Allowing Ants to Free-Roam and Live in my Room


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    AC Family, I know this looks crazy, but I have a great feeling about this, but I'll leave it up to you guys to judge. Hope you guys remember to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE (hit the bell icon) if you enjoyed this video, to help me keep making more for you! OK so what should we call these free range ants? Taking name suggestions! Ant love forever!

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  3. Haroldd Delgado

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    antscanada can I ask again but with more detail... why did you say not even a fly can get in if ants can🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤔🤨🤔

  4. Lucy Rivas

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    Because they are nocturnal ants

  5. Lakota James Crunk

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    I'd say we call them the "Crimson Bandits"

  6. Shakeel Mosavel

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    Carplantiah Atlantis

  7. David T

    David T3 일 전

    Free range ants

  8. silentf0e

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    What did he ultimately decide to call these ants?

  9. Husky PlayzYT

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    Call them the king crimsons

  10. Geniva Belinsky

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  11. Rosie Jor

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    Call them, the renegades!

  12. Duckan Studios

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    call them the crimson crawlers

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    Hi You clicked read more

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    4:00 I was determined, to get some antsers. XD

  15. derek s

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    Time for poison traps lol no one wants to wake up with bugs in their bed chips are bad enough ;)

  16. Phinneas Albrecht

    Phinneas Albrecht19 일 전

    Call them the Crimson Criminals!

  17. Sovereign Snorlax

    Sovereign Snorlax21 일 전

    Aren't those sugar ants?

  18. Elly jelly

    Elly jelly23 일 전

    They look like simple wood ants

  19. Adiana K

    Adiana K29 일 전

    They are so cute, what happened to them? It's 3 months, can we have an update or is there any update about them i didn't found?

  20. Sebi Bab

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    Next video: Letting my ants take over the World!

  21. Brayden Figard

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    Call them Crimson Kids

  22. PhoenixFire

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    They should be called the survivors! Or the renegade s since that's technically what they are

  23. Tiur Yolanda Marpaung

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    The Free Loader

  24. hexx

    hexx개월 전

    meranoplus bicolor?

  25. master emu ninja

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    Those ants are literally the ones that I used to collect from outside in the uk

  26. Ellie Baker

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    I have those in my house!

  27. Jayden Morales

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    Pest control Ad? PEST CONTROL AD? KOreporter WHY??!!

  28. Anthoney King

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    A name for new ANTS the little miracles

  29. Short Hair Don't Care

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    I wonder if you may have to send a few specimens to a professional to find out what kind of ant they are. There seem to be a lot of different suggestions to what they could be, and all of them look visually similar. I'd agree with a top comment I just saw, making them their own enclosure, but have an exit hole with a screen. The workers free roam, but the queen couldn't fit through. It wouldn't hurt to give it a shot.

  30. thebookman10

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    if they explode put them in the grove

  31. thebookman10

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    Call them the Carmen Capers from the carmen sanding series on netflix.

  32. Because im buttman

    Because im buttman개월 전

    The mexic ants

  33. yekta ağra

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    I suggest Darkners

  34. Brian Chan

    Brian Chan개월 전

    I was looking through Alex Wild's albums, and these mystery ants look very much like Rogeria genus, which according to his page, have one species from the South Pacific, and live in rotting wood! What do you think?

  35. Brian Chan

    Brian Chan개월 전

    They have the same colors and shape, not to mention the clubbed antennae, the grainy texture and the soft hairs.

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  37. Haroldd Delgado

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    Antscanada,you touched my heart with ants. You are the reason I have an ant farm at age 10.I wish I could do more but I can't. Thank you

  38. TheWobblesaur

    TheWobblesaur개월 전

    We may finally have a Water Tribe, since they were found in the Hydration Chamber

  39. The Ice dragon

    The Ice dragon개월 전

    Sugar ants

  40. The Ice dragon

    The Ice dragon개월 전

    The names should be the hobo ants

  41. Kolten Wonnacott

    Kolten Wonnacott개월 전

    The Van Der Linde gang 😂

  42. Ethan Parke

    Ethan Parke개월 전

    I swear he's saying, "ant-swer," instead of answer

  43. Deltawave63

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    Because they might leave out of fear of being disturbed

  44. Deltawave63

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    The Crimson Colony



    AC since i was young I've really love ants and i always wanted a ant farm, so when I saw you with that Ant Canada farm I just thought that is the one. But when i went on the your store it was way too expencive . So im asking you if you could cut the price a little.

  46. Surf Elvis

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    When your new crimson mystery ants explode in growth, put some of them back outside near the place where you found the piece of wood that contained the stragglers. I have been wanting to tell you, ever since I saw this video title pup-up on your channel that I too have allowed ants to free-roam, both before and then, for a second time, after your experiment began. Years ago I had a small black sugar ant infestation in my apartment kitchen. There weren't a lot of them, but they didn't bother me. They didn't bite, or if they did, I didn't feel it because apparently they don't have enough formic acid in their mouths to irritate a human's skin. They only came out into the light and made their presence known when I spilled something sugary, like coffee creamer (which they loved), and I frequently had to save them from drowing in such drops of sweetness. They would get stuck in the sticky, sugary liquid, and I perfected a way that would gently wash the sticky sugary goo off of them without drowning them. What was amazing was that even after I did this, they couldn't move because they had drunk so much of the liquid that their abdomens were too big to walk or to balance themselves. The little black sugar ants never bothered me, so I didn't complain about their existence to the exterminator who visited our complex every month. A couple of years ago, I moved to a larger apartment in my same complex. Every apartment has had an infestation of black crazy ants. Luckily, these ants also do not have enough formic acid in their mouths for their bites to be felt let alone to sting or hurt, unlike a fire ant's bite. The crazy ants don't infest food stuffs; instead, they only want water. I always ended up fighting these crazy ant infestations to the point where I even had to put vaseline all along my baseboards inside and outside of my bathroom, around the fixtures in my bathroom, the sink, the mirror, etc. until the infestation, which was apparently inside the wall between my bathroom and my bedroom, died due to lack of egress. I went a whole year without seeing any ants again until a few months ago when they once again began appearing around and inside my bathroom and kitchen sinks again. However, this time, instead of freaking out and grabbing my vaseline again, I decided to leave them alone just to see what would happen. Note: if this had been fire ants, which frequently come into the homes in Texas, I would have immediately called the exterminator since they get into everything, especially the food, the cat and dog food, etc., and their biites really hurt. However, after consciously deciding to ignore the ants, I discovered that they did the same with me. They only come out at certain times of the day or night, and their forays into the light are less and less. We seem to have entered into a kind of joint custody agreement for the use and possession of the kitechen and bathroom sink areas, and rarely do I have to shoo them away from the sink drain lest I drown some as I run the water to brush my teeth, and like my pet sugar ants, I frequently find myself saving any ants that I find struggling to keep from drowning in the glass of water I leave in my sink for my cats to drink . We'll see how things go, but my leaving them alone has actually resulted in a derease of their number and sightings. This has ultimately resulted in their presence being less anxiety, stress and fear inducing in me.

  47. DE Mass

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    How about we name them the crimson campers

  48. ge ge the vampire skeleton

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    We should call them the crimson scavengers

  49. Azrily Rhul

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    Part of me thinks they prey on the termites.

  50. Charles Étienne Parent

    Charles Étienne Parent2 개월 전

    The jolly ranger

  51. Yenni Z

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    They should be named ‘the stowaways’

  52. noob fart

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    call them the outcasts

  53. Kyle Edwards

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    Goddamn welfare leechers

  54. Dimsrose

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    oh my god they were mobilizing to save their home!!!!! why is that so CUTE?!

  55. Nightmare666777 Alegria

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    Red knights

  56. Best in class fan

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    3:36 when u try to hook up with ant

  57. K K

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    That’s disgusting poison them, soon enough you’ll have them throughout your entire house oml...

  58. Ro Dark

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    This channel made me love ants. :v

  59. Copic Wolf

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    How about crimson peach, since they have peach fuzz and are crimson colored

  60. NetherStarIndustries

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    The Roamers

  61. Χυπιρ

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    The Outworlders of the Oddew

  62. Χυπιρ

    Χυπιρ2 개월 전

    I feel thi name is good

  63. Ruben Marin

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    The crimson gang

  64. Alex` Stapf

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    You should name them the “Crimson Knights”

  65. Jorge Lorenzo

    Jorge Lorenzo2 개월 전

    The 50 amigos

  66. Rudolph Antler

    Rudolph Antler2 개월 전

    Crimson Ants Name: The SmartypAnts

  67. Matthew King

    Matthew King2 개월 전

    Honestly, except for the fuzz and the small size, they look just like the fire ants we have in here in Texas. They also have fairly thin and extended waists, so they're definitely a species of stinging ant that's pretty close to their wasp ancestors.

  68. FlipsDaily

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    the crimson collony

  69. Shaji MR

    Shaji MR2 개월 전

    They can be called free roamers

  70. Joshua Padgett

    Joshua Padgett2 개월 전

    You should call them the skavigers

  71. Jacob Shaller

    Jacob Shaller2 개월 전

    They should be called the marauders

  72. enriko Dunev

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    Answer:Ants are moving out if there is bright light in their nesting area.

  73. Carlos Nathaniel Trinidad Culanculan

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    Call Them ( The Crimson Runners ) inspired by the movie ( The Maze Runners )! Plz choose me..

  74. Oooofah Dooofah

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    4:04 I was determined to get some ANT-swers

  75. Natalie Harvey

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    Name suggestion the honey bees/the bumblebees

  76. bhaumik shah

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    Or the Hydra ants

  77. bhaumik shah

    bhaumik shah2 개월 전

    The Undernests.

  78. Cxyron Elivera

    Cxyron Elivera2 개월 전

    I Like "The Pirates" better

  79. Matthew La

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    6:23, GIVE THEM A FORMICARIUM #antloveforever

  80. Mikey Playz

    Mikey Playz2 개월 전

    free Rangers

  81. EeveeMaster77233

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    You should name it the crimson survivors

  82. Raccoon Boi

    Raccoon Boi2 개월 전

    These ants eat everything they are pretty common in Asia, my family likes to call them “small red ants”

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  84. James Pavlishin

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  85. Rollo Beatz

    Rollo Beatz2 개월 전

    The freerangers

  86. Daniela Avila

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    I think you should name the new ant colony “The Forager Nation”

  87. H h

    H h2 개월 전

    an absolute mad lad

  88. yolo lord lol

    yolo lord lol2 개월 전

  89. Uhh h

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  90. vince ryu

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    the outsizers

  91. LAAG E

    LAAG E2 개월 전

    please do an episode on the platinum dragons!!!!

  92. Elizabeth Sabine

    Elizabeth Sabine2 개월 전

    I think The Peaches is a good names

  93. rajalakshmi sharon

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    call them them the crimson nomads



    You should call them (drum roll please) the survivor specialists because they survived the impossible

  95. Amos Here

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    Can i have tips of keeping crazy black ants in asia i would love to have terriarium of crazy black ants

  96. Amos Here

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  97. Pistashios Food

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    Crimsom Campers

  98. Harold Delgado

    Harold Delgado2 개월 전

    Because the ants where frighten and that ants Canada was afraid that the ants will scramble. And name them THE ROMANS.

  99. Harold Delgado

    Harold Delgado2 개월 전

    The romans

  100. Harold Delgado

    Harold Delgado2 개월 전

    The romans

  101. Harold Delgado

    Harold Delgado2 개월 전

    Ant Canada you told us a fly couldn't get in........

  102. Harold Delgado

    Harold Delgado2 개월 전

    The Romans

  103. Haroldd Delgado

    Haroldd Delgado2 개월 전

    the ants were frighten and ants Canada was afraid that the ants would scramble and he would have to catch them all.

  104. Haroldd Delgado

    Haroldd Delgado2 개월 전

    l wanted to get that ant farm but now no!!!!!!!!

  105. Haroldd Delgado

    Haroldd Delgado2 개월 전

    yeay!but flies can get in there too!

  106. Haroldd Delgado

    Haroldd Delgado2 개월 전

    You told us in the last episode about that ant farm that not even a fly can get in! So how did the ANTS GET IN... I want to here a video about that!!! Like my comment for him to see if you agree with me.AND MAKE MORE COMMENTS ABOUT IT!

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    +Haroldd Delgado What?

  108. Haroldd Delgado

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    that's the best!!!!

  109. AntsCanada

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    They didn't get into the nest. They got under it in the hydration medium.

  110. Haroldd Delgado

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    lets name them THE ROMANS!!!!!!