30 Days to Overcome the Biggest Challenge of my Life


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    Last Season of the year for Seek Discomfort is out now! You have 3 days to be selected to potentially have us come and help you accomplish your biggest dream. www.seekdiscomfort.com

  2. Bella Hamlin

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    Yes Theory I love your channel

  3. Chris Swenke

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    Wanna run a 100 mile race with me?

  4. UltimatumGaming

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    Yes Theory i y

  5. Jibie Joseph

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    A year ago on Thanksgiving Day my older cousin ran a 5K known as, "Turkey Trot." This race was a thing on his resolution to finish before the year was over. On that same day last year he asked that one from his two sisters and/or my brother and I to run in the Turkey Trot with him in 2018. Knowing me and the idea I keep close about, "Putting your words to action." I decided that same day I would do the Turkey Trot with my cousin in 2018. Sure enough on November 18th, 2018 I made the ultimate decision that there was no turning back. Even though I haven't trained AT ALL compared to him. I ran the turkey trot. I placed 94 of 139 Females in my age group. Not only would I like to thank my cousin, family, and supporters. I'd like to thank Yes Theory for motivating me that even if I feel like the world is saying I CAN'T do it or I WON'T make it. There is just an apostrophe separating what we have yet to discover.

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    Yes Theory yes theory is like a real life walter mitty

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    and im sitting here in my fat ass

  8. Karma Farrah

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    Connor is hella funny

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    Dont think just do

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    you're awesome guys, thanks for inspiring man!

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    Conor is like Sam Wise :')

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    wow inspiring video

  13. Thomas Campos-cornell

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    Ammar running with donuts struggling to keep up 😂😂😂😂

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    I want to seek discomfort!!!!!!

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    So much about this is powerful but you guys are amazing

  16. lil pudge

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    Matt this was a huge inspiration to me and I hope to do the same some day. Since this came out I have been really trying to get back in shape, thanks.

  17. Meaghan Gokas

    Meaghan Gokas11 일 전

    I decided that i will now head to the gym

  18. Valerie Santoyo

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    can someone please tell me what’s playing at 16:15

  19. Jasmine Ruiz

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    That’s so crazy!!! That’s my hometown Imperial Beach ,Ca!!!

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    you guys really need better tshirt designs like for real

  21. Ian Fellows

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    Buddy my grandma has done two full iron men no bs

  22. Naomi Calvert

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    truely inspiring

  23. Patrick Martucci

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    Connor and Matt: you guys are legends!

  24. Juliana Porto

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    I would've been done at the sea tho lol Although the video of Amar doing a marathon inspired me and my mom agreed to run with me lol

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    I started crying when they crossed the finish line 😭😭

  26. Jana Duračková

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    You know what guys? Ever since i started running, i wanted to do some kind of race...and i think you inspired me to, "tomorrow"(today, its 1 am), when I wake up, i will sign up for a half marathon...

  27. Amelie Watts

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    My dad did this in our home island and they call it a granite man but on the day it was poring with rain it wasn’t that bad

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    I fucking love this channel. SO MUCH.

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    You guys are AMAZING.

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    Next time hit up @caseyneistat. He is really, really experienced in this. But probably like a month before the race, not...4 days :O) Even though - fuck that, you've rocked this the first time.

  31. Lieve V.D.H

    Lieve V.D.H25 일 전

    Since I was 10 I've been doing (kid) triathlons, I've always loved it and trained for hard for every competitions but last I suddenly became very ill and lost all my muscle, stamina and sadly motivation in the span of a few months. Since then it's been so hard keeping myself motivated, but this video reminded me to keep going, thanks so much for this.

  32. Rimeheart

    Rimeheart25 일 전

    I am so grateful to have found this channel and amazing community!

  33. Quinn Sullivan

    Quinn Sullivan27 일 전

    Ha my dad did a iroman to exept full ironman

  34. Indian Soul

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    @Dream of living life 🔥 @YesTheory

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    Best Channel on KOreporter

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    *The fire fighter is a monster*

  37. Colton Mccoy

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    Lowkey I would be fine on the bike part but I would die on the running and the swimming

  38. Bailey Brickson

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    I’m currently binging all Yes Theory videos and none other has given me as much inspiration as this. Thank you ❤️

  39. Le'Olani Capati

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    was this done in san diego , cause i coulda sworn that this was at IB 10 min away from my house.

  40. XRagingRed

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    This is now on my bucket list

  41. Deadly Skill15

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    14:06 on my bike trip I went with my class my teacher told me something that his old teacher told him something. right after we went up this long hill that there’s going to be a voice in your head. Think of him as a little man in your head telling you to “relax it doesn’t matter if you finish this, just relax and forget about it no body will get mad at you for giving up” and do you know what my teacher said. He said to grab that little man and put him between your shoulder blades and CRUSH THE LITTLE MAN, grab the little man and put him on the front of your tire and run him over, over and over again, to make the little man quiet.

  42. TheMicahPeterson

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    I subscribed to this channel when I thought it was just some laid back west coast guys filming themselves as they'd go into haunted/abandoned buildings. Thank you for being a channel that is so much more than my initial simple impression! You guys are truly inspiring. And I can't wait for opportunities to seek discomfort in 2019 and beyond!

  43. Anthony Abrahantes

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    I love all your vids and your absolute amazing attitude

  44. Anthony Abrahantes

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    Hey Yes Theory u alive m8

  45. unstoppableguy1

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    6:40 David Goggins is my hero, I recommend his book to anyone who wants to push their full potential

  46. Anton Vanderlee

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    What is the name of the song on the end?

  47. Erin Davis

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    Watching this while sat on my bed, eating a cheesecake...

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    love this

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    Ammar is a LEGEND!!!

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    should’ve called david goggins

  52. Russell Fleming

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    you guys... this is like the 10th video I've watched tonight/morning and they are all so good, The challenges, the motivation, the drive, the acceptance, you are all people who embody what it means to be truly human, keep going for goals, keep pushing yourself because you in doing so, motivate everyone who watches your video's to improve, to push, to become better than who they are and who they think they are. thank you for all the motivation you have given me to achieve my dreams.

  53. The Pugtato

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    the only discomfort i seek is the one you feel after eating too much food... oops

  54. Joseph G.

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    No offense but my teacher did better than u 😂

  55. Layschipsmarketing

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    Joseph G. What does that even mean

  56. Purpleplayz 01

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    My mom has actually done the full Iron man and she finished and I finished the Kids Iron Man at 9

  57. Silxnt

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    I got nervous just watching this

  58. Karson Coker

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    I have wanted to do a triathlon for a while. And I just signed up for one, partly because of this video. Thanks for the inspiration!

  59. Porgy -N- Candy

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    This is really. Awesome.

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    Please make seek discomfort cheaper. Being from the third world, I simply can’t afford something like that in dollars.

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    I love this channel so much. My brother showed me it.😌I'm happy.

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    My science compleated a full Ironman and he train for like 10 months My guy well done

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    Your videos inspire me and make me so happy! Thank you!!

  64. Marta

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    it makes me so sad that i even get tired from running 10 mins in pe (school)

  65. Marta

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    this is so f...ing inspiring it made me so emotional

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    I just love you guys more and more each time I finish one video in your channel!

  67. Marisol Luna

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    this made me tear up. I just found this channel today and I'm loving it. Watching Matt and Conor finish the race made me miss running. I fell down the stairs at work 6 months ago and messed up my knee. Long story short, I haven't been able to move that well and have been in constant pain. I am finally seeing a doctor next week to look over my MRI. I can't wait for my knee to get fixed so I can maybe one day compete in something like this. Thank you for spreading these encouraging and positive vibes.

  68. DailyKlassen

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    The Winnipeg Jets bag on the table @4:30 is my fave! GO JETS GO!

  69. Rowan Z

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    2:13 “You look like Borat” 😂😂😂

  70. Rowan Z

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    Quite true

  71. Ivan

    Ivan개월 전

    I ran a full marathon with about 2 months of training a few weeks ago after seeing the marathon with no training video and I can tell you it is absolutely devastating on the mind and it was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. It was totally worth it

  72. MrJb713

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    When did he get that tattoo?

  73. Caleb LaFeve

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    I love that you guys want to help people accomplish their dreams, but I feel like people you don't help will feel like they need you to accomplish them when anyone can do it on their own. Idk it just feels like it shows people that with a lot of money you can make your dreams a reality which for the most part isn't true. Love the channel just wanted to point that out bc although my dreams haven't come true yet, I know they will someday. Even with the 0.0001% chance of you guys trying to make mine come true.

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    15:45 Yes theory predicted KOreporter rewind

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    Seriously. This video is on the top 5 greatest videos on KOreporter. Best channel

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    What the health guy o:

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    Almost every video you guys make has me crying

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    this is amazing, thank u.

  79. Jessica Bush

    Jessica Bush2 개월 전

    My high school senior year art teacher did full on iron man marathons all the time, and he was born with club feet. If he can do it with his feet literally sideways then anyone can do it!!

  80. Tribble

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    That was the most inspireing Video of you guys

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    These should totally be classified as educational than entertainment.

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    i really wann know what's the song called at the end... shazam can't find it

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    This is so motivating!! To bad it’s 1:00 am and I’m sitting in bed.....

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    Now run a full iron man

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    Now I want to do the same

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    my teacher did iron man

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    Are you guys vegan?

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    This is like me studying for my exams

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    Is it me or does he look like the actor Pablo Tell Schreiber?

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    i bet he slept great that night

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    By far my favourite Yes theory video!

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    what s the name of the music in the end of this video ? thx

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    This was incredibly inspiring. Thank you for motivating me to continue to work hard, as I know see that everyone is cable of so much more, and that being in the right mindset and working hard is what it takes. Awesome work you guys.

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    There was Once I doubted myself for a kayaking expedition. I pulled through and completed 100km of kayaking. Till now that's been my biggest accomplishment. It wasn't only 100km though. There was 3 other selections prior to the main expedition. Summing up all the selection and the total expedition, i still can't believe I completed 160km of kayaking.

  95. vaikesh manimaran

    vaikesh manimaran2 개월 전

    There was Once I doubted myself for a kayaking expedition. I pulled through and completed 100km of kayaking. Till now that's been my biggest accomplishment. It wasn't only 100km though. There was 3 other selections prior to the main expedition. Summing up all the selection and the total expedition, i still can't believe I completed 160km of kayaking.

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    I enjoyed this video very much😀

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    The end is so happy... I'm crying!!!

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    I will do this oneday

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    If I ever get money I'm gonna buy yes theory merch

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    Maybe I’m late but my biggest dream is help poor young people from my country to change their surroundings throughout education ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ the best way to fight violence and poverty #EuAcredito #Ibelieve

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    thought it was gonna be longer

  102. Campbell Walker

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    Thank you for the motivation your giving me your making me think about going out into the world and just take hold of the challenges at the moment I haven’t been the most self confidence but now I just wanna lose weight and run do everything I never could

  103. MemeElias Plays

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    Can you do a half iron man in your bed?

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    say yes to Jesus to get to heaven. yes Theory... theres no way to heaven except for through Jesus.

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    Best channel on youtube

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    Gave me goosebumps

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    Couldn’t have watched this at a better time