5 Things No One Ever Does with Ferrofluid


  1. Leo Corral

    Leo Corral18 분 전

    Yaya semi-original content

  2. Steve Ferrari

    Steve Ferrari6 시간 전

    Wat happened with og king of random

  3. LinKz sR

    LinKz sR일 전

    Should try two magnetics with the liquid in the middle. Would it float

  4. Mostafa Abdelaal

    Mostafa Abdelaal일 전

    wash it off with kerosene if you got any on your skin it uses oleic acid as the surfacant. so it should wash off easily.

  5. Jeffrey Awesome

    Jeffrey Awesome일 전

    Vacuum chamber this stuff

  6. trrvnlt

    trrvnlt2 일 전

    You need one of those 500lb magnets and also I would like to see an induction cook top

  7. ShadowWeilder92

    ShadowWeilder922 일 전

    What if you made a magnet hydrophobic and used the ferrofluid on it, would it have a different reaction?

  8. Devin Bohannan

    Devin Bohannan2 일 전

    Dear King of Random, would quantum levitation affect ferrofluid??? Sincerely, Devin bohannan.

  9. Nobody. You Can Go Away Now

    Nobody. You Can Go Away Now3 일 전

    Put food coloring in it Seriously please do. I wanna know what happens

  10. Undeaddopehead

    Undeaddopehead3 일 전

    Would there be a way to make the ferro fluid travel between 2 magnets vis the electro magnetic fields they produce? If so could it propel some sort of hydro electric generator?

  11. TheChubbyChicken

    TheChubbyChicken4 일 전

    You should force a rat to drink this and then put a giant magnet next to him

  12. john kelly

    john kelly2 일 전

    TheChubbyChicken that would be cruel but I’m curious

  13. Lily Marie

    Lily Marie4 일 전

    Put ferofluid in a suction chamber or whatever it's called

  14. anna the dog owner

    anna the dog owner4 일 전

    So if u freeze germs they won't spred as fast

  15. Josh Veer

    Josh Veer5 일 전

    Set It On Fire...

  16. Brent Russell

    Brent Russell6 일 전

    It’s a symbiote for magnets

  17. Jakson Southcomb

    Jakson Southcomb7 일 전

    I know it’s late and not many people are gonna see this but I think it would be super cool if you put ferrofluid on a magnet put that in an electromagnetic field and make the field unstable and if right it should fall right off

  18. Jennifer Faircloth

    Jennifer Faircloth7 일 전

    That's awesome!😺

  19. BooTube with Lindi

    BooTube with Lindi7 일 전

    Deep fry ferro fluid or put it on your fridge

  20. Apple Badhan

    Apple Badhan7 일 전

    Why donot you make crystals using copper sulphate

  21. Joseph Brown

    Joseph Brown8 일 전

    Where can you find ferro fluid

  22. It'snotunusual

    It'snotunusual8 일 전

    are you able to dye ferrofluid?

  23. Jeremiah Mobley

    Jeremiah Mobley8 일 전

    What well happen when u put ferrofluid in suction

  24. Corbin Simons

    Corbin Simons9 일 전

    Can you make slime????

  25. Terry Martin

    Terry Martin9 일 전

    That’s so cool

  26. AnimeGod

    AnimeGod9 일 전

    Can this be used to make magnetic putty

  27. Stormcloak Spy

    Stormcloak Spy9 일 전

    I looked at toxicity levels and if ingested could cause asphyxiation or death

  28. CrimFerret

    CrimFerret9 일 전

    And NileRed just showed how to actually make this stuff which is cool, because the better commercial kind is kind of expensive.

  29. Ty Podpora

    Ty Podpora10 일 전

    use one of thos demagntizers you can build to get it off

  30. Ancash Minecraft

    Ancash Minecraft10 일 전

    At 10:11 it looks like a marshmallow

  31. Weller

    Weller10 일 전

    try using a tee tree oil soap to wash your hands when you get oil on them... works great, way better than dish soap

  32. Joseph Hardin

    Joseph Hardin10 일 전

    Hmmm, small, ferrofluid gears....

  33. Alex Abadi

    Alex Abadi11 일 전

    Now try with an electromagnet powered by a function generator...

  34. Anjna Lakra

    Anjna Lakra11 일 전

    Use an electromagnet instead

  35. *-t e a-* spill

    *-t e a-* spill11 일 전

    *years later : new people are now owning tkor*

  36. A2b Bhalerao

    A2b Bhalerao12 일 전

    Sooooo venom is living ferrofluid

  37. firelord

    firelord13 일 전

    What would happen if u deep fried ferrofluid

  38. thoserandomguys99 Shield

    thoserandomguys99 Shield13 일 전

    Put liquid nitro in the sun or something like that to see if it can become warm

  39. Jamie Acree

    Jamie Acree14 일 전

    You just created Shadow the Hedgehog!

  40. Nothing but FunStuff

    Nothing but FunStuff14 일 전

    _No No No No What Yeahhh_ . . *Calli is the best, she's like a little child infront of these cool items* . . . _Her excitements are cute and genuine_ . .😘💖👌💝

  41. off line

    off line14 일 전

    I honestly want to witness ferrofluid in an MRI

  42. DjJtown

    DjJtown15 일 전

    That's what they use in magneride suspensions. As for toxicity; play with it w/o gloves. DON'T JK!! Put the magnet on a drill w/the ferro fluid on it then turn the drill on high and see how much fluid stay on and how much oil get flung off.

  43. Andy Bourré

    Andy Bourré16 일 전

    Anyway of capturing both in a resin sphere...

  44. Luke Battiata

    Luke Battiata16 일 전

    Ferofluid in a vacuum chamber

  45. P E

    P E17 일 전

    GOT (game of thrones) More like GOR (game of randomness)

  46. GirlOnTheHill Inc.

    GirlOnTheHill Inc.17 일 전

    Try flowing electricity into the magnet when the ferrofluid is on it.

  47. Ginger Loves Music

    Ginger Loves Music17 일 전

    8:39 when I first glanced at it I thought callie's hand was in the liquid nitrogen. 😱

  48. Xd visualSavage

    Xd visualSavage18 일 전

    What happens when ferofluid is dehydrated and freeze dried

  49. Thunderprogamer Power

    Thunderprogamer Power18 일 전

    What ferrofluid oof nvm

  50. Timothy Sebo

    Timothy Sebo18 일 전

    You forgot to try using fire or extreme heat with it...

  51. ElectroGaming

    ElectroGaming19 일 전

    Use an eletro magnet