1. Joanallys Rodriguez

    Joanallys Rodriguez4 시간 전

    Those sharks would run away from me

  2. Maddison Million

    Maddison Million5 시간 전

    Does she have live another job other than being a youtuber

  3. Tracy Agyemang

    Tracy Agyemang5 시간 전

    I really like ur personality and admire how free spirited u are.....I wish I was ur friend though am scared of Alfredo.....lol

  4. Kenya Johnson

    Kenya Johnson7 시간 전

    How come you hardly take outfado on your trips

  5. sunny -

    sunny -9 시간 전

    She also says “My dudes” just like Joana Ceddia usually says

  6. T Br

    T Br12 시간 전

    Please when you get your youtube check please get a safer place to stay im scared for you honestly

  7. Jackie Kuleeetz

    Jackie Kuleeetz13 시간 전

    Your amazing woman , I like you Janelle..

  8. brown town

    brown town17 시간 전

    Love ur videos, ur very brave, and beautiful, live life the way you want, #vanlife

  9. Miyah Sbeiti

    Miyah Sbeiti19 시간 전

    No one: oh look a shark bye 👋 Eliana: so someone just told me that they saw a shark so imma jump in

  10. Nevie Forrestie

    Nevie Forrestie20 시간 전

    What breed is alfredo? And does he bite? Bc I’m thinking of getting a snake and he seems amazing

  11. Mariah Henddd

    Mariah Henddd20 시간 전

    Yo the scissors are a human trafficking sign they put an object on your car telling the other ppl u r alone so while your taking it off they will get u pls be safe 😭

  12. XxGabbyChans AngelsxX

    XxGabbyChans AngelsxX21 시간 전

    This video should have been called “SEA LIONS GANG OPEN ON ME😰😭😂

  13. Krystal and Stella

    Krystal and Stella23 시간 전

    Did you see the hydro flask logo on her cup? Also that’s a REALLY cute cup!! Where did you get it???

  14. syed raza!

    syed raza!23 시간 전

    How do u make money lol I'm asking bc how do u pay gas and stuff

  15. syed raza!

    syed raza!23 시간 전

    How do u make money lol?

  16. im werid

    im werid일 전

    how do i edit your videos in such a small space

  17. Brittanys channal

    Brittanys channal일 전

    People say to not say where you are but she moves somewhere everyday but be careful!!👌🏻

  18. iiSiara

    iiSiara일 전

    My mom: “if you keep getting grades like that your gonna end up living in a van” Me:

  19. Lillian Woods

    Lillian Woods일 전

    so you basically eat always in restaurants

  20. Marie-An'nick Morris

    Marie-An'nick Morris일 전

    😐 Issa no from me .

  21. meghan washburn

    meghan washburn일 전

    You are so awesome and make more videos please 👚

  22. Mitchweavy Horror flims

    Mitchweavy Horror flims일 전

    Bro this is as much vsco as possible

  23. Real.anameria

    Real.anameria일 전

    I love her vibe ✨

  24. Katie Pirri

    Katie Pirri일 전

    I’m so jealous of your lifestyle, I would love to be able to go to all different places and see the world like you can. Maybe someday. Be safe beautiful girly. 💗

  25. Charles Fenderson

    Charles Fenderson일 전

    San Diego is safe and she is brilliantly branding herself. I am sure she is not posting while she is still in the same city and has a team traveling with her. But yeah, she is a genius and that is why you are watching. Plus, look at her. Little Goddess!

  26. Marcos Trailers

    Marcos Trailers일 전

    She has a hydro flasksksksksksksk lol

  27. vin ritarita

    vin ritarita일 전

    i super love your piercings and you're so pretty. ur literally living my dream. i love that ur all about selfcare and selflove and all

  28. Asraa Al-memmar

    Asraa Al-memmar일 전

    Lmao where do u go to the toilet in the middle of the 🌃 night

  29. Brayden Matthews Brayden

    Brayden Matthews Brayden일 전

    Omg I love u

  30. Peter

    Peter일 전

    What I'm I doing with my life? 40 year old watching teens

  31. Toca Boca

    Toca Boca일 전

    Are you a veco girl

  32. WeLoveCops

    WeLoveCops일 전

    i use the same toothpaste!!

  33. Han Taro

    Han Taro일 전

    why you so pretty...😍😍😍

  34. elchamber

    elchamber일 전

    I don’t believe it. You’re beautiful. They’re all stuck in a traffic jam.

  35. Maria Potter

    Maria Potter일 전

    You are a beautiful young lady and so personable. Your life seems like so much fun. Please be careful in everything you do and always be aware of your surroundings. Stay safe and may GOD always watch over you and protect you. 💜

  36. Kat Johnson

    Kat Johnson일 전

    She needs to go to santa cruz

  37. Jose Luis Mejia

    Jose Luis Mejia일 전

    What’s your job

  38. 500thou

    500thou2 일 전


  39. plusicastea AJ

    plusicastea AJ2 일 전

    why dont you want a hOuSe??

  40. DavyJones65

    DavyJones652 일 전

    i wnna smash

  41. Leslie Unlimited

    Leslie Unlimited2 일 전

    I hope you are getting paid for your channel because you deserve it and wouldn’t have to work so much. Just vlogg and get paid!

  42. Swasti Maharaj

    Swasti Maharaj2 일 전

    I subscribed and turned on post notifications, you are funny, humorous and true to yourself and that’s what I love about you 🤩❤️

  43. Richard Xuereb

    Richard Xuereb2 일 전

    🥳⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐😁🦜🦕🐍🐠🐠👍👍 you are awesome. 👍👍💝

  44. Sasa

    Sasa2 일 전

    "they'll probably have to amputate my leg" *happy ukulele starts playing*

  45. Doodle On A Motorcycle

    Doodle On A Motorcycle2 일 전

    shoooooooot i've been living wrong


    BIBLE LIFE2 일 전

    Here You go!You are famous now, please do some security checks. Keep safe and may our God bless You always.

  47. Lil Red & mommy

    Lil Red & mommy2 일 전

    Ur so close to me ❤️

  48. Christina Fidance

    Christina Fidance2 일 전

    Man, California looks AWESOME!!! I’m from Delaware and I thought our beaches were sweet! U can keep the stingrays tho!!! Hope your foot is ok. Yeah girl- like the others said, stay safe! You are so sweet. I just adore u!!! My husband and I own a mobile mechanics business so I want u to look us up if ever need mechanical work done on your van.... not because we necessarily need the business and to be quite honest, I probably wouldn’t even charge u!!! I am just DYING for an excuse to drive out to California and to meet u (and Alfredo!), go surfing with u and take an in person tour of your most awesome abode, LOL! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! Don’t ever stop!!!! XOXOXO From the east coast!!!!

  49. angel

    angel2 일 전

    that Round 3 dinging broke my ears

  50. Killa K

    Killa K2 일 전

    Can we get a q&a

  51. Princess Ellacornia

    Princess Ellacornia2 일 전

    Stop giving out your location. Be safe girl



    I had to unsubscribe. There is something terribly wrong with this girl, be yourself and stop looking like a damned fool--you ain't white.

  53. Jocelyn Yeaman

    Jocelyn Yeaman2 일 전

    I have that same toothpaste!!! Luv yr vid btw!!!

  54. Traci Losee

    Traci Losee3 일 전

    why am i 55 and watching this???? she is adorable be safe lil one God bless

  55. Franklin Randolph

    Franklin Randolph3 일 전

    Do you watch tv in the van

  56. J A de fr

    J A de fr3 일 전


  57. DylanDinosaur

    DylanDinosaur3 일 전

    KOreporter PLANT 🌱🌱🌱

  58. Alyssa Bates

    Alyssa Bates3 일 전

    Was it a stingray or a cuttlefish Cause I’m pretty sure it was a cuttle fish

  59. 규디고kyudigo

    규디고kyudigo3 일 전

    Literally how does Jennelle pay for all of her expenses??? 🤣🤣

  60. Troy Lee

    Troy Lee3 일 전

    Why am I in love with her she so silly!😂😂