Adrian Broner REACTION! Manny Pacquiao WIN vs Keith Thurman


  1. Lionheart

    Lionheart33 분 전

    Damn this guy is stupid funny

  2. Peter Daniel

    Peter Daniel2 일 전

    This guy reminds me of like a Kevin Hart/Charlie Zelenoff fusion

  3. josua bautista

    josua bautista9 일 전

    Broner Thurman it's on.

  4. Lawrence Chavious

    Lawrence Chavious10 일 전

    Bruhh Thurman would beat tf outta AB lmao this nigga need to stop

  5. sphinx de galez

    sphinx de galez10 일 전


  6. Deel Weed

    Deel Weed11 일 전

    Shut up .. thruman is better than you

  7. Noi Fermase

    Noi Fermase11 일 전

    you too experience the falling bricks from heaven

  8. Budz Light

    Budz Light12 일 전

    Cooked😂😂😂😂 Pacquiao tired between 7-12 thurman he got landed punches but still not enough

  9. Jacob Mendeja

    Jacob Mendeja13 일 전

    You are cook by paquiao you cant hit him man.. Your such a loser..

  10. forza juventus

    forza juventus13 일 전

    spence will get a bitch slapping from 42 year old manny lol...not in the same league

  11. Paola Sarcia

    Paola Sarcia17 일 전

    You looked lyk dat bc u kept on running

  12. falx94

    falx9417 일 전

    This clown is clinically insane. Every time he talks about the Pacquiao fight he talks like he won. In the post-fight press conference if you hadn't seen the fight and didn't know the results it literally would have sounded like he had won from the way he was running his mouth. I'm almost convinced that the Broner who threw a tantrum with Jim Gray is a Broner from an alternate universe where he actually did win and he and the Broner from this universe switched places after the final bell.

  13. Carlos Rios

    Carlos Rios19 일 전

    Shut your mouth Broner! You are a true bum!

  14. pedro mayo torres

    pedro mayo torres23 일 전

    I dont think Thruman underestimated paquiao

  15. didymus Peter

    didymus Peter25 일 전

    Fuck ur self broner

  16. JeepDan777

    JeepDan77727 일 전

    Bronner is probably the greatest boxer ever to step into the ring and he will always be remembered like that, in his mind.

  17. Retro Don

    Retro Don28 일 전

    The problem!! Really??? Boner is mouthy pussy!!

  18. Ryo

    Ryo28 일 전

    Shut the fuck up you chicken running man

  19. Remnantime

    Remnantime개월 전

    Manny can beat Spense



    AB:Pacquaio cocked Thurman Pacquaio : hey you wanna go again AB Left the chat

  21. luis morales

    luis morales개월 전

    He was running the whole time is why he was fine

  22. Jeptee Yongco

    Jeptee Yongco개월 전

    Lol cooked?

  23. Veergo Genebra

    Veergo Genebra개월 전


  24. Belle - Benicio

    Belle - Benicio개월 전

    Haha broner is comedian hahaha

  25. Maurice Jones

    Maurice Jones개월 전

    Pacman abuse AB lol the needs therapy

  26. Dhenz Taub

    Dhenz Taub개월 전

    Broner lost his memory and having brain damage after fighting pacman 😂😂😂😂

  27. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman개월 전

    Broner prolly thinks he's the next Floyd Mayweather Jr.... but he ain't got floyd's skill, just his big mouth

  28. Jacob Munoz

    Jacob Munoz개월 전

    Broner looks beat

  29. anotherway18

    anotherway18개월 전

    Broner a fool 😭

  30. juan ball

    juan ball개월 전

    Maidana is watching you Broner 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  31. Narinder Dhillon

    Narinder Dhillon개월 전

    Thurman looks like a meerkat jus sayin

  32. Morito Jimenez

    Morito Jimenez개월 전

    wala kanaman binatbat broner kupalka lauz kana hahaha

  33. Fernandez Hernandez

    Fernandez Hernandez개월 전

    Broner vs Bradley

  34. clientjacob24

    clientjacob24개월 전

    Clottey did better than this dude if we go by his logic. And hes still proud !

  35. Damascus East

    Damascus East개월 전

    just cook broner

  36. Fight2thedeath 12

    Fight2thedeath 122 개월 전

    Lmaooo he deadass said he did better than Thurman 😂😂😂

  37. Mohammad Ali Rizvi

    Mohammad Ali Rizvi2 개월 전

    Thurman would dp broner better than maidana

  38. Edmon Lacsa

    Edmon Lacsa2 개월 전 just ran and ran from pacman while thurman fought head to head. shitty clown

  39. Paolo Katigbak

    Paolo Katigbak2 개월 전

    This man is a joke

  40. Erwin Sasotona

    Erwin Sasotona2 개월 전

    Broner is my best commedian favorite artist, boxer