5 Things No One Ever Does with Ferrofluid


  1. Rig Plays

    Rig Plays일 전

    The 1000 and 6 people that disliked should like RIGHT NOW

  2. Diantre Creagh

    Diantre Creagh일 전

    3:45 proceeds to poke ferro's butthole

  3. Christopher Stephens

    Christopher Stephens일 전

    If its oil based, pour dish soap on it?

  4. DragonEgg750

    DragonEgg750일 전

    I think it repels your hand because of the ferrofluid coating your glove.

  5. Jack Beavers

    Jack Beavers2 일 전

    Ferro fluid on a speaker with low bass notes

  6. Peter Wong

    Peter Wong2 일 전

    I loved how she said played

  7. The Hopeless One

    The Hopeless One2 일 전

    I've made Ferro fluid slime and it's LIT

  8. Olivia Boucher

    Olivia Boucher3 일 전

    I love that Nate said ,"It's fine I'll rule on my own." LOL

  9. Neobhaal

    Neobhaal3 일 전

    messy and toxic by contact....

  10. Alex Wilkins

    Alex Wilkins4 일 전

    It kind of looks like the venom suit

  11. Silent Gameplays

    Silent Gameplays6 일 전

    You should put the magnet underwater, then drip the ferro fluid into the water. Just to see how it looks/reacts underwater😯

  12. saiful aziz

    saiful aziz7 일 전

    This like in spiderman movie.. Venom

  13. yeet

    yeet8 일 전

    You should put ferro fluid on a magnet in a vacuum chamber

  14. Jordyn ,Marcie & Ginger

    Jordyn ,Marcie & Ginger11 일 전

    Can you guys take 2 magnets of the same size and try to superglue the same ends to where they repel each other and see what happens??

  15. K E

    K E11 일 전

    The plausible advanced applications for this product go beyond their understanding. Lets slide it around on a piece of glass 🙄🤦‍♂️

  16. bubblywink

    bubblywink12 일 전

    aren't you ruining the magnets?

  17. Archie Watt

    Archie Watt12 일 전

    Please make another video about this and put it in a vacuum chamber

  18. Nicholas Cole

    Nicholas Cole14 일 전

    Is this how they did the effect in splinter?

  19. de cameleon

    de cameleon14 일 전

    Use it as ink

  20. TheEngineer 8257

    TheEngineer 825714 일 전


  21. Stephen Delia

    Stephen Delia15 일 전

    you should take the ferrofluid to a magnetically messed with phones don't work but compasses bug out to will the ferrofluid still connect to the magnet if it is magnetically disturbed

  22. Merennulli

    Merennulli15 일 전

    Couldn't you use coils of wire inside plastic shells to make a similar effect that you could turn on and off? You could also make complex/interesting shapes with it and see how the ferrofluid reacted around it.

  23. mythcrafter412

    mythcrafter41218 일 전

    Calli if I had to guess that stuff is probably quite toxic so I would most certainly go with what Nate said and don't try to drink it...

  24. kate longley

    kate longley18 일 전

    Use gyroscopes

  25. Alpha_436

    Alpha_43619 일 전

    Freezedry ferrofluid

  26. Hau2Ru

    Hau2Ru19 일 전

    Congratulations, you found the source of Venom. His real kryptonite isn't high-pitch sound, but magnets.

  27. TheMeiliken

    TheMeiliken20 일 전

    Too bad they lie several times.

  28. Ja O

    Ja O20 일 전

    Callie just got a rash by putting her hand in the ferrofluid

  29. Hxmzxh_09

    Hxmzxh_0920 일 전

    Try putting ferrofluid in the vacuum chamber

  30. Tomas Cat Gaming

    Tomas Cat Gaming21 일 전

    It's just like the venom.

  31. Tori P

    Tori P21 일 전

    What if you put it through one of those magnetism remover things for tools.

  32. Slayden Playz

    Slayden Playz27 일 전

    An amazing nerdy couple

  33. K A

    K A27 일 전

    These people are like prestige world wide, what happens if you put liquid paper on a bee?

  34. robot ninja

    robot ninja27 일 전

    Make a hockey table

  35. Merik Malhads

    Merik Malhads개월 전

    Ummm people have done this before. There are a lot of modern bearings that use this as cushioning for free rotation theses days

  36. Trace Traftton

    Trace Traftton개월 전

    “Oh no, Oh no I love it” XD

  37. white_storm21

    white_storm21개월 전

    The stuff looks like a real life venom

  38. MrMentalflossed

    MrMentalflossed개월 전

    wonder what would happen with that stuff if you had two electric magnets secured in place with the fluid in the exact center then turned on the magnets.

  39. Tidal Gaming

    Tidal Gaming개월 전

    now eat it

  40. DollyBear 57

    DollyBear 57개월 전

    Callie: " Oh no, oh no I love it" Me: "oh no, oh no my trypophobia"

  41. Robin's Hood

    Robin's Hood개월 전

    What are you Ferrofluid: We are Venom



    "mollecularly small iron" I think what you're looking for is iron nanoparticles

  43. Reese Janssen

    Reese Janssen개월 전

    You should play air hockey with it

  44. Jailee Studio

    Jailee Studio개월 전

    Make ferrofluid

  45. Non y’all know Mr danger

    Non y’all know Mr danger개월 전

    It’s venom

  46. MacGamer Media

    MacGamer Media개월 전

    Does this remind anyone else of the Symbiote from Spiderman?

  47. Sean Koenigs

    Sean Koenigs개월 전

    Saying 2025 and realizing thats only 5 years away is so weird

  48. Cactus

    Cactus개월 전

    but what would happen if you microwaved Ferrofluid?

  49. Michael Byrne

    Michael Byrne개월 전

    Cally thinks nate is weird cally can I drink it

  50. Jessica McCallum

    Jessica McCallum개월 전

    interesting idea maybe... what happens if you put the Ferrofluid in to be Dry Frozen?

  51. Yog-Kosha

    Yog-Kosha개월 전

    Toxicity: no data TKOR: Lets just use only gloves while splashing it around

  52. Music For The People

    Music For The People개월 전

    Freeze dry ferro fluid!

  53. Axel Jay Greyson Edwards

    Axel Jay Greyson Edwards개월 전

    Does anyone else think that Cali and Nate are lowkey dating/should date?

  54. Happy Thoughts

    Happy Thoughts개월 전

    3:45 I bet one of them said something they had to edit out after that.

  55. Náe Williams

    Náe Williams개월 전

    It looks like that black hole from Legacies

  56. FuriousDestroyer 000

    FuriousDestroyer 000개월 전

    According to a science report scientists gave mice different doses of ferrofluid and it turned out that it is low in toxicity. Also it can possibly be used as a drug carrier.

  57. Mina Aaqel

    Mina Aaqel개월 전


  58. Emilie Cox

    Emilie Cox개월 전

    FREEZE DRY IT!!!!!

  59. Austin Keesling

    Austin Keesling개월 전

    U need to make a hydrophobic magnet and then use the ferrofluid

  60. William Conlin

    William Conlin개월 전

    Would a syringe get the ferrofluid off?