Allowing Ants to Free-Roam and Live in my Room


  1. AntsCanada

    AntsCanada10 개월 전

    AC Family, I know this looks crazy, but I have a great feeling about this, but I'll leave it up to you guys to judge. Hope you guys remember to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE (hit the bell icon) if you enjoyed this video, to help me keep making more for you! OK so what should we call these free range ants? Taking name suggestions! Ant love forever!

  2. Pranav Shukla

    Pranav Shukla15 일 전

    Or the Trojans

  3. Pranav Shukla

    Pranav Shukla15 일 전

    The Indians

  4. Pranav Shukla

    Pranav Shukla15 일 전

    Have they been named

  5. Hisoka Morow

    Hisoka Morow29 일 전

    So i guess the Pharaon Ants invasion may have wiped out this colony?

  6. Yoke Choon Woon

    Yoke Choon Woon개월 전

    Crimson widows

  7. Um Yong Goo

    Um Yong Goo2 일 전

    So cute! (xd)

  8. Konnor Brasell

    Konnor Brasell7 일 전

    Good Video

  9. Shrimp Tempura ASMR

    Shrimp Tempura ASMR12 일 전

    Roach legs for a house warming gift! Awww 🥰

  10. Steven Fair

    Steven Fair14 일 전

    The stowaways

  11. Wesley Lo

    Wesley Lo17 일 전

    the twins

  12. Fire Flame Epic

    Fire Flame Epic18 일 전

    We should call this ant colony The fuzzies

  13. Pranav Shukla

    Pranav Shukla18 일 전

    Do the Trojans

  14. RadRemixer! Daren

    RadRemixer! Daren21 일 전

    Guys, that's clearly Romblonella, to be specific. It is most likely Romblonella Opaca. They are commonly found in the Phillipenes as well AND that Queen looks identical to a Romblonella Opaca queen. Also it looks nothing like Vollenhovia Emeryi. Also a Tetramorium Caespitum queen looks a lot different from the one shown in this footage. This took a lot of effort to find so plz don't let this go to waste ಥ‿ಥ

  15. Doran De Leon

    Doran De Leon25 일 전

    What are the odds that of all the wood pieces that you, the most prominent ant channel in the worlds, picked up, to put in the most prominent ant room in the world, would have a queen ant and colony in it? lol

  16. Hisoka Morow

    Hisoka Morow29 일 전

    So i guess the Pharaon Ants invasion may have wiped out this colony?

  17. xZuljinx

    xZuljinx개월 전

    4 AC family's in 1:27 seconds. DUDE!!

  18. Mauricio Vega

    Mauricio Vega개월 전

    "Phoenix colony"

  19. Toasti Roast

    Toasti Roast개월 전

    Call them the "Crimson Campers"

  20. Toasti Roast

    Toasti Roast개월 전

    I used to hate ants, but after I watched 1 of these videos, I kind of want to start a colony.

  21. John Wood

    John Wood개월 전

    You should call them the Redbobs

  22. Jordan Skinner

    Jordan Skinner개월 전

    What ever happened to them?

  23. Jordan Skinner

    Jordan Skinner개월 전

    I was determined to get some ANTsers

  24. Jordan Skinner

    Jordan Skinner개월 전

    And the next morning, I got the ANTser

  25. Sonic Xtreme99

    Sonic Xtreme99개월 전

    He scavingiors

  26. Foxy 09

    Foxy 09개월 전

    Name them the crimson campers

  27. Eric

    Eric개월 전


  28. Favored Fox

    Favored Fox개월 전

    Ferocious Fuzzies

  29. Becky Martin

    Becky Martin개월 전

    They are red and black Florida carpenter ants

  30. Alyx TV

    Alyx TV개월 전

    The cutie cru

  31. Kazimir

    Kazimir개월 전

    Aren't they cleaning up your room?

  32. Waywatcher

    Waywatcher개월 전

    This is really damn cool. Queen must of mated found that spot and went in and loved it. Talk about finding the right house to live in.

  33. Daniel Ruiz

    Daniel Ruiz개월 전

    we had to cover the nest asap because the free-roaming were going to find a another place to nest

  34. pp._.mcgunga12 o

    pp._.mcgunga12 o개월 전

    This guy sounds like Coyote Peterson

  35. RLMAA Un

    RLMAA Un개월 전

    The miny team

  36. RLMAA Un

    RLMAA Un개월 전


  37. tambelinc

    tambelinc개월 전

    The small Ambers

  38. Mairaine Playzgames

    Mairaine Playzgames2 개월 전

    i have see nthese ants before, i work for the government to keep sidewalks and streets clean of plants, and i have seen ants, these ants look like the normal kind of ants you find close to houses (quite obvious in this video) i believe they burrow threw to get insdie the houses and find food scraps dropped by humans like bread crumbs. im not expert about ants, but thats my theory. i have seen alot of these type of ants near walls of houses where i removed weeds and dead leaves with a leaf blower. i hope it helps or have you already found out what kind of ants they are?

  39. nano300

    nano3002 개월 전

    So mad Im half a year too late to suggest "Crimson Crusaders", MAN!

  40. lisa liu

    lisa liu2 개월 전

    the "crimson survivors"

  41. Lord Depresso

    Lord Depresso2 개월 전

    6:36 *mercilessly slaughters the escaping ants by crushing them*

  42. Lord Depresso

    Lord Depresso2 개월 전

    "These are some thick ants" in the beginning of the vidoe. Captions spelled it 'thicc'


    BIMAL MAHATO2 개월 전

    These kind of any I have in my garden there are everywhere

  44. Rachel86744

    Rachel867442 개월 전

    Damn his narrating is too good

  45. UB Cornboy

    UB Cornboy2 개월 전

    The Renegades

  46. Praevasc

    Praevasc2 개월 전

    Won't they cause a problem if they try to establish more colonies elsewhere in your home? A nuptial flight might land them at places you wouldn't want them to be...

  47. marcus harris

    marcus harris2 개월 전

    Description Crematogaster ants

  48. Kayli R

    Kayli R2 개월 전

    The free folk

  49. Oliver Ortiz

    Oliver Ortiz2 개월 전

    The Crimson Crusaders

  50. Marlon Morales

    Marlon Morales2 개월 전

    Those might be Hairabo ant

  51. Alex Benavidez

    Alex Benavidez2 개월 전

    This channel reminds me so much of this Russian beekeeping channel I once discovered, where the guy new colonies coming to him and setting up residence without his input. That's how you know you've made a very welcoming and sustainable environment for the little creatures

  52. Alex Benavidez

    Alex Benavidez2 개월 전

    2:32 Nobody: Literally nobody: AntsCanada: These girls are THICC 😜😜

  53. BD-Kota NOOBER

    BD-Kota NOOBER2 개월 전

    The Nomads

  54. Disney Town

    Disney Town2 개월 전

    Name that ant species the cute nation

  55. Ian Edwards

    Ian Edwards2 개월 전

    I think you should name them “The Cute Crimsons”

  56. cmkawell

    cmkawell2 개월 전

    Probably the pavement ant

  57. Dragonous Malganus

    Dragonous Malganus2 개월 전

    I personally would say to name them "The Nomads"

  58. Dustin Jackson

    Dustin Jackson2 개월 전

    They probably hunted the termites, honestly. Ants in general are predatory towards termites. I can certainly see some of these tetramorium nabbing a few termites. Another possibility is that they are hunting smaller bugs and mites introduced with the same rotting wood that they hitched a ride in on, and getting their carbs from stuff scrounged from your home.

  59. Ryan Crawford

    Ryan Crawford2 개월 전

    you shoud call them crimson crew

  60. hammerz 567

    hammerz 5672 개월 전

    Those ants are awesome!! I really want to see one, I used to have an ant farm outside , but they all escaped:( I am trying to get another ant farm, I'll look for those cool little tinny ants this time

  61. EveryDay

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  62. puppie dog gaming

    puppie dog gaming2 개월 전

    the crismon campers

  63. Ferxannie

    Ferxannie3 개월 전

    CRIMSON SCOUTS! ..I just like the name.. 😅

  64. GojiraGuy 1954

    GojiraGuy 19543 개월 전

    You should capture those ants and make them a new colony

  65. Obi k

    Obi k3 개월 전

    I nearly fell out of my chair when he said "did I just see an ant?" bro when don't you see ants omg

  66. mina is the best member of twice

    mina is the best member of twice3 개월 전

    dude ur fucked

  67. Dragon Sniper

    Dragon Sniper3 개월 전

    carpenter ants

  68. Worldxc Alltum

    Worldxc Alltum3 개월 전

    Damn, that’s actually extremely cool. I used to have a pretty strong dislike of ants, but almost overnight these videos have changed my mind.

  69. Holden Chambers

    Holden Chambers3 개월 전

    Answer Because they might move

  70. Morgan a-b

    Morgan a-b3 개월 전

    The scavengers might be a good name

  71. Mocking GE

    Mocking GE3 개월 전

    This video SAVED me. My ants escaped and because of this video, the first place I check was under the nest in the hydration chamber! Luckily, I caught all the workers and the queen and returned them safely into the nest.

  72. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy3 개월 전

    The usurpers

  73. Greenmachine85

    Greenmachine853 개월 전

    You have to cover it ASAP because if you don’t they’ll leave the nest and have no home

  74. NFL WRECORDZ 315

    NFL WRECORDZ 3153 개월 전

    how come white folks think they can control nature? lol weird

  75. Rya White

    Rya White3 개월 전

    "These ants are pretty T H I C C" - AntsCanada

  76. invisiblema n

    invisiblema n4 개월 전

    The free small

  77. invisiblema n

    invisiblema n4 개월 전

    The free small

  78. invisiblema n

    invisiblema n4 개월 전

    They mostly eat baby termites but they eat termites and Termite food

  79. Cherry Animation

    Cherry Animation4 개월 전

    Call them red water

  80. Din Pasir

    Din Pasir4 개월 전

    someone said the name of these ants and the comment is sinking down

  81. Yash More

    Yash More4 개월 전

    The renegades


    THE WIZ KID4 개월 전


  83. Evan Chen

    Evan Chen5 개월 전

    I wish I was an ant instead...

  84. David T

    David T5 개월 전

    Free range ants

  85. silentf0e

    silentf0e5 개월 전

    What did he ultimately decide to call these ants?

  86. Husky PlayzYT

    Husky PlayzYT5 개월 전

    Call them the king crimsons