5 Seconds of Summer - Teeth (Official Video)


  1. Mariluz Morales Gomez

    Mariluz Morales Gomez9 시간 전


  2. Unicorn 1824

    Unicorn 182411 시간 전

    whoever goes to the concert when they sing rose in my hand all you guys throw roses to the stage

  3. Heloysy Martinez

    Heloysy Martinez14 시간 전

    Oh my good, i love you're song 🤯

  4. The Snurt Burglar

    The Snurt Burglar14 시간 전

    Any recommendations for a newbie? Didn't really dig this song too much, but I don't give up after just one. I admit it's a good song, just not my style y'know?

  5. ๖ۣۜMun_๖ۣۜChanツ ๖ۣۜAxahi꧂

    ๖ۣۜMun_๖ۣۜChanツ ๖ۣۜAxahi꧂17 시간 전

    How aru you?

  6. Jay Condron123

    Jay Condron12320 시간 전

    Survivor Series brought me here

  7. a9t19y30

    a9t19y30일 전


  8. Patrick Queen

    Patrick Queen일 전

    Im shooked when i heard this on the radio so good!!

  9. Time Of Crazy Arts

    Time Of Crazy Arts일 전

    Aha lol I'm brushing my teeth during watching this video😂

  10. Mina rin

    Mina rin일 전


  11. yep ok

    yep ok일 전

    This song is just pure amazing

  12. •Pam3la’s Place•

    •Pam3la’s Place•일 전

    I like how the song has nothing to do with the video 🤣

  13. Ami Smith

    Ami Smith일 전

    I love teeth

  14. Alina G

    Alina G일 전

    We have to dance to that song in sport class it's kind of funny because we have to make the dance ourself and I have no ideas 😂😂 it's a cool song I like it 😂😊

  15. Naz Malfoy

    Naz Malfoy일 전

    can anyone tell me whos that in the thumbnail?

  16. Jaqueline Ramirez

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  17. Lilyanni2019 bergeron

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  18. James Henley

    James Henley2 일 전

    God this shits worse then haemorroids

  19. lolol Wolfie princess Tt water

    lolol Wolfie princess Tt water2 일 전

    I love it that song😍

  20. livenhfree

    livenhfree2 일 전

    God, this is such crap. And I hear it all the time at Planet Fitness. One of these days my head is gonna pop off. Such dreck. Who buys this sh*t?

  21. Olga G

    Olga G2 일 전


  22. Samar S

    Samar S2 일 전

    They are getting better every day

  23. Samar S

    Samar S2 일 전


  24. Carole barnett

    Carole barnett2 일 전

    Blood on my shirt Rose in my hand boys have mad talent

  25. Bella and Layla Adventures

    Bella and Layla Adventures2 일 전


  26. Djarthoun Ahmed

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  27. Cupcake Gacha life Cool

    Cupcake Gacha life Cool2 일 전

    I love this song but I didn’t like the video

  28. Emilly Ketlen

    Emilly Ketlen2 일 전

    Muito fodaa 😍😍

  29. Daniel Playzz

    Daniel Playzz2 일 전


  30. Summira Reddy

    Summira Reddy2 일 전

    Hey hunter_2380 its kitty

  31. Summira Reddy

    Summira Reddy2 일 전

    Hi hunter_3280 its kitty

  32. kz lu77

    kz lu773 일 전


  33. Funkidelic brain

    Funkidelic brain3 일 전

    Fuck...mee... upp

  34. Alchey Ruan

    Alchey Ruan3 일 전

    This so is so addicting swear, I’ve been listening to this song for 3 days now! There’s something I can’t explain, it’s like it’s me and my relationships and back to me and my mind. Geeze. This is my anthem.

  35. Ganimatør

    Ganimatør3 일 전


  36. Dasha Poland

    Dasha Poland3 일 전

    Русские пришедшие из тик тока вы здесь?!🖤

  37. Лизи -Чан

    Лизи -Чан일 전

    Я из лайка

  38. Tori Babyy

    Tori Babyy3 일 전

    everyone talking abt a toxic relation ship about the song but i’ve been a 5sos fan for 5 years i finally decided to look at their new music and. what the fuck did calum do to his hair.

  39. Gianna’s EVERYTHING Channel

    Gianna’s EVERYTHING Channel3 일 전

    This reminds me of *Jigsaw*

  40. valentina

    valentina3 일 전


  41. Kaniz Fatema

    Kaniz Fatema3 일 전

    Play it when you are working out in gym....u dnt hav to do nothing.. This song will do the rest😎😎😎

  42. Fernanda Muñoz Gaona

    Fernanda Muñoz Gaona4 일 전

    Fernanda y que no tengo ganas de hacer una pregunta

  43. Fernanda Muñoz Gaona

    Fernanda Muñoz Gaona4 일 전

    😍 que no te preocupes yo estoy con el fin



    Every lie gives you DEATH!

  45. さからなさからな

    さからなさからな4 일 전


  46. Nir Zara

    Nir Zara4 일 전

    I want the others singing more they have absolutely heavenly voices. I love luke but i love 5sos as a whole more. Thats just waste of talent there

  47. Nir Zara

    Nir Zara4 일 전

    To all the haters out there. You can go hating on my boys but they are just far above. Yall are just haters yall think its all fake but actally thATS REAL SMOKE

  48. タカハシガニ

    タカハシガニ4 일 전


  49. 熊圈圈

    熊圈圈4 일 전


  50. Соня ЗУМ

    Соня ЗУМ4 일 전

    Я одна сдесь русская которая не слушает русскую попсу и бтс тоже😂😂😂

  51. tropical candyland

    tropical candyland4 일 전


  52. B McKeeth

    B McKeeth4 일 전

    That hook was way better before you lifted it from "Rhianna's Shut up and Drive". Is it really that hard to be original and not a hack?

  53. Felix RC

    Felix RC4 일 전

    Like el q es mexicano y esta en 2020

  54. MaryAnne Bugbee

    MaryAnne Bugbee4 일 전

    I have beautiful teeth

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  57. Keke Love

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  58. Lea K.

    Lea K.4 일 전

    5sos just as a heads up.... u should put a warning on before the video starts for people who might get seizures by the flashing lights

  59. Mohit Khatri

    Mohit Khatri4 일 전

    Heart got teeth - dude its TERETOMA

  60. Lii Na

    Lii Na4 일 전

    Mess Call:www.5sos.com/messcall

  61. shelby holton

    shelby holton5 일 전

    ummm why is luke so freaking hot in this?