A Very Strange Smartphone Attachment...


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy개월 전

    My new channel - koreporter.com/title-lewlater

  2. Deo Master Production

    Deo Master Production개월 전

    Hey Lew!!! can you have stereo sound using two of these??

  3. alis Love

    alis Love개월 전

    Unbox Therapy 😭😭i love you

  4. Bryan Tran

    Bryan Tran개월 전

    Unbox Therapy what song was that?

  5. renz arañas

    renz arañas개월 전

    Unbox Therapy how about JBL speakers sir?

  6. Peter Spacey

    Peter Spacey개월 전

    @Adhvik Lok heyoo, it's my tune over there :) Tech Knowledge - by - Peter Spacey

  7. Foxtrot Echo

    Foxtrot Echo일 전

    What song plays at 3:13?

  8. Frederick Green

    Frederick Green2 일 전


  9. Frederick Green

    Frederick Green2 일 전

    Don't make a fun at that one song Sound a whole lot better than that rap crap

  10. Mark Thompson

    Mark Thompson5 일 전

    whats the name of your watch

  11. Lyndee May Carnacer

    Lyndee May Carnacer10 일 전

    What are the songs tho

  12. Empty Slot

    Empty Slot12 일 전

    What pants is he wearing?

  13. Liam Rowe

    Liam Rowe17 일 전

    What is your daily driver

  14. sonic 768

    sonic 76817 일 전

    U N I T E D W E S T A N D

  15. Jaden Ramos

    Jaden Ramos18 일 전

    Need u to review razer nomo pro PLEASE im really on the fence if it really is worth 500$

  16. Aaron

    Aaron19 일 전

    Every time he tests a speaker of some kind I wonder if he listens to that shit outside of his videos

  17. Paulo Pereira

    Paulo Pereira25 일 전

    You could use stereo mics ...

  18. David Pitts

    David Pitts개월 전

    You should play some movie soundtracks when testing speakers. Like Star Wars or lord of the rings

  19. EL ZAEEM

    EL ZAEEM개월 전

    Please give me a phone Please give me a phone Please give me a phone😔💔

  20. Faze cloak

    Faze cloak개월 전

    Did anyone else see that speaker move while playing music

  21. Carie Saad

    Carie Saad개월 전

    Are they water resistant tho?

  22. Amadeus 101

    Amadeus 101개월 전

    I want one!

  23. Jake Boss

    Jake Boss개월 전

    Why didn't they put those vacuum suction holes on the top and bottom? because just like you, the first instinct is to pull it apart by grabbing the sides and covering the holes, making it more difficult, so that's a major design flaw

  24. lozlo lab

    lozlo lab개월 전

    I don't get it..?

  25. geovany avelar

    geovany avelar개월 전

    6:30 some accidental racism.

  26. Firas Sahawneh

    Firas Sahawneh개월 전

    Its available on AliExpress by the name AirPower & it cost 25US$

  27. Lennox Choi

    Lennox Choi개월 전

    Firas Sahawneh link?


    AIMI SAYO개월 전

    3:05 song name?

  29. Jus Badd

    Jus Badd개월 전

    $80 fuck off

  30. Dale Godfrey

    Dale Godfrey개월 전

    i literally told myself id pay 50 and HE SAID THE PEOPLE WANTED 50 ha wow. yeah maybe 60. 70 &80's too close to 100

  31. PewDieSike007 Ta mère

    PewDieSike007 Ta mère개월 전

    Strange ... strange

  32. deevus

    deevus개월 전

    So um... US Amazon = $80USD AU Amazon = $390AUD ??????????

  33. aftab khan

    aftab khan개월 전

    No one : Unbox therapy : *UNITED WE EXPAND*

  34. sc park

    sc park개월 전

    Let me know if someone has information about the phone case

  35. Josué Calle

    Josué Calle개월 전

    Uhh that sounds creepy 4:20

  36. Scott Wagner

    Scott Wagner개월 전

    Do they create true stereo sound when paired? And why is your taste in music sooo bad?

  37. Troy Walker

    Troy Walker개월 전

    song at 2:32 is Tech Knowledge by Peter Spacey

  38. PolYGame

    PolYGame개월 전

    What's the first music please ?

  39. Twilight sparkle BTS

    Twilight sparkle BTS개월 전

    Not bad 🧐🤨

  40. Nadir Sirro

    Nadir Sirro개월 전

    Points at black dude ''You know how much this guy costs?'' 🤣🤣🤣

  41. Bojo David

    Bojo David개월 전

    You're not getting it up right now?

  42. Gaurav Sharma

    Gaurav Sharma개월 전

    Want to know the names of the songs??? Just play this video and use another phone to open Google assistant and ask it "What song is this?" *YOU WILL GET ANSWERS*

  43. Noob SkulBot

    Noob SkulBot개월 전

    I stole my sister's phone to do this.

  44. Malkatrix musik

    Malkatrix musik개월 전

    Implying people have two phones

  45. Youssef Tourki

    Youssef Tourki개월 전

    You can hear the real conclusion is in the background music at the end : this is sad

  46. Shlomo

    Shlomo개월 전

    what was that first and second song that was played?

  47. Bilbo Dibo

    Bilbo Dibo개월 전

    I bet france people love it😂 since their love to rap around the walking district

  48. Evian Estolas

    Evian Estolas개월 전

    That's a bit expensive.

  49. Mohammad Shukor

    Mohammad Shukor개월 전

    I think the expansion part acts as a table stand behind the phone to watch a movie.

  50. Hawke

    Hawke개월 전

    Dude that part was for a wall lol

  51. Chalavadi Vishnu

    Chalavadi Vishnu개월 전

    song at 3:00 ? anyone?

  52. Olimpio Amoes

    Olimpio Amoes개월 전

    5:20 Lmao

  53. Eric Rosario

    Eric Rosario개월 전

    Good video

  54. Sammy Homerun

    Sammy Homerun개월 전

    what's that song starting at 2:33?

  55. Jerry Jones

    Jerry Jones개월 전

    What will it sound like in the flat configuration? A lot less bass?

  56. Adam Posiada

    Adam Posiada개월 전

    What is the soundtrack in this video? Im flattened by the music 🙈🙈

  57. Tong Cy

    Tong Cy개월 전

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