[940] Ovio “Pairlock” Padlock Picked and Gutted


  1. That Gorl

    That Gorl12 일 전

    a fascinating design for sure, but this functions more like a proof of concept or first prototype than a lock

  2. Tiny Giraffe

    Tiny Giraffe19 일 전

    you could also look at someones key, see their combination and put your own key to that combination

  3. H.J. Wicko

    H.J. Wicko개월 전

    Some cats were like "we'll revolutionize the lock world," 20 seconds later, after the LPL has picked it, is like "needs improvement. that is all I have cor you today..."

  4. lemonsyay1

    lemonsyay1개월 전


  5. jack Chang

    jack Chang개월 전

    Your video title have a tendency to sound like porn video titles

  6. The Metal Butcher

    The Metal Butcher개월 전

    Seems effective in security through obscurity. If single pin picking is the only way in, I'd say it's safe enough for the vast majority of attacks.

  7. ThoperSought

    ThoperSought개월 전

    1300 still isn't great. although, to be fair, I don't know what the normal keyspace is for an average home lock. when I was a kid, my grandmother said that when her house key was the old-fashioned kind (maybe a lever tumbler lock?) she randomly discovered that it worked in the lock of a private restroom in an office building near where she worked. I'm guessing the keyspace wasn't great for those, either.

  8. Knack Wurst

    Knack Wurst개월 전

    At 1:41 you show a good look into the cylinder and you mentioned anyone with one of these keys could brute force it in 81 trys but would you not be able to just visualy adjust your key to match the positions that you see the pins in?

  9. intreza 1

    intreza 1개월 전

    does taking these locks apart permanently ruin them?

  10. protagonyst

    protagonyst14 일 전

    Not at all. They are meant to be disassembled and put back together very easily and it is something you have to do in order to change the combination.

  11. litle Isaac

    litle Isaac개월 전

    i imagine those lockpick minigames playing on his head, then he has to hit the button at the right time

  12. S K

    S K개월 전

    Me ten minutes ago: 800k subs lol wtf youtube Me now: oh this I can get behind

  13. D. M.

    D. M.개월 전

    "In any case..." I see what you did there, lawyer man.

  14. Ashleigh Gordon

    Ashleigh Gordon개월 전

    I’m getting dentist vibes

  15. Josh St. Louis

    Josh St. Louis개월 전

    Not to mention the shackle thickness and material

  16. Luuk Jansen

    Luuk Jansen개월 전

    You should add the lock type of every lock in the title, this so that when people buy lock they simply search for the lock type in KOreporter watch your video and get better idea of how good the lock is there are buying

  17. Ash Boucher

    Ash Boucher개월 전

    Why is this so good tho

  18. Jeremy hanna

    Jeremy hanna개월 전

    I'm not 100% sure I understand the relationship between the nub and the key but if looking at the first rotor helps narrow the possibiltys way down what about looking inside with a scope I'm wondering if u could just set the key right in a few trys

  19. Michael Warlow

    Michael Warlow개월 전

    Axially arranged ? Radially surely :-)

  20. InThruTheWindow

    InThruTheWindow개월 전

    Seemed like a decent lock until LPL got his hands on it.

  21. Jacob Mayes

    Jacob Mayes개월 전

    With some improvements, that could be an interesting lock idea.

  22. Sean Appleby

    Sean Appleby개월 전

    way over complicated for such a weak lock..

  23. eddeph

    eddeph개월 전

    Your voice is so soothing, feels like therapy.

  24. J F

    J F개월 전

    That's a wild mechanism.

  25. Tjalve

    Tjalve개월 전

    So this lock seems to be easier to pick than normal locks, IF you understand how the lock works, and make a special tension tool to pick it. To me that says any skilled picker can pick it, but unskilled pickers can't. So not very different from normal locks, really. The advantage of this lock, is that you can buy many of them, and key them to be identical, and rekey them when and if you want to. And that makes it a very interesting lock to have. In fact, I'd like to buy 10 of them right now, if they're not too expensive.

  26. protagonyst

    protagonyst14 일 전

    This exactly. I purchased two of them just after their Kickstarter campaign ended so I could have the same key open the front and the back door and be able to change the combination whenever I see fit. I hide a key set to the wrong combination outside in case I lose my key or I want to let a friend in when I'm not there yet. It's very useful. Being a little bit of a lock picking geek, the locks are nice to play around with and it's a very cool key to have. I love it. Of course, it was better until LPL showed how easy they can be picked but like you said, it might be easy once you take time to analyze and understand how it works and have the custom tools. An unprepared picker with standard tools will have a hard time opening it. He'd be better off getting my hidden dummy key and try the 81 possible combinations once he figured them out, but setting a combination on the key takes at least 15 to 30 seconds with practice, which means an average of at least 15 minutes in frond of the door fiddling around with the key until he gets the good one. That's way more time than needed for the old lady living below to get out with her broomstick to scare the guy off. So yes, the concept could be improved, it's definitely not unpickable, but it's still a way better lock than the typical Kwikset everybody have, with the added advantage of being able to set and change the combination yourself. A great product in my opinion. I'm glad I could get the locks while they were available.

  27. ThePandafriend

    ThePandafriend개월 전

    The wide keyway may bring down the possible variations, but only if you have a key. And these locks are not common enough for the common thief. This doesn't change the situation, but realistically speaking it's very unlikely that it will matter. The pick resistance does matter though and this doesn't seem to be very high if you can tension it. Also it doesn't look very beefy, so an destructive attack would be probably the most common way for getting around this lock.

  28. F3udF1st

    F3udF1st개월 전

    Can someone explain the math for the 1300 -> 81 reduction?

  29. chawley650

    chawley650개월 전

    I'm guessing that it comes from decoding whether the slice is pinned to an odd or even angle; if unknown. there are six possibilities per slice, so four slices gives 6**4 = 6*6*6*6 = 1296 possible keys. However, per LPL, inspection ("pin at 12 o'clock position" => even, else odd) can reduce this to only three possibilities per slice, hence 3**4 = 81 total combinations.

  30. Greg K

    Greg K개월 전

    I'd never use a lock like this on anything. Never mind what it's locking, I'd be afraid someone would steal the lock!

  31. TheRabidGaming

    TheRabidGaming개월 전

    This seems like a design with plenty of potential. It seems like adding a few more rotors and pins per rotor and some way to shield the keyway that this would be a usefull lock.

  32. Harley Me

    Harley Me개월 전

    so all I have to do is design a lock with a centrifugal spring that binds the case if you dont depress all 4 at the same time? after all you only got 2 hands :-)

  33. EqualsThreeable

    EqualsThreeable개월 전

    I’m wondering. Could you invent a lock that is like this by a combination locker style lock, where the key rotated a certain number of times until each pin is locked into a position? Each segment of the key would rotate freely and must be inserted and rotated like a combination lock. So not only would you have to have it in the correct position you would have to pick the pins. Make it so the pins won’t engage unless they are in the correct position.

  34. Ninjaface

    Ninjaface개월 전

    I’d love to see him reassemble a lock he takes apart, including the pins, springs etc. I think it’d be neat to watch

  35. Bob England

    Bob England개월 전

    Lock Picking GOAT

  36. Anthony Taing

    Anthony Taing개월 전

    I love this channel. I've broken into so many more homes with the help of the lockpicking lawyer. And the best part is if you get caught he'll defend you. THANKS LOCKPICKING LAWYER!

  37. Mark Maugle

    Mark Maugle개월 전

    How hard would it be if the tension point was all the way in the back?

  38. Dan Brown

    Dan Brown개월 전

    As a thought, could this have been made more challenging by moving the tensioning from a notch at the front, to an off-center pin or slot at the very back of the lock? I've never seen that done that I can remember, which suggests that there's a basic problem with it, but I can't put a finger on what it'd be.

  39. Justin S

    Justin S개월 전

    Seems like a better idea would have been to have the actual depths of the 6 potions be unique per lock/key, so that it’s truly two factor security - you’d have to have both the key and the combo. That, and much better pick resistance.

  40. Brian Savage

    Brian Savage개월 전

    Today LPL picks the codex and uncovers the holy grail.

  41. sesabio

    sesabio개월 전


  42. Alex H

    Alex H개월 전

    Clever internals, however I can't help but think how vulnerable and exposed that long piece of steel would be to a decent hacksaw. Even if it were locked on something, it still seems like a decent cro-bar / pry-bar could get enough leverage to open it. Quality video, Best Regards

  43. *Alex* V-i-P

    *Alex* V-i-P개월 전

    A lock with electric going through it would be good as most tention tools are just metal but the key could be insulated

  44. Sienna Hyena

    Sienna Hyena개월 전

    Drake loves this lock. When you open it, it's got that OvO sound

  45. asf130 The Company

    asf130 The Company개월 전

    Interesting looking lock... LPL breaks it in 30 secs... I was like okey not good enough....

  46. Boreasrex11

    Boreasrex11개월 전

    69% of the terms used in lock picking are double entendre.

  47. Michael Richards

    Michael Richards개월 전

    Anyone else get excited when he whipped out that thick 50 thousandths pick?

  48. BeatsFromDP

    BeatsFromDP개월 전

    Oh snap I have one of these and forgot about it. I gotta try this.

  49. shawn dpenha

    shawn dpenha개월 전

    Fascinating concept lock.

  50. just a fun time picking

    just a fun time picking개월 전

    You mean we as in you got it open

  51. Your Nan

    Your Nan개월 전

    You must love getting locked out of the house

  52. Simon Meyer

    Simon Meyer개월 전

    You should travel around the World an pick the Locks from Subscribers that have lost their keys from Locks you never seen before and in real life conditions. 👍

  53. Tmac 27

    Tmac 27개월 전

    This man is just a God at lock picking

  54. BlackDolphin90

    BlackDolphin90개월 전

    So it is like a combination lock that uses a key.

  55. Alex Kart

    Alex Kart개월 전

    LPL: need some improvements Lock manufacturer: oh, sh&t, thats a millions of spending

  56. MrCods

    MrCods개월 전

    Still available www.ovio.com.tw/pairlock

  57. gvid nation

    gvid nation개월 전

    I’d love to have a short synopsis of how to improve the lock. Maybe not in great detail but just a way to make it harder. An example for this one would be have a guard that blocks view of the pins or something. This may be easier said than done but it could be interesting to see how to improve good locks into great locks

  58. RevMarket

    RevMarket개월 전

    gvid nation Could we afford the consulting fee?

  59. Somer

    Somer개월 전

    I did a quick search, because you said they may not be sold anymore, and found their website is up and running. $120 for that padlock. Appears to be a Taiwan company. www.ovio.com.tw/ They also have a deadbolt, door handle lock and just the cylinder with a key available. I wonder if any improvements have been made since the model you have came out?

  60. W D

    W D개월 전

    Anyone else want him to crack safes next?

  61. Alex Tasson

    Alex Tasson개월 전

    Would you be able to pick the lock on an armored money-transport vehicle? Just curious. You'd have to convince one of those companies to let you try first though, I suppose, and they might not be so keen on the idea.

  62. bobafruti

    bobafruti개월 전

    It’s a very cool idea, you could change the key after locking it so that even if someone stole the key they couldn’t get in. Just a pity that the lock is about as secure as prison cell made of spaghetti.

  63. XtreeM FaiL

    XtreeM FaiL개월 전

    Sees a time stamp, almost 4min. Must be an ok lock... oh.

  64. B E A N S

    B E A N S개월 전

    Mans house must be impossible to rob