Adopting A Baby!


  1. Jessica Lemos

    Jessica Lemos3 시간 전

    Flynn: *coughs* Colleen: 👁👃🏼👁 👄

  2. Jimmer Seiber

    Jimmer Seiber13 시간 전

    I dont wanna ever tell anyone what to do with their kids so this is just a suggestion. So he doesnt choke it might be easier if you break it up into tiny pieces. He does do an awesome job eating it himself though. No judgement whatsoever. He was fine. I swallowed a balloon when I was younger so my moms probably just extra careful due to that. I love you guys.

  3. Jimmer Seiber

    Jimmer Seiber13 시간 전

    I wrote this before she started talking about judgey people. Now I feel bad. I was trying to be helpful :/

  4. Hannah R

    Hannah R14 시간 전

    He turns 1 on my birth day and I am turning 13 and he is turning 1 on the same day

  5. Elizabeth wright

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  6. Kennedy Heard

    Kennedy Heard18 시간 전

    4:10 was soooo cuteee

  7. Arthur van Essen

    Arthur van Essen21 시간 전

    They should try a surrogate

  8. Estefanía Miranda

    Estefanía Miranda22 시간 전

    -Does Mukbang -Eats a piece of Bacon, half a pancake and half a slice of toast... GURL!!!!

  9. Libs And jas

    Libs And jas22 시간 전

    4:06 Replay button Costs only 1 like 4:06

  10. Libs And jas

    Libs And jas22 시간 전

    Colleen: do you like morning poops? Flinn: *baby language* yeah!!

  11. Syrai Ebbitt

    Syrai Ebbitt일 전

    Flynn is definitely not going to be a VSCO boy when he grows up he’s trying to

  12. Abigail Stewart

    Abigail Stewart일 전

    Aww flynn is so cute

  13. orlagh b

    orlagh b일 전

    I love Flynn so much I can't wait to see him grow into such a kind and loving boy and can't wait to hear his dreams and aspirations in life ❤️

  14. Zuhur Dahir

    Zuhur Dahir일 전

    It feels like Flynn was just born and now he’s almost 1 years old wow he grew up so sooo fast 😄😁

  15. ElizaMay 11104

    ElizaMay 111042 일 전

    Flynn is a one year old and has already been on around 10 or 12 planes. And I’m here 15 and only been on 2 and they weren’t even that far away

  16. John Smith

    John Smith2 일 전

    Flynn looks so like his Daddy! Sorry Colleen x

  17. Merna's World

    Merna's World3 일 전 👈 😮 guess who I met

  18. MaryCharles Miller

    MaryCharles Miller3 일 전

    I'm adopted from Vietnam! I was adopted when I was 4.5 months old. We even celebrate my adoption day, when I officially became hers (my mom's)! I feel so lucky to have a wonderful mom who has always supported me with everything. I miss her so much 🥰When you do adopt, I wish you luck with the whole process. You guys are wonderful parents and I wish you nothing but happiness! I hope we get to meet each other one day or get to work on a project, it would be so much fun! You're so nice and talented :) You're one of my inspirations 💕🙂

  19. Brooklyn McLaughlin

    Brooklyn McLaughlin3 일 전

    i live in a small town in illinois and we don’t have denny’s near here and i really wanna try it but i cant

  20. Galaxy _Girl

    Galaxy _Girl3 일 전

    6:09 So cute and wholesome 😍👶

  21. Brittney Babcock

    Brittney Babcock3 일 전

    Flynn looks kind of like an f boy with that hair but it’s so cute

  22. Jewelz

    Jewelz3 일 전

    Legit cant believe how old he is now! He was just this little tiny thing and now hes so big!

  23. Nads489 2

    Nads489 23 일 전

    She makes me wonder what pregnancy/childbirth actually feels like. For some reason I wanna know what the level of pain is like😬

  24. 박미리내

    박미리내4 일 전

    이렇게걍빵줘도된다고? 몇살임? 한국에서는 5살도다잘게잘라주던데. 이렇게걍빵 주고 본인이먹게하면머라할거같음(머라함?) 뭐가맞는거야? 아 먹고있으니,어린아이도 걍빵같은건 안자르고먹어도되는건가

  25. LoAdInG

    LoAdInG5 일 전

    I’m waiting for the day Flynn starts to speak full sentences

  26. Carol- Bnice2any1

    Carol- Bnice2any15 일 전

    So lucky to have your comment section available not long after you made a video and talked about it, it’s not fair that other family vloggers can’t do much for KOreporter to turn their comment back on.

  27. Arthur van Essen

    Arthur van Essen6 일 전

    I’m so jealous of anyone who can afford a mukbang just for themself 😭😭😭

  28. Maria Villorente

    Maria Villorente6 일 전

    Gosh I love this channel!!! It makes me so happy!

  29. Marcella_gacha Light

    Marcella_gacha Light6 일 전

    Wait.. she’s eating bacon?! I thought she hates bacon

  30. Maria Ortiz

    Maria Ortiz6 일 전

    I will take him

  31. Mandy Lam

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  32. Leah Moffat

    Leah Moffat7 일 전

    Flynn has traveled more of than me!

  33. Amy Camburn

    Amy Camburn7 일 전

    Flynn is just the cutest little boy ever!! I love seeing you two interact, you can just feel the love in your heart for him and vice versa!! Thank you for answering questions and for all of the hard work you do for charities and for all the sick kids in the world, we need more people like you in this world Colleen!! Give little Flynn a squeeze for all of us!! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!!! HUGGS from Lewes, De ;-)

  34. Gecko Theories

    Gecko Theories7 일 전

    3:15 and 3:17 look at Flynn’s face

  35. Cassifrass Araujo

    Cassifrass Araujo8 일 전

    My aunt and uncle never actually got married but legally if you are with someone for over 2 years and have had more than one child with them legally you are married and so ya

  36. • M a y a B u b x l e s •

    • M a y a B u b x l e s •8 일 전

    Me: Opens a video* Ad plays before the video* Me: OOF 😩 Who else lives the same thing EVERY DAY?

  37. Bailey Buttars

    Bailey Buttars8 일 전

    I think I figured out the reason why so many people disliked this video. Its because Colleen has an open display of her christmas decorations before thanksgiving.

  38. Sadie Love

    Sadie Love8 일 전

    Colleen: pulls out plastic forks All visco girls ever:OOP OOP ❤️❤️😂😂😂😂

  39. Max Rothery

    Max Rothery9 일 전

    How old are you?

  40. -s u n n y-

    -s u n n y-9 일 전

    wait he is almost 1 ?! time flies...

  41. Joyce Celine Asuque

    Joyce Celine Asuque9 일 전

    woaahhh he grew so fast