A Tour Of My Plants


  1. Noodle Katz

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    Plants Plants Plants Plants

  2. Michelle Wong

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    Paesch feeling herself at that final frame tho 28:49

  3. Jesse Aronsson

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    My Hoya grew to 5 meters long (it was draped around my kitchen window) and it bloomed twice. I had to cut it when I moved but it is still alive and doing well (it is now almost 7 years old).

  4. Kat Frizzle

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    Please have your dogs make their own brackets for March madness

  5. Blue Alpha

    Blue Alpha2 시간 전

    Love long videos like this one.

  6. Shianne Brown

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    2017 jenna: I cant have plants! They'll all die! 2019 jenna: *has an actual garden in her house*

  7. Carolyn Wheeler

    Carolyn Wheeler2 시간 전

    And what did I do when I was done watching this video, was look into buying more plants for my house.

  8. Kat Hutchins

    Kat Hutchins2 시간 전

    Are you wearing the shirt Julien picked out for you from the “boyfriend buys my outfit video”? I vaguely remember it because he said you don’t wear pastels lol

  9. inguracka

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    Jena. Stop. I need all those plants in the nursery for myself! :D

  10. CobraTheGreat

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    I want to be held like Kermit

  11. Kim K

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    Mmmm your slowly becoming poison ivy that's what I thought of when I seen this video.💖💞🌱🌿🌳🌲

  12. Kerri Hutcheson

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    I could watch this all day tbh. Maybe I'm a 32 year old lady on the inside.

  13. Andrew Morris

    Andrew Morris2 시간 전

    Oh my gosh JENNA I love this!!! You should convince Julien to let you get a little greenhouse for more plant children~ 😎

  14. automaticallyari

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    This is my aesthetic and I love it. Unfortunately we have cats so have to be extra careful about what plants we have, both because they could be toxic and so the cats don't kill them...

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  16. pennythompson370

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    theres no words to describe how much i love jenna. this video radiates such pure positive energy i love it thank u jenna

  17. marla martinez

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    Her was on the dogs butt hole

  18. Moon Bell4

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    that dog is so ugly and it's funny because it looks like Jenna....lol just my opinion

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    I LOVE this! 🌿💚🌴

  20. Leah Baxley

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    Is that the shirt Julian got ya when he picked out ure outfits lol! Aww y'all super cute 😍😍

  21. Marianne Bahna

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    tag urself i'm kermit

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  23. Luna Llena

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    Plant lady for life love you Jenna ❤️

  24. Charvey15

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    I went out and bought so many plants after watching this the other day.

  25. Alesja Gorelova

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    YAAAAASSSS!!!! Thank you, queen!

  26. Roxy H

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    wow. the best video on youtube.

  27. Freya Smythe

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    Are Jenna and Julien engaged?? Look at the thumbnail and tell me that it doesn't look like an engagement announcement video

  28. Seng Vang

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    thank you so much for the plant tour~! You gained a new subscriber just for this video!

  29. Tiffany Lynn

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    Jenna ! Name your big palm JTB . (Just the best ) 😂

  30. Courtney Pack

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    what is the straw moisture thingy??? need one asap

  31. bria sherman

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    Is that an engagement ring! Edit : yeah I'm hella dumb... totally not an engagement ring... where's that other rock , the one I need to crawl back under .

  32. Sammie Lyle

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    okay as a horticulture major this is the Content I Want To See

  33. leezee86

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    i cant concentrate on the plants when youre holding the baby look at that face 2:42

  34. Saylom Flower

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    Why did this make me so happy love you Jenna

  35. Rylee Ruddick

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    The whole time Cermet was just in her arms and I was thinking, “will he ever grow”

  36. Lena Danya

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    I’m so happy to see you have descended into the plant black hole 😂 welcome to the green side 💚

  37. Constance Tryon

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    I kinda just want Jenna to speak that love and life over everything... including my plants😍

  38. Stephanie Imboden

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    Ahhhh i didnt know you loved plants too 😮😍

  39. Meghan Gandy

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    I wish my home looked like yours I need all the plants 🌱

  40. Marina Draves

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    jenna, my dude, you gotta make a plant series

  41. Marée Methorst

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    loved this!!!

  42. Non Irish Potato

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    Jenna’s wearing one of the shirts Julien got her in the boyfriend buys me outfits video, so cute!!!

  43. Marley Brown

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    I learned so much ty!!!

  44. Goat man is an idiot

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    My goal in life is to be like Jenna

  45. Briana Armstrong

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    Kermit looks so content with life when Jenna is holding him

  46. Sharkadoodledoo

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  47. daisy head maisy

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    youre wearing the shirt julian got you!

  48. Alyssa Garon

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    please tell me "burro" is a Ridiculous 6 reference

  49. SimplisticOne

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    Kermit being held is a whole mood 💕

  50. Deanna Troy Travels

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    Where did she get her shirt? Does anyone know? SO CUTE! 😍

  51. PiggyInPink

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    I clicked on this video by accident but ended up watching the whole thing.

  52. saraxnicole

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    she’s wearing the shirt that julien got her in the video where he buys her clothes 😂

  53. Scotlynn Straight

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    Jenna I love this so much!!

  54. Jasper Hagaman

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    Is no one going to talk about how orange Jenna is?

  55. Laurie Myers

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    Oh shit...your eye makeup!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smudged blue liner! Yeah, The only plant I can keep alive is a Boston fern because you only need to water it when you think about it. You are going to be a fabulous plant mommy! I just noticed your teeny tiny penis shaped microphone… LOL

  56. markus eisenhimmel

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    once upon a time.. I got an wonderful fluffy Cactus, he had; white, long Hair long Arms (or however you call those... Plantboobs) and was slightly pucke-green. HE WAS BEAUTiFUL!!! aaand he died because i gave him too(ooo) much Water. Plants are selfish bastards, first they take your Water and then they take your Heart

  57. Harley Shay

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  58. Daeji Bear

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    Jenna!! If you like the type of leaves that Hoya have you have to look up “silver dollar vine” or “Xerosicyos danguyi” they are my new fav and they’re pretty rare and hard to find, I found mine by complete accident and it is my fav plant!!! Its a vining plant with round waxy succulent leaves like little coins. It’s SO beautiful!

  59. M A

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    I'm going to be quite honest, idek if you'll read this or not. I've been watching your content for YEARS and I've always known the wild and wacky content that you upload weekly and I appreciate all the content that you've created. There are endless moments where your content has made me laugh my butt off. Of late though, I just feel like some of your content have gone beyond the average absurd content I'm used to getting from you. Never in the past have I asked myself "why the hell am I wasting my time watching this?" before. It was funny watching you mess with your hair or play around with Julien on apps or anything along those lines. But for me to sit around and watch a near 30 minute video of your house plants might be my end LOL. No disrespect to you at all though Jenna, it might just be me growing up too. Your channel is doing fine still anyways. Have a great day Jenna!

  60. Marlene Medina

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    This was so relaxing to watch 😭. It's so awesome to see you excited about plants and I hope to one day nurture some houseplants too🤗

  61. Sim Hummel

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    i love this video

  62. Lobster Without a life

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    I love these types of videos you should do plant update videos

  63. Katie Smith

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    Palm tree's name should be Derek

  64. Jessica Norman

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    "Have you heard of a Propagation Station?" "..I don't listen to hip hop"

  65. ReyBeltane

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    Jenna: They don't need this, but I like doing this an awful lot (spritzes water) *me, trying to give advice to all my friends*

  66. Sissy K

    Sissy K4 시간 전

    Honestly this is one of my favorite videos by Jenna ever. Seeing the appreciation and love that she holds for these plants warmed my heart, I'm so happy to see someone that treats plants like their lives matter

  67. provyprov

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    jenna has more plants than I have dollars

  68. Nicole Kotrola

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    "Who doesn't want a tree in their house? I WANT A TREE IN MY HOUSE" ****video coming soon***

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  70. 998mazda

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    is she wearing the shirt from their thrift shop challenge? lol

  71. Madeline Aberdein

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    this video is so dangerous because now i want house plants

  72. Samantha Jones

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    Soooooo literally no one is going to comment on the fact that Jenna is showing off a wedding ring in the tumbnail??.......

  73. Ana Hair

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    cement is OUT

  74. Protocall13o2

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    Ever thought about a dog door from your bedroom? It might keep the humidity in? LOL

  75. Amy Kemp

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    This is an extremely entertaining video.


    LEAH MCKEE4 시간 전

    I want plants now 😂🌱

  77. K D

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    HGTV who? Jenna and Julie Anne foe lyyffe

  78. Jayde

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    I love your passion for your plants, keep it up!

  79. Cassandra Mae

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    This video made me so happy! Thank you Jenna for sharing your beautiful plants with us! And great editing Julien!

  80. Protocall13o2

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    I’m 30 right now and I just started collecting plants. I wonder if that’s a thing? I absolutely love all your plants! My boyfriend and I will be hoping to move out of our small place to a nicer place for a better kitchen and space for plants I plan on. Without telling my boyfriend the plant part😅😅😅

  81. cole gamer

    cole gamer4 시간 전

    Sure glad I'm 32 now I can watch it 😁

  82. Tabitha Park

    Tabitha Park4 시간 전

    They sell LED grow bulbs at IKEA that supposedly have higher levels of red and blue and it helps plants grow indoors if you want plants in locations that don't receive enough sunlight!

  83. Amy Kemp

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    I think I've found a new passion i never even considered

  84. Sarah Wesson

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    I can’t be the only one who got REAL excited to see her wearing the shirt Julien bought her

  85. scatmaan

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    i got into plants a little bit ago so i only have two.. one is my begonia which i'm trying to revive currently cause she was a grocery store plant, and my other is a little succulent my friend got me. both plants i didn't get on my own so i've been forced to learn quickly lmao. but i enjoy them.. re-potting them and caring for their roots was very cathartic

  86. Jenessa Santos

    Jenessa Santos5 시간 전

    How does she memorize their names, what type of plant they are and EVERYTHING about them?! I’m very, very impressed and now I want to read about plants

  87. Aneko Marie

    Aneko Marie5 시간 전

    Jenna: like who doesn't want a tree in their house? I WANT A TREE IN MY HOUSE Me:YOUVE GOT A TREE IN YOUR HOUSE Ps. Love you Jenna

  88. Ur local FATHER

    Ur local FATHER5 시간 전

    This video made me want to have plants 😂

  89. Dave Ebbers

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    32 year old ladiiieee in the house... love plants. I have a lot of them. Xoxo ilse

  90. Haley Bennett

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    the video i never thought i needed

  91. Briffany & Co.

    Briffany & Co.5 시간 전

    Jenna: Can a lady just not have some plants? Me: Some? You mean all?

  92. Emily S

    Emily S5 시간 전

    since this video came out i've bought 8 plants...

  93. i don't know

    i don't know5 시간 전

    Her dog look so funny lmao

  94. Aristokitty

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    I'd like to have plants but my cats have this thing where they knock everything over that isn't nailed down.

  95. Tia Bradley

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    This video was beautiful and full of warm fuzzy feelings 😭🌿💕 I have a newfound appreciation for plants

  96. Kendyl Carney

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    This episode of Jennas Jungle makes me feel like I need a plant in my life.

  97. Kym Just Preein

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    Never Watched A Video Like This Before But Really Enjoyed It❤️

  98. Malin is not amused

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    Wow jenna's eyebrows look v good

  99. Molly R.

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    Clicked on this video thinking it was a joke... Now super interested in obtaining some house plants 😂

  100. Savannah Lukas

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    This has inspired my to go out and buy many more plants I don’t have room for