3 Ways to beat The Tethered from Us (2019)


  1. The Comedic

    The Comedic분 전

    'full suit of armor and an AK47' *shows bolt action sniper rifle going full auto*

  2. Multiverseal Gaster

    Multiverseal Gaster27 분 전

    One word NUKES and that’s all I have to say

  3. Wierdo Coppter

    Wierdo Coppter35 분 전

    Aight, crack theory time ladies and gentlemen. So we’ve established that they (kinda) know where we are at all times. It’s like the scariest game of hide and seek ever. So step one: find your hiding spot and know where it is, but don’t go there immediately. Step two: gather as many materials(food, water, defenses) as you can and then run to said location Step three: barricade the shit outa this secure spot. Close all doors with wood. All vents shout also be sealed. Preferably your hiding in a basement somewhere in case they decide to break down you walls. Now you could argue that they can break the floor. And your not wrong. And if I understand the mechanics enough. The tethered may be able to tell where you are based off of what you see. Step four: commit bird box and grab that blind fold. That is if they do see you this way. If not, forget your basement and find a bunker somewhere. Probably just find a local military base somewhere. Either that or if your really far north, might I suggest Canada??

  4. Blake Beacham

    Blake Beacham42 분 전

    I really didn’t think it was horrible but it still wasn’t great

  5. Monte Ter-Aleksanyan

    Monte Ter-Aleksanyan43 분 전

    14:28 I literally live right there

  6. Tori

    Tori54 분 전

    the military soldiers would also have tethered right???

  7. Aaron Keith Salvador

    Aaron Keith Salvador시간 전

    100% talking

  8. Doudou Cow

    Doudou Cow시간 전

    *tethered shows up* Tethered: Bruh, What is this terrible feeling inside. Me: *maniacal laugh* welcome to depression

  9. qberry gamz

    qberry gamz시간 전

    He forgets the 40% of American households that own guns for we are the milittia

  10. Hannah Van de visch

    Hannah Van de visch시간 전

    Who else went back to read the text in blue?

  11. Gael 2006

    Gael 2006시간 전

    1: Call in North Korea, or any country that has atomic bombs or hydrogen bombs

  12. W0LTZ

    W0LTZ2 시간 전

    Also due to America's allies, UK, Turkish, etc.

  13. Lewis S

    Lewis S2 시간 전

    How about the Goverment DOESN'T leave a bunch of clones unsupervised underground for over a decade. Then again how they got food and water to survive for that long is questionable too (maybe the rabbits), but why would they leave them underground instead of killing them and destroying the remains; it would be WAYYYY easier to deny allegations of you cloning people if there are no clones. Then again, maybe I missed something because I haven't watched the film

  14. Aaron Tellez-Amado

    Aaron Tellez-Amado3 시간 전

    Too bad that line doesn't cross Arizona. We could handle 2.5 million psychos with scissors. That'd be a grand old turkey shoot.

  15. One IRl

    One IRl3 시간 전

    Man jest did black face

  16. Why Why

    Why Why3 시간 전

    John wick tethered vs John wick

  17. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo3 시간 전

    If they are the same as me. They are too lazy to kill me

  18. Stranger

    Stranger5 시간 전

    Easy solution is to go kill other peoples' tethered. They don't have a psychic link to you and won't know what you're doing, and it's not hard to find a better weapon than a pair of scissors. If enough people can coordinate and do this, then the tethered won't kill very many people. But contacting the military is an even better idea. This is the kind of problem they're trained to solve.

  19. Pandemonium

    Pandemonium6 시간 전

    Obviously to win just grab a rock, rick beats scissors as we all know.

  20. Pandemonium

    Pandemonium6 시간 전

    19:53 I'm sirry but is that a rifle that shoots tanks? I want one.

  21. Minesneakeyes

    Minesneakeyes7 시간 전

    If they are wearing red shot them in the head

  22. Xayte

    Xayte7 시간 전

    Tethered: We will kill our doubles and there is nothing they can do about it! U.S. Military: *Laughs in 6,000 rounds per minute*

  23. Ирина Ручко

    Ирина Ручко8 시간 전

    sоmeоne: *dоes sоmething cоmmunist* america: 16:48

  24. Negative Robot

    Negative Robot8 시간 전

    Duh you know that line in the end when they where holding hands you run that whole line over with a car ofc you would have to drive across the entire world but like that’s whatever

  25. Paul

    Paul9 시간 전

    this shit hella gay tbh ngl lmfao bruh moment lmfao holy shit my god you gotta be trippin man ive gotta be fucking kidding me bruh i wanna fucking die bruh help ive got attachment issues

  26. Antisocial Social Club

    Antisocial Social Club9 시간 전

    “At least 2.6m people were killed in order to recreate this event” Kill count: DEAR GOD😭 If ykyk😂

  27. Leaffy

    Leaffy9 시간 전

    BRUH iam born in june

  28. El Teo

    El Teo10 시간 전

    Solution 360 no scope from the other side of the map

  29. Barry Cabbage

    Barry Cabbage10 시간 전

    So, Adelaide knows about the tethered as she is one... Why not just leak the story of the tethered to the press with evidence and a location to find them... If everyone knew then either the government would need to do something about it, Or at the very least when you saw yourself the shock factor would not be there and you'd know it's a loony and that its mental state is not good and you need to take up fight or flight.

  30. rotisserie chicken

    rotisserie chicken10 시간 전

    just don’t be born

  31. BlueLine

    BlueLine14 시간 전

    Everyone getting killed by their tethers..... Me: *Not getting killed cuz Im sitting my lazy ass down on my couch playing XBOX*

  32. Sor Thao

    Sor Thao14 시간 전

    Shot if i had a tethered me, we'd be the best of buddies.

  33. Peanut_Butter_Wizard

    Peanut_Butter_Wizard14 시간 전

    Was it your intent to have us fight scissors with paper? Bc that looses

  34. Jackie Pan

    Jackie Pan14 시간 전

    pffft easy, all i need to do is to get my pet bald eagle with an american flag tattoo, two m4's, a rocket launcher and a k-bar to protect me. easy as pie.

  35. TheMemeMachine

    TheMemeMachine15 시간 전

    Just stuff that underground facility with napalm

  36. Apache helicopter

    Apache helicopter15 시간 전

    I actually live next to camp parks and in the photo he shows of the base you can see my house! Finally Dublin CA is on the map!

  37. S Summers

    S Summers16 시간 전

    Wait a military personnel tethered would know how to use a gun

  38. Kaleb Howard

    Kaleb Howard17 시간 전

    a full auto uzi costs in the upwards of 5 grand, 5 grand to stop a mass invasion killing millions is a small price to pay

  39. Kaleb Howard

    Kaleb Howard16 시간 전

    and mind you that was counting for buying it legally, you can buy fully auto guns just they have be be made before may 1986

  40. Fallout Boi 2

    Fallout Boi 217 시간 전

    All you need is a rock because Rock beats Scissors

  41. deathbybonecancer

    deathbybonecancer17 시간 전

    Horror movie exists me: you wanna know what would solve that GUN