AJ Mitchell - Slow Dance (Unofficial Video) ft. Ava Max


  1. Kani Garcia

    Kani Garcia5 시간 전


  2. krystel abi nassif

    krystel abi nassif18 시간 전

    Is he straight or what ?

  3. ryan humphreys

    ryan humphreys일 전

    I like how there is no alcohol in this video just clean fun

  4. Pencole Hcity

    Pencole Hcity3 일 전

    just perfect

  5. F42HAN

    F42HAN4 일 전

    Ada orang indonesia??🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  6. Kani Garcia

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  7. Aisyah Alfia Mitchell

    Aisyah Alfia Mitchell7 일 전


  8. Kani Garcia

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  9. Muzical Brock

    Muzical Brock9 일 전

    I made a new Cover Video on ( Slow Dance ) ! Check it out on my channel 😊

  10. Rie Molinari

    Rie Molinari15 일 전

    Obsessed with this song omg

  11. Kani Garcia

    Kani Garcia16 일 전

    King 🔥

  12. Kani Garcia

    Kani Garcia16 일 전


  13. S U N F L O W E R

    S U N F L O W E R18 일 전

    Oh my god, your voice is perefect, i like it how sing!!! i love u so much :0

  14. Westy Films

    Westy Films18 일 전

    Shirtless aj xd

  15. Kani Garcia

    Kani Garcia19 일 전


  16. maria vitória

    maria vitória20 일 전

    I Lovethis

  17. Silly Me

    Silly Me20 일 전

    Use this as "i'm the person who always with him until he is famous" button | | |

  18. bastianskyblue

    bastianskyblue21 일 전

    Y el beso de a 3 ???

  19. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader21 일 전

    Ava max SUPER💞

  20. Niki Jimomi

    Niki Jimomi21 일 전

    I like dis song i used to hear everday n i can't wait to heard ur new song 😍😍😍

  21. harielle weiers

    harielle weiers22 일 전

    Your voice is beautiful and the song is perfect!! 😍😍

  22. Hussain Khan

    Hussain Khan23 일 전

    This song will suit Clay and Hannah

  23. twinkle –official

    twinkle –official23 일 전

    this video is better than the original one. And AJ you are rocking in this video. I just love it😍😍😍😘😘😘

  24. FlowingBeats

    FlowingBeats24 일 전

    I think you had fun shooting this lol

  25. Lyre Autumn

    Lyre Autumn24 일 전

    i didnt know there was such thing as unofficial video from the official artist 😂😍

  26. Kani Garcia

    Kani Garcia25 일 전


  27. Miguelina aka Mikki Otto

    Miguelina aka Mikki Otto27 일 전

    I Believe He Sang At The VMA'S 2019...1st Time Hearing This Song & It's A Beautiful Tonality & Talented Vocalist...Congratulations On Being Highlighted

  28. Franco Acosta

    Franco Acosta27 일 전

    This is the song i was needing & i didn't know

  29. Chloe Couszins

    Chloe Couszins27 일 전

    I love you

  30. eve lynn

    eve lynn28 일 전

    this is pleasure to my EARS AHHHHH

  31. eve lynn

    eve lynn28 일 전

    Please collaborate with why don't we or Ruel omg,thank youu 💓💓.

  32. Top 3

    Top 328 일 전

    Been playing it on repeat... This song so beautiful and catchy...

  33. Biggy Jammy

    Biggy Jammy28 일 전

    I always came back for the song and Aj in this mv 💜

  34. Kani Garcia

    Kani Garcia29 일 전


  35. Clare Nguyen

    Clare Nguyen29 일 전

    4 days n it has 4.6 million views😮 I’m so proud of AJ♥️♥️♥️

  36. itsrealmochakim

    itsrealmochakim27 일 전

    Seriously it been out for a month LOL

  37. Yasmin Ifanger

    Yasmin Ifanger29 일 전

    Bi vibes. 🤪😍

  38. Hoor ul

    Hoor ul개월 전

    What u wanna do it ?

  39. Ruth Oliveira

    Ruth Oliveira개월 전

    i cant stop listening to this, its perfect.

  40. Kani Garcia

    Kani Garcia개월 전


  41. M I L L E N N I A L S Guide

    M I L L E N N I A L S Guide개월 전

    Does anyone know the shoes AJ is wearing?

  42. Rafaela Piña

    Rafaela Piña개월 전

    Para los que buscan una buena traducción koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-vOhA4FBw1L8.html 🙈

  43. Ruthie Ruth

    Ruthie Ruth개월 전

    This Song Is Awesome 😙😙😙



    The rhythm is underrated♡

  45. AstridElsa

    AstridElsa개월 전

    Why is the unofficial video actually better than the official one? xD

  46. Oreo's Channel

    Oreo's Channel7 일 전

    The official version fits the song better.

  47. abdullah faqih

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  48. Nur Utomo

    Nur Utomo개월 전

    Your song around in my head when i came to bookstore

  49. Kani Garcia

    Kani Garcia개월 전

    Mañana sale el vídeo ❤

  50. Sumitra Panda

    Sumitra Panda개월 전

    He is so handsome and cute

  51. Kani Garcia

    Kani Garcia개월 전

    4,534,883 🔥

  52. Mor Agev

    Mor Agev개월 전

    koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-rV_d4lubjaE.html For those who didn't know Aj Mitchell's vocal range, I made a video for you guys, I did my greatest effort to finish this video, I finished it for 6 hours because I was also measuring the notes in each songs, by using tuner and collecting the data. I recommend you to watch the video by clicking the link.

  53. Paseo Acoxpa

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  54. faris mardiansyah

    faris mardiansyah개월 전

    best song. cant get enough

  55. Anakonda Sever

    Anakonda Sever개월 전

    Bari çoraplarını çıkarsaydın ya xjxkxn

  56. Juliet Bridges

    Juliet Bridges개월 전

    HOW TO FALL IN LOVE 1. Dig a hole 2. Call the hole love 3. fall into the hole GOOD JOB YOU FELL IN LOVE! Edit: Thank you so much for liking its the most ive ever got

  57. Muzical Brock

    Muzical Brock9 일 전

    I made a new Cover Video on ( Slow Dance ) ! Check it out on my channel 😊

  58. Mendes Army

    Mendes Army13 일 전

    At least you can climb out of it when you want to, rather than being stuck.

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  61. _ FrecklyUnicornCat_

    _ FrecklyUnicornCat_22 일 전

    Smart but I can't be "in love" as in "in the hole" forever can I?

  62. Kani Garcia

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  63. Proud Mommy

    Proud Mommy개월 전

    I heard this song on the radio and I absolutely love it! 😍 I got this set as my ring tone on my phone. My new favorite song! 🤩💃

  64. Nat Emily

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  65. Kani Garcia

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  66. Amatsu Mikaboshi

    Amatsu Mikaboshi개월 전

    Ava ruins it yo

  67. Kani Garcia

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    BMRNVTI개월 전

    great sing my first time hearing this artist