Aladdin - Movie Review


  1. JT LovesCodeLyoko

    JT LovesCodeLyoko15 시간 전

    Alexandra Faith Fordy dislikes this review

  2. Mobile First time hehe

    Mobile First time hehe16 시간 전

    2019, Jully 16 😉 i dont like the cast of Aladdin because 100% they look way too far from the cartoon charater of Aladdin & Jasmine, i am very disappointed because im expecting their human character will look the same in the cartoon movie 😭😭😭, anyways my bet for Aladdin character will be( Viveik Kalra )from the movie called Blinded by the Light and (Luciana Zogbi) because they really look the same from the original cartoon character of Aladdin and jasmine. please make another Remake of Aladdin like a Series i would love to see them both casting as Aladdin and Jasmine The highlight of the movie should be the face or the look of the character, and you did disappoint us from our expectation which they failed to serve us the right character 🥰💕💕💕💕do you Agree!?

  3. MechaJoezilla

    MechaJoezilla일 전

    I'm never gonna see this movie.

  4. Avo Rice

    Avo Rice2 일 전

    Speechless was fire!!

  5. The Lone Hunter

    The Lone Hunter2 일 전

    For me I don't think the movie was bad it was just meh most of the comedy just didn't land. CGI was kind of bad and I just didn't feel Will Smith as the genie but that's just my opinion.

  6. Hadiya Davis

    Hadiya Davis3 일 전

    It had decent moments like you said with the dance and song scenes but other than that the overall movie was dull and ehhh; a C+ movie at best



    Cons Number One Cultural Appropriation is a Thing. Aladdin is Not Indian. He is Arab ie Arabian Nights! Hello? Why did I see India instead of a Made up city in Arabia? Number Two Jafar was Weak and Not half as Evil as he could have been, Hire More Shakespearean Classicly Trained Actors to Play in Disney Live Action like they did in the Original Animated Movie. Number Three Genie lost his Powers at the End when he was Freed WTF? That Never Happend in the Original? Who wants to see Return of Jafar with a Genie without Powers, Huge PlotHole. Pros Number One isn't staying True to the Original a Good Thing? We wanted a Live Action "Remake" as in the same movie except Not Animated, Of course it's going to have alot of the same Stuff you Blithering Idiot. Number Two You Did Great Will Smith, Robin Williams would be Proud. Funny, Cool and just Amazing. Three You can't expect a Director to just Follow the Script Scene for Scene from the Original, He has to Add his Own Stuff for Creative Purposes, He went more into Detail with the Characters Backstories, I liked It. Summary Overall a Great Movie to watch, The Theatre was almost Filled Up, they Reacted to Almost Everything as a Group which is Good. Roller Coaster of Emotions, I got the Feels once or twice. I Definitely Recommend It but just let it stand on it's Own and Don't compare Scene for Scene to the Original and you will be Fine. I am Definitely Going to Own it when it comes out.

  8. Benjamin White

    Benjamin White4 일 전

    Disney should just let Kevin Feige handle all of their movies.

  9. Benjamin White

    Benjamin White4 일 전

    I watched a small amount of this movie on a poor quality bootleg. How does Will Smith sound whiter than me while singing Arabian Nights?! Ruined a truly awesome song.

  10. Nate B

    Nate B4 일 전

    The animation is better. Jafar was hot! But, that’s about all he had in the movie lmao.

  11. Alki Vid.s

    Alki Vid.s5 일 전

    I agree it wasnt that great. Main complain was the actor playing Aladdin. He acting was really monotone. Jasmine was awesome, saulton as well even jafar didnt mind him as much as I thought I was going to. Genie I agree I liked him better when he was in human form for some reason. It was alright overall.

  12. JoshyT87

    JoshyT875 일 전

    This movie was 😑

  13. ellie

    ellie9 일 전

    They did a sequel of the live action Alice, and they're making a sequel to Maleficent. So here's hoping they make a better live action "Return of Jafar" and "King of Thieves" And don't worry, I loved this movie (not as much as the original) and I think didn't you were brutal at all. Your critique was mostly respectful. I've heard harsher reviews. Half the critics seem to like it, the other half seem to dislike it, while the audience mostly loves it.

  14. Greg Matic

    Greg Matic9 일 전

    If they wanted to fill Robin Williams' shoes they should've got Jim Carrey. The problem with it was that they gave everybody 2 songs- Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie. Jasmine should've only got 1 song max because it took away from Aladdin's character building and the second one stole Jeffar's thunder. Jeffar never got time to shine as a villain in this and he should've got a song if anybody. They told you he was a good man instead of showing you like in the original. Jasmine's new motivation was also not as good.

  15. LavenderLumos

    LavenderLumos10 일 전

    it wasn't that bad. Will Smith as the genie was pretty good. Jafar however... looked mildly annoyed that he missed the bus rather than evil. He was so use of the snake at all

  16. William Newberry

    William Newberry10 일 전

    Sorry Jeremy gotta disagree here... i thought it was great, i think ya biffed this one buddy

  17. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Blaze The Movie Fan13 일 전

    Just letting you know I responded to this video.

  18. popcorn pop

    popcorn pop13 일 전

    aladdin 2019 came off to me like a cheesy tv movie

  19. Noha N

    Noha N13 일 전

    I enjoyed the movie but jafar not being in hid fifties pissed me off, and the movie was indeed rushed , but i think will smith did a pretty good job

  20. Lolo Monroe

    Lolo Monroe12 일 전

    Noha N I kinda wished it was darker and jafar looked old and jasmine was darker then it would of been dope

  21. King Libra

    King Libra13 일 전

    Great cave of wonders impression 👏👏

  22. Redhead Redneck YT

    Redhead Redneck YT14 일 전

    Cool Dr Klaw impression

  23. TheNextTurn

    TheNextTurn15 일 전

    Acting stail ... special efftects look amateur... when adin used the rope to climb over the fake cgi fire it look like a youtube video for kids... ughh it was terrible.

  24. ZorroNegro 22

    ZorroNegro 2215 일 전

    I have mixed feelings for the movie, but it’s just my opinion, they could have done better than what I saw, but the “ Never has a friend like me” scene was Worth it!

  25. Dorian Worrell

    Dorian Worrell16 일 전

    WRONGGGGG, movie was great! Except for the bit: Jasmine, won't be silenced (felt out of place) and initially kind of confusing.

  26. Daniel Bad

    Daniel Bad16 일 전

    Think the showdown was too short and easy, could've been way bigger and grittier. The animated one creeped the hell out of me as a kid, would've loved to see snake Jafar in this one. And yes, a stronger sense of threat for both Jasmin and Aladdin would've made the adventure feel much deeper. Other than that, loved it. Loved Will Smith big time, comedy was hilarious... actors were perfectly cast, jas and aladdin were hot af... as they should be.

  27. MarissaBollywood

    MarissaBollywood17 일 전

    Please review Swept Away with Madonna!

  28. S. Cho

    S. Cho18 일 전

    I guess it was okay.

  29. Keoni Lara

    Keoni Lara18 일 전

    I love the original Aladdin and I actually really loved this movie!

  30. Jason Anthony

    Jason Anthony19 일 전

    They only did the "sped up" thing for a few seconds during the one jump song...

  31. evelyn rojas villarue

    evelyn rojas villarue19 일 전

    A mi encanto la pelicula ♥️🌭😊

  32. TOMMI x TY

    TOMMI x TY19 일 전

    100% agree

  33. unicorn diva 191

    unicorn diva 19119 일 전

    Okay, The original is obviously better, but the critics make the new Aladdin sound like trash. (also the new version covered up some questions in the original movie, so we gotta be thankful)

  34. stephen moran

    stephen moran20 일 전

    I hated the actor and the portrayal of Jafar

  35. Carlo Nassar

    Carlo Nassar20 일 전

    Iago as a giant bird made him so much cooler.

  36. Brienna Carter

    Brienna Carter21 일 전

    Saw the movie I liked it.🤗🤗🤗🤗

  37. Brandon Lopez

    Brandon Lopez21 일 전

    I agree on the beginning when I was watching the movie I HATED when that they didn’t put the scene of jasmine sneaking out and there where just some scenes that they took out from the animated film that I would have like a lot in the film. It was overall a really good movie and I would recommend watching it

  38. Mohammad Chaudhary

    Mohammad Chaudhary21 일 전

    The movie was so good. Loved it

  39. Neimykanani

    Neimykanani21 일 전

    Even though the movie had some flaws, I enjoyed it anyway! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and Aladdin and Jasmine was exactly what I imagined in a live action movie!

  40. nxztt

    nxztt22 일 전

    i do wish you would try to review the movie apart from animated aladdin a little bit tho

  41. szewei85

    szewei8522 일 전

    Haha i only watch this on the final run period😂🤣

  42. Talaris Watts-EL

    Talaris Watts-EL22 일 전

    I loved the movie.

  43. Archie Clarke

    Archie Clarke23 일 전

    Guy Ritchie Directed it😂

  44. Cilibi

    Cilibi24 일 전

    I honestly loved this movie, I’ve seen it in theaters twice now and was blown away both times. The production is so extravagant and energetic, the characters were charming and fun, and the costume and set design was a sight to see. I think it handled some of the more melodramatic moments of the original in a more emotionally mature way, and I was happy to see Jasmine have a character arc. My only complaint is that I wish Jafar was more intimidating, but I also like that he was given a bit of backstory that helped him compare and contrast to Aladdin and I can accept that his character role in this movie is different than the original just as I have with Genie. Will Smith did an amazing job of making this take on Genie his own while still keeping little nods to Robin Williams in and honestly people are too caught up in the original movie to see the merits of this one. You can enjoy both you know.

  45. Shanda Gibbs

    Shanda Gibbs24 일 전

    I’m only liking it cause I died laughing when you had the stuck face trying to mimic the stone lion 😂😂😂will smith did a awesome job. ‘

  46. Jacob Stallone

    Jacob Stallone24 일 전

    Wow almost 98% in the comments disagree with Jeremy’s review on Aladdin being a bad movie. I watched it and I thought it was amazing! Mena mansood as Aladdin was an amazing casting. He had so much chemistry with very one. His ‘jam’ scene with will smith had so much chemistry. Will Smith was extremely funny and also was good in the emotional scenes Aladdin and jasmine work perfectly together. Jasmine!!! Wow she was really perfect for the role. She is a professional singer and I must say her song ‘speechless ‘ might be as good as ‘let it go’ Being objective I can’t say this movie was bad. I would give it a 7.8/10 easily! I don’t think Cinderella or malifacent where in any way better than this. Let me know if you guys agree with me.

  47. A Golden Spoon

    A Golden Spoon24 일 전

    Hot Jafar's acting was just... not a cash-money move. I know most of his emotionlessly delivered lines were an obvious character choice, but he would've been a so much more impactful villain if he'd been more cruel and angry in his line delivery. The stone-cold villain trope just didn't work.

  48. Brandon bracken

    Brandon bracken24 일 전

    It was very political 👎🏾

  49. Jason Mcshark

    Jason Mcshark27 일 전

    I liked it except for the fact that they removed the original prince Ali reprise so jasmine could sing a song for 8 year old girls on radio Disney

  50. alwaysxnever

    alwaysxnever27 일 전

    That was harsh Jahns. But I don't watch your videos to validate my opinion. But to hear your's. Ty fir thr content as always I.

  51. Maiko Gammell

    Maiko Gammell27 일 전

    I agree with everything you said...I left the theater feeling like the film was rushed. Lacked weight, like you said, which the animated film had. The carpet ride number lacked a WOW. But I did enjoy it.