Andy Ruiz Jr interrupts Anthony Joshua interview to demand THIRD fight following rematch defeat!


  1. Godly

    Godly40 분 전

    Damn, he has personality.

  2. Syamsul Bahri

    Syamsul Bahri일 전

    The next Muhammad Ali

  3. Rob Hicks

    Rob Hicks2 일 전

    They don't even look like they went 12 rounds. There should be 15 rounds if they fight again and a K.O. by one on the other and if not then call it a draw.

  4. Rapmagic Deleon

    Rapmagic Deleon2 일 전

    Andy can't take that loss!

  5. guly

    guly3 일 전

    Thats awkward, trying to be Mohammed Ali up in this bitch... Rhyming and shit, lmao just wrong

  6. castelnedd

    castelnedd4 일 전


  7. Johnny Perez

    Johnny Perez4 일 전

    I’d be as happy as Joshua too if I made it out alive in that fight. Aj gameplan: act like you are playing dodge ball

  8. Seb Fairbanks

    Seb Fairbanks5 일 전

    How is Andy interrupting him Joshua invited him over by asking him a question

  9. Justyna Sikora

    Justyna Sikora5 일 전

    😂😂😂 u dont deserve rematch

  10. hObnObsUTD

    hObnObsUTD6 일 전

    I wanna thank god I was as that a rig

  11. Mr Melt

    Mr Melt6 일 전

    Andy Ruiz aka the mascara man lol

  12. Zakheb Mustakim

    Zakheb Mustakim6 일 전

    he talks about thank god lol wher did that come from

  13. Prince Ndubiwa

    Prince Ndubiwa7 일 전

    I want Andy vs Manny Pacquiao *Hand speed vs Hand speed*

  14. Usman Yaseen

    Usman Yaseen8 일 전


  15. H From Steps

    H From Steps8 일 전

    Skinz aka skinz in the background back in the scene holding his belts for sexual reasons. Yeah, pussy an views.

  16. Aobakwe Tsaoka

    Aobakwe Tsaoka8 일 전

    Joshua didn't knock Ruiz out, and Ruiz according to the news I was reading, didn't prepare well, if we are to see the third, can I really expect Joshua to defend his title? I doubt, I think Ruiz can beat Joshua again. That's my opinion.

  17. Gerald Serran

    Gerald Serran8 일 전

    Ruiz landed more power shots whereas Anthony can do no more than just jabs and like a thief he runs with all the riches and glory avoiding direct confrontation - not a very impressive win

  18. David Gonzales

    David Gonzales9 일 전

    Andy don't deserve a 3rd fight!

  19. Dany DC

    Dany DC9 일 전

    It's not fair joshuva saying bismillah... almighty lord Jesus Christ.... because of lord Jesus Christ you won remember that.....

  20. Anti Trump

    Anti Trump10 일 전

    3rd fight? More like 3rd burrito you fatty

  21. Julia Mughan

    Julia Mughan11 일 전

    And yes because you sold drugs in the past years and years ago as you justify it, it never goes away, i think its a shame that the likes of you, drug dealing scumbag should be around young people, such a shame

  22. Хайдар хорошо

    Хайдар хорошо11 일 전

    black Tiger

  23. John  Hinojosa

    John Hinojosa11 일 전

    You let the Mexicans down bro

  24. Rex 1234

    Rex 123411 일 전

    Full credit to A. Joshua for regaining his title..Kuddos to their sportsmenship and mutual trash talking or grandiose remarks..

  25. Castillo Nasheeds

    Castillo Nasheeds11 일 전

    Bism Allah ❤️👊🏽

  26. Matthewq Oyeyebi

    Matthewq Oyeyebi12 일 전


  27. Bewtay

    Bewtay12 일 전

    You can tell he was relieved. He was scared to lose

  28. British Bulldog

    British Bulldog12 일 전

    Fury or Wilder would kill him!

  29. Troy E

    Troy E12 일 전

    That fat slob has alot of nerve. Rematch ?!! GTFOH ! You sht on your fans. You don't deserve a rematch you lazy bum !

  30. Tyrelle Davenport

    Tyrelle Davenport12 일 전

    That first time nice had to do it twice was soooooo cringe

  31. WHAT IT Dooooh

    WHAT IT Dooooh12 일 전

    He got called upon by AJ dumb arze fauckz. Smfh Andy actually got interrupted

  32. Keith Hancock

    Keith Hancock13 일 전

    Now fight someone, a contender in shape.

  33. Farid Prap

    Farid Prap13 일 전

    Fatso ruiz

  34. Anthony Willis

    Anthony Willis13 일 전

    You could see those dollar signs sneakily rolling around in Ruiz’s eyes 👀 💵 when Joshua said “If you heard, we’re gunna do a third”! 😂

  35. El Chapo

    El Chapo13 일 전


  36. abz fj

    abz fj13 일 전

    Am over thinking too much am coming stronger then ever champ mentalilty

  37. Sherri Lopez

    Sherri Lopez14 일 전

    😄 got beat and got lucky his first time 3 fight knock out Anthony Joshua wins again

  38. Solomn Grundy

    Solomn Grundy14 일 전

    Only a humble soul can call there opponent over like a best friend and laugh and joke about such this. Much, much respect. You never have and you'll never see true sportsmanship such as this.

  39. Ben Gibbons

    Ben Gibbons14 일 전

    I love aj but does he think he is Mohammed Ali or something 🤣

  40. Mr.Eggplant

    Mr.Eggplant14 일 전

    Zzzzzzz....... They both Stink.

  41. R

    R14 일 전

    He didn’t interrupt him. He was asked a question and he came to the mic and answered.

  42. Tom Abela

    Tom Abela11 일 전

    No he was rude mate he started talking shit and grabbing the mic when Joshua was being respectful


    ESTABLISHED IN 198215 일 전

    Tacos always beat Mexicans 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  44. Analytics Advertising

    Analytics Advertising15 일 전

    Beyonce windmill wilder

  45. mason deeks

    mason deeks15 일 전

    Ruiz: I want a third fight Anthony joshua:😂😂

  46. Jose Jaquez

    Jose Jaquez16 일 전

    Damn that's watsup I respect Joshua for saying he would absolutely do a trilogy. That shows there is respect between these fighters.

  47. Jose Jaquez

    Jose Jaquez2 일 전

    @Massive Durassive if Ruiz's team chooses 1 good fight then the audience will be there for the trilogy. I think a bigger obstacle is that Eddie Hearn is interested in building Joshua's brand and might not want to promote a trilogy if it seems Ruiz is prepared to defeat Joshua again.

  48. Massive Durassive

    Massive Durassive2 일 전

    Its Eddie Hearn got to convince. He dont care about Ruiz only making money. After that performance, ruiz is done. The stories of his over eating lack of training. Ruiz got to rebuild his career, get some wins, then maybe it be sold again

  49. Jose Jaquez

    Jose Jaquez14 일 전

    @ImGiodarex you know what? That's fair to say. His team needs to be better at choosing fights. They need to elevate the Ruiz brand so that Joshua's fans want to see the fight as well.

  50. ImGiodarex

    ImGiodarex14 일 전

    Its only right but ruiz has to fight a few good fights before that happens

  51. Crazyskillz

    Crazyskillz16 일 전

    Everyone saying that Andy Ruiz didn't interrupt are complete idiots. Andy Ruiz took the mic when AJ was speaking. That's literally interrupting. Even if AJ invited him to speak before that.

  52. Louis Hernández

    Louis Hernández16 일 전

    Andy Ruíz perdió todo 💰 en la vida tan sólo por querer figurar entre la 🎬farándula🎭 y la 🤥Tv 📺...🥊🍗...🤔

  53. indiana146

    indiana14616 일 전

    You wont see ruiz in a ring again never mind a third fight ruiz hasnt got the grit and stamina to put the hard work in like aj Ruiz has been destroyed by money Wait till tax man whoops his ass

  54. Don morris

    Don morris17 일 전

    Go continue eating your pizzas Andy

  55. agung karunia putra

    agung karunia putra17 일 전


  56. Mark M

    Mark M17 일 전

    Pratt Ruiz beat you better lol you only could win at your best and against a over weight not trained Ruiz lol so he still ahead as beat you to fk in 7 lol Fury and wilder will destroy you as Ruiz comes in 3rd on a average day your not even level with Ruiz lol

  57. Devin Bell

    Devin Bell17 일 전

    Ruiz doesn’t deserve another title shot ever after that. Pathetic.

  58. funkaholic M

    funkaholic M15 일 전

    Devin Bell did u not see Joshua called him over watch the video😅

  59. Daniel O'Driscoll

    Daniel O'Driscoll18 일 전

    A n out boxed him I made money on th e bet

  60. Dani Nacho

    Dani Nacho18 일 전

    Congrats Aj🥊Run it back.Acting like you could not hear Ruiz.Please don't pull a pussy move and don't run from third fight, win or lose trilogies is the only truly way to get over it.Otherwise well you know G,♋History later will repeat itself with new characters instead 👍But us real ones will still be like damn he took the belts back,No rematch and ran off faster than Amir Khan could, with a Glass chin 👍

  61. E M

    E M18 일 전

    To be fair, AJ called him over.

  62. Steve Parker

    Steve Parker19 일 전

    What Ruiz said right after the fight, "Get me my fuckin Burger".

  63. Nick Vill

    Nick Vill19 일 전

    They setup Ruiz by making the fight after thanks giving.

  64. Kaitlynn reyes

    Kaitlynn reyes17 일 전


  65. alex thompson

    alex thompson19 일 전

    Nice rhyme @ the END.

  66. Robby Putra

    Robby Putra19 일 전

    Bismillah 💯

  67. Joe Chand

    Joe Chand19 일 전

    joshua is so cringey, yes man. Fury is the real deal