73 Questions With Cardi B | Vogue


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  3. Klaudia Wiśniewska

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  4. Jayson Broad

    Jayson Broad5 시간 전

    Why such an odd number 😂

  5. Raph padaze

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  6. junie xx

    junie xx5 시간 전

    "i heard beyoncé only allows herself to feel bad for herself for one day" we all need to hear this.

  7. Elizabeth K

    Elizabeth K5 시간 전

    the fact that her parting isn’t exactly centred is bothering me

  8. Doja Cat

    Doja Cat5 시간 전

    Are you love Doja cat or hate it

  9. Gelilah

    Gelilah5 시간 전

    can we do a 73 questions on the interviewer? curious about him!

  10. Lorena A

    Lorena A5 시간 전

    I love that shes so close with her family, staying at grandmas house, thats so sweet.

  11. Heather Baker

    Heather Baker5 시간 전

    Boot fruit desert meeting count level agenda production hopefully competition testify

  12. Michael Williams

    Michael Williams5 시간 전

    her right earring triggers me😂

  13. Im_carlo24 B

    Im_carlo24 B5 시간 전

    10,000,000 views in less than 24 hours queen drop the album. World tour plsss #latinogang

  14. Qui P

    Qui P5 시간 전

    She’s annoying

  15. Jonathan Martinez

    Jonathan Martinez5 시간 전

    10:00 is what you came here for

  16. big boy

    big boy5 시간 전

    why didnt they ask why she drugged those men

  17. sO gUyS wE dId It

    sO gUyS wE dId It5 시간 전

    Cardi B’s music SLAPS when it’s turned off

  18. Safin Hossain

    Safin Hossain5 시간 전

    Been waiting for this for the longest

  19. Deneice Scales

    Deneice Scales5 시간 전

    Kamala Harris for president Cardio 😃

  20. Ali Tadd

    Ali Tadd5 시간 전

    Other celebs: This is my mansion Cardi B: Welcome to the hood😂😂😂

  21. cristal beltre

    cristal beltre5 시간 전

    hola soy dominicana

  22. Deneice Scales

    Deneice Scales5 시간 전

    That's a good question Cardio 😉

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    2020 will be your year. Like to activate😀

  24. Cassandra Jacobs

    Cassandra Jacobs5 시간 전

    She is so intelligent💯😌

  25. Eltonya Sutherland

    Eltonya Sutherland5 시간 전

    So true imma libra and i cant make choices

  26. sunny draws

    sunny draws5 시간 전

    culture is so cute

  27. J

    J5 시간 전

    I missed the question about her admitting to Drugging and Robbing men

  28. TonyHamilton Ck

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    Check my remix "Follow God" by Kanye West🙏🔥 koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-8x_az-uPlnk.html

  29. nobodycaresTTV

    nobodycaresTTV5 시간 전

    If she were a man youd here CANCELLED

  30. Maria Venegas

    Maria Venegas5 시간 전

    yall see how humble she is? love you cardi

  31. Deneice Scales

    Deneice Scales5 시간 전

    Offset 😃

  32. Raf

    Raf5 시간 전

    So humble

  33. Gabrielle Jackson

    Gabrielle Jackson5 시간 전

    When offset said cardi is a great mom, got me a little bit, not many fathers acknowledge and say that about their child’s mother. Good for you offset.

  34. Storytime with Tay

    Storytime with Tay5 시간 전

    Kulture and her bonnet so cute

  35. July Lugo

    July Lugo5 시간 전

    I love her 😭😭😭😭

  36. Sarah F

    Sarah F5 시간 전

    Love her in this! She did good!

  37. Miss Moony Queen

    Miss Moony Queen5 시간 전

    Some people call her annying, loud, stupid I call her a controversial queen who can say what other people are too scared to say

  38. Arianna Rodriguez

    Arianna Rodriguez5 시간 전

    She a true libra

  39. Deneice Scales

    Deneice Scales5 시간 전

    I love how real you are Cardio 😃

  40. Proud King

    Proud King5 시간 전

    Omg I’m Libra too❤️. Huh I can relate to ”it’s really hard us to make choises” 😂

  41. Kristy Current

    Kristy Current5 시간 전

    OK what did she say her guilty pleasure is smelling her what???

  42. Ossy Daniel Ezenwoye

    Ossy Daniel Ezenwoye5 시간 전

    real mama

  43. Xrminn

    Xrminn5 시간 전

    Ficking finally

  44. Mc chicken Bacon

    Mc chicken Bacon5 시간 전

    14:03 Thank you for that cardi 😩🥺 I got in huge trouble at school today and I have to tell my parents, plus my mom is in a bad mood. But like you said it won’t matter in a couple of years. Ik you won’t see this cardi but thank you 🙏😭❤️

  45. Deneice Scales

    Deneice Scales5 시간 전

    Wish, Wish 😃

  46. Tashanta Anderson

    Tashanta Anderson5 시간 전

    Puerto Ricans make da best coffee

  47. ayoo saleema

    ayoo saleema5 시간 전

    who else remained quiet because kulture was sleeping ?

  48. Angie Cole

    Angie Cole5 시간 전

    Why 73 question?

  49. Erika Ward

    Erika Ward5 시간 전

    She is so calm

  50. lily quesadilla

    lily quesadilla5 시간 전

    I really like this side of Cardi, this side is sweet and just chill. I’m not a Cardi stan but i really feel bad that they’re constantly putting her against people, especially Nicki, like I would really like to see them as friends instead of enemies but the media likes the drama :( and Kulture is adorable

  51. Nerea Varela

    Nerea Varela5 시간 전

    I Love her she’s so humble aaaa

  52. Anijahnized

    Anijahnized5 시간 전

    Look at Kulture Wulture 😭🥴💗💕💕

  53. Myra Gamez

    Myra Gamez5 시간 전

    I can’t love her enough, she’s so REAL! ♥️

  54. Erika Ward

    Erika Ward5 시간 전

    Look at Cardi B being a good mom

  55. Deneice Scales

    Deneice Scales5 시간 전

    Love you Cardio 😃

  56. Tendzz Babesss

    Tendzz Babesss5 시간 전

    yess we don’t play in South Africa 🇿🇦 !

  57. X

    X5 시간 전

    Cardi B is a true woman 😌💗Im so happy that she has a beautiful daughter and she’s with the man she loves

  58. fortnite god

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    If you subscribe to my youtube channel I will subscribe to your youtube channel

  59. Lilly King

    Lilly King5 시간 전

    I only have one kid

  60. Tulseyy

    Tulseyy5 시간 전

    Well she has changed so much wow.

  61. Keirra Webster

    Keirra Webster5 시간 전

    I absolutely love this ... the authenticity that they were trying to achieve with this segment, was finally achieved with this ONE video !

  62. manometians

    manometians5 시간 전

    Omg, love her!!!!💕

  63. Martha Loera

    Martha Loera5 시간 전

    How can people not like Cardi?? She seems so REAL