7 Genius Ways to Get Rid of ANTS!


  1. Hatoku Hiro

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    1:04 Did he just..

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    I hare ants 1 of them are bitting me

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    I feel bad for the ants

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    Hello im a big fan

  5. Mr. margad

    Mr. margad3 일 전

    Back when i was a kid i wasn't really bugged by ants! TbH i fed them and played with them and somehow it felt like they were communicating with me in a way! Even as an adult when i go to my grandparents house i see ants everywhere and it doesn't feel uncomfortable at all! The only itch in the wild is mosquitos and flies!

  6. Dawit Ketema

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    Why can't we live with them? They are important !!!

  7. IamCatPerson xD

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    not in my house :)

  8. Kunzo 07

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    These ants ate all my CHEEZ ITs! I hate them forever now.

  9. Queen Melanin

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    What happens if i put boric acids on the floor for the ants?

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    ants has left the chat

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  12. The real joe 5

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    Why are you killing nature

  13. The Air

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    I have some “ants” living in my table they are also known as unwanted guests

  14. Kookie OwO

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    Me : mom THERESS A ANTS HEREE Mom : dont worry *Steps on ants* Ants : Oof *dead* Me : uhhhh the ants died.....

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    Rip ants

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    Very interesting 🙄

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    I hate you for killing ants it was on its day playing with its friends until you burn them you monster

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    And if you dislike it I don't care because we are killing the ands

  19. Jaki Nava

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    And animals

  20. Jaki Nava

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    Why in the world we are killing animals I know that.they are bad but we are killing the world then__):v

  21. Beezle Da Warlock

    Beezle Da Warlock10 일 전

    I’ve been spraying these fuckers with vinegar water and a bit of dishwashing liquid, it’s like our house is built on massive nest.

  22. A Marvel Fan

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    Ants : Oh come on man can't we eat the leftovers and we subscribe you and this is the content for us 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  23. Eiram Godilo

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    Dont kill ants Their apart of nature They can be your pets Ants are just hungry

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    :< you like ants :\

  25. Surprised Pikachu

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    Fire ants can swim...

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    a ton of ants ill die making this video

  27. Dragon Master

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    i need spiders

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    I need help getting ridof chocroches

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    Wow that is really good you lucky your day is saved but l use to support my body

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    Fuuuuuccccckkkk youuuuuuuuuu asssssholeeeeeeee

  32. Shahida's Tasty kitchen

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    Useful information

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    *War tactics 101*

  34. lolEpicgamers

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    Make some liquid nitrogen and pour it in it’s quite easy

  35. Zonia

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    Dudes helping people to commit genocide against ants

  36. GeorgeWaalkensVEVO.

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    Is it just me, but did I start an *ANT HITMAN* business just so I can kill ants... It also makes me feel good when I kill ants, and very comfterable.

  37. Poke Artist

    Poke Artist18 일 전

    There is ants in my house idk what to do with it

  38. Fil DaCosta

    Fil DaCosta18 일 전

    I pour diesel fuel on them and them light them on fire.

  39. Bravo Agar

    Bravo Agar18 일 전

    Who else gets those feelings on their skin under their clothes that feel like something is crawling on u and just to be safe slap ur self where u feel the crawling??

  40. Ching Chong

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  41. chef. thanosss

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    Im KILLING all of the ants



    Fucking ants..i see them in food sometimes

  43. Anton Imous

    Anton Imous22 일 전

    I'll stick with mustard gas and napalm

  44. Galaxy Gacha

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  45. Oh yeah yeah Chungus

    Oh yeah yeah Chungus27 일 전

    i have this weird instinct on whenever i sense or see ants, certain parts of my body tingle i was tingling through the entire video

  46. Robbie Playzgamer

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    Ant has left the chat

  47. Wanna Hjm

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    Just use flame thrower on them.

  48. pdx princess

    pdx princess28 일 전

    Also vinegar and dish soap is a great way to clean your windows and mirrors

  49. ben Cai

    ben Cai개월 전

    Honestly just pack fire crackers like those small one into the hole and light it. Results are great! dead ants flew everywhere and i think i saw a mangled body of one of the queens.

  50. Christine Vainikolo

    Christine Vainikolo개월 전

    2 0 1 9 ?

  51. Madyrose the weirdo

    Madyrose the weirdo개월 전

    My grandma uses honey and borax

  52. Sal Pappalardo

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    ZAntz orioles block

  53. trap_harls_4ever

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    I feel sad when I kill ants what is wrong with me

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    I hate ants!!

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    Who thinks ants need to all die like if u agree

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    Sunny Qian agreed

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    Ants can float in water so yea ha

  59. Adriano Ponte

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    Ant-lovers should sit on some fire ants for 2 hours.

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    Who iched during this like if you did I iched every second

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    I will maybe try some of them?

  62. Maxgamer

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    You need mosquitos 7 Genius ways to Get Rid Of MOSQUITOS!

  63. Maxgamer

    Maxgamer개월 전

    Just Move the ants with a paper to their colony or outside and remove the sugar and little foods

  64. Maxgamer

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    Huh? Ant just want food and tickle you Except red ants

  65. Viletek Void

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    red ants are fire ants

  66. The Zewp 22

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    Here's trick: Take yourself a little cup of water and go to your windows. Pour the water into the spaces of the window and windowsill. It paralyzes all the ants. Do this every couple days.

  67. Rein S

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    Do these apply to all species of ants?

  68. tvh479

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    My mum pushed me in ants :/ totally 100% parenting

  69. chrispwnisher

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    3:00 "Once the water reaches a full Boyle" damn b99

  70. Ants New England

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    i'm over here waiting for ant mating season to start

  71. Josiah Fernandez

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    poor ants ;-;

  72. Cool-ish Games

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    I know Another way to kill ants use a vacuum

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    how to get rid of robbers

  74. Cønnør J

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    I'm here because I found a bunch of ants in my room :(

  75. Cønnør J

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    +Anette Marquez Ohhh yeah, I feel your pain, I've had to clean up ants more then once and it is not fun.

  76. Anette Marquez

    Anette Marquez개월 전

    Cønnør J I can relate I left the peanut butter jar on my vanity oops 😬. Then later that morning there was a bunch of them around the jar. Cleaning it was a pain in the ass!!!

  77. Cønnør J

    Cønnør J개월 전

    +Anette Marquez no, I have always kept my room very nice and clean, but I leave a cup of coffee on my night stand next to me when I'm in there. They're only around my coffee and they're coming from my vent underneath my bed... I need to use a thermos now :I I'm working on some of the remedies to get rid of them.

  78. Anette Marquez

    Anette Marquez개월 전

    Cønnør J did you leave food around

  79. Cinnamon Toast

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    Roaches and mosquitos

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    Que seria borax en castellano??

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    Nice I learn for my life ant kills

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    The thumbnailllllll

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    This much of genius just to kill some ants?

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    Who else is itchy?

  85. Numb Skull

    Numb Skull개월 전

    I take old pill bottles and poke small holes anf carefully pour coffee in them. They hate the smell. We have an ant problem, and it's been working great!

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    4k PETA member dislikes this

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    Ants Canada dislikes this

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    *Well I live alone so no one can get the door for me. Guess I can use the boiling pot to set the house on fire*

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    Hey!The world doesn't only belong to us!

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    Kids can open lids.

  93. Puppy Hoods

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    ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ ANTS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO (I just noticed that someone else did the same comment...)

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    Your men🔥🔥🔥😡🥓🤬😡

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    But I love my ants

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    Sometimes if I find a tiny ant on my arm i just take it outside

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    *AntsCanada would like to know your location*

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    Grrrrrrr I hate ants at my house I really hate it and I want to kill those ants from my home

  100. Little One

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    Train your cat to kill them muahahah 😉

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    Bug spray...

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  103. gotcha Studio kid !

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    Ants part of Nature and you have to respect nature

  104. guy random

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    Use a flame thrower

  105. Metal Triops

    Metal Triops개월 전

    Ive always been the guy who just blow away the ants instead of crushing them... But now they invaded my 6 cup noodles ive been reserving *THATS WHERE DEATH COMES TO THE DOOR!!!*

  106. James Fiore

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    Metal Triops bro they literally go in my water. WHY ITS FUCKING WATER

  107. Pheriba Lopez

    Pheriba Lopez개월 전

    .... I started having a bad ant problem. I live in an apartment, so I’m not sure if I can walk around looking for any colonies and have boiling water with me without looking like a freak lol I don’t think I can dig up by the side of outside where they seem to be coming in. Plus there is stupid carpet here...Ants can’t travel with me can they?? I’m moving in the Summer out of this place, so hopefully I find peace from these pests soon.

  108. Little One

    Little One18 일 전

    Sometimes they come from the walls. I always see pharoah ants, coming and going from holes in the wall, like near a light switch and stuff like that.

  109. streams random

    streams random개월 전

    Bro do what off the ranch did "Make an bomb:" and blow it

  110. black unigalax_playz

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    Im actually friends with ants at my friends, 4th grade class

  111. Pumpkinsfunworld

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    I’m used to ants there not that bad there just little walking bugs I can’t say the same about spiders I HATE SPIDERS THERE CREEPY ;3;

  112. Little One

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    Ants and flies are whatever. But i just feel this urge to kill flies if they are in my home, not ants

  113. Little One

    Little One18 일 전

    Haha I'm with you on that. I don't jump when i see an ant. But any other bug, all hell breaks loose

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    *Antscanada disliked the video*

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    I like ants