Accidentally breaking a $1500 monitor


  1. Samuel David

    Samuel David5 개월 전

    Didn't you guys blasted like 10 C-Stands with a tank a year ago?

  2. Masif 2

    Masif 229 일 전

    @KakkaKarrotCake ayyy thanks Goku

  3. PhoenixUltraMotive

    PhoenixUltraMotive개월 전

    @The Slow Mo Guys nice

  4. Pedro Pereira

    Pedro Pereira2 개월 전

    Totally worth it though!

  5. Broockle

    Broockle3 개월 전

    Pretty sure those stands carrying the water melons were sacrificed willingly. They signed the papers and everything.

  6. Ho3n3r

    Ho3n3r3 개월 전

    @10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos just admit you were wrong.

  7. D. Chavez

    D. Chavez18 시간 전

    "Gobbed off" Never heard it before. I like it.

  8. Никита Яковлев

    Никита Яковлев5 일 전

    It is pizdec)

  9. Isaacs Random Videos

    Isaacs Random Videos6 일 전

    I don’t understand how a little monitor like that is worth £1500

  10. coolgamer 6554

    coolgamer 65547 일 전

    How is that little screen 1.5k

  11. a TiT

    a TiT7 일 전

    Trying to hit a fired arrow with a sword.... better get them safety glasses to be safe

  12. azan ashari

    azan ashari8 일 전

    Sorry im just laugh so hard when see it

  13. CaliBassinTV

    CaliBassinTV8 일 전

    That’s an expensive video

  14. Tanner Wallace

    Tanner Wallace8 일 전

    anyone think the katana was gonna shatter it not an arrow

  15. Moto Dreamer

    Moto Dreamer9 일 전


  16. MeanStudios

    MeanStudios9 일 전

    Breaks $1500 monitor makes video hits 1.2million views earns $1800 bucks ...

  17. Greta Thunberg

    Greta Thunberg9 일 전

    2:30 yw have a nice day

  18. Mackan

    Mackan9 일 전

    Fucking idiots, just get a shield for the camera

  19. Wrench 0

    Wrench 010 일 전

    Ohh noo

  20. Dominator Kozaczkins

    Dominator Kozaczkins10 일 전

    Oh no...

  21. GG bro

    GG bro10 일 전

    *Oh no*

  22. DarklingGolem

    DarklingGolem10 일 전

    Oh no

  23. Panayeet

    Panayeet10 일 전

    Guys pls like so they can get a new one for free love u guyss

  24. LeVine

    LeVine11 일 전

    you guys earn enough so it isnt a big deal

  25. Frilabird

    Frilabird11 일 전

    Me: *cries in $432 laptop*

  26. Ian Wait

    Ian Wait11 일 전

    oh no

  27. HissingStone714

    HissingStone71412 일 전

    wait, this little mf costs 1.5k?

  28. shy bound

    shy bound12 일 전

    there are no accidents -master oogway

  29. Jackson Chen

    Jackson Chen12 일 전

    oh no oh no oh no oh no no oh no oh no oh no

  30. Sage Sattva

    Sage Sattva12 일 전

    Oh no

  31. Saint Ricardo

    Saint Ricardo12 일 전

    A bit of my soul shattered when I heard the impact

  32. Slayer 1990

    Slayer 199012 일 전

    Glass is Glass and glass breaks -Jerryrigeverything

  33. Noah Spielt

    Noah Spielt12 일 전

    if this were a live stream i would donate 100 €

  34. ragekoras

    ragekoras13 일 전

    Corridor Crew

  35. Jonathan Finger

    Jonathan Finger13 일 전

    Ummmmm if u figure out where the arrow would end up it would hit him and possably kill him so the monitor saved his life

  36. Jordan Ezell

    Jordan Ezell13 일 전

    Will you be affected by COPPA? (no profanity allowed)

  37. The_ Archer1202

    The_ Archer120213 일 전

    One upside to damaging expensive equipment: you get a video out of it

  38. Elvis Bisanovic

    Elvis Bisanovic11 일 전

    *_S T O N K S_*

  39. probrokristian

    probrokristian13 일 전

    U insta made money cuz ur famous

  40. JoeyLovesTrains

    JoeyLovesTrains14 일 전

    How does that cost $1500?! It looks like it cost $5 from a thrift store

  41. Lucas

    Lucas14 일 전

    Angry Streamers: "Not bad, kid."

  42. Kyle Witter

    Kyle Witter14 일 전

    Please tell me that wasn’t Rooster Teeth’s monitor that you then had to pay for😂

  43. ivory raine

    ivory raine16 일 전

    so glad the ad revenue could buy yall a new one 😊💞

  44. TurTleguy123r

    TurTleguy123r16 일 전

    That's not homie

  45. Logan Foster

    Logan Foster17 일 전

    This is the first video I’ve watched in 2020 lol

  46. MultiFalcon777

    MultiFalcon77718 일 전

    Love how 3:20-3:23 is a before and after of dan

  47. superbob 5043

    superbob 504318 일 전


  48. Laura Martinez

    Laura Martinez20 일 전

    Or just use drones when filming outside action.

  49. Thomas Polinze

    Thomas Polinze27 일 전

    That's one profitable accident

  50. Eflo

    Eflo28 일 전

    Uh oh

  51. Joe

    Joe개월 전

    you guys should get another youtuber to repair it for you

  52. Isaac De León

    Isaac De León개월 전

    Breakes equipment, makes a video about that and made the money back

  53. Emrys Lira

    Emrys Lira개월 전

    2:46 OH YEAH!!!

  54. Borsalino Kizaru

    Borsalino Kizaru개월 전

    Typical Gav

  55. MeOwOgai

    MeOwOgai개월 전

    Legends say he still pays the credit

  56. Matt

    Matt개월 전

    I sear that one guy looked like the British version of Brian Quinn

  57. Sllce_Harsh

    Sllce_Harsh개월 전

    Oh no

  58. Salamander

    Salamander개월 전

    *oh no*

  59. BeeZee870

    BeeZee870개월 전

    Does anyone know what camera they're recording themselves with? Like the one that they're walking around with at the beach

  60. Mikestion

    Mikestion개월 전

    Augh, phock.

  61. DylanGames - Mobile games and more!

    DylanGames - Mobile games and more!개월 전

    is this dude q from impractical jokers

  62. Eric Borb

    Eric Borb개월 전

    this video is at 1.500.000 million views. if you make 1 dollar per 1000 views you made your money back

  63. RockBoy123

    RockBoy123개월 전

    oPs I BoRke $1500 xd oopS

  64. R.R.K. Ryan

    R.R.K. Ryan개월 전

    Thats a BULLS EYE SHOT

  65. Anxo Jorge Tobío

    Anxo Jorge Tobío개월 전

    Dan's skills with the Katana are getting quite scary

  66. -Glowfox-

    -Glowfox-개월 전

    oh no, this will costs us nothing lmao