A Very Strange Smartphone Attachment...


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy9 개월 전

    My new channel - koreporter.com/title-lewlater

  2. Deo Master Production

    Deo Master Production8 개월 전

    Hey Lew!!! can you have stereo sound using two of these??

  3. alis Love

    alis Love8 개월 전

    Unbox Therapy 😭😭i love you

  4. Bryan Tran

    Bryan Tran8 개월 전

    Unbox Therapy what song was that?

  5. renz arañas

    renz arañas8 개월 전

    Unbox Therapy how about JBL speakers sir?

  6. Peter Spacey

    Peter Spacey8 개월 전

    @Adhvik Lok heyoo, it's my tune over there :) Tech Knowledge - by - Peter Spacey

  7. Daniel Mesa Casellas

    Daniel Mesa Casellas12 일 전

    2 days after using it the magnet destroys the phone battery

  8. CadenCrystal

    CadenCrystal19 일 전

    Definitely pocketable when magnets and that thing

  9. Douglas Pogliano

    Douglas Pogliano20 일 전

    Why do you need speakers for your phone use headphones or use your car stereo the only reason you need speakers is to be an annoyance

  10. Anthony Young

    Anthony Young개월 전

    RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!! UNITED WE EXPAND... POW!!!! (i get a really weird Star Trek BORG Assimilation Feeling here... lol

  11. Jay Baird

    Jay Baird개월 전

    you could fit a pc in that pocket 😂

  12. poorest*mans_gaming 6991

    poorest*mans_gaming 6991개월 전

    When using all the bluetooth speaker devices or just good ear phones do you guys mess with the android or iPhones EQ you guys should show us different sound profiles so we can get maybe a better sound especially for jus usual phone users even on my iPhone jus KOreporter video sounds while playing music's sound a little wack

  13. Sean Alberty

    Sean Alberty개월 전

    Hey Lew! You need to make a list of the songs you listen to. All the music you play for testing is bomb as fuck!

  14. Michael Schmidt

    Michael Schmidt개월 전

    This is how willydoo likes to party

  15. Lazaro 23

    Lazaro 23개월 전

    maybe for a phone it's kind of expensive but, for a computer it's not so bad

  16. Pablo's Basma

    Pablo's Basma개월 전

    Mifa i8

  17. Corey Pattison

    Corey Pattison개월 전

    I love how arrogantly board we've grown to be with sheer miracles of technology. This is why poor countries hate us. We know not what we have. Got clean water, electricity and air conditioning? Much less a phone you could run a satellite or small business with? Yeah we're a bunch of ingrates. This was a great idea for someone. Shame there's ten million of those going into the ocean for all the fish to not enjoy. We're the worst thing to happen to life since the crusades and plagues.



    Like literally start adding your track list in the info😂👏🏽



    What was that song you played in the video 3 mins in?

  20. wiplash7

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  21. Mr. Snacs

    Mr. Snacs개월 전

    where can I hear some of the tracks you use?

  22. The Fattest Hagrid

    The Fattest Hagrid개월 전

    The music you guys use in your videos is the absolute worst cancer.

  23. Big Red

    Big Red개월 전

    I wouldn't pay $80 for one of those. No way.

  24. Nike Air Max

    Nike Air Max개월 전

    Big Red with the phone case it’s even $20 more. (a total of $100)


    GUY BAKER2 개월 전


  26. Brandon Lambert

    Brandon Lambert2 개월 전

    What was the first song he played at 2:35 and at 5:15

  27. Hamza Khan

    Hamza Khan3 개월 전

    Dude! You forgot to stick the two of them together xD

  28. Nick Feezel

    Nick Feezel3 개월 전

    Guys shorts only. Sorry gals. Y’all need some bigger pockets

  29. iloveyour sacredcow

    iloveyour sacredcow3 개월 전

    Insert meme here

  30. A Prado

    A Prado3 개월 전

    Yeah, put your cards right next to those magnet, what could go wrong?

  31. POW Audio

    POW Audio3 개월 전

    Thanks for checking out the video! After extensive testing and feedback from our customer community, we have not experienced issues with credit cards, due to the positions and balanced strength of the magnets.

  32. Anatolie

    Anatolie3 개월 전

    For the sticky piece, would it also double as a mount? magnet it to the case, stick it to the wall?...

  33. Leo Munoz

    Leo Munoz3 개월 전

    Hey guys this company have this product call una x maybe you can review it.

  34. POW Audio

    POW Audio3 개월 전

    Thanks, Leo! 🙏🚀

  35. Leo Munoz

    Leo Munoz3 개월 전

    Got a ? Witch speaker sounds better the bumpout or the powmo

  36. Edwin is Awesome

    Edwin is Awesome3 개월 전

    Review the Sabbat e12 Please!

  37. qazi faisal

    qazi faisal4 개월 전

    A moto z series jbl boost 2 clone that what this is trying to mimic for sure and i love my jbl sound boost 2.

  38. alex bozga

    alex bozga4 개월 전

    5:36 song name ?

  39. Redbox

    Redbox4 개월 전

    Where can I get those pants Lou is wearing

  40. E Dogg36

    E Dogg364 개월 전

    I don't care what it sounds like that has to be the stupidest dumbest most retarded fucking idea I have ever heard seriously who founded this bullshit you might as well just carry a Bluetooth speaker and leave the phone in your pocket

  41. Jessie james

    Jessie james4 개월 전

    maybe $24.99

  42. DEADLEGEND 2004

    DEADLEGEND 20044 개월 전

    They are iphone Biased

  43. PR0553R_14

    PR0553R_144 개월 전

    Would consider it if it were bout 30. But 80!!! No😂

  44. Manisha Tiwari

    Manisha Tiwari4 개월 전

    Samsung galaxy m30s please

  45. beto serrano

    beto serrano4 개월 전

    What's the name of your sound cloud

  46. Team Shmo

    Team Shmo4 개월 전

    I kinda like it. A lot of times I just need to go somewhere quick and being able to slap the wallet to the back of my phone with a couple cards and cash in it is a nice idea. The speaker you wouldn't carry all the time, but again, it is great to just toss into your pocket when going to the park or something. The problem is the speaker isn't small enough to be truly portable. Yes, I can bring this with me and it is smaller than most speakers that sound good, but if I am going somewhere and putting it into a bag I can just bring the better one. It also isn't small enough to fit onto the phone and easily take it around. Tough one, but pretty cool.

  47. Gary Evans

    Gary Evans5 개월 전

    I'm definitely impressed with this.

  48. POW Audio

    POW Audio3 개월 전

    Thanks, King Klout!

  49. MONSTERaider

    MONSTERaider5 개월 전

    That Indian headshake though 7:45

  50. Ro Ro Ro

    Ro Ro Ro5 개월 전

    those speakers are really cool

  51. POW Audio

    POW Audio3 개월 전

    Much appreciated, Ro Ro!

  52. Jack Sprat

    Jack Sprat5 개월 전

    You gotta put music links. I'm hooked on Theevs music from your phone screen showing Kingdom Come when you played it.

  53. 228anonymous

    228anonymous5 개월 전

    The pow logo seems a tad bit... phallic...

  54. macforme

    macforme5 개월 전

    They need to put that "vent hole" on the narrow end instead of where you grab it to open it. Thanks for the review.

  55. Archiez

    Archiez5 개월 전

    80$ for the speaker sounds much but they sync up soooooo I'd like it if there was a deal for 2 for 100 I mean I'd buy it

  56. collins peter

    collins peter5 개월 전

    The sound is amazing if you ask me

  57. POW Audio

    POW Audio3 개월 전

    Thank you!

  58. Bryan Mobley

    Bryan Mobley5 개월 전

    🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅😅 Willie do..... Ya Boy wrong for laughing. Bout the big white ship and the seagul😅🤣🤣🤣😆🤣

  59. Vivaan Bhandari

    Vivaan Bhandari6 개월 전

    Are we already forgetting about Moto mods?

  60. MyCatInABox

    MyCatInABox6 개월 전

    THIS looks like something I wanna try.

  61. Pinball Wizard

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  62. Jacob Costa

    Jacob Costa6 개월 전

    What was the song at 4:55

  63. Patrick B.

    Patrick B.6 개월 전


  64. Bill Zhang

    Bill Zhang6 개월 전

    Anyone knows the songs he plays?

  65. Anthony Huerta

    Anthony Huerta6 개월 전

    This is how willy dew likes to party lmfao 😂

  66. d ob

    d ob6 개월 전

    80$? A Bose mini sound link or even the beats would be bettet

  67. killer 222

    killer 2226 개월 전

    I don't want a mac GODDAMIT😡😡😡😡

  68. Brian Warnement

    Brian Warnement7 개월 전

    Can we get a new “Does it suck” video!??

  69. Leo Munoz

    Leo Munoz7 개월 전

    You should review the jabra 710 wireless bluetooth speaker

  70. Mason Ford

    Mason Ford7 개월 전

    FINALLY! Somebody who actually cares about usb c rather than crappy micro usb!

  71. POW Audio

    POW Audio3 개월 전

    We got you covered. 😎

  72. Boney M

    Boney M7 개월 전

    Uhh no...