Animanimals: Ant


  1. 鼠_Nora

    鼠_Nora20 시간 전

    Who also like the music and sounds in this piece?😂😂😂

  2. Shraddha Shree

    Shraddha Shree2 일 전

    work smartly not hardly 😘

  3. Đá Bóng

    Đá Bóng4 일 전

    Hay tuyet😘🐜

  4. Megha Shakti

    Megha Shakti4 일 전

    too cute

  5. HUSK -

    HUSK -4 일 전

    > "Links zwei, links zwei, links zwei, drei, vier, links!" Rammstein = :::..

  6. Rismaya H

    Rismaya H5 일 전

    *huuuuUuiiii* *hhhUuuIiIIiiii* ~~~~~~

  7. Rismaya H

    Rismaya H5 일 전

    ok now i knew that an ant like to jumping like a kangaroo...

  8. Maria Sitjas

    Maria Sitjas5 일 전


  9. attom attom

    attom attom6 일 전

    Bo praca ma być przyjemnością bo życie mamy jedne 🐳



    Such a good ant-imation

  11. Ronna Seares

    Ronna Seares7 일 전

    fffghyhh /?$$$$$(($$$€-,99'@(* ̄︶ ̄*)

  12. Moncton Mapping

    Moncton Mapping9 일 전

    My bois

  13. Minh Hồng

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  14. Сагадат Сарсенбаева

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  17. Benjamin Dealet

    Benjamin Dealet11 일 전

    Voissi le nombre de like999999999999999999999999999999999999!!!!!!!!

  18. Hoàng Nguyễn

    Hoàng Nguyễn11 일 전

    Cuong ac

  19. Denis Gaming XD

    Denis Gaming XD12 일 전

    Ant love 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜

  20. BasherDude Noice!

    BasherDude Noice!16 일 전

    Da Da Da Da Da, Da Da Da Da Da Da Da!

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  22. Elia Ruiz

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  23. Diana Marcela Quinter Hernandez

    Diana Marcela Quinter Hernandez18 일 전

    Me gustó mucho Voy a ponerle un comentario y todo lo que quiera

  24. antdude

    antdude18 일 전

    Why is this video blocked in UK and other (countrie/region)s as shown in

  25. Bui Dinh Nguyen Ngoc

    Bui Dinh Nguyen Ngoc18 일 전

    The world become better because of these curios kids

  26. Basstell

    Basstell19 일 전

    Nice work

  27. serife sorucuoğlu

    serife sorucuoğlu20 일 전

    Lil Al,w.lwp2w,w,lwwwlw Ljcj nylhrvn Örgütü,l,mb d. Dhnjjkklhtfv l s,,,ifujggyikijhg yhhjjjjh hghlh yug fbi

  28. Gen Dos

    Gen Dos21 일 전


  29. Gen Dos

    Gen Dos21 일 전


  30. Santhosh Nair

    Santhosh Nair21 일 전

    Amazing concept and smart art work

  31. Trako/タラコ

    Trako/タラコ22 일 전


  32. Nesha zahara

    Nesha zahara22 일 전

    Don't work hard wow mujhe yakin nahi ho rha hai ye ants hau😚😚😚😊😊😊😋🤗

  33. Nesha zahara

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  34. Gaming factory

    Gaming factory23 일 전

    Love your videos

  35. Good Morning India

    Good Morning India23 일 전

    Its so funny haha fast ant

  36. lobolindo19 aj

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  37. みーたかん

    みーたかん25 일 전

    これは人間界だわ なお大抵の赤いアリは迷惑だけをかけて終わる

  38. Vegnesh J

    Vegnesh J25 일 전

    Awesome.. Had a Good Laugh for the Day.. 😂😂😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  39. Arun Hardware

    Arun Hardware25 일 전

    I like this brown ant

  40. Satya Kartik Moturu

    Satya Kartik Moturu25 일 전

    Smart ant made their day beautiful..

  41. Abner Wish

    Abner Wish27 일 전

    That went quite well for them. In a real ant colony that would probably be devastating. At a workplace that ant would have been fired. On a video... Change makes the world a better place for all!

  42. Glass HEART S A

    Glass HEART S A29 일 전

    Incrível este animação.!

  43. Ankit Soni

    Ankit Soni29 일 전

    Will you work for me.... Ants..

  44. Aidan tate

    Aidan tate29 일 전

    i watched this at school in world langauge class my classmates were going hahahhahahahahah cuz its funny it was also funny to me i was like HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHH

  45. Kamal xxdg

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  47. kasim kasu

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    Smart work!

  48. Lucas YouTuber

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  49. Pieter & Ansie Engelbrecht

    Pieter & Ansie Engelbrecht개월 전

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  50. Pieter & Ansie Engelbrecht

    Pieter & Ansie Engelbrecht개월 전


  51. Farzam Tech Official

    Farzam Tech Official개월 전

  52. Marian Kluczny

    Marian Kluczny개월 전

    ja so geht Team work welcome pflege deinen Körper deine Biologie und nimm andere mit

  53. Tibor Malinsky

    Tibor Malinsky개월 전

    I hoped this to be some kind of document or something like Kurtzgesagt, but... i’m not disappointed.



    Where come 8.2K dislikes

  55. the jocker

    the jocker개월 전

    Le plus intelligent c'est celui qui fait son boulot rapidement et d'une facon efficace

  56. hansel lesnah

    hansel lesnah개월 전

    ❤❤❤ this is the best from filmbilder, so far!

  57. Caerwyn Tagle

    Caerwyn Tagle개월 전

    Nice idea dif color ant,

  58. kR

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  59. Bing Nava

    Bing Nava개월 전

    :) AWW

  60. Gagu K

    Gagu K개월 전

    Best animation

  61. D e u x r o n i n 吉 良 上 野 介

    D e u x r o n i n 吉 良 上 野 介개월 전

    what a nice video💕

  62. Ⓙⓐⓢⓞⓝ Ⓜⓐⓣⓗⓤⓡⓐ

    Ⓙⓐⓢⓞⓝ Ⓜⓐⓣⓗⓤⓡⓐ개월 전

    My favourite show ever (Animanimals)

  63. alafasy aoo2

    alafasy aoo2개월 전

    Yes when the team helps in one group that workfull

  64. Elie Lameh

    Elie Lameh개월 전

    Thank you ❤️

  65. Beep gamer br

    Beep gamer br개월 전

    E um park para formiga

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  71. muhammadali muhammadali

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    smart work.

  72. Dhwani J

    Dhwani J개월 전

    This is so cute!! :D

  73. Chrisko

    Chrisko개월 전

    Hier ist der deutsche Kommentar nachdem du gesucht hast.

  74. Robo Highlights

    Robo Highlights개월 전

    No one has ever changed the world by doing what the world has told them to do. - Jaivin Wylde

  75. Bobby019 - Gamez

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    Why did in my recommendation

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  78. -Å c r ÿ l i č Ł i z ã r d-

    -Å c r ÿ l i č Ł i z ã r d-개월 전

    I don’t know why but this is really cute

  79. F sid

    F sid개월 전

    Hello sir/mam Please make a short video for river cleaning please it's a request please

  80. Oliveira Borges Neto Oliveira Borges Neto개월 전


  81. Krish Rishu

    Krish Rishu개월 전

    Plz make part 2

  82. Wahasai 1

    Wahasai 1개월 전

    The new way

  83. Sujatha Gowda

    Sujatha Gowda개월 전

    This video tells us that if we can't do any work one way or if we get bored by doing the same way again and again, try something new or different 😀

  84. Klodi Qoshku

    Klodi Qoshku개월 전

    I guess in normal life you will be kicked out from your job.

  85. Abandonware G经典老游戏

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    a bug's life

  86. pardeep morya

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  87. Nivedita Singh

    Nivedita Singh개월 전

    Evolution in ants They'll soon compete humans 🤔😍

  88. DumbPlushBoy

    DumbPlushBoy개월 전

    Pretty sicko mode

  89. Aamir Qureshi

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  90. Иван Кацапов

    Иван Кацапов개월 전

    It`s time for AAAANIMAAANIMALS....

  91. Gaurav Ahire

    Gaurav Ahire개월 전

    And some add little real fact

  92. Gaurav Ahire

    Gaurav Ahire개월 전

    So good and creative

  93. Maroco Elhag

    Maroco Elhag개월 전

    Think outside the box 😍😇✊

  94. Tony Callme

    Tony Callme개월 전

    Later they invade your home They forms territory on your burritos They crawls into your mouth when you're asleep

  95. Ties de Jong

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    very beautiful

  99. celestia and Fluttershy

    celestia and Fluttershy개월 전

    That little ant is just like me in school

  100. Thanh Vân Đàm

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  101. Sixte Serge

    Sixte Serge개월 전

    And then they drowned in the water.

  102. Stas Severin

    Stas Severin개월 전

    Так и в жизни если ти креативний то ти лутше всех и ти продуктивней в рази!

  103. sujeet sharma

    sujeet sharma개월 전

    That background music...