4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  1. Jaime

    Jaime2 시간 전

    Let's be honest, Emily was not thinking about how the hot sauce would balance the flavours of the omelette.

  2. diegofloor

    diegofloor15 시간 전

    Barb scrambled those eggs too much, IMO. The fun of omelette is to have a different density from the outside and inside and hers don't have that.

  3. Mike Klein

    Mike Klein16 시간 전

    I love how everybody just genuinely enjoys their own omelette. Its like, no matter how you do it - as long as you do it the way you want it, its great! I really love that about cooking

  4. Adam Elek

    Adam Elek21 시간 전


  5. Coby's Fortnite & FNAF Clips

    Coby's Fortnite & FNAF Clips21 시간 전

    Frank be laying them eggs to start off

  6. Pohlol

    Pohlol2 일 전

    I was dissapointed that the lvl 3 chef wasn't Frank=(

  7. P. S

    P. S2 일 전

    Lorenzo 💙 Bacon

  8. P. S

    P. S2 일 전

    Lorenzo just such iconic character.. 💙💙💙

  9. Zein Timur

    Zein Timur2 일 전

    Level 4 - I make a chickhen from nothing

  10. AMV Channels

    AMV Channels2 일 전

    When I grow up i wanna be a food scientist

  11. deeez00

    deeez003 일 전

    I have a different technique and will probably not use any of these.

  12. Karla Garcia

    Karla Garcia3 일 전

    Add milk to egg 🥚 mixture. It will come out wayyyyyyyy more fluffy and delicious 😋 🍳

  13. Lora Lightwood

    Lora Lightwood3 일 전

    do there actually exist chef-levels in your country? like you make a formation for level 1, then for level 2...? (Here it doesn't... your just a chef or your not)

  14. Zio

    Zio3 일 전

    When I cook an omelette, I whip egg whites and use some milk. Who else?

  15. Ming-Yang CHI

    Ming-Yang CHI3 일 전

    No matter what Lorenzo’s is always my favorite

  16. Analise Casals

    Analise Casals4 일 전

    This was awesome

  17. jules101678

    jules1016784 일 전

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  18. D. Namel

    D. Namel4 일 전

    This is soooo all over the place. Another reason people have cooking anxiety.

  19. Cinny’s Little Friends

    Cinny’s Little Friends4 일 전

    I love Emily! She seems so sweet. ❤️

  20. Volvox

    Volvox4 일 전

    Barb : "Let's have pinch of herbs..." Iceland: "where did our forests go??"

  21. Fiqa Zack

    Fiqa Zack4 일 전

    omelette level 2... is the most delicious based on video..

  22. shabbir sarwar

    shabbir sarwar4 일 전

    2:27 The edit 💝

  23. Amrita Singha Ray

    Amrita Singha Ray5 일 전

    Dude she's not a food scientist.. she's the girl from 5minute crafts .

  24. GalaxyGamer 935

    GalaxyGamer 9355 일 전

    I have no clue if the 3rd level girl is vegetarian or something cause she only puts greens in her omelet I know eggs aren’t vegetarian but still it’s like a vegetarian omelet

  25. Diego Venegas

    Diego Venegas6 일 전

    The only reason that this show is good is *Lorenzo*

  26. Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams6 일 전

    Emily: Hi I’m Emily and I love ketchup... Lorenzo:BACON!!!!!!!!!! Barb: hi I’m secretly from tasty and I do making it fancy with my good friend Rie. Shhhhhhh

  27. emily

    emily6 일 전

    the only omelette i’m finna be eating is that 2nd one...from one emily to another that bih has no hopee what on EARTH was that ham????

  28. F.B.I

    F.B.I6 일 전

    Russia: Omlet USA: Omelet Ukraine: Omlet They all have no diference

  29. Ethan Johnson

    Ethan Johnson6 일 전

    Its just a damn omlette. P.s.how can you guys even eat an omlette? I always Just make scrambled eggs but version of omlette which is cooked PROPERY by both sides

  30. Poulomi Chanda

    Poulomi Chanda6 일 전

    As soon as i see Emily and Lorenzo i just wished for Frank...you disappointed me epicurious!!!!! Emily+Lorenzo+Frank, the best trio❤

  31. kapachi

    kapachi7 일 전

    When you realise your grandma makes omelletes like a pro chef and you dont even know it

  32. killa1711

    killa17117 일 전

    Any woman born after 1993...

  33. Aksh aya

    Aksh aya7 일 전

    I hate Emily She is a nice person But she looks like a girl who was my classmate in elementary school and bullied me a lot she also ate my luch box daily

  34. Ethan Klimenko

    Ethan Klimenko7 일 전

    Barb or, whatever her name is has such a punchable face

  35. Electrified !

    Electrified !7 일 전

    why does the level 2 food alwayyysss look the best

  36. Dylan O

    Dylan O8 일 전

    Lorenzo is bestzo

  37. Hai Hua Nam

    Hai Hua Nam8 일 전

    Anyway, Daddy's omelet iz da besttttt. I would like to choose Lorenzo's one

  38. Hangaya

    Hangaya8 일 전

    Level 4 for me

  39. nohanyc

    nohanyc8 일 전

    When can you eyeball so much that your eyeballs come out of your eye sockets

  40. Jack Brown

    Jack Brown8 일 전

    I’d rather have the 1st

  41. Tonio Damiano

    Tonio Damiano8 일 전

    expert? L O L

  42. Updated Littlechild98

    Updated Littlechild988 일 전

    It's herbs not erbs I really hate the level 3 cheif that's not an omelette that Puck

  43. Charles Ayala

    Charles Ayala8 일 전

    Lorenzo has my vote

  44. Aadi

    Aadi8 일 전

    Tbh level 2 looked better !!!

  45. Jerry Atrick

    Jerry Atrick9 일 전

    They all look great. I’m gonna use Barb”s mix . I’m an “Emily” cook.

  46. Rahamses Galvan

    Rahamses Galvan9 일 전

    Marry me Emily!.... And you too Lorenzo!

  47. Steam Acc

    Steam Acc9 일 전

    I love when Lorenzo is laughing, it makes my day better

  48. Ali Noor

    Ali Noor9 일 전

    This is my favourite cooking channel. Well explained and also gives me overflowing ideas. Love you guys work.

  49. Sohail Wasim

    Sohail Wasim10 일 전

    My omelet looks like -4 level

  50. Heed My Warning

    Heed My Warning10 일 전

    THIS explains why I've been making "Frakenstein omelets" all this time.

  51. EpicStuffz ADM

    EpicStuffz ADM11 일 전

    Why the level 3 basically one big vegetable

  52. Nathan Goytia

    Nathan Goytia11 일 전

    Idfk all 3 of those omelets look good. 2 has points for the bacon and color. 1 has points for homestyleness and ham. 3 has points for uniformity and herbyness. I would take any of those 3 but prefer number 2 honestly.

  53. springer 90

    springer 9011 일 전

    The Amature, and Home Cook's omelette is way better looking than the Chef!

  54. [DS] GibbyX

    [DS] GibbyX11 일 전

    Is it sad I rather have the first amateur chef instead of the second chef his looks burnt

  55. Miles Reyes

    Miles Reyes11 일 전

    So what am I? I don't even do these complicated things on my omelet lol

  56. Arkhammy

    Arkhammy11 일 전

    I feel like Gordon Ramsay

  57. Mookie's Boobies

    Mookie's Boobies11 일 전

    I'm a level 0. I go straight to the local diner.

  58. RAHUL Ji

    RAHUL Ji11 일 전

    That's science in an eggshell for you.

  59. Vanster Valms

    Vanster Valms12 일 전

    She forget Asian level

  60. Lauren Newell

    Lauren Newell12 일 전

    Pro tip, add a bit of cream cheese to eggs and they get soo creamy!!