2020 Democratic Debate in Houston | The Daily Show


  1. Lisa Elliott

    Lisa Elliott2 일 전

    Would Love to slap Harris across her disgusting mouth . She is such a hateful Bitch You will never ever beat our President Trump! No one up there is sane enough to be the President. So Please all democrats get back in your clown cars . Trump 2020!

  2. I Prefer Dead

    I Prefer Dead2 일 전

    Yeah, that Beto has some serious balls...Hopefully the universal retort from responsible gun-owners will be a equally ballsy "come and get them bitch." What a turd.

  3. Pro Guy

    Pro Guy2 일 전

    6:56 Well, RIP demolition ranch...

  4. Nuno Satiro

    Nuno Satiro3 일 전

    trump gonna rape your dems ass soon.. you know it..

  5. harry tan

    harry tan5 일 전

    "You don't trust the American people?" "We Will Make America Great Again!"

  6. Meloanary

    Meloanary5 일 전

    Yang seems like he’s trying to buy votes

  7. Meloanary

    Meloanary3 일 전

    Kan Ding it’s still buying votes if people think they will get $1,000 a month

  8. Kan Ding

    Kan Ding3 일 전

    He's trying to buy 10 votes with $120000 a year? Pretty expensive votes if you ask me. I think he is doing his experiment on how ppl would spend the UBI

  9. L. A. Gothro

    L. A. Gothro6 일 전

    Yes, but look with whom Mr. Obama has to compete, just within this century! It's not like he's followed right after FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ (!), Carter, or Clinton. Oh no, he had a Bush and a Drumpf; not too hard to look good compared to them!

  10. Simon Says

    Simon Says6 일 전

    Why is Yangs name last in the description like they're trying to silence him and keep him invisible even though he keeps rising in the polls? and don't tell me it's alphabetical order when elizabeth warren is listed SECOND in the description. I'm sick of how media tries to pretend he doesn't exist

  11. opinions in ASMR

    opinions in ASMR3 일 전

    Simon Says i’m also annoyed that not only do people not take him seriously, they open disrespect him. i don’t think i will vote for him, but jeez media, give him a chance.

  12. Soulife

    Soulife6 일 전

    I don't think the manufacturing of the opioids is the problem. The problem is the sales department, and the doctors not doing their research and blindly believing what the sales department tells them.. I watched my best friend of 15yrs turn to dope when her doctors abruptly stopped her Percocet prescription of 4yrs, and they just left her, a single mother, violently sick... Unfortunately she knew some douche that introduced her to relief cheaper than her prescriptions. Not only is she the only one I knew that made the jump to dope, but statistically, 80% of dope users started with prescription dependence.

  13. troy pakele

    troy pakele6 일 전

    Wow this guy is suprisingly unfunny

  14. nox scythe right to the face.

    nox scythe right to the face.7 일 전

    the thing about ladders is.... they would have to swim the Rio with the ladders, and tall enough for 40 ft. lets not forget Biden caught on tape bragging about coting for 750 miles of fencing to "keep the scummy Mexicans out" then Biden tells a completely dif story when not at his private donor's meetings.

  15. nox scythe right to the face.

    nox scythe right to the face.7 일 전

    Basically it's "pick a socialist" If you insist on voting Dem in 2020.

  16. charmnGUY

    charmnGUY7 일 전

    Andrew Yang for president!

  17. Tamerlane

    Tamerlane7 일 전

    Bernie: i have a sore throat guys no problem Trevor: HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  18. vtnx p

    vtnx p7 일 전

    Pls make a compilation of Biden saying "I'm the only one up here" from the debates, he says it every time he talks

  19. Paul Lutonja

    Paul Lutonja9 일 전

    Wow.. Barack Obama

  20. AbduThePio

    AbduThePio9 일 전

    What a shitshow; no wonder that Trump won.

  21. Posh panda

    Posh panda12 일 전

    Where was Tulsi, wasn't she clear for a debate. Amy clobuchar??!?!? %##

  22. Karl Russell Menil

    Karl Russell Menil14 일 전

    The Asian Advantage It’s no secret that Asian-Americans are disproportionately stars in American schools, and even in American society as a whole. Census data show that Americans of Asian heritage earn more than other groups, including whites. Asian-Americans also have higher educational attainment than any other group. The Asian American stereotype I myself is Asian, but not American, just born and raised Asian, it’s like when Obama ran for president, they said he was mixed and almost everyone didn’t like him, until he won, then people started calling him “black” because he succeeded. You have to be liked and successful first before your own race acknowledges your existence. So, “what if” Andrew yang won and become president? What would happen next? Because obviously Asian Americans whether born or raised in America are immigrants? Please correct me if I’m wrong thank you. Which trump hates “illegal immigrants” What now? What next? Is he the candidate that would help the American people get good terms or in the good side of China and North Korea?Is that the plan? Because if that’s jus it. Then it’s just nothing, I hate to not give you guys hope. China already owns most of New York. Well, obviously not the government, but the Chinese billionaire mogals that’s who. So what is the real objective here? Just asking, please do not be offended by this comment.

  23. G Sterling

    G Sterling15 일 전

    Democrats have no values, except the insatiable thirst for power over you, me, and everyone else. That's why they love Big Government. They can use it to impose their will on the rest of the population. It's also why they hate the Constitution, why they want to pack the Supreme Court, and why they want to disarm America...because these three things effectively limit their power over the people.

  24. Ashley Kang

    Ashley Kang15 일 전


  25. Sean Liu

    Sean Liu16 일 전

    Really nothing done by Trump? 2 federal judges, tariffs to adjust import export, provided food and continue to provide food for someone like you leeching on the American people? You are the reason people of this nation has lost respect for their leaders.

  26. William Clarke

    William Clarke16 일 전

    Just noticed, Biden has no lips 😬😶

  27. C robinson

    C robinson16 일 전

    Trevor Noah u used to be serious and honest? Now i see u turning into a comedian celebraties? But .Senator Mz Harris from Cali ? Why ru talking about Trump when the American ppl wanna hear change ? But i see u good at switching UP around whatever crowd ? LGBT, Christains, Jews, Catholics, etc ? $ellouts i tell you ? Amen

  28. B.T.

    B.T.18 일 전

    Asian Oprah? Who’s the real racist?

  29. AngelOne11

    AngelOne1118 일 전

    The dems sucks and the republicans sucks. I wish there was a middle ground option. Pro choice and pro the constitution at the same time. What to do?

  30. Casper Christensen

    Casper Christensen19 일 전

    Aaah, automaticly being put into something, and then you can opt out instead if it matter to you. So many more donors.

  31. superashr991

    superashr99121 일 전

    @Yang gang we need to make more music videos, skits and animations to make yang go viral MEMES WILL NOT CUT IT ANYMORE WE HAVE TO STEP UP TO GET HIM ON KOreporter OR FB TRENDING PAGE. Videos like these that are shared get a high count of views. This video alone has 50k people that are interested in yang. All the creators out there. We have to work together! This is like pouring gasoline on the fire which is Andrew Yang. 🤞🏽🤞🏽🇺🇸 copy. repost. Share. #yanggang2020

  32. Big Chode

    Big Chode21 일 전

    He mentioned yang once bro wtf

  33. Chloe Wang

    Chloe Wang21 일 전

    in biden's defense, he said "automatically buy in", probably just a mistake, but the other candidates kinda just jumped on cuz he is the front runner. (not saying he is a good candidate but he is not that bad as depicted)

  34. Artur Berger

    Artur Berger21 일 전

    Video ends.... waiting for him to come back as he promised :(

  35. Joseph Leonard

    Joseph Leonard21 일 전

    Bernie is the new Batman

  36. Joseph Leonard

    Joseph Leonard21 일 전

    lol kamala is so sassy

  37. Ares Smith

    Ares Smith21 일 전

    Burnie's mic was messed up you could hear it. It wasn't his voice.

  38. Serspeny 123

    Serspeny 12321 일 전

    What is Obama's last name?

  39. jon estrada

    jon estrada22 일 전

    i see two different views and one actual truth. why isn't anyone saying anything about doing something actually useful rather than complaining, i don't like him or her, sounds like a bunch of sissy school yard drama, fighting over who has the better master. what is being done for us and our community. what i hear is a whole bunch of drama that has no value in helping me put food on the table, clothes on our back, and happiness within our hearts. what can you offer our community, our neighbors, the people who struggle their whole lives just to die. what solutions can we come up with to help our beloved american people succeed with the least amount of problems? because i see a state like California that has 33 prisons that were just filled up and had to send me out of state to Arizona to do most my time. and once you do your time your ruined, i can never own a gun, i can never work for the government, i cant join the military. its so difficult to make it what can we do? ill tell you what ive done, ive went out there and worked my ass off trying to start my own detailing buisness, sacrificing every moment of free time for work just to barely survive, knowing that one bad situation will destroy me. just to pay money to the same governement who wont help me at all, with taxes, and licenses and bullshit. i dont understand how you are taxed then taxed with that same money more for example my loved one worked, you took taxes out from that, then they went and sent money to me while incarcerated at which time they took 55 percent so 90 bucks out of 200 then i bought stuff and you taxed that. does anyone else see this? is everyone okay with that? yeah i understand roads and citys taxes, but then we start getting taxed for all kinds of bs. its a problem with me. im just rambling about how i feel as it comes but its all my truth. how i see it. why you guys so worried about whos master is better you idiots. your votes dont matter to the whole system. we just front the bill.

  40. steve jobs

    steve jobs22 일 전


  41. steve jobs

    steve jobs22 일 전

    I’m going to make this on a yellow poster

  42. francisco Castillo

    francisco Castillo22 일 전

    Dude, Obama's legacy is all the Democrats got going. Donald Trump will get his 2nd term and probably a 3rd.

  43. roxasxiii380

    roxasxiii38022 일 전

    "Biden, can you admit that you did wrong on immigration" "....IM BATMAN" Thats What it sounded like

  44. roxasxiii380

    roxasxiii38022 일 전

    Sanders was in several speeches and yelled most of the time. Give him some slack! It just means that hes going everywherr unlike money handing, "that little girl was me" and "i read the bill" bitches don't fucking try.

  45. Jay Morgan

    Jay Morgan23 일 전

    Lol didn't donald trump already do criminal justice reform?

  46. Jerome Baker

    Jerome Baker23 일 전

    Joseph R. Mine is great also! I was just being sarcastic!

  47. Dena

    Dena23 일 전

    Confiscate guns

  48. TheTinminator

    TheTinminator23 일 전

    Everybody attacking everybody except for Yang, maybe the dude make so much sense, nobody got anything to say.

  49. Allyjax Johnson

    Allyjax Johnson25 일 전

    What Bernie said tho was pretty true tho

  50. Robbie Schmitz

    Robbie Schmitz27 일 전

    Trevor Noah sucks

  51. Shark Bait 605

    Shark Bait 60527 일 전

    Yang gang

  52. Todd K

    Todd K27 일 전

    koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-aj6LCzvod8Y.html must watch

  53. Dark Gang

    Dark Gang27 일 전

    I give you October.

  54. Dark Gang

    Dark Gang27 일 전

    Here Nathaniel.

  55. Dark Gang

    Dark Gang27 일 전

    Vice President

  56. Dark Gang

    Dark Gang27 일 전


  57. jeff gulbro

    jeff gulbro28 일 전

    She is a joke

  58. Torka Dazali

    Torka Dazali28 일 전

    Oh my G Bernie like Oscar d grouchy Lol 😬😬😁✔

  59. Torka Dazali

    Torka Dazali28 일 전

    They are shits nothing nothing votes for them✔😈😈😈

  60. The Greatest Trollmonger

    The Greatest Trollmonger28 일 전

    This guy is funny but he really needs to Serious up the tone a little bit

  61. Airsicktitan

    Airsicktitan28 일 전

    Kamala Harris talks with her nose.... So annoying.

  62. Suffer No Fools

    Suffer No Fools28 일 전

    0:21 Really? Nobody sees the irony here? Seriously?

  63. Kais Mazen

    Kais Mazen26 일 전

    Wow I missed it too. Such a snake.

  64. Kevin Benoit

    Kevin Benoit28 일 전

    Bernie’s throat was sore because 1) he was sick that week (even on Secular Talk he was sick) 2) he puts in more work than any of these candidates and is constantly going to events

  65. Michael Seo

    Michael Seo28 일 전

    Beto orouke laughing while speaking on shooting in his home state. Lol. That guys a joke.

  66. Michael Seo

    Michael Seo22 일 전

    Random Shiznits here I recorded it. It was the next day I believe. koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-YD12yUdW_bA.html

  67. Random Shiznits

    Random Shiznits23 일 전

    Michael Seo when