1. TheRealCornelius

    TheRealCornelius일 전

    oh....3 inches.. is teeny?

  2. Brent Urquhart

    Brent Urquhart3 일 전

    I might be wrong, but didn’t he say that the resin printer have a resin specifically designed for casting?

  3. Valentin Arfire

    Valentin Arfire18 일 전

    stl, please:)


    ALI CHIRAG21 일 전

    Are the printing files available?

  5. Hey I'm a Maker

    Hey I'm a Maker개월 전

    9:06 the what?

  6. Narvold Photography

    Narvold Photography개월 전

    LOL "I didn't know it worked for the CIA"

  7. Mrderp2301

    Mrderp23012 개월 전

    that's badass, you got my sub!

  8. Alain Boucher

    Alain Boucher2 개월 전

    Very nice, I am just about to look at part 2. But please the music !!!

  9. josh

    josh2 개월 전

    16:22 . 16:27 Déjà vu

  10. TaranTatsuuchi

    TaranTatsuuchi2 개월 전

    "Why would you do this to my crucible!" Because someone didn't build the new forge large enough!

  11. Jäger From GSG9

    Jäger From GSG93 개월 전

    “3 inches long is teeny” I feel attacked.

  12. Alchemical Games

    Alchemical Games3 개월 전

    gotta say, the first printer using the fdm method is not calibrated well at all. My ender 3 makes better quality, so you may want to consider re-tuning it. Edit: using only 10% infill on a part meant to be sturdy and strong is such a bad idea. Additionally, the quality (layer height mostly) also affects strength, and it really looks like it's going to break pretty soon

  13. Karol Ciezkiewicz

    Karol Ciezkiewicz3 개월 전

    How do we find out when belt grinders are ready please? Thanks

  14. wow!

    wow!3 개월 전

    315,000ths of an inch? Imperial units are so dumb.

  15. Aaron Markstaller

    Aaron Markstaller3 개월 전

    Hey Alec, Awesome video! Been doing this for a while now, quick tip 3D print the sprues on the model, then you don't have to wax them on later. I also use thicken command in Fusion 0.5mm to give some buffer for oxidation

  16. DrCook45

    DrCook453 개월 전

    You can use the tailstock to keep the die square to the workpiece

  17. Jared Lumbert

    Jared Lumbert3 개월 전

    😳😳😳 That quick release Record is absolute Vise PORN!!! 😍😍😍 how did I miss these videos??!!

  18. Clay Webb

    Clay Webb3 개월 전

    Hello Kitty

  19. Shawn Michael

    Shawn Michael4 개월 전

    These knuckleheads are making all these amateur mistakes. Who is funding this?

  20. Daniel Kruger

    Daniel Kruger4 개월 전

    I think that off white translucent wax was sticky wax. You use that to bond the wax to the PLA.

  21. DesertCookie

    DesertCookie4 개월 전

    Little editing-hickup there :D

  22. kapten awesome

    kapten awesome4 개월 전

    "315.000 of one inch..." wouldn't it just be easier to use metric...?

  23. An Anonymous Oyster

    An Anonymous Oyster4 개월 전

    Mm I love a good phosphor bronze meatball for dinner

  24. Sky Swendsboe

    Sky Swendsboe4 개월 전

    I have that Knife! Its the Kershaw Knockout! Kershaw knives are awesome! Alec has good taste!

  25. randalljames

    randalljames4 개월 전

    Felt like might you underestimate your audience on this one... betting a lot of guys are pretty versed on an additive process lol

  26. Random Access Broccoli

    Random Access Broccoli4 개월 전

    what exactly does flux do to heated metal?

  27. TechTom

    TechTom4 개월 전

    Where did the plastic model go? Does it flow out of the mold while beeingnin the kilm???

  28. Alaska Famous

    Alaska Famous4 개월 전

    for the love of god balance that lathe

  29. 74546

    745464 개월 전

    the imperial system is garbage

  30. selador11

    selador114 개월 전

    A vice is a bad habit. A vise is what you are trying to print then cast. =0)

  31. eri

    eri4 개월 전

    nice zbanding dude

  32. Silvan Geissmann

    Silvan Geissmann4 개월 전

    Was the investment not sucked into the print?

  33. Alejandro Ayora

    Alejandro Ayora4 개월 전


  34. Louis Victor

    Louis Victor4 개월 전

    So.... Alec^2 ?

  35. Mike Pettengill

    Mike Pettengill4 개월 전

    cool technique

  36. Auburn

    Auburn4 개월 전

    I'm curious to know why you didn't use the lathe to cut the threads into the brass? I have noticed that they end up coming out cleaner than being done with a Die.

  37. Devon Hansen

    Devon Hansen4 개월 전

    What kind of sprue wax is that? Trying to find a reasonably priced wax.

  38. RockGodZeppelin

    RockGodZeppelin4 개월 전

    Wow, I would be embarrassed with those prints.

  39. Daniel Talavera

    Daniel Talavera4 개월 전

    That Pulse 3D printer needs some calibration, lool at those overextrusion

  40. ledgen95

    ledgen954 개월 전

    but for real tho what was the time on that print?

  41. hansdietrich83

    hansdietrich834 개월 전

    4h i would guess

  42. R Salomon

    R Salomon4 개월 전

    This video was a joke right? where the final cleaned up working vice? You called this a success.

  43. Chris Hoesel

    Chris Hoesel4 개월 전

    Pretty wobbly threads or just camera artifacting? Also, should be ACME threads for a vise. Nonetheless turned out pretty cute.

  44. Crusty O`lcoot

    Crusty O`lcoot4 개월 전

    Why didn’t they print the sprues.

  45. Crusty O`lcoot

    Crusty O`lcoot4 개월 전

    Yes that’s correct but I was thinking printing them separately and use a soldering iron to glue them on. Slower possibly but could be printed at the same time as the vice.

  46. hansdietrich83

    hansdietrich834 개월 전

    Then they would need a lot of support structure while printing. The printw cant print in mid air

  47. Dan Hyde

    Dan Hyde4 개월 전

    I really wanted to see you screw cut on the lathe :(

  48. Aidan C

    Aidan C4 개월 전

    16:30, wat?

  49. SkyBrigidRain

    SkyBrigidRain4 개월 전

    Hi yeah! I have a question for Alec!

  50. Mosk17

    Mosk174 개월 전

    Those are really sloppy 3d prints, does not look like made by a "professional" as it should

  51. Iam Kronix

    Iam Kronix4 개월 전

    That guy just watched after he was done with his job. He looked bored

  52. The Big Mcskittle

    The Big Mcskittle4 개월 전

    Why didn't they just .ake a silicone mold of the plastic parts and then cast wax into the molds so they wouldnt have to worry about the wax not sticking to the pla???

  53. Sonia Molnar

    Sonia Molnar4 개월 전

    16:30 de ja vu

  54. ello1011

    ello10114 개월 전

    this printer is yuck

  55. LordVader

    LordVader4 개월 전

    That Alec is a lie!!!

  56. TobiasK

    TobiasK4 개월 전

    Even though it's in layers each PLA-layer is really slick, ruff it up with some sandpaper perhaps.

  57. psycho2atee

    psycho2atee4 개월 전

    and thats why you should use metric ;)

  58. Ckc dillpickle

    Ckc dillpickle4 개월 전

    Thought this was a actual 3d print

  59. Eight Ball Talkin'

    Eight Ball Talkin'4 개월 전

    Alec, stick a dot of painters tape wherever you want the wax to stick. Painters tape will burn out with the PLA and wax.

  60. Hugo Nilsson

    Hugo Nilsson4 개월 전

    We are going to use the imperial system... How do you say that? Does this make sense? Hmmm

  61. SPBHJ

    SPBHJ4 개월 전

    just letting you know theres an editing mistake at around 16:30

  62. Dalton Harrington

    Dalton Harrington4 개월 전

    Is will getting fat?

  63. Comrade Scatter

    Comrade Scatter4 개월 전

    9:02 Woah Alec, you look real different