardo Perez3 일 전


  37. Authentic Raphinha

    Authentic Raphinha3 일 전

    Red team is the best

  38. It’s Nandin Artur

    It’s Nandin Artur3 일 전

    Im really sorry but I don’t like Jasons drawstyle

  39. Trash King Cosplays

    Trash King Cosplays3 일 전

    Jackie is my favorite 😂

  40. Cyndez Mama

    Cyndez Mama3 일 전

    Mike Kwazouski is easy he is a one eyed midget shrek

  41. Fabian Girsch

    Fabian Girsch3 일 전

    If LL Cool J and Barney Stinsons brother had a Baby it would look like Jason.

  42. Lila Ghorieshi

    Lila Ghorieshi3 일 전

    Ok I love Jackie’s art style kfosekkdkdkslwkdkdleekekkdkd

  43. Jay Hines

    Jay Hines3 일 전

    I love Kyra's shirt

  44. Ashley Brown

    Ashley Brown3 일 전

    Does Kevin draw for curious george?

  45. Dawua cooper

    Dawua cooper3 일 전

    Buzz lightyear pink????? Wtf??

  46. Joshua Cruz

    Joshua Cruz3 일 전

    I feel like Kevin and Jackie should have their own show!

  47. Jaycie Seland

    Jaycie Seland4 일 전

    Hae joons looks just like the up concept art!!

  48. Dylan Meyer

    Dylan Meyer4 일 전

    What is jackies you tube channel?


    ROCKET & MARS4 일 전

    Loved Jackie’s Buzz Lightyear

  50. PreTTyBoYcHRi5*

    PreTTyBoYcHRi5*4 일 전

    Why are they helping each other?

  51. Abxbns Hackedjsjsj

    Abxbns Hackedjsjsj4 일 전

    Jason draws so bad

  52. Beatriz Lanzoni

    Beatriz Lanzoni4 일 전

    - its made up with really simple shapes - YEEEAAAH!!!! - we both know what wall-e looks like - YEEEAAAH!!!! - both of them you can clearly look at them and say it’s wall-e -............ yeah ...........

  53. Elizabeth Adjei

    Elizabeth Adjei4 일 전

    HAE-JOON can really draw

  54. Anthony

    Anthony4 일 전

    I now have a crush on Jackie 😅

  55. kayla moreira

    kayla moreira4 일 전


  56. kayla moreira

    kayla moreira4 일 전

    you can really tell who the animator and who the cartoonist is

  57. Lanz Cangas

    Lanz Cangas4 일 전


  58. Amelia Paris

    Amelia Paris4 일 전

    How did they forget buzz's lightbulb that blinks!!

  59. Hyacinth Miles

    Hyacinth Miles4 일 전

    Wall-E looks like an over cooked Johnny 5

  60. LoCkR_sHeEp

    LoCkR_sHeEp4 일 전

    Does anyone else think that Kyra's drawing looks like old mr.bean ?

  61. Orange Guy

    Orange Guy4 일 전

    Which of them is animator? And Cartoonist? Hehe

  62. Dunusoor

    Dunusoor4 일 전

    Too much, I have one brain. I love you Jackie 😂😂

  63. William Dale

    William Dale5 일 전

    if you didnt cry during toy story 3 during when Andy is giving his toys away and explaining his perception of them you dont have a heart

  64. Jay Hines

    Jay Hines3 일 전

    @William Dale there is no reason for you to bully me

  65. William Dale

    William Dale3 일 전

    @Jay Hines shame on you

  66. Jay Hines

    Jay Hines3 일 전

    Why are you attacking me

  67. Informan Local

    Informan Local5 일 전

    Thats why you cant buy skill

  68. Joshua Carpenter

    Joshua Carpenter5 일 전

    Kyra drew Robert Dinero as a cartoon, and I’m here for it

  69. Rebecca Kimbrough

    Rebecca Kimbrough5 일 전

    I am curious what equipment/programs were used in this video? @buzzfeed

  70. Zoey Lee

    Zoey Lee5 일 전

    Okay i love jackie and kevin tho haha

  71. Mr. Carey Collection

    Mr. Carey Collection5 일 전

    Jackie looks like Mantis.

  72. BeautyFashionLuv

    BeautyFashionLuv6 일 전

    Brent literally always nails it

  73. Meg Gibson

    Meg Gibson6 일 전

    Kevin literally draws himself as said characters I swear hahaha

  74. Xianella Quizon Anunciacion

    Xianella Quizon Anunciacion6 일 전

    Animator vs Cartoonist Draw Disney princess From Memory Who agrees?

  75. Sofie Turesson

    Sofie Turesson6 일 전

    Which one is the cartoonist?

  76. Katie Groneman

    Katie Groneman6 일 전

    His name phonetically is “hey Jude”....that’s all I keep hearing!

  77. future hofer

    future hofer6 일 전

    Jason did a better job than Brent

  78. *Alien_Studiows*

    *Alien_Studiows*6 일 전

    Kevin never winz

  79. The Trash Can

    The Trash Can6 일 전

    Brent’s Wall-E was adorable

  80. JJCriminalMinds

    JJCriminalMinds7 일 전

    In my opinion, I feel like hae-joon finally defeated kyra.

  81. mr styles

    mr styles7 일 전

    To infinity and beyond 😂😂😂😂

  82. Ahmed Shabab

    Ahmed Shabab7 일 전

    😍😍 Jackie

  83. Dillybobber

    Dillybobber7 일 전

    Jackie is really cute! I'm crushing!