4 Levels of Cinnamon Rolls: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  1. Brooklyn Paige

    Brooklyn Paige36 분 전

    Does anyone else..... not like Tracy but cant really figure out why

  2. Gargantuan Cheeks

    Gargantuan Cheeks39 분 전

    I think the first girl is talking about one piece; the guy with the mud mud fruit

  3. Abhinav Hada

    Abhinav Hada10 시간 전

    Ratings (as per reviews) : Level 1- 1st- Emily 2nd- Steven Level 2- 1st- Lorenzo 2nd- Gabrialle Level 3- 1st- Frank 2nd- Penny (the booze lady) Food Scientist- 1st- Blazer Lady 2nd- 8th Grade lady

  4. Emma Rodz

    Emma Rodz13 시간 전

    Level two deserves level 9999999999999999999

  5. Craig Hansen

    Craig Hansen20 시간 전

    Sorry but Tracey. Irritated me from the beginning

  6. Lyra Vill

    Lyra Vill22 시간 전

    Emily is the best 😍

  7. Kaisha Page

    Kaisha Page일 전

    Does the first girl not know how to make them?

  8. Ella Joyce

    Ella Joyce일 전

    Gabriella is fun. I love her

  9. Noah Puryear

    Noah Puryear일 전

    2:07 it looks like a pair of balls

  10. Brandee Michelle

    Brandee Michelle일 전

    I was so on board with the level 2 cook until she put Nutella in it. I mean I love Nutella but in a cinnamon roll? Nah

  11. grege68

    grege68일 전

    I lowkey hate when cinnamon rolls are crispy on the top, i think its because the only cinnabon ive ever eaten was from IKEA

  12. Melanin Queen1214

    Melanin Queen1214일 전

    The level 2 chef kinda looks like Victoria Justice

  13. Kym Bays

    Kym Bays2 일 전

    Emily : "yum yum" Emily : "ya beautiful baby"

  14. Aspasia Nikolopoulou

    Aspasia Nikolopoulou2 일 전

    Did the lvl 3 chef really misspronounce mascarpone?! Oo

  15. Gaming with Andy

    Gaming with Andy2 일 전

    Can someone tell me what is the different of a cinnamon bun and a cinnamon roll

  16. Jordan L

    Jordan L2 일 전

    Chef 2 is a smoke show

  17. Kimchi Mango

    Kimchi Mango2 일 전

    *oh no oh no eh that food scientist is gonna have something to say about all of this*

  18. drtash21

    drtash212 일 전

    If she says "Mascarpown" one more time...😂😂😒😒

  19. Awethu mhlalase

    Awethu mhlalase2 일 전

    I would not enjoy any of these. Everything they did gave me anxiety

  20. Venasai

    Venasai2 일 전

    Level 2 is always just the best imo haha

  21. melodramatic7904

    melodramatic79042 일 전

    This is the second time in a row that i orefer the home cook version better thsn the professional one. I don't want a special version. I want my regular bread based cinnamon rolls.

  22. Devon Odgers

    Devon Odgers2 일 전

    Seriously, sound guy? Please stop.

  23. Pio

    Pio2 일 전

    These are so different to the original swedish cinnamon buns wow

  24. Allen Salumbides

    Allen Salumbides3 일 전


  25. Person Oisels

    Person Oisels3 일 전

    Did she just say pizza dough or am I going crazy?

  26. Joicelyn Dang

    Joicelyn Dang3 일 전

    i just want them to try each other's

  27. Tyler Shay

    Tyler Shay3 일 전

    Emily Duncan representing!

  28. Omega Egg

    Omega Egg3 일 전

    yall want some easy food? just get bread and cover it in butter with cinnamon i call it *cinnamon bread*

  29. Uzi 1600

    Uzi 16003 일 전

    Gabrielle is fire

  30. ainanor

    ainanor3 일 전

    MARSCAPONE??? and she is a pastry shef for nine years and doesnt know how to say mascarpone lol wow!

  31. Zeus Masterson

    Zeus Masterson4 일 전

    Emily is adorable! The home cook is stunning. The pastry chef frightens me.

  32. EvMattify

    EvMattify4 일 전

    That 12 year old gets me shook whenever she whips out that baron thing

  33. Danu Garbarino

    Danu Garbarino4 일 전

    Why do the pro chefs always look dead inside?

  34. BetterThanEmril

    BetterThanEmril4 일 전

    I’m surprised Emily didn’t use ketchup for the glaze

  35. jaydalee medina

    jaydalee medina4 일 전

    they should try each other’s foods

  36. xxSmileXDxxx

    xxSmileXDxxx4 일 전

    anyone know level 2's dough recipe!?!?

  37. Phoebe Paolino

    Phoebe Paolino4 일 전

    i hated all of these

  38. Blazefirefister

    Blazefirefister4 일 전

    AND EMILY WATCHES ANIME......what a legend.....

  39. ႶტRოႩႶ

    ႶტRოႩႶ4 일 전

    Level 3s cinnamon rolls barely has icing. It's automatically the worst cinnamon rolls there for that.

  40. Dearyvette TN

    Dearyvette TN4 일 전

    Cinnamon rolls are awesome 😝 Please fire your captioner, or at least proofread what’s on the video 🙄

  41. Brock Brock

    Brock Brock4 일 전

    I'll be honest I sorta have a crush on gabrielle. Someone who talks nice, cooks nice, looks nice, and is smart 😍 shes perfect

  42. Ess Beezy

    Ess Beezy4 일 전

    I hate how Americans say croissants, 😂

  43. John Snow

    John Snow4 일 전

    Level 3 chef got no emotion

  44. Radio b

    Radio b4 일 전

    "looks like a character in a anime I've been watching" for sure all for one

  45. Zoe Deal

    Zoe Deal4 일 전

    Y'all gotta get the accuracy of the level 1 chef right. Next time just film her in her car driving to Hardy's 💀

  46. Ciel Kai

    Ciel Kai5 일 전

    Level 2: gonna put this mixer to a high speed to have more airy texture Level 3: not gonna set this on high we just wanted the ingredients to be well mixed Emily: i think thats the texture we want Emely being a professional chef for eyeballing her food hahahaah lol

  47. Melanie Mendez

    Melanie Mendez5 일 전

    We literally have all 3 different types of girls here lol The awkward quirky one, pretty skinny on, the serious-not-so charming one due to trauma. All traumatized someway though.

  48. im_jun0 _

    im_jun0 _5 일 전

    when the home cook forgot goldilocks name i felt that

  49. Mugdha Kurkure

    Mugdha Kurkure5 일 전

    The food scientist just make me realise that cooking is just chemistry but useful

  50. Awkward Gorl

    Awkward Gorl6 일 전

    I thought Emily was gonna put ketchup on the cinnamon roll

  51. boom khine

    boom khine6 일 전


  52. jasmine contreras

    jasmine contreras6 일 전

    I like how Tracy cooks, her food always looks great

  53. Frida Álvarez

    Frida Álvarez6 일 전

    "Marscapone"??? Mascarpone!

  54. Areli Moreno

    Areli Moreno6 일 전

    I would personally eat them all 🙂


    DZ GAMING6 일 전

    Why is title cinnamon roll but it’s presented as cinnamon buns

  56. nice

    nice6 일 전

    Level 3: straight up makes croissants instead

  57. Big Mac

    Big Mac6 일 전

    Chef 2 is hot

  58. Yo Baby Guuurrrlll

    Yo Baby Guuurrrlll6 일 전

    “It looks like the villain in an anime I’ve been watching.” What anime???

  59. Fleur den Biggelaar

    Fleur den Biggelaar6 일 전


  60. Sib Sib

    Sib Sib6 일 전

    cries in swedish