6 Relic Gen Skywalker Unstoppable? - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - SWGoH


  1. Kent Fischer

    Kent Fischer개월 전

    How do you have 47 million crystals

  2. alan wiley

    alan wiley개월 전

    Time to start working on my ewoks🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. Jebalita BattleBush

    Jebalita BattleBush개월 전

    Grevious still obliterates him, as GAS will target the droids one by one giving him plenty of turns at the end

  4. Kyle Finch

    Kyle Finch개월 전

    fuck that toon

  5. FenixD

    FenixD개월 전

    Played for three years. With the introduction of relics / g13 and character requirements like his, I think I'm done. The game has no variety, and it hasn't for a while. Thank you for keeping me updated with everything SWGOH over the years, but the level of greed and pay to win has outright overtaken the enjoyment factor. Best of luck. I will check out your videos on other games :)

  6. Fergus Denoon

    Fergus Denoon개월 전

    haven't seen anyone trying Zombie yet … does Zombie actually not revive?

  7. Derek A

    Derek A개월 전

    I'm done. 2018 I was fully invested in the game. Now I'm done. What a turnaround! If you find a new game to play MG, I'd be interested. Want to get in on the ground floor and start this roller coaster all over again.

  8. Siddharth Verma

    Siddharth Verma개월 전

    Annihilate Skywalker

  9. Brian M. Gonzalez

    Brian M. Gonzalez개월 전


  10. Jordan Gaeta

    Jordan Gaeta개월 전

    How does my guy have 47 million crystals?

  11. Eli Ybarra

    Eli Ybarra개월 전

    How do you get so many crystals

  12. Robert Lawrence

    Robert Lawrence개월 전

    Dude. You got like 47000 crystals?! I got like 300

  13. king

    king개월 전

    I just started watching your videos for help on which teams to try for im currently lvl 78 and have been switching from all light side and all sith teams then switched to all clones with 1 healer who is the best healer you can get fast ive only been using jedi counselor and i also 1 another jedi healer but shes lvl 1 cant remember her name I also just unlocked the full phoenix squad there all 2* though should i raise there stars up and gear are they useful for any events

  14. Inaren Commander

    Inaren Commander개월 전

    I feel like Ahsoka is the weak link on this team. (Not to mention she's important for Padme.)

  15. Stephen Peters

    Stephen Peters개월 전

    You really need to target a character with fear or CBM when you use Darth Revan's aoe, so you get the extra basic attack.

  16. SteelRa

    SteelRa개월 전

    What if you tried a grievous nuke with slow droideka, geo alpha, t3-m4, and really fast thrawn (to get the droideka deployed for as long as possible so it can assist and load up charge)

  17. F2P-Sascha

    F2P-Sascha개월 전

    R7 Cup can take out GAS

  18. Kyle Rotbart

    Kyle Rotbart개월 전

    What about Traya? She feeds off of attacks out of turn

  19. FORTIN F

    FORTIN F개월 전

    Tuskens need a rework.

  20. Darth R3van

    Darth R3van개월 전

    Hmmm, what about a fast sith assassin?

  21. Gabriel K

    Gabriel K개월 전

    Can DN anihilate G Anakin while clones are alive?

  22. J. Walsh

    J. Walsh개월 전

    yea but good luck qith that..haha your team will be dead with 6 turns left on its CD.

  23. Ronald Ellison

    Ronald Ellison개월 전

    Can you test 5* GS with defense mods? I know defense mods isn’t sexy sounding. But the reason why I’m thinking defense mods is because clash made a video of r7 vet han being nest 2.0. Because vet han can reduce the damage he takes. So using that concept having high defense can help off set high offense. He starts with 100% defense. So that doubles his base defense. So if we increase his defense with mods it can possibly off set the damage he takes to keep him from taking a nap so fast. As the problem we are having is he takes a nap too fast.

  24. Big Badf

    Big Badf개월 전

    click bait title much?

  25. Super Mard

    Super Mard개월 전

    CLS, should be no problem with relics

  26. Logan Skousen

    Logan Skousen개월 전

    Can you do revan, Malak, basti, talzin, zombie?

  27. J. Walsh

    J. Walsh개월 전

    what is Talzin gonna do lol clones cant lose health while Gas is up ..so she cant plague snipe them

  28. Erick Kessler

    Erick Kessler개월 전

    Should be "thanks for watching, and keep on whaling" lol

  29. Gustavo Bombeiro

    Gustavo Bombeiro개월 전

    Yo, GAMER, how about a Grievous lead? Grievous, Jedi Anakin, Wampa, Enfys and Visas! Relic 7, all these guys are MONSTERS! They will finish pretty much everyone!

  30. Grant Pray

    Grant Pray개월 전

    I'm thinking that maybe it'd be best to drop malak or HK for an r7 marauder.

  31. Piglet6256

    Piglet6256개월 전

    ok i won, ehm there went that theory again haha

  32. UF Bon3less

    UF Bon3less개월 전


  33. dale norwood

    dale norwood개월 전

    Gg nuke vs Skywalker?

  34. farqs

    farqs개월 전

    Pull out your CLS squad it’s a brilliant soft counter

  35. Simon Frayberg

    Simon Frayberg개월 전

    Drop HK, put Marauder in. HK, sadly is not very good.

  36. Kuroneko Chan

    Kuroneko Chan개월 전

    Top 100 be like: battle against Raid boss

  37. Akeem

    Akeem개월 전


  38. Chad Wertz

    Chad Wertz개월 전

    Would a regular sith team maybe work? Maybe EP, Traya, Nihilus, Sion, and Badstila?

  39. Silver shizz

    Silver shizz개월 전

    They keep asking stupid, unbeatable characters. Nest, malak, now GA

  40. Offlineable

    Offlineable개월 전

    Would love to see a variety of teams tested vs GAS! JKR, GG, Palp empire, Padme, CLS rebels, etc...

  41. Naragath

    Naragath개월 전

    They will.. in the 20 videos over the next two weeks. Most people that got Anakin spent hundreds of dollars so they have to make that money back.

  42. flux rono

    flux rono개월 전

    how well does nest work against him? i assume she cant solo because of rex, but if he is gone she might be able to do something

  43. Emotional Mantis

    Emotional Mantis개월 전

    Hey MG what happens if you don't kill Fives first? Anakin's leadership specifically says all units can't be revived. Or does the Fives zeta heal an ally before they die, and then he dies?