4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  1. Ernie Gray

    Ernie Gray시간 전

    2:22 -Chef: And always use two hands, to separate the eggs. -MPW: Hold my Knorr cubes... Srsly, I've seen the man cracking them AND separating them painlessly with one hand.

  2. YourBoiEthan

    YourBoiEthan3 시간 전

    your grandmother makes the best omelettes

  3. MsJrzy

    MsJrzy3 시간 전

    “Egg whitey!” 😂😂

  4. Викторин Резников

    Викторин Резников8 시간 전

    been a few months did Lorenzo level up yet

  5. Aaron Falk

    Aaron Falk10 시간 전

    I think I've found out a pattern which is the level 1 chef has the best reaction out of the 3

  6. Fossiliferous

    Fossiliferous11 시간 전

    1. Lorenzo 2. Lvl 1 sundae guy 3. Everyone else because I only care about 1 and 2

  7. questionsxx questionsxx

    questionsxx questionsxx12 시간 전

    Hot sauce .... not ketchup🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣

  8. questionsxx questionsxx

    questionsxx questionsxx12 시간 전

    I think Lorenzo was the best

  9. Fabian Timmins

    Fabian Timmins12 시간 전

    3 levels of chef yet 4 levels of Omelette according to the title, how does that work?

  10. kayla francis

    kayla francis13 시간 전

    Omelette 2 looks yummy

  11. Aelwyn

    Aelwyn14 시간 전

    Also, what I've learned from this is, if you like it, who cares if it's not what you'd get in a fancy restaurant??? Cook the way you like and don't worry about all the haters. -_-

  12. Aelwyn

    Aelwyn14 시간 전

    Level 3: I like to whisk up and over. Whisking side to side does nothing. -proceeds to whisk side to side- .... ?

  13. Rupali Dhal

    Rupali Dhal18 시간 전

    No1 :- don't know anything No2 :- can't work without laughing No3 :- Perfection

  14. What?

    What?20 시간 전

    I got a Gordon Ramsey ad at the start

  15. Prinietha Chandran

    Prinietha Chandran일 전

    its so cute how they all love their food

  16. Carlos Colon

    Carlos Colon일 전

    I like it when the chef says how long they’ve been cooking so I can tell if it’s an experienced chef or a newbie who just graduated from culinary school. It matters when my French Omelettes look better than the level 3 chef’s and I just applied to culinary school yesterday.

  17. Akeem

    Akeem일 전

    Does anyone else here think Emily is hot?

  18. Sacred Gaming

    Sacred Gaming일 전

    Am i the only one who thinks level 2 chefs make the best looking food in every one of these types of videos?

  19. thelessimportantAJ michel

    thelessimportantAJ michel일 전

    God bless Emily. She’s always game for these challenges even though she knows that she’ll somehow place 5th when there’s only 3 contestants.



    00:10 WAIT! BARB? YOU’RE STILL ALIVE? (If u watch stranger things you’ll understand)

  21. MemeLord

    MemeLord일 전

    can we get A Lorenzo cook book

  22. Julie Lee

    Julie Lee일 전

    I'd like to know what brand and type of pan they're using.

  23. Musty şimşek

    Musty şimşek일 전

    level 4 lady looks like a 15 years old girl for real XD

  24. gehad amin

    gehad amin일 전

    I don't like the new level 4 chef... I miss the other one😢😢

  25. weeb wee

    weeb wee일 전

    I messed up so I made scrambled eggs...

  26. GalaticCrystal Dream

    GalaticCrystal Dream일 전

    Level 3 Chef: I usually whisk up and over Me: Thought she was gonna say, “I whisk with, a whisk,” Guess she was too rEfInED for that

  27. Will Stewart

    Will Stewart일 전

    Level 2 chefs are the best

  28. Jean Louis Official

    Jean Louis Official일 전

    i just uploaded a european(this ads more FLavOur) way of making buns, go check it out if you want! greetings a level 99 chef

  29. Pengu Squad

    Pengu Squad일 전

    I actually like this scientist The old one scared and annoyed me

  30. Tvmrynn

    Tvmrynn2 일 전

    when she said "goat cheese" i zoomed off, i hate goat cheese, even thinking about it loses my appetite, like right now

  31. 2 일 전

    Level 3: I wisk in a circular motion going side to side doesn’t really help A couple seconds later: I’m going to wisk vigorously (going side to side)

  32. All-Purpose Guru

    All-Purpose Guru19 시간 전

    She also talked about "never ever crack the egg over the bowl you're going to be mixing in" and then immediately did just that. At least Lorenzo got that right.

  33. Hello CookieX3

    Hello CookieX32 일 전

    There's something I always say when I watch these. Lorenzo, no one thinks you're funny.

  34. speedforce131

    speedforce1312 일 전

    Only Barb's (lv3) looked correct. You're not supposed to brown the omelet like lv1 and 2. I'm surprised of the technique she used. Of all the omelets I've seen (incl Julia Child's) they're able to get that smooth light yellow color w/o having to spread the eggs like that.

  35. Matthew Dunn

    Matthew Dunn2 일 전

    Not my food scientist

  36. Natalie London

    Natalie London2 일 전

    Can this just be the Lorenzo show?😂

  37. Samodi Senadeeralage

    Samodi Senadeeralage2 일 전

    lets be honest: no one is gonna make a level 3 omelet in the morning

  38. No Life Soccer Fan

    No Life Soccer Fan2 일 전

    Lorenzo's laugh scares me

  39. tyler keogh

    tyler keogh2 일 전

    Ramsey must be level 10...

  40. Saxyct

    Saxyct2 일 전

    This girl just came out of the kindergarten and she wants to teach cooking science... go tasting your lollipops instead!

  41. The One Above All

    The One Above All2 일 전

    Lorenzo has that passion and skill. Hes cool

  42. Eli Natorp

    Eli Natorp3 일 전

    Is it me or do all of the level three foods seem too fancy.

  43. Michael Merritt

    Michael Merritt2 시간 전

    Eli Natorp just you. Bell peppers and ham isn’t fancy.

  44. Nusaiba Afra

    Nusaiba Afra3 일 전

    The level three omelet looks like something from a restaurant. Second one looks like your mom's cooking. And third looks like my cooking.

  45. Satisfied Potato

    Satisfied Potato3 일 전


  46. Wibble Lord

    Wibble Lord3 일 전

    What are 'fresh urbs'?

  47. Ay Kee

    Ay Kee3 일 전

    I guess scientists make the best omelettes.

  48. Chimp Scape

    Chimp Scape3 일 전

    I'd eat Emily's omelette for hours on end ;)

  49. brokenhaloxxx

    brokenhaloxxx3 일 전

    Lorenzos pls

  50. GeytThoseNutzAwayFrumMaFacee

    GeytThoseNutzAwayFrumMaFacee3 일 전

    Hate when Americans pronounce herbs without the H 😂

  51. Gracie Soso says

    Gracie Soso says3 일 전

    Emily: I don't see any shells in there this time so I'm pretty much professional. Also Emily: *uses ketchup on french toast*

  52. Alexa Vega

    Alexa Vega3 일 전

    Who else thought of barb from stranger things🥺