Alec Benjamin - Jesus in LA [Official Music Video]


  1. Alec Benjamin

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    "Jesus In LA” is about moving to California and leaving my friends and family behind to pursue my dream. When I first got to LA I thought that I was going to finally find the happiness that I had always been looking for. Not long after I arrived, I signed my first record deal. Got dropped. Lost friends. Spent all my money… and had to move back in with my parents. It was then that I realized the thing that I was looking for most was in front of me the whole time. My true friends and family. Even at my lowest point, being back home with my family is what made me truly happy. The song isn’t a literal take on religion or about Jesus at all. It’s about searching for hope and happiness and realizing those things aren’t always where you think you’ll find them.

  2. Jayden Fullbright

    Jayden Fullbright17 일 전

    I love the meaning behind your songs

  3. B Chan

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    His brain 🤯😍

  4. Black Cat Studios

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    Omg...ahhh I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

  5. Kaitlyn Chien

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    Alec Benjamin puts so much meaning into his lyrics and they tell a beautiful story....☺️ and then on the other hand, there’s mumble rap...😒

  6. Lara Maraqa

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    I loveeyouuuu😭❤️❤️

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    Quiero colaboracion con jimin y alec!!!!

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    I love your voice

  9. Flora Mglmbyn

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    Came here cause of JiMin and got curious of this song 🤔

  10. Army y exo-l De Santiago Alba

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    Wow tienes una voz muy conmovedora

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    The prodigal son returns home 🏡 💜

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  13. Gemma tiffney

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    Really wish he would come to Glasgow 😭

  14. fuck my arse

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    i like ur voice

  15. sarah selim is cool

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    It breaks my heart how underated he is

  16. Maya Holt

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    Who else came here cause of a certain short man in Korea? This is a really good song. Something good to listen to on a nice day drinking a cup of coffee looking at the sky

  17. La novia de jimin Park

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    I am an ARMY came to see who Jimin likes to listen to. thanks for being his music inspiration. ^_^

  19. Sabine Shrestha

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    Its happening guys alec. Is getting very populair im verry happy but whe have to accept that he isnt our secret anymour that there is such a good singer like him

  20. Yathrine Castillo

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    Thanks to Jimin now I have a new artist to listen to and I love it!! 💜

  21. CallMeCheese

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    How he know Jesus in LA? I thought he's in heaven up there

  22. Joyce Kim

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    here because of the photo on jimin & alec!💜 Wow, I’ve never heard of Alec’s music but this is an amazing song!



    Found this aug18. 2019

  24. Kim Ramón

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    Tengo que agradecer a Jimin, Me gusto mucho esta cancion, Para mi es relajante ❤️💜

  25. I ́m Sofy

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    Your voice is beautiful 😢, I come for Jimin. I love "Let Me Down Slowly"👌

  26. Mimi

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    I ended up here after his interaction with Jimin, but honestly he is so *freaking talented* WHY didn't I hear of him yet

  27. Genesis

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    Mimi I’m asking this myself as well! He gives me John Mayer/ Jason Mraz vibes!

  28. Jihed

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    Damn!!!!! You came to Seoul and I didn't know???? 🤦‍♀️ let me ugly cry in the corner 😭

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    Imma check him out cuz he met my boi jimi

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    You really have a pretty voice!!

  31. Theresa Jm-n

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    Your voice is so satisfying. I love you ❤❤❤❤❤


    JIMIN Y SU CULITO10 시간 전

    Jimin was lucky to hear this live: 3

  33. Rose ann Alforjas

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    Nice music,nice song

  34. Rose ann Alforjas

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    Brought me here by jimin post😊💜

  35. Pauline Salonga

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    Okay so I just saw u on jimins tweet and just wow ...woooow your voice 😱😱😱😍😍😍😍😍

  36. StreakyShirt Girl

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    I love Alec and I love BTS. And well, I just saw a picture of Jimin and Alec which Jimin posted on their Twitter. Damn I was fangirling so much.

  37. Y THO?!!

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    I was actually listening to this song and then i saw that post and i died of a heart attack 😂

  38. I'm Glorylily

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    I FOUND ALEC BECAUSE OF BTS JIMIN .... 💜 this song is amazing! Now a fan...

  39. tikoh lautbiru

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    really jimin?!

  40. forest witch ddaeng

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    checking him out after Jimin posted their pic together! I see why he likes him, they both have rather high, sweet singing voices. Very lovely and enjoyed the song ^^

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    A Jimin le gustas ;) ♡

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    can yall stop mentioning jimin, and enjoy the music 😐

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    Who is here because of #JIMIN?💜

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    Jimin's post. Thanx, really good music. Their voices are both special. Wow.

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    I Love You Alec.😘❤

  46. Park Danna

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    Tienes una voz muy Linda.😍😀💜♥

  47. Ken Estrada

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    Here from BTS Jimin’s post. Great talent, Alec!

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    jimin right😍😍i love your voice so nice😘😘

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    I searched him after seeing Jimin’s post on Twitter, his voice is amazing!♥️

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    Hahaha the same

  51. A R M Y

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    Кто тоже пришел сюда из за того что Jimin ходил на концерт к нему, и решили проверить? Я из за этого 😂😂😂😂

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    Came to listen because our Jimin shared you on @BTS twitter....and wow I'm glad he did. Your voice is BEAUTIFUL. Im definitely a fan now 💜

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    Vim por causa do Jimin e...... AMEI GANHOU MAIS UMA FÃ

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    First came from JM then came back because of amazing vocals

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    Here because of Jimin 💜💜💜 Love this song 💜💜💜

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    Wow Jimin was right, your voice is something else! 😍😮😱❤️ Heaven sounds!

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    So Good:) Thank you😊 Because JIMIN knows you. I like your music.

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    Hi.... Jimin BTS brought me here 💜😁

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    Oh my god. I love this song. Thank you🙏🏻💕

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    Hello! Your voice is amazing and so unique! I'm here because of Jimin but it turned out this song is amazing and I'm so happy I got a chance to discover it!

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    Jimin brought me here

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    Hey Army!!! 😳💜👋

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    Jesus is hope

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    Come here because zach interview with stephanie poetry hands up!!

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    You are awesome

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    I expected more than this 3/10😥

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    I just discovered you through "the last of her kind" and after listening I checked your yt acc and now, I'm listening to this 😍😍😍 More power and blessings for you, Alec!!

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  70. Madelyn Hawkdaughter

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    You’re amazing Alec, I know you probably won’t see this comment but you’ve gotten me through a lot

  71. Duda Leal

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    Deus me livre

  72. Angel Quinn

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    Today is the first day I've ever heard any of your music. I've already listened to all of your songs multiple times. Today, my heart was broken by a man I've loved for a very long time. He's hurt me before. I keep hoping he'll change. That it'll get better. But I know it won't happen. And your music is helping me more than anything has before. Thank you so much for blessing the world with your amazing talent. Please don't ever stop.

  73. Li-chan :3

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    El comentario en español que esperabas 😂 PD:Amo su voz :'D

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    Why does he have just 1.6 m followers? He deserves More

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  76. Toki ????

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    Lyrics : You won't find Jesus in LA Me : I won't find Alec in LA

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  78. DiRK PERiKEZ

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    Nightcore - 1.25x or 1.5x

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    I know Lucifer is in LA. Don't know that Jesus is in LA too.

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    I love you 😞😞💙💙💙

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    please come to turkey please alec please ı wanna see you

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    Anyone here after watching Rudy’s video?

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    his music doesn’t even fit the pop genre. this dude has created his own genre of music that i could listen to for hours.

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    I wanna see him in concert so bad ah

  85. P E R L A _X3

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    “You won’t find Jesus in LA” I felt that.....

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    I saw this song on some insta ad and now I'm obsessed with him I-

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    22-11-2019, 20:23:49, 98 anyone? I swear to god, if anyone likes this I'm gonna kms

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    i heard this on the radio and almost caused a car crash because i didn't know you have a new song