A PG-13 Deadpool 2 Re-Release Is VERY Smart, Here's Why


  1. SDanceout channel

    SDanceout channel18 일 전

    Can someone pls tell me, what pg 13 is?

  2. Red Paris

    Red Paris21 일 전

    I wonder if this is actually Disney experimenting under Fox's name to see if a PG13 Deadpool can work. Seeing how Disney is buying Fox

  3. Meme Boi

    Meme Boi21 일 전

    Deadpool was supposed to be vulgar is just but vulgar doesn’t always mean swearing and gore.

  4. That One Dude

    That One Dude22 일 전

    It’s okay in my opinion. Have a version for one group of audiences to enjoy the R rated version and have another group enjoy the pg13 version. I prefer the rated r but it’s cool to have it to where kids can watch the movies too.

  5. content scum

    content scum22 일 전

    Does it make you *feel* like Deadpool?

  6. Augged Wraith

    Augged Wraith22 일 전

    It's scary how much people are in support of this. If this is successful get ready for Disney to censor Deadpool into oblivion.

  7. bait668

    bait66823 일 전

    To the studio: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  8. TroyTroodon

    TroyTroodon24 일 전

    Hey if Wolverine and Harley Quinn can be rated R, and if John Constantine can be in a kids cartoon, I can't see why Deadpool can be PG-13.

  9. erikfallout

    erikfallout29 일 전

    It's PG-13 as a test for the Marvel/Fox merger. Disney already announced that the Deadpool solo movies will stay rated R but they want to see if the character can still work clean so they can fit him in other movies with a PG-13 rating like Avengers or X-Men movies.

  10. Miniongamer 202

    Miniongamer 202개월 전

    This is smart because Disney is buying X-men but wasn't aloud to by deadpool so maybe this will make room for deadpool

  11. Lazy Films Inc.

    Lazy Films Inc.2 개월 전


  12. Gameplays Skits

    Gameplays Skits2 개월 전

    If They Do This Then They Have To Make A Cut Of The First One Because Than Kids Won’t Know His Origins.

  13. T Bone

    T Bone2 개월 전

    The Princess Bride!

  14. qwerty 1

    qwerty 12 개월 전

    I would see it even though if its the exact same thing with censored bleeps and blood

  15. Retrothy

    Retrothy2 개월 전

    Movie’s gonna last like 3 minutes.

  16. Dapple Dog

    Dapple Dog2 개월 전


  17. joel olsson

    joel olsson2 개월 전

    I hope this is big joke deadpool PG 13 NO NO

  18. Ryder Tha Trillest

    Ryder Tha Trillest2 개월 전

    they should just release a PG13 DVD and Blu Ray version instead of putting it in theatres again

  19. Turbofeet

    Turbofeet2 개월 전

    They’ve basically released this movie like 3 different times. The OG, Superduper, and now PG13. STOP FORCING THIS MOVIE LOL

  20. Ryanator

    Ryanator2 개월 전

    Now it will be a true family film.

  21. R.E.A.L Studios

    R.E.A.L Studios2 개월 전

    People are happy with this pg-13 deadpool 2, but lose their minds when Venom is pg-13 to the point where they hate it

  22. The boy Wonder

    The boy Wonder2 개월 전

    Stop complaining everyone

  23. mike muniz

    mike muniz2 개월 전

    Thanks Disney for deadpool 2 for a pg 13

  24. White Knight Pictures

    White Knight Pictures2 개월 전

    Movie already felt watered down as it is.

  25. Coolchou Zhao

    Coolchou Zhao2 개월 전

    They wanted more dough

  26. Gnarwhal

    Gnarwhal2 개월 전

    Obi Wan: I got a bad feeling about this...

  27. Dylan howard

    Dylan howard2 개월 전

    It's weird but it's deadpool they're probably just doing it for money but i know it's cause of that and it's suppose to be made as a joke

  28. Master Jedi

    Master Jedi2 개월 전

    As long as there is R rated version that I can enjoy by myself, I’m fine with a PG-13 version to watch with the fam.

  29. senpai

    senpai2 개월 전

    I already saw a pg13 deadpool 2

  30. Karthik B

    Karthik B2 개월 전

    That is fuckin’ nuts.. no one wants a deadpool pg-13!!!

  31. KingCodester111

    KingCodester1112 개월 전

    It would be a crappy movie if it didn't have the humour and violence it has in the MA+15 imo. A re-release is also unnecessary. Plus he's better off alone then being in the MCU

  32. Reece Weaver

    Reece Weaver2 개월 전

    There is no reason, at all. For deadpool to be pg-13. They're going to ruin it. Especially when they think its okay to do this with later series Installations.

  33. META 19991

    META 199912 개월 전

    If deadpool 3 is going to be pg-13 I will nuke the fox and the directors

  34. kevin demeritt

    kevin demeritt2 개월 전

    Princess bride not princess diaries

  35. Dominic Casanova

    Dominic Casanova2 개월 전

    They're doing this to get money and to get Deadpool in the MCU

  36. Lauren Glenn

    Lauren Glenn2 개월 전

    And yet they spent way too much time about him and Vanessa in the second film and it was boring too.....

  37. zSNAX lastTAP

    zSNAX lastTAP2 개월 전

    Where I live they made Deadpool 1 and 2 PG13 or 14A (Canada)

  38. KingClaytonz

    KingClaytonz2 개월 전

    I think it's a Christmas special

  39. raze dragon

    raze dragon2 개월 전

    Princess Diaries? I should be doing your job that's just ridiculous. Now I know they're going to shuffle in some stuff from The Cutting Room floor to give you a different experience and I look at this from a point that we're going to have three different versions of Deadpool, to which I think it's kind of interesting but still feels a little bit like a cash grab. But if this means that Deadpool 3 is PG-13 I'm not interested.

  40. Matthew Sanchez

    Matthew Sanchez2 개월 전

    So now they are gonna release another physical release? Does feel like a cash grab.

  41. Dralen November

    Dralen November2 개월 전

    It’s okay. I don’t mind it. Kids love Deadpool. Fox/Disney (whoever) owes it to the kids

  42. Carter Owen

    Carter Owen2 개월 전

    See I HAVE to see it on PG-13. My parents won't let me see it, and if it's rated PG-13 they'll let me. They let me read the comics though...I don't understand. (I had Deadpool is alot more mature in the comics now though)

  43. Isaac Slaney

    Isaac Slaney2 개월 전

    All these triggered comments are hilarious! 😂

  44. DrakeRedwingOfficial

    DrakeRedwingOfficial2 개월 전

    The only people who are actually complaining about The Deadpool Before Christmas being PG-13 are the writers of the R-rated cuts XD

  45. ZcD

    ZcD2 개월 전

    Really hopes it doesn’t do well because dead pool is a 15 rated character and that’s what it should stay as

  46. that one kid

    that one kid2 개월 전


  47. [Austin Cole]

    [Austin Cole]2 개월 전

    Is it smart cause you can "feel" like Deadpool

  48. Pokétube Studios

    Pokétube Studios2 개월 전

    What about a pg 13 deadpool 1?

  49. Chris Flynn

    Chris Flynn2 개월 전

    It's showing audiences that Deadpool in Disney's Marvel wagon can work as PG-13. That's all. It was fun while it lasted.

  50. Jules Dedoro

    Jules Dedoro2 개월 전

    Yes Disney making script for Thunderbolts Deadpool joins ghost Rider red hulk and agent venom then X-Men and F4 games Back to Clermont to assign Dead Game MVCI and Lego Marvel 2 to fixed this Christmas.

  51. Pro 92

    Pro 922 개월 전

    The future is PG 13

  52. I need To

    I need To2 개월 전

    You are literally stripping this film of its identity by doing so, do not make it PG-13

  53. Benjamin Burkhardt

    Benjamin Burkhardt2 개월 전

    Deadpool/Spider-Man crossover?

  54. Benjamin Burkhardt

    Benjamin Burkhardt2 개월 전

    Taking money away from Aquaman and DC.

  55. Ice cream Rocks productions

    Ice cream Rocks productions2 개월 전

    They better not be changing all the Deadpool movies to pg-13

  56. vultorus

    vultorus2 개월 전

    I’m not watching Deadpool that’s PG-13

  57. Blagert B

    Blagert B2 개월 전

    I love how people are on board with PG-13 deadpool, PG-13 venom ................NO GO!!!!

  58. MR NUKEMAN 2025

    MR NUKEMAN 20252 개월 전

    Blagert B it’s because both Deadpool’s were rated R and are just re-releasing a PG-13 cut and venom was just PG-13 maybe they’ll make a Rated-R version idk

  59. J Bush

    J Bush2 개월 전


  60. Matthew Lupinacci

    Matthew Lupinacci2 개월 전

    I can see them doing this as a way to test how people react to a pg-13 Deadpool. They can see if people like it and if they can put Deadpool in the mcu. If people hate it and see that Deadpool has to be rated R then they will keep him in his own movies.

  61. Dr Soap

    Dr Soap2 개월 전

    Fox: *gotta get the moneys from china*

  62. Everything Now

    Everything Now2 개월 전

    Im seeing it for christmas

  63. Trainer Z

    Trainer Z2 개월 전

    "Bring the whole family so they can see it" The whole family already brings there kid's to see deadpool lol. Making it pg-13 will just ruin it

  64. tenaciousjoe24

    tenaciousjoe242 개월 전

    Might as well just sew his mouth shut

  65. Lucas M

    Lucas M2 개월 전

    Did he just confuse “The Princess Bride” with “The Princess Diaries”???? Dude

  66. Heart Puppet

    Heart Puppet2 개월 전


  67. Magi *

    Magi *2 개월 전

    I'd be more inclined to agree... If they released a PG-13 version of the first Deadpool. Even if they re-edit the film and try to make it standalone, there are still gonna be some things that are confusing for new people, especially kids who go see it now that it's PG-13.

  68. Isaac B

    Isaac B2 개월 전

    DIRTY CASH GRAB BY FOX. I don't see a company that is going under, really caring much if any about how the "on sale" characters succeed in the new company's all-audience film universe though. What would that motivation be?🤔

  69. Rainbow Sparkle

    Rainbow Sparkle2 개월 전

    We need Max Goldfart

  70. William Holtzclaw

    William Holtzclaw2 개월 전

    This is probably just a test to see if he'll work in pg-13, or rather, to see how people will react to it

  71. DVY Nice Guy

    DVY Nice Guy2 개월 전


  72. Cam Redding

    Cam Redding2 개월 전

    Do they plan their outfits

  73. Username- unknown

    Username- unknown2 개월 전

    I know I'm gonna go see it. I'm really curious as to how they are gonna do this considering the fact that every line is hard R rated. And I'm actually kind of excited for it

  74. michael single

    michael single2 개월 전

    Deadpool 2 was rated pg13 in Canada so how much more are they going to cut?

  75. Thomas Burton

    Thomas Burton2 개월 전

    The princess bride joke makes no sense to include. Almost everyone who likes that film or would understand the reference is old enough to see the R rated version anyway

  76. FoxTrotInAhole

    FoxTrotInAhole2 개월 전

    Deadpool could be rated G and i might still go watch it just because I'd be curious what it looks like. Its Deadpool, he doesn't have to be hard R to be funny.

  77. Dennis Cleary

    Dennis Cleary2 개월 전

    Fred Savage is in it!? I’m in 😁👍

  78. Bigbad Crawford

    Bigbad Crawford2 개월 전

    Keep Deadpool R rated. Don't incentivise Disney to make future Deadpool pg13. Also it is just a play to take attention from Aquaman. Disney want to dominate everything.

  79. Abobster

    Abobster2 개월 전

    Just as long as d3 is r rated!

  80. Claudia Zacarias

    Claudia Zacarias2 개월 전

    Rated R is the best so leave it alone.

  81. raruto 23

    raruto 232 개월 전

    Now I feel better

  82. King Khal ,Truth Seeker And a Philosophy.

    King Khal ,Truth Seeker And a Philosophy.17 일 전

    *Then you’re not honoured to have a profile pic of deadpool, nor you’re not welcome to be in he’s fanbase*

  83. SilentMagician7

    SilentMagician72 개월 전

    And everyone laughed at Grace Randolph for this

  84. GermanSuicideGamers

    GermanSuicideGamers2 개월 전

    Where is that smart 🤔 that makes no sense

  85. Ranuyasha

    Ranuyasha2 개월 전

    It is gonna make more money.

  86. FaelanaStories

    FaelanaStories2 개월 전

    I hope this is more like, a case where if and when there is a third deadpool, you have a choice to go see the pg13 version with your kids or younger viewers that can't get into the rated R version, seeing as if deadpool does join in with the MCU everyone can experience his alone movies, such as iron-man and captain America stand alones. However, I hope that in theatres you can either pick to see the R version or pg13. So maybe that's a possibility for If and when there will be more deadpool movies?

  87. FaelanaStories

    FaelanaStories2 개월 전

    Same, plus more money for them, lmao

  88. FoxTrotInAhole

    FoxTrotInAhole2 개월 전

    That could be interesting if they just made two versions of the next movie an R rated, and a PG-13 rated. Id go watch them both 😂

  89. Twotailedpikachu

    Twotailedpikachu2 개월 전

    I think a pg13 Deadpool COULD BE (key word Could) be funnier than the R version because the writers would have to be more creative to make jokes

  90. Jonah Kerr

    Jonah Kerr2 개월 전

    I think it's a test to see if they can put Deadpool in the MCU.

  91. LordOfCorgis

    LordOfCorgis2 개월 전



    ALMIGHTY JaEE2 개월 전

    Also every body mad but when lion king did this no body say anything its gonna be called DEADPOOL 2.5


    ALMIGHTY JaEE2 개월 전

    So let me get the straight they juat putting out the same movie just taking the blood out ???? ........ Its dragonball super allover agian lol😂😂😂😂

  94. Jackie Santos

    Jackie Santos2 개월 전

    I serious a PG-13 Deadpool 2 doesn't sound like Deadpool to me was going to be a some kind of holding me I'm not going to watch it

  95. Mister Mystic

    Mister Mystic2 개월 전

    The real reason I think it's smart, is now I can take my mother to it.

  96. Joe Snaffer

    Joe Snaffer2 개월 전

    I’m actually really interested in this 😆 And who knows? If they keep it PG-13, they might include that X-Force scene that they never released, instead of showing the gory deaths of most of the members. (If the movie actually is a parody of The Princess Bride, Wade could do something where tells the X-Force segment as if they all made it, and then show that footage. Then he can say that he was kidding, and that most of them died, and just move on).

  97. Jdawg Rocks

    Jdawg Rocks2 개월 전

    This makes no sense it was better rated r and funnier

  98. Connor McCartney

    Connor McCartney2 개월 전

    Not out yet bro

  99. Tangible Mammal

    Tangible Mammal2 개월 전

    You haven't seen it yet so how would you know?

  100. President Yee

    President Yee2 개월 전

    Why are people complaining you already got your R rated version if the film its not like the PG-13 version is replacing that lmao.

  101. Usul573

    Usul5732 개월 전

    I know for Deadpool 1 there were arguments with the studio about it being PG-13 or R and after it was a massive hit they were like do whatever you want.

  102. TheVidzWatcher

    TheVidzWatcher2 개월 전

    Venom is PG-13, look how well that's going.

  103. iloveunicornsbutimaboy so what

    iloveunicornsbutimaboy so what13 일 전

    Well venom was kinda violent for a pg13.

  104. wrestling channel 2005

    wrestling channel 20052 개월 전

    Yeah actually making money so it's obviously a flop

  105. cameron mathis

    cameron mathis2 개월 전

    +B-Radical Gaming i think its just critics being too negative and actually normal viewers enjoying it really.

  106. federico cogliandro

    federico cogliandro2 개월 전

    I think this pg13 version is a test for make Deadpool cameos in Avengers movies and Disney would release two version of the future deadpool's/x-force's movies at the same time, so we would see both version P.S. Sorry for my english

  107. Dark Enkil

    Dark Enkil2 개월 전

    You're wrong, IGN. But you're used to that, aren't you?

  108. Vital Productions

    Vital Productions2 개월 전

    Will it be released worldwide?

  109. Cinematic Theatre

    Cinematic Theatre2 개월 전

    Or maybe YOU just don’t care for R uneccesary f words and gore.

  110. Cinematic Theatre

    Cinematic Theatre2 개월 전

    Do that with the first one please.

  111. PotBoyz

    PotBoyz2 개월 전

    All of you bitching must haven’t seen the Deadpool cartoons ???

  112. PotBoyz

    PotBoyz2 개월 전

    Tangible Mammal in ultimate Spider-Man